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Oh, Lewis!
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Night in the Country
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The Relatives Came
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Hildilid's Night
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The Way to Captain Yankee's
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Our Yard Is Full of Birds
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What We Like
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Hugo at the Park
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When Hugo Went to School
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Hugo at the Window
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I spy on vacation
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Nice and Clean
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Emergency Room
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Sonia Begonia
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Dear Baby
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MODERN CURRICULUM PRESS  ISBN 1567045847 9781567045840

MODERN CURRICULUM PRESS  ISBN 1567046037 9781567046038

MODERN CURRICULUM PRESS  ISBN 1567046045 9781567046045

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Library effectiveness study
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Sing, Spell, Read and Write : Level 1 Kit
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Just Plain Cat
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All I Am
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Discovering Martha
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Jace the Ace
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Mr. Panda's Painting
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Ducklings and Pollywogs
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MY DOCTOR (My world)
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Wings, the Early Years of Aviation
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Cf in His Corner
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Building a House
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The gollywhopper egg (Ready-to-read)
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El Toro Pinto
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I did it (Ready-to-read)
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Look at this (Ready-to-read handbook)
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State by State
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London, Chatham and Dover Railway
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Natural history in the Rochester area
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Cement, mud, and "muddies"
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Nineteenth Century Britain (Questions in History)
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Nineteenth Century Europe (Questions in History)
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Pots and Pans
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Sick In Bed
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First Snowfall, The
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Rockwell  ISBN 0027777804 9780027777802

Bernie the Beagle Who Liked German Cooking
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Safe Harbors
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My Spring Robin
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Out to Sea (Ready-to-Read)
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Everyone Is Going Somewhere
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CAN I HELP (My World)
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When I Go Visiting (My World)
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What Is Pink? a Poem
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No! No! No!
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Ocean Day
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Growing Up Adopted
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Talking About Stepfamilies
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Living With a Single Parent
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Everyday Garden
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Everyday House
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Everyday Town
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Almost the Real Thing: Simulation in Your High-Tech World
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Shadow and the Gunner
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Fanny Kemble
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Here Comes the Mystery Man, First Edition
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Faye & Dolores
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This Is Cape Kennedy
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Warm As Wool
Scott russell Sanders  ISBN 0027781399 9780027781397

This Is Australia
Miroslav Sasek  ISBN 0027781607 9780027781601

This Is Edinburgh
Miroslav Sasek  ISBN 0027781704 9780027781700

Duncan & Dolores
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Aurora Means Dawn
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Estate and Retirement Planning Answer Book (The Panel Answer Book Series)
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Securitization of Financial Assets
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The Automated Law Firm: A Complete Guide to Software and Systems
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Representing the Corporation: Strategies for Legal Counsel, 2 Volume Set (Representing the Corporation Strategies for Legal Counsel)
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Handbook of Erisa Litigation
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Venture Capital & Public Offering Negotiation
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A Practical Guide to Section 16: Reporting and Compliance
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Estate And Gift Tax Handbook
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Individual Retirement Account Answer Book (The Pension Answer Book Series)
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Employee Benefits Answer Book: Forms & Checklists
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State and Local Taxation Answer Book
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Executive Compensation Answer Book
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Individual Retirement Account Answer Book
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Workers' Compensation Answer Book
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Health Care Benefits Handbook Br
Null  ISBN 1567064086 9781567064087

Federal tax course
Lewis D Solomon  ISBN 1567064205 9781567064209

Health Insurance Answer Book (The Panel Answer Book Series)
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The Pension Answer Book 1998
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Qualified Domestic Relations Order Answer Book
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Structuring Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Entrepreneurial Transactions
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New York Evidence Handbook
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Witness Preparation
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Contracts: Aspen Roadmap Law Course Outline (Aspen Roadmap Law Course Outlines)
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Basic Federal Income Tax (Aspen Roadmap)
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Conflict and Resolution with Other
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An Introduction to Computers for Paralegals, Second Edition
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Corporations (Introduction to Law)
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Trial Evidence
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Payroll Answer Book
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Individual Retirement Account Answer Book: Forms & Worksheets
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The Cobra Handbook
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Pension distribution answer book (The Panel answer book series)
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Health insurance answer book: 1997 supplement (The Panel answer book series)
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Executive compensation answer book (The Panel answer book series)
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The Pension Answer Book 1997 (Serial)
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457 Answer Book (The Panel answer book series)
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Qualified Domestic Relations Order Answer Book: Forms & Worksheets
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Quick reference to Cobra compliance
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403(B) Answer Book (Panel Answer Book Series)
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COBRA handbook
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Mandated Benefits: 1997 Compliance Guide
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Managed Care Answer Book: Forms & Checklists
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Employee Benefits Answer Book
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Life Insurance Answer Book: For Qualified Plans and Estate Planning
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Pension Distribution Answer book
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Simple, SEP, and SARSEP answer book (The Panel answer book series)
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Pension Distribution Answer Book : Forms & Checklists
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Valuation of closely held businesses (1997 Federal tax course)
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Investment Company Determination Under the 1940 Act: Exemptions and Exceptions
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Evidence: Examples and Explanations
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Problems and Materials on Secured Transactions
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Cite Mate
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A Linguist's anthology: A selection of poems from the works of famous poets of France, Germany and Russia
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This Is the United Nations
Miroslav Sasek  ISBN 0027784002 9780027784008

This Is London
Miroslav Sasek  ISBN 0027785106 9780027785104

Hampshire industrial archaeology: A guide
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Water and wind mills in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight
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Ice and Icehouses Through the Ages: With a Gazetteer for Hampshire
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Closely Held Businesses in Estate Planning
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Strategies for Creditors in Bankruptcy Proceedings, Third Edition
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Commodities Regulation
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Contracts: Examples and Explanations
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Legal Research and Writing for Paralegals
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Sales: A Systems Approach (Casebook)
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International Taxation Casebook (Casebook Series)
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Real Estate Transactions: Problems, Cases, and Materials (Casebook)
Robin Paul Malloy - James Charles Smith  ISBN 1567066445 9781567066449

Criminal Procedures: Cases, Statutes and Executive Materials
Marc Miller  ISBN 1567066453 9781567066456

Legal Method and Writing (Legal Research & Writing Text Series)
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Property (Casebook)
Jesse Dukeminier - James E. Krier  ISBN 1567066488 9781567066487

Problems and Materials in Federal Income Taxation (Casebook)
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Insurance Activities of Banks
Esq., Karol K. Sparks  ISBN 1567066534 9781567066531

1998-99 Directory of Corporate Counsel
 ISBN 1567066577 9781567066579

Contemporary Corporation Forms, Second Edition
Andrew Johnston - Johnston  ISBN 1567066623 9781567066623

Ordin on Contesting Confirmation
Robert L. Ordin - Sally McDonald Henry  ISBN 1567066631 9781567066630

Corporate Partnering: Structuring and Negotiating Domestic and International Strategic Alliances with CDROM
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Securities Activities of Banks
Melanie L. Fein  ISBN 156706681X 9781567066814

U.S. Regulation of the International Securities and Derivatives Markets
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Secured Credit: A Systems Approach
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Materials in Trial Advocacy: Problems and Cases (Coursebook series)
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Legal Reasoning and Legal Writing: Structure, Strategy, and Style
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The Legal Writing Handbook: Research, Analysis, and Writing
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An Introduction to Professional Responsibility (Introduction to Law Series)
Nathan M. Crystal  ISBN 1567066984 9781567066982

