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Applied Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics, Fifth Edition (Shargel, Applied Biopharmaceuticals & Pharmacokinetics)

Applied Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics, Fifth Edition (Shargel, Applied Biopharmaceuticals & Pharmacokinetics)
Author: Leon Shargel - Susanna Wu-Pong - Andrew Yu
ISBN 13: 9780071375504
ISBN 10: 71375503
Edition: 5
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Medical
Publication Date: 2004-08-19
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 892
List Price: $86.00

The Best Way to Learn Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics.

Applied Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics provides the reader with a basic understanding of the principles of biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics as applied to drug product development and drug therapy. The revised and updated fifth edition of this popular text remains unique in teaching the student the basic concepts that may be applied to understanding the complex issues associated with the processes of drug delivery and the essentials of safe and effective drug therapy.


*Chapter on Pharmacogenetics

*Explanation of the role of pharmacogenetics in drug metabolism using examples of drugs that frequently lead to drug interactions

*Chapter on the Impact of Biopharmaceutics on Drug Product Quality and Clinical Efficacy

*Enhanced applications to pharmacy practice with the emphasis on biopharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics and drug delivery

*Updated coverage of dosing in clinical situations including dosing in special populations and what to do with a skipped dose in patients

*Additional practice problems and clinical examples

*Newest concepts in biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics

*Reorganized content to follow today's curriculum in pharmaceutical sciences

" ... An excellent book on biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics ... recommended not only for the newcomer, but as a valuable reference in any library."

—Online reader review of the previous edition

Leon Shargel, PhD is vice president of biopharmaceutics at Eon Labs, Inc. Wilson, NC., Susanna Wu-Pong, PhD, RPh is an associate professor in the department of pharmaceutics at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia, Andrew B.C. Yu,PhD, RPh, formerly a professor at the Albany College of Pharmacy, is currently with the FDA in Rockville, MD.

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Reviewer:Thomas Jacobsen, PharmD, MS, RPh, FASCP(ViroPharma Incorporated)
Description:This is an introductory book on biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics. This fifth edition contains numerous updates and revisions.
Purpose:The purpose is to provide the reader with a basic foundation of the principles of biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics.
Audience:Although written primarily for pharmacy students, the book will be useful for graduate students and researchers as well.
Features:This book covers the basics of pharmacokinetics and biopharmaceutics. The authors include many useful practice problems and examples that serve to reinforce major concepts. Pharmacy students will find the clinical examples in each chapter particularly interesting. This key feature will help students visualize how this material can be incorporated into actual clinical pharmacy practice. A new chapter on the emerging field of pharmacogenetics, updated dosing information for a variety of clinical situations, and the impact of biopharmaceutics on drug quality and clinical efficacy is included in this new edition.
Assessment:The updated edition provides the reader with a solid foundation in the basic principles of pharmacokinetics and biopharmaceutics. Students will be able to apply the information to their clinical practice and researchers will find this to be a valuable reference. This modestly priced book should be the gold standard for student use.