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Author: N/A
ISBN 13: 9780195165661
ISBN 10: 195165667
Edition: 5
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: 2004-04-22
Format: Paperback
Pages: 448
List Price: $39.99

This widely used text provides a thoroughly updated account of current knowledge in the endocrine sciences. Each chapter is structured to cover both established concepts and recent developments. The chapters are not only written at a consistent level and well integrated with one another, but they also blend basic science with essential elements of clinical knowledge in order to give students an appreciation of the consequences of deranged endocrine function.
The Fifth Edition features completely new versions of the chapters on "Cytokines and Immune-Endocrine Interactions," "The Adrenal Glands," and "Calcium Homeostasis." Many of the illustrations throughout the book are new or have been significantly revised to complement the revised text. Fresh examples have also been included so that each chapter continues to show clearly the clinical consequences of deranged endocrine function. Much new scientific information has been added on such topics as the nongeonomic actions of steroid hormones, relaxin receptors, inhibin B, steroid regulating element-binding proteins, IGF-binding proteins, transcriptional regulation of the developing adipocyte, and the regulation of food intake and body weight.

Russell Szmulewitz

This is a thorough and detailed description of endocrine physiology and anatomy, with insights into clinical endocrinology and relevant scientific techniques. According to the editors, the purposes include providing a clear understanding of basic endocrinology, forming a framework for understanding clinical disruptions in normal endocrine physiology, and giving descriptions of key scientific techniques used in endocrinology research. These are definitely worthy goals, and the editors achieve their purpose. The editors state in the preface that the target audience is medical students and graduate students. Given the purpose and overall tone and level of detail, the audience is appropriately targeted. However, prior exposure to the field is helpful. Regarding the credibility of the contributors, it is clear that all of the chapters are written by experts in their given fields. All aspects of endocrinology are addressed, from a detailed introduction of hormones to immune system interactions to specific topics in endocrinology. In my view, the highlights are the coverage of specific endocrine topics, particularly thyroid, and sexual physiology. The textbook is also unique in the contributors' description of research techniques. There are three shortcomings. In an effort to compartmentalize and organize the different topics separately, the editors often fail to interconnect ideas. In addition, they overemphasize more recent discoveries in endocrinology. Finally, they do not include enough diagrams and photographs to help concretize their points. This is a very well written detailed account of endocrinology that is more thorough than a basic physiology text, but the editors fail toinclude as much clinically relevant material as Greenspan's Basic and Clinical Endocrinology, 6th Edition (Prentice Hall Health, 2001). This is a useful text, particularly as a reference for more advanced study for graduate and medical students.