Handbook on Insurance Coverage Disputes
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Folk on the Delaware General Corporation Law: Fundamentals/1998
Edward P. Welch - Andrew J. Turezyn  ISBN 1567067484 9781567067484

Paul Goldstein  ISBN 1567067875 9781567067873

Plan Termination Answer Book
Joan Gucciardi  ISBN 1567068103 9781567068108

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, With Selected Statutes & Cases, 1997 Supplement
Stephen C. Yeazell  ISBN 1567065686 9781567065688

Corporate and White Collar Crime: Selected Cases and Statutes
Kathleen F. Brickey  ISBN 1567065740 9781567065749

Cases and Materials on Employment Discrimination
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Aranow & Einhorn on Proxy Contests for Corporate Control
Randall S. Thomas - Catherine T. Dixon - Edward Ross Aranow  ISBN 1567066011 9781567066012

Antitrust Law 97
Phillip E. Areeda  ISBN 156706602X 9781567066029

Interviewing and Investigation for Paralegals with Other
Ann M. Dobmeyer  ISBN 1567066402 9781567066401

Fundamentals of Banking Regulation
Michael P. Malloy  ISBN 1567066755 9781567066753

Practitioner's Guide to Litigating Insurance Coverage Actions
Jerold Oshinsky - Theodore A. Howard  ISBN 156706678X 9781567066784

Commodities Regulation
Philip McBride Johnson - Thomas Lee Hazen  ISBN 1567067107 9781567067101

Commodities regulation
Philip McBride Johnson  ISBN 1567067115 9781567067118

Fundamentals of Securities Regulation: 1998 Supplement
Louis Loss  ISBN 1567067131 9781567067132

403(b) Answer Book: Forms & Worksheets
Donald R. Levy  ISBN 1567067441 9781567067446

Federal Rules of Civil Procedures: With Selected Statutes and Cases
Stephen C. Yeazell  ISBN 1567067689 9781567067682

Estate planning
A. James Casner  ISBN 1567067786 9781567067781

Annuities Answer Book
John T. Adney - Joseph F., III Mckeever - Barbara A. Seymon-hirsch - Barbara Seymon-Hersch - Donald Levy  ISBN 1567068111 9781567068115

This Is Rome
Miroslav Sasek  ISBN 0027803902 9780027803907

Tewkesbury Battles and Soldiers
Bryan Linnell  ISBN 0905286006 9780905286006

Dibble and Dabble
Saunders  ISBN 0027810712 9780027810714

Saunders  ISBN 0027810755 9780027810752

Air (Way It Works)
Philip Sauvain  ISBN 0027810763 9780027810769

Motion (The Way It Works)
Philip Arthur Sauvain  ISBN 0027810771 9780027810776

Water (Way It Works Series)
Philip Sauvain  ISBN 002781078X 9780027810783

Hastings (Great Battle and Sieges)
Philip Sauvain - Christopher Rothero  ISBN 0027810798 9780027810790

El Alamein (Great Battles and Sieges)
Philip Arthur Sauvain  ISBN 002781081X 9780027810813

Over 2,000 Years Ago: In Ancient Greece (History Detectives)
Philip Arthur Sauvain  ISBN 0027810828 9780027810820

Over 1,600 Years Ago: In the Roman Empire (History Detectives)
Philip Arthur Sauvain  ISBN 0027810836 9780027810837

Over 3,000 Years Ago: In Ancient Egypt (History Detective)
Philip Sauvain  ISBN 0027810844 9780027810844

Midway (Great Battles and Sieges)
Philip Sauvain  ISBN 0027810909 9780027810905

El Dia de Miranda para bailar (Spanish Edition)
Jackie Jasina Schaefer  ISBN 0027811123 9780027811124

My Navajo Sister
Eleanor Schick  ISBN 0027811557 9780027811551

An Apartment House Close Up
Peter Schaaf  ISBN 0027811107 9780027811100

Peter and Mr. Brandon.
Eleanor Schick  ISBN 0027811204 9780027811209

Eleanor Schick  ISBN 0027811301 9780027811308

Peggy's New Brother
Eleanor Schick  ISBN 0027811409 9780027811407

City green
Eleanor Schick  ISBN 0027811700 9780027811704

Jeanie Goes Riding
Eleanor Schick  ISBN 0027811808 9780027811803

Limited Liability Partnerships: Formation, Operation, and Taxation/1998 Supplement Current Through October 1997
 ISBN 1567068332 9781567068337

Defined Benefit Answer Book
Kathryn H. Smith - Michael E. Callahan - Paul W. Denu  ISBN 1567068642 9781567068641

Executive compensation answer book: 1999 supplement
Bruce Overton  ISBN 1567068707 9781567068702

Individual Retirement Account Answer Book
Donald R. Levy - Steven G. Lockwood - Whitney R. Johnson  ISBN 1567068758 9781567068757

Life Insurance Answer Book: For Qualified Plans and Estate Planning (The Panel Answer Book Series)
 ISBN 1567068863 9781567068863

Participant Directed Investment Answer Book
John Michael Maier - Lisa R. Richardson - Roy L. Hauswirth  ISBN 1567068987 9781567068986

The Pension Answer Book 1999
Stephen J. Krass  ISBN 1567068995 9781567068993

Pension Distribution Answer Book
Melanie N. Aska Knox - Joan Gucciardi  ISBN 1567069010 9781567069013

Psychological Experts in Personal Injury Actions, Third Edition
Andrew W. Kane - Marc J. Ackerman  ISBN 1567069215 9781567069211

Psychological Experts in Divorce Actions
Marc J., Ph.D. Ackerman - Andrew W., Ph.D. Kane  ISBN 1567069223 9781567069228

State-By-State Guide to Architect, Engineer, and Contractor Licensing (Construction Law Library)
Stephen G. Walker - Richard A. Holderness - Stephen D. Butler  ISBN 1567069231 9781567069235

Bankruptcy and Divorce: Support and Property Division : 1998 Cumulative Supplement
Judith K. Fitzgerald - Ramona M. Arena Baker  ISBN 1567069320 9781567069327

Mauet's Trial Notebook
Professor Thomas A. Mauet  ISBN 156706941X 9781567069419

Mauet's Trial Notebook
Thomas A. Mauet  ISBN 1567069428 9781567069426

Farnsworth on Contracts (3 Volume Set)
E. Allan Farnsworth  ISBN 1567069568 9781567069563

Flexible Benefits Answer Book: Forms & Checklists (The Panel answer book series)
Mark Bennett Manin - Francesca G. Sciandra - Linda Frayling  ISBN 1567069673 9781567069679

457 Answer Book 1999 Supplement
 ISBN 1567069711 9781567069716

Preparing Orthopedic Disability Cases, Fifth Edition
Mikel A. Rothenberg  ISBN 1567069835 9781567069839

Federal Income Taxation of Estates, Trusts, and Beneficiaries
M. Carr Ferguson - James J. Freeland - Mark L. Ascher  ISBN 1567069908 9781567069907

Valuation of Closely Held Businesses: Legal and Tax Aspects
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Structuring Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Entrepreneurial Transactions: 1998 Edition
Jack S. Levin  ISBN 1567069932 9781567069938

Contracts, Third Edition (Hardcover) (Textbook Treatise)
E. Allan Farnsworth  ISBN 1567069940 9781567069945

401(K) Answer Book 1999 (Panel Answer Book Series)
 ISBN 1567069967 9781567069969

Estate and retirement planning answer book: Forms & checklists (The Panel answer book series)
Donald R Levy  ISBN 1567068693 9781567068696

Executive Compensation Answer Sb (The Panel answer book series)
Donald R Levy - Overton  ISBN 1567068715 9781567068719

Income Taxation of Fiduciaries and Beneficiaries: 1998 Edition
Byrle, M. Abbin - David, K. Carlson - Mark, L. Vorsatz  ISBN 156706874X 9781567068740

Pension distribution answer book: Forms & worksheets (The Panel answer book series)
Joan Gucciardi  ISBN 1567069193 9781567069198

Americans With Disabilities Act Handbook: 1998 Supplement No. 2 (Americans With Disabilities Act Handbook Cumulative Supplement)
Henry H. Perritt  ISBN 1567069339 9781567069334

Farnsworth on Contracts
E. Allan Farnsworth  ISBN 1567069576 9781567069570

Farnsworth on Contracts
E. Allan Farnsworth  ISBN 1567069584 9781567069587

Farnsworth on Contracts
E. Allan Farnsworth  ISBN 1567069592 9781567069594

Employee Benefits Answer Book: Forms and Checklists (The Panel answer book series)
James O. Castagnera  ISBN 1567069657 9781567069655

Managed Care Answer Book: Forms and Checklists (The Panel answer book series)
Donald R. Levy - Judith Stein - Kathryn A. Roe  ISBN 1567069681 9781567069686

Managed Care Answer Book
Sheryl Tatar Dacso - Clifford C. Dasco  ISBN 156706969X 9781567069693

Bellerby Selected Poems
Frances Bellerby  ISBN 0905289099 9780905289090

Keys to Transformation: Ceri Richards & Dylan Thomas
Richard Burns  ISBN 0905289137 9780905289137

Selected Poems
Frances Bellerby  ISBN 0905289145 9780905289144

Learning to Talk
Richard Burns  ISBN 0905289714 9780905289717

Learning to Talk
Richard Burns  ISBN 0905289765 9780905289762

Edward Wakeford  ISBN 0905289889 9780905289885

Selected Stories
Frances Bellerby  ISBN 0905289935 9780905289939

Selected Stories
Frances Bellerby  ISBN 0905289986 9780905289984

Preparing to leave : poems
Phoebe Hesketh  ISBN 0905289005 9780905289007

Before and After
Mary Stella Edwards  ISBN 0905289013 9780905289014

The Upper Hand
Christopher Wiseman  ISBN 0905289021 9780905289021

Landscape of the Daylight Moon
Jeremy Hooker  ISBN 0905289056 9780905289052

When Widows Love
Ronald Firbank  ISBN 0905289064 9780905289069

The upper hand
Christopher Wiseman  ISBN 0905289072 9780905289076

Landscape of the daylight moon
Jeremy Hooker  ISBN 0905289102 9780905289106

Way It Was
Leonard Clark  ISBN 0905289129 9780905289120

Ballad of the Outer Dark and Other Poems
Vernon Watkins  ISBN 0905289153 9780905289151

Way it Was
Leonard Clark  ISBN 090528917X 9780905289175

New and Selected Poems
John Lehmann  ISBN 0905289196 9780905289199

Slanting Lights: Poems
 ISBN 0905289226 9780905289229

New and Selected Poems
 ISBN 0905289242 9780905289243

Silence of the Morning
Leonard Clark  ISBN 0905289250 9780905289250

Slanting Lights
Joseph Chiari  ISBN 0905289277 9780905289274

Years Between
Mary Stella Edwards  ISBN 0905289285 9780905289281

Questions unanswered
Joseph Chiari  ISBN 0905289293 9780905289298

Silence of the Morning
Leonard Clark  ISBN 0905289307 9780905289304

Man Afraid
Jeremy Reed  ISBN 0905289323 9780905289328

Questions unanswered
Joseph Chiari  ISBN 090528934X 9780905289342

A man afraid
Jeremy Reed  ISBN 0905289374 9780905289373

New Poems
Alfred Marnau  ISBN 0905289390 9780905289397

On the Third Day: Poems and Translations
John Campbell Kease  ISBN 0905289412 9780905289410

New Poems
Alfred Marnau  ISBN 0905289447 9780905289441

Water Over Stone
Frances. Horovitz  ISBN 0905289463 9780905289465

Drawings to Poems by Dylan Thomas
Ceri Richards  ISBN 0905289471 9780905289472

Some Poems
Richard Burns  ISBN 0905289501 9780905289502

Water Over Stone
Frances Horovitz  ISBN 090528951X 9780905289519

Gissing and Germany (Enitharmon Press Gissing series)
Patrick Bridgwater  ISBN 0905289528 9780905289526

Jean Mambrino  ISBN 0905289536 9780905289533

Further Harvest: Poems
Mary Stella Edwards  ISBN 0905289595 9780905289595

A further harvest : poems
Mary Stella Edwards  ISBN 0905289641 9780905289649

Collected poems [of] Joseph Chiari
Joseph Chiari  ISBN 090528965X 9780905289656

Heaven to Find
Ruth Pitter  ISBN 0905289692 9780905289694

Supplement to a Bibliography of Ronald Firbank
Miriam J. Benkovitz  ISBN 0905289706 9780905289700

Saints & psychotics: Poems, 1973/4
Jeremy Reed  ISBN 0905289757 9780905289755

Saints and Psychotics: Poems, 1973-74
Jeremy Reed  ISBN 0905289803 9780905289809

Homage to David Gascoyne
Jeremy Reed  ISBN 0905289943 9780905289946

Before and after : poems
Mary Stella Edwards  ISBN 0905289951 9780905289953

Eighth Day: Selected Poems, 1948-78
Phoebe Hesketh  ISBN 090528996X 9780905289960

Lonrho: Portrait of a Multinational
Suzanne Cronje - etc.  ISBN 0905290003 9780905290003

I Have Another Language -- The Language Is Dance
Eleanor Schick  ISBN 002781209X 9780027812091

Big Talk
Miriam Schlein  ISBN 0027812316 9780027812312

Warm at Home
Roni Schotter  ISBN 0027812952 9780027812954

When Crocodiles Clean Up
Roni Schotter  ISBN 0027812979 9780027812978

I'm Going to the Ocean
Eleanor Schick  ISBN 0027811905 9780027811902

City Sun.
Eleanor Schick  ISBN 0027812006 9780027812008

Uncle Harry
Elizabeth Shub  ISBN 0027812308 9780027812305

Five A and Seven B
Eleanor Schick  ISBN 002781260X 9780027812602

City in the Summer
Eleanor Schick  ISBN 0027812707 9780027812701

Alvin Schwartz  ISBN 002781310X 9780027813104

Central city/spread city;: The metropolitan regions where more and more of us spend our lives
Alvin Schwartz  ISBN 0027813207 9780027813203

The Loners: Short Stories About the Young and Alienated
L. M. Schulman  ISBN 0027813908 9780027813906

Travelers: Stories of Americans Abroad
L. M. Schulman  ISBN 0027814106 9780027814101

The EMU After Maastricht
Peter B. Kenen  ISBN 1567080367 9781567080360

Are Foreign Owned Subsidiaries Good for the United States?
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We All Share - Food Around the World
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Risky Business - Marine Biologist
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First Facts - About the States
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Olympic Gold!
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Chicago (The Great Cities Library)
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Great Cities Library (Barcelona, Berlin, Chicago, Hong Kong, Jerusalem, London, New York, Toronto)
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Mammals (Our Living World)
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Spiders (Our Living World)
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Reptiles (Our Living World)
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Humans (Our Living World)
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Barbara Jordan
Linda Johnson  ISBN 1567110509 9781567110500

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Carl Lewis (Olympic Gold)
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Birds (Our Living World)
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Insects (Our Living World)
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Mammals (Our Living World)
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Fish (Our Living World)
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Resource Guide: More Than 250 Ways to Get Closer to Nature (Our Living World)
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Patterns in Nature: An Overview of the Living World (Our Living World)
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Marion Wright Edelman: Defender of Children's Rights
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Spiders (Our Living World)
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Reptiles (Our Living World)
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Ben & Jerry: Ice Cream for Everyone! (Partners I)
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Bill Hanna & Joe Barbera: Yabba-Dabba-Doo! (Partners I)
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Laurie Rozakis  ISBN 1567110665 9781567110661

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Ben and Jerry: Ice Cream for Everyone! (Partners)
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Bill & Hillary: Working Together in the White House (Partners)
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Face to Face With Bret "Hit Man" Hart (Official World Wrestling Federation)
Edward R. Ricciuti  ISBN 1567110703 9781567110708

Face to Face With Razor Ramon (Official World Wrestling Federation)
Edward R. Ricciuti  ISBN 1567110711 9781567110715

Face to Face With Macho Man Randy Savage (Official World Wrestling Federation)
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Face to face with the Steiner brothers
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Face to Face with My Undertaker (Official World Wrestling Federation)
Edward R. Ricciuti  ISBN 1567110746 9781567110746

Face to face with Bret "Hit Man" Hart
Edward R Ricciuti  ISBN 1567110754 9781567110753

Face to Face With Razor Ramon
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Face to Face With the Steiner Brothers (Official World Wrestling Federation)
Edward R. Ricciuti  ISBN 1567110789 9781567110784

Face to Face With Undertaker
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Steven Jobs & Stephen Wozniak: Creating the Apple Computer (Partners)
Keith Elliot Greenberg  ISBN 156711086X 9781567110869

Helen Keller & Annie Sullivan: Working Miracles Together (Partners)
Jon Zonderman  ISBN 1567110886 9781567110883

What on Earth Is a Chuckwalla?
Edward R. Ricciuti  ISBN 1567110894 9781567110890

What on Earth Is A... - Pangolin
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What on Earth Is a Sea Squirt? (What on Earth Series)
Jenny E. Tesar  ISBN 1567110916 9781567110913

What on Earth Is a Tuatara?
Jenny E. Tesar  ISBN 1567110924 9781567110920

What on Earth Is a Meerkat?
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What on Earth Is a Booby? (What on Earth Series)
Jenny E. Tesar  ISBN 1567110940 9781567110944

What on Earth Is a Guanaco?
Edward R. Ricciuti  ISBN 1567110959 9781567110951

What on Earth Is a Skink?
Edward R. Ricciuti  ISBN 1567110967 9781567110968

What on Earth Is a Capybara?
Edward R. Ricciuti  ISBN 1567110975 9781567110975

What on Earth Is an Echidna?
Jenny E. Tesar  ISBN 1567110983 9781567110982

What on Earth Is a Nudibranch?
Jenny E. Tesar  ISBN 1567110991 9781567110999

What on Earth is a Hyrax?
Edward R. Ricciuti  ISBN 1567111009 9781567111002

What on Earth Is a Galago?
Edward R. Ricciuti  ISBN 1567111017 9781567111019

Bustard (What on Earth)
Jenny Tesar  ISBN 1567111025 9781567111026

What on Earth Is A... - Pout
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What on Earth Is a Quokka? (What on Earth Series)
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Building America - Statue of Liberty
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The Houston Astrodome (Building America)
Craig A. Doherty - Katherine M. Doherty  ISBN 1567111130 9781567111132

The Seattle Space Needle (Building America)
Craig A. Doherty - Katherine M. Doherty  ISBN 1567111149 9781567111149

The Alaska Pipeline (Building America)
Craig A. Doherty - Katherine M. Doherty  ISBN 1567111157 9781567111156

The Empire State Building (Building America) (Building America (Benchmark))
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Dick Rutan & Jeana Yeager: Flying non-stop around the world (Partners)
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Steven Jobs & Stephen Wozniak: Creating the Apple computer (Partners)
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The New View Almanac: The First All-Visual Resource of Vital Facts and Statistics!
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Charles, Burrows & Charles : Tv's Top Producers (Partners II)
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How Spiders Build Their Amazing Webs
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We All Share - Play Around the World
Patricia Lakin  ISBN 1567111416 9781567111415

Creativity: Around the World (We All Share)
Patricia Lakin  ISBN 1567111424 9781567111422

We All Share - Family Around the World
Patricia Lakin  ISBN 1567111432 9781567111439

Growing Up: Around the World (We All Share)
Patricia Lakin  ISBN 1567111440 9781567111446

Rodeo Clown: Laughs and Danger in the Ring (Risky Business)
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Risky Business - Smoke Jumper
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Window Washer: At Work Above the Clouds (Risky Business)
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Wildlife Special Agent: Protecting Endangered Species (Risky Business)
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Disease Detective: Solving Deadly Mysteries (Risky Business)
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What on Earth is A Meerkat ?
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Some psychological factors to be considered in the organisation of a large secondary school involving staff participation and the delegation of ... Department of Management ; no. 1)
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Silverman  ISBN 0027826848 9780027826845

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I Forgot
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My Cat
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Oh What a Noise!
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Tom Shachtman  ISBN 002782540X 9780027825404

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Shreck  ISBN 0027825604 9780027825602

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First Story (Macmillan learning window books)
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First Letters (Macmillan learning window books)
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Silsbee  ISBN 0027826708 9780027826708

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A Christian manifesto for our land
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Deadly Ants
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Full of Beans
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The Flight of Dragons
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Walking Disused Railways
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Fantastic People
Allan Scott - Michael Scott Rohan  ISBN 0905310403 9780905310404

Kidbits: More Than 1,500 Eye-Popping Charts, Graphs, Maps, and Visual That Instantly Show You Everything You Want to Know about
Jenny Teasar  ISBN 1567111696 9781567111699

Building America - Brooklyn Bridge
Elaine Pascoe  ISBN 1567111734 9781567111736

Building America - Grand Coulee Dam
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Nature Close-Up - Earthworms
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Nature Close-Up - Seeds and Seedlings
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Nature Close-Up - Tadpoles
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Nature Close-Up - Butterflies and Moths
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Snails and Slugs (Nature Close-Up)
Elaine Pascoe  ISBN 1567111815 9781567111811

Nature Close-Up - Slime, Mold and Fungi
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Ants (Nature Close-Up)
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Children in Crisis - Vietnam
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National Parks (America's Top 10)
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America's Top 10 - Cities
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America's Top 10 - Natural Wonders
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America's Top 10 - Skyscrapers
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America's Top 10 - National Monuments
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America's Top 10 - Construction Wonders
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America's Top 10 - Mountains
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America's Top 10 - Bridges
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America's Top 10 - Curiosities
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Holocaust Series - Timeline Poster (Holocaust (Blackbirch))
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Beware, We Are Poisonous!: How Animals Defend Themselves
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Eye Openers!: All About Animal Vision
Monkia & Hans D. Dossenbach  ISBN 1567112161 9781567112160

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Notorious Americans - Joseph McCarthy
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Notorious Americans - Benedict Arnold
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Notorious Americans - John Wilkes Booth
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The Legend Of Belle Starr (Notorious Americans)
Rose Blue and Corinne J. Naden  ISBN 1567112234 9781567112238

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Elaine Pascoe  ISBN 1567112293 9781567112290

Doctors in Action - Obstetrician
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The Orthopedist (Doctors in Action Series)
Lee Jacobs  ISBN 1567112366 9781567112368

The Pediatrician (Doctors in Action)
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Life in the Sea - Indian Ocean
Leighton Taylor  ISBN 1567112420 9781567112429

Life in the Sea - Pacific Ocean
Leighton Taylor  ISBN 1567112439 9781567112436

Life in the Sea - Caribbean Sea
Leighton Taylor  ISBN 1567112447 9781567112443

Life in the Sea - Red Sea
Leighton Taylor  ISBN 1567112455 9781567112450

Life in the Sea - Atlantic Ocean
Leighton Taylor  ISBN 1567112463 9781567112467

Life in the Sea - Mediterranean Sea
Leighton Taylor  ISBN 1567112471 9781567112474

World Celebrations & Ceremonies - New Year
Michele Spirn  ISBN 1567112498 9781567112498

Notorious Americans - Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall
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Library of Famous Women - Martha Stewart
Sarah Wooten  ISBN 1567112544 9781567112542

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Jalma Barrett  ISBN 1567112579 9781567112573

Cougar (Wildcats! of North America)
Jalma Barrett  ISBN 1567112587 9781567112580

Feral Cat (Wildcats of North America)
Jalma Barrett  ISBN 1567112609 9781567112603

Wild Canines of North America - Coyote
Jalma Barrett  ISBN 1567112617 9781567112610

Wild Canines of North America - Wolf
Jalma Barrett  ISBN 1567112625 9781567112627

Wild Canines of North America - Foxes
Jalma Barrett  ISBN 1567112633 9781567112634

Wild Birds of Prey - Eagles & Osprey
Deborah Kops  ISBN 1567112706 9781567112702

Wild Birds of Prey - Hawks
Deborah Kops  ISBN 1567112714 9781567112719

Wild Birds of Prey - Owls
Deborah Kops  ISBN 1567112749 9781567112740

World Celebrations & Ceremonies - Harvest
Lois Markham  ISBN 1567112757 9781567112757

World Celebrations & Ceremonies - Coming of Age
Lisa Sita  ISBN 1567112765 9781567112764

World Celebrations & Ceremonies - Birth
Michele Spirn  ISBN 1567112773 9781567112771

America's Leaders - The Attorney General
Joanne Mattern  ISBN 1567112781 9781567112788

America's Leaders - The White House Chief of Staff
Howard Gutman  ISBN 1567112803 9781567112801

America's Leaders - The Press Secretary
Joanne Mattern  ISBN 1567112811 9781567112818

America's Leaders - The Surgeon General
Howard Gutman  ISBN 156711296X 9781567112962

World of Communities - Student Text (paperback edition)
Marcia S. Gresko  ISBN 1567112978 9781567112979

World of Communities - Activity Book
Marcia S. Gresko  ISBN 1567112986 9781567112986

World of Communities - Teacher's Guide
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The Blackbirch Kid's Almanac of Geography (Individual Titles)
Alice Siegel - Margo McLoone  ISBN 1567113001 9781567113006

Building World Landmarks - Chunnel
Joanne Mattern  ISBN 156711301X 9781567113013

Building World Landmarks - Eiffel Tower
Meg Greene  ISBN 156711315X 9781567113150

North America Teacher's Guide (World in Focus)
John-Paul Bianchi  ISBN 1567113230 9781567113235

Central and South America Teacher's Guide (World in Focus (Blackbirch Paperback))
John-Paul Bianchi  ISBN 1567113249 9781567113242

Galileo Galilei: Inventor, Astronomer, and Rebel (Giants of Science)
Michael White  ISBN 1567113257 9781567113259

Giants of Science - Isaac Newton
Michael White  ISBN 1567113265 9781567113266

Giants of Science - Margaret Mead
Michael Pollard  ISBN 1567113273 9781567113273

The Wright brothers : the birth of modern aviation / by Anna Sproule
Anna Sproule  ISBN 1567113281 9781567113280

Giants of Science - Albert Einstein
Fiona MacDonald  ISBN 1567113303 9781567113303

Giants of Science - Thomas Edison
Anna Sproule  ISBN 1567113311 9781567113310

The Panama Canal (Building World Landmarks Series)
Scott Ingram  ISBN 156711332X 9781567113327

Giants of Science - Alexander Graham Bell
Michael Pollard  ISBN 1567113346 9781567113341

Giants of Science - Johann Gutenberg
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Giants of Science - Louis Pasteur
Fiona MacDonald  ISBN 1567113362 9781567113365

Giants of Science - Guglielmo Marconi
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James Watt: Master of the Steam Engine (Giants of Science)
Anna Sproule  ISBN 1567113389 9781567113389

Wild Bears - Panda Bear
Tom & Pat Leeson  ISBN 1567113419 9781567113419

Grizzly Bear (Wild Bears! Series)
Jason & Judy Stone  ISBN 1567113427 9781567113426

Wild Bears - Black Bear
Tom & Pat Leeson  ISBN 1567113435 9781567113433

Wild Bears - Polar Bear
Jason & Judy Stone  ISBN 1567113443 9781567113440

World Through Words North America (A World in Focus)
John-Paul Bianchi  ISBN 1567113486 9781567113488

North America Activity Book (A World in Focus)
John-Paul Bianchi  ISBN 1567113508 9781567113501

Central & South America Activity Book (A World in Focus)
John-Paul Bianchi  ISBN 1567113516 9781567113518

Building World Landmarks - Royal Gorge
Margaret Speaker Yuan  ISBN 1567113524 9781567113525

What Do You Call a Group Of - Termite Home? and Other Animal Homes
Emma Nathan  ISBN 1567113540 9781567113549

What Do You Call a Group Of - Hippos? And Other Mammal Groups
Emma Nathan  ISBN 1567113567 9781567113563

What Do You Call a Group Of - Turkeys? And Other Bird Groups
Emma Nathan  ISBN 1567113575 9781567113570

What Do You Call a Group Of - Alligators? And Other Reptile and Amphibian Groups
Emma Nathan  ISBN 1567113583 9781567113587

What Do You Call a Group of Butterflies? And Other Insect Groups (What Do You Call a Group Of)
Emma Nathan  ISBN 1567113591 9781567113594

What Do You Call a Baby - Scorpion? And Other Baby Spiders and Insects
Emma Nathan  ISBN 1567113613 9781567113617

What Do You Call a Baby - Swan? And Other Baby Birds
Emma Nathan  ISBN 1567113621 9781567113624

What Do You Call a Baby - Rhino? And Other Baby Mammals
Emma Nathan  ISBN 1567113648 9781567113648

What Do You Call a Baby - Crab? And Other Baby Ocean Creatures
Emma Nathan  ISBN 1567113656 9781567113655

What Do You Call a Baby - Turtle? And Other Baby Reptiles and Amphibians
Emma Nathan  ISBN 1567113664 9781567113662

Animal Records - Amazing Book of Mammal Records
Samuel G. Woods  ISBN 1567113672 9781567113679

Animal Records - Amazing Book of Reptile & Amphibian Records
Samuel G. Woods  ISBN 1567113680 9781567113686

Animal Records - Amazing Book of Bird Records
Samuel G. Woods  ISBN 1567113699 9781567113693

Animal Records - Amazing Book of Fish Records & Other Ocean Creatures
Samuel G. Woods  ISBN 1567113702 9781567113709

Sorting Out - Worms and Other Invertebrates
Samuel G. Woods  ISBN 1567113710 9781567113716

Animal Records - Amazing Book of Insect Records
Samuel G. Woods  ISBN 1567113737 9781567113730

Animal Architects - How Insects Build Their Amazing Homes
W. Wright Robinson  ISBN 1567113753 9781567113754

Animal Architects - How Birds Build Their Amazing Homes
W. Wright Robinson  ISBN 1567113761 9781567113761

Computers (Made in the USA Series)
Mindi Englart  ISBN 156711377X 9781567113778

Animal Architects - How Spiders and Other Silkmakers Build Their Amazing Homes
W. Wright Robinson  ISBN 1567113788 9781567113785

Animal Architects - How Shellmakers Build Their Amazing Homes
W. Wright Robinson  ISBN 1567113796 9781567113792

Made in the USA - Cheese
Claire Kreger  ISBN 156711380X 9781567113808

Animal Architects - How Mammals Build Their Amazing Homes
W. Wright Robinson  ISBN 1567113818 9781567113815

Crayons: From Start to Finish
Samuel G. Woods  ISBN 1567113907 9781567113907

Made in the USA - Chocolate
Samuel G. Woods  ISBN 1567113915 9781567113914

Made in the USA - Sneakers
Samuel G. Woods  ISBN 1567113931 9781567113938

Books (Made in the U.S.A.)
Mindi Rose Englart  ISBN 156711394X 9781567113945

Made in the USA - Recycled Paper
Samuel G. Woods  ISBN 1567113958 9781567113952

Made in the USA - Computer Animation
Samuel G. Woods  ISBN 1567113966 9781567113969

Letters Home From - China
Marcia S. Gresko  ISBN 1567114008 9781567114003

Letters Home From - Mexico
Marcia S. Gresko  ISBN 1567114024 9781567114027

Letters Home From - India
Marcia S. Gresko  ISBN 1567114032 9781567114034

Letters Home From - Israel
Marcia S. Gresko  ISBN 1567114040 9781567114041

Kenya (Letters Home From)
Marcia S. Gresko  ISBN 1567114059 9781567114058

Letters Home From - Greece
Marcia S. Gresko  ISBN 1567114067 9781567114065

Letters Home From - Brazil
Marcia S. Gresko  ISBN 1567114075 9781567114072

Letters Home From - Scotland
Marcia S. Gresko  ISBN 1567114083 9781567114089

Letters Home From - Japan
Marcia S. Gresko  ISBN 1567114091 9781567114096

Letters Home From - Canada
Marcia S. Gresko  ISBN 1567114105 9781567114102

Letters Home From - Russia
Marcia S. Gresko  ISBN 1567114113 9781567114119

Letters Home From - Zimbabwe
Lisa Halvorsen  ISBN 1567114121 9781567114126

Made in the USA: Televison Show (Made in the USA Series)
Mindi Rose Englart  ISBN 156711413X 9781567114133

Letters Home From - Peru
Lisa Halvorsen  ISBN 1567114148 9781567114140

Letters Home From - Turkey
Lisa Halvorsen  ISBN 1567114156 9781567114157

Letters Home From - Italy
Lisa Halvorsen  ISBN 1567114164 9781567114164

How Do I Become A...? - Police Officer
Mindi Englart  ISBN 1567114172 9781567114171

How Do I Become A...? - Chef
Mindi Englart  ISBN 1567114180 9781567114188

EMS Worker (How Do I Become A...?)
Mindi Englart  ISBN 1567114202 9781567114201

Amazing Brain - Addiction
Susan Papa  ISBN 1567114210 9781567114218

Amazing Brain - Neurological Disorders
Connie Goldsmith  ISBN 1567114229 9781567114225

Amazing Brain - Perception
Faith Byrnie  ISBN 1567114237 9781567114232

Nature Close-Up - Beetles
Elaine Pascoe  ISBN 1567111750 9781567111750

Holocaust Series Edition 1.
 ISBN 1567112137 9781567112139

Animal Intelligence: Why Is This Dolphin Smiling (The New Explorers)
Elaine Pascoe  ISBN 1567112269 9781567112269

Virtual Reality: Beyond the Looking Glass (The New Explorers)
Elaine Pascoe  ISBN 1567112285 9781567112283

New Dinosaurs: Skeletons in the Sand (The New Explorers)
Elaine Pascoe  ISBN 1567112315 9781567112313

Doctors in Action - Anesthesiologist
Sally G. Ward  ISBN 1567112331 9781567112337

Notorious Americans - Aaron Burr and the Young Nation
W. Scott Ingram  ISBN 1567112501 9781567112504

Library of Famous Women - Madeleine Albright
Rose Blue and Corinne J. Naden  ISBN 1567112536 9781567112535

Wildcats of North America - Lynx
Jalma Barrett  ISBN 1567112595 9781567112597

Wild Birds of Prey - Falcons
Deborah Kops  ISBN 1567112722 9781567112726

Building World Landmarks - Aswan High Dam
Peggy J. Parks  ISBN 156711329X 9781567113297

Mammals (Sorting Out)
Samuel G. Woods  ISBN 1567113729 9781567113723

Trade Edition: Amazing Book of Insect Records
Samuel G. Woods  ISBN 1567113745 9781567113747

Made in the USA - Guitars
Samuel G. Woods  ISBN 1567113923 9781567113921

How Do I Become A...? - TV Reporter
Mindi Englart  ISBN 1567114199 9781567114195

The Space Ship in the Park
Louis Slobodkin  ISBN 0027847004 9780027847000

Magic Michael
Louis Slobodkin  ISBN 0027846806 9780027846805

Theology in Pictures: A Commentary on Genesis Chapters I-II
George Knight  ISBN 0905312066 9780905312064

Health and Healing: Studies in New Testament Principles
John Wilkinson  ISBN 0905312082 9780905312088

The Incarnation-Ecumenical Studies in the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed A.D. 381
Thomas Torrance  ISBN 0905312147 9780905312149

The Trustworthiness of the Gospels
Hugo Staujdinger  ISBN 0905312155 9780905312156

One of the Richest Gifts: An Introductory Study of the Arts from a Christian World View
John Wilson  ISBN 0905312171 9780905312170

Table and Tradition
Alasdair Heron  ISBN 090531221X 9780905312217

Amos and Lamentations: God's People in Crisis (International Theological Commentary)
R.Martin- Achard - S.Paul Re'emi - R. Martin-Achard  ISBN 0905312325 9780905312323

The Christian Doctrine of Marriage
Tom Torrance  ISBN 0905312406 9780905312408

Healing and the Church
John Wilkinson  ISBN 0905312422 9780905312422

Scottish Identity: A Christian Vision
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Calvin and Scottish Theology
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John McLeod Campbell on Christian Atonement: So Rich a Soil
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GRACE ABOUNDING, a commentary on the book of Hosea (International Theological Commentary)
H D Beeby  ISBN 0905312953 9780905312958

And Nelson on his pillar, 1808-1966: A retrospective record
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And Nelson on his pillar, 1808-1966: A retrospective record
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Space, Time and Resurrection
Thomas F. Torrance  ISBN 0905312007 9780905312002

Theology as Narration
George A.F. Knight  ISBN 0905312015 9780905312019

Kilt Beneath My Cassock
Ronald Falconer  ISBN 0905312023 9780905312026

SIGNS OF OUR TIMES, theological essays on art in the twentieth century
George S. Heyer  ISBN 0905312031 9780905312033

Man in the Manse
Ronald S. Blakey  ISBN 0905312058 9780905312057

Kilt Beneath My Cassock
Ronald Falconer  ISBN 0905312074 9780905312071

Ministers for the 1980's
 ISBN 0905312090 9780905312095

Joshua: Inheriting the Land (International Theological Commentary on the Old Testament)
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Isaiah 40-55: Servant Theology (International Theological Commentary)
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A Short History of Cyprus
Kypros Tofallis  ISBN 0905313100 9780905313108

Greece and Cyprus 1986: A Yearbook
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Round Trip Space Ship
Louis Slobodkin  ISBN 0027854000 9780027854008

Teaching students
 ISBN 090531400X 9780905314006

Moonshadow of Cherry Mountain
Doris Buchanan Smith  ISBN 0027858502 9780027858501

The changing maze
Zilpha Keatley Snyder  ISBN 0027859002 9780027859003

Conflict in Southern Africa (Conflicts)
Chris Smith  ISBN 0027859568 9780027859560

My Brother Steven is Retarded
Harriet Langsam Sobol  ISBN 0027859908 9780027859904

Flying Jake
Lane Smith  ISBN 0027858308 9780027858303

Parchment House
Cara Lockhart Smith  ISBN 0027858456 9780027858457

Balance It!
Howard Everett Smith  ISBN 002785860X 9780027858600

Love and tennis
Alfred Slote  ISBN 0027858707 9780027858709

My Kind of Verse
 ISBN 0027859401 9780027859409

Conflict in the Middle East (Conflicts)
John King  ISBN 002785955X 9780027859553

My Other-Mother, My Other-Father
Harriet Langsam Sobol  ISBN 0027859606 9780027859607

Cosmo's Restaurant
Harriet Langsam Sobol - Patricia Agre  ISBN 0027859703 9780027859706

Pete's House
Harriet Langsam Sobol  ISBN 0027859800 9780027859805

Eulalie and the Hopping Head
David Small  ISBN 0027860108 9780027860108

Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch
Eileen Spinelli  ISBN 0027860159 9780027860153

Amazing Brain - Physical Brain
Faith Byrnie  ISBN 1567114245 9781567114249

Animals in the Wild - Animals at Rest
Susanne Riha  ISBN 1567114253 9781567114256

Animals in the Wild - Animal Journeys
Susanne Riha  ISBN 1567114261 9781567114263

Animals in the Wild - Animals and the Seasons
Susanne Riha  ISBN 1567114296 9781567114294

A Whale on Her Own Edition 1.
Brian Skerry  ISBN 1567114318 9781567114317

Flowers (Nature Close-Up)
Dwight Kuhn  ISBN 1567114326 9781567114324

Crafts for All Seasons - Materials from Nature
Victoria Seix  ISBN 1567114334 9781567114331

Crafts for All Seasons - Creating with Salt Dough
Laia Sadurni & Anna Llimos  ISBN 1567114350 9781567114355

Crafts for All Seasons - Creating by Recycling
Laia Sadurni & Anna Llimos  ISBN 1567114369 9781567114362

Crafts for All Seasons - Christmas Creations
Laia Sadurni & Anna Llimos  ISBN 1567114377 9781567114379

Creating with Papier-Mache (Crafts for All Seasons)
Victoria Seix  ISBN 1567114393 9781567114393

Wild Marine Animals - Whales
Melissa Cole  ISBN 1567114415 9781567114416

Wild Marine Animals - Sharks
Melissa Cole  ISBN 1567114423 9781567114423

Wild Marine Animals - Dolphins
Melissa Cole  ISBN 1567114431 9781567114430

Wild Marine Animals - Manatees
Melissa Cole  ISBN 1567114458 9781567114454

Wildcats of the World - Tigers
Melissa Cole  ISBN 1567114466 9781567114461

Wildcats of the World - Jaguars and Leopards
Melissa Cole  ISBN 1567114474 9781567114478

Wildcats of the World - Lions
Melissa Cole  ISBN 1567114482 9781567114485

Giants of Science - Eli Whitney
Kaye Patchett  ISBN 156711461X 9781567114614

Letters Home From Our National Parks - Yosemite
Lisa Halvorsen  ISBN 1567114628 9781567114621

Letters Home From Our National Parks - Grand Canyon
Lisa Halvorsen  ISBN 1567114636 9781567114638

Letters Home From Our National Parks - Zion
Lisa Halvorsen  ISBN 1567114644 9781567114645

Letters Home From Our National Parks - Yellowstone
Lisa Halvorsen  ISBN 1567114652 9781567114652

Speed! - Planes
Jenifer Corr Morse  ISBN 1567114660 9781567114669

Speed! - Cars
Jenifer Corr Morse  ISBN 1567114679 9781567114676

Speed! - Boats
Jenifer Corr Morse  ISBN 1567114687 9781567114683

Speed! - Motorcycles
Jenifer Corr Morse  ISBN 1567114709 9781567114706

Speed! - Military Vehicles
Jenifer Corr Morse  ISBN 1567114717 9781567114713

The Blackbirch Treasury of American Poetry Edition 1. (Individual Titles)
Frances Schoenmaker Bolin  ISBN 1567114725 9781567114720

Nature Close-Up - Leaves and Trees
Elaine Pascoe  ISBN 1567114741 9781567114744

Giants of Science - Jonas Salk (Giants of Science)
Peggy Parks  ISBN 156711475X 9781567114751

Jelly Beans (Made in the U.S.A.)
Claire Kreger  ISBN 1567114776 9781567114775

Made in the USA - Helicopters
Mindi Englart  ISBN 1567114784 9781567114782

Made in the USA - Teddy Bears
Tanya Lee Stone  ISBN 1567114792 9781567114799

Made in the USA - Snowboards
Tanya Lee Stone  ISBN 1567114806 9781567114805

Made in the USA - Toothpaste
Tanya Lee Stone  ISBN 1567114814 9781567114812

POGO STICKS From Start to Finish
Samuel G. Woods  ISBN 1567114822 9781567114829

Kid's Clothes: From Start to Finish (Made in the USA)
Samuel G. Woods  ISBN 1567114830 9781567114836

Made in the USA - Newspapers
Mindi Englart  ISBN 1567114849 9781567114843

Made in the USA - Bikes
Mindi Englart  ISBN 1567114865 9781567114867

Made in the USA - Pens
Mindi Englart  ISBN 1567114873 9781567114874

Robert Fulton (Giants of Science (Blackbirch))
Peggy J. Parks  ISBN 156711492X 9781567114928

BodyWorks - Nose
Katherine Goode  ISBN 1567114938 9781567114935

BodyWorks - Mouth
Katherine Goode  ISBN 1567114946 9781567114942

BodyWorks - Eyes
Katherine Goode  ISBN 1567114954 9781567114959

BodyWorks - Ears
Katherine Goode  ISBN 1567114962 9781567114966

BodyWorks - Skin and Hair
Katherine Goode  ISBN 1567114970 9781567114973

BodyWorks - Skeleton and Muscles
Katherine Goode  ISBN 1567114989 9781567114980

Nature Undercover - Hunters and Prey
Beatrice McLeod  ISBN 1567115004 9781567115000

Nature Undercover - Growing Up
Beatrice McLeod  ISBN 1567115012 9781567115017

Nature Undercover - Staying Alive
Beatrice McLeod  ISBN 1567115020 9781567115024

Nature Undercover - Courtship
Beatrice McLeod  ISBN 1567115039 9781567115031

Giants of Art & Culture - Pablo Picasso
Patricia A. MacDonald  ISBN 1567115047 9781567115048

Giants of Art & Culture - Duke Ellington
Gene Brown  ISBN 1567115055 9781567115055

Giants of Art & Culture - Maya Angelou
Nancy Shuker  ISBN 1567115063 9781567115062

Giants of Art & Culture - Mikhail Baryshnikov
Bruce S. Glassman  ISBN 1567115071 9781567115079

Giants of American Industry - John D. Rockefeller
Ellen Greenman Coffey  ISBN 1567115098 9781567115093

Giants of American Industry - Elizabeth Arden
Nancy Shuker  ISBN 1567115101 9781567115109

Giants of American Industry - William Randolph Hearst
Nancy Frazier  ISBN 1567115128 9781567115123

Giants of American Industry - John Paul Getty
Bruce S. Glassman  ISBN 1567115136 9781567115130

Blackbirch Visual Encyclopedias - Planet Earth
Blackbirch Press  ISBN 1567115144 9781567115147

Blackbirch Visual Encyclopedias - People of the World
Lee Jacobs  ISBN 1567115187 9781567115185

Blackbirch Visual Encyclopedia: Questions & Answers
Nicholas Harris  ISBN 1567115241 9781567115246

World of Communities - Student Text
Marcia S. Gresko  ISBN 1567115284 9781567115284

World of Communities - Spanish Student Text
Marcia S. Gresko  ISBN 1567115292 9781567115291

World of Communities - Spanish Activity Book
Marcia S. Gresko  ISBN 1567115314 9781567115314

Kidbits (Individual Titles)
Jenny Tesar - Bob Italiano  ISBN 1567115330 9781567115338

The Triangle Histories of the Civil War: Presidents - Andrew Johnson
Chris Hughes  ISBN 1567115349 9781567115345

The Triangle Histories of the Civil War: Presidents - Abraham Lincoln
Deborah Kops  ISBN 1567115357 9781567115352

Nations in Conflict - India & Pakistan
Chris Hughes  ISBN 156711539X 9781567115390

Nations in Conflict - Rwanda
Peggy J. Parks  ISBN 156711542X 9781567115420

A-Z - Bugs
Jill Bailey  ISBN 1567115470 9781567115475

A-Z - Dinosaurs
Rupert Matthews  ISBN 1567115489 9781567115482

Yugoslavia (Nations in Conflict)
Chris Hughes  ISBN 1567115497 9781567115499

The Triangle Histories of the Civil War: Battles - Battle of Antietam
Chris Hughes  ISBN 1567115519 9781567115512

The Triangle Histories of the Civil War: Battles - Battle of Vicksburg
David C. King  ISBN 1567115527 9781567115529

The Triangle Histories of the Civil War: Battles - Battle of Bull Run
Deborah Kops  ISBN 1567115535 9781567115536

The Triangle Histories of the Civil War: Leaders - Robert E. Lee
David C. King  ISBN 1567115543 9781567115543

The Triangle Histories of the Civil War: Leaders - Ulysses S. Grant
David C. King  ISBN 1567115551 9781567115550

The Triangle Histories of the Civil War: Leaders - John Brown
Helaine Becker  ISBN 1567115586 9781567115581

The Triangle Histories of the Civil War: Leaders - Stonewall Jackson
Chris Hughes  ISBN 1567115594 9781567115598

The Triangle Histories of the Civil War: Battles - Battle of Fredericksburg
W. Scott Ingram  ISBN 1567115608 9781567115604

The Triangle Histories of the Civil War: Battles - Battle of Chatanooga
David C. King  ISBN 1567115616 9781567115611

The Triangle Histories of the Civil War: Leaders - Harriet Tubman
Lisa Halvorsen  ISBN 1567115624 9781567115628

The Triangle Histories of the Civil War: Leaders - William T. Sherman
David C. King  ISBN 1567115632 9781567115635

The Triangle Histories of the Civil War: Leaders - James Longstreet
Melanie LeTourneau  ISBN 1567115640 9781567115642

The Triangle Histories of the Civil War: Leaders - Jefferson Davis
W. Scott Ingram  ISBN 1567115659 9781567115659

Wild America - Beaver
Tanya Stone  ISBN 1567115667 9781567115666

Wild America - Crow
Tanya Stone  ISBN 1567115675 9781567115673

Wild America - Earthworm
Tanya Stone  ISBN 1567115683 9781567115680

Wild America - Turtles
Tanya Stone  ISBN 1567115713 9781567115710

Tribes of Native America - Abenaki
 ISBN 1567115748 9781567115741

Living in a World of - White
Tanya Lee Stone  ISBN 1567115802 9781567115802

Living in a World of - Brown
Tanya Lee Stone  ISBN 1567115829 9781567115826

Living in a World of - Green
Tanya Lee Stone  ISBN 1567115837 9781567115833

American Inaugurals Edition 1. (Individual Titles)
Kristen Woronoff  ISBN 1567115845 9781567115840

Library of Famous Women Juniors - Jane Goodall
Kristen Woronoff  ISBN 1567115853 9781567115857

Anne Frank: Voice of Hope
Kristen Woronoff  ISBN 1567115861 9781567115864

Tribes of Native America - Arapaho
 ISBN 156711587X 9781567115871

Library of Famous Women Juniors - Oprah Winfrey
Kristen Woronoff  ISBN 1567115888 9781567115888

Library of Famous Women Juniors - Leontyne Price
Kristen Woronoff  ISBN 1567115896 9781567115895

Library of Famous Women Juniors - Mother Teresa
Kristen Woronoff  ISBN 1567115918 9781567115918

Library of Famous Women Juniors - Georgia O'Keeffe
Emily Rose Kucharczyk  ISBN 1567115926 9781567115925

Library of Famous Women Juniors - Wilma Mankiller
Emily Rose Kucharczyk  ISBN 1567115934 9781567115932

Library of Famous Women Juniors - Frida Kahlo
Kristen Woronoff  ISBN 1567115942 9781567115949

EyeOpeners - Animals
Emma Nathan  ISBN 1567115950 9781567115956

EyeOpeners - Cities
Emma Nathan  ISBN 1567115969 9781567115963

EyeOpeners - Clothing
Emma Nathan  ISBN 1567115977 9781567115970

EyeOpeners - Crafts
Emma Nathan  ISBN 1567115985 9781567115987

EyeOpeners - Food
Emma Nathan  ISBN 1567115993 9781567115994

Dinosaurs Undercover: Triassic
Blackbirch  ISBN 1567116000 9781567116007

Dinosaurs Undercover: Jurassic
Blackbirch - Rupert Matthews  ISBN 1567116019 9781567116014

Dinosaurs Undercover: Cretaceous
Blackbirch - Rupert Matthews  ISBN 1567116027 9781567116021

Dinosaurs Undercover: The Endof the Dinosaurs
Rupert Matthews  ISBN 1567116035 9781567116038

Apache (Tribes of Native America Series)
Marla Felkins Ryan - Linda Schmittroth  ISBN 1567116043 9781567116045

Tribes of Native America: Blackfoot
Marla Felkins Ryan - Linda Schmittroth  ISBN 1567116051 9781567116052

Triangle Histories of the Revolutionary War: Leaders - George Washington
Lewis Parker  ISBN 1567116078 9781567116076

The Revolutionary War: Charles Cornwallis (Triangle Histories)
Lewis K. Parker  ISBN 1567116086 9781567116083

Triangle Histories of the Revolutionary War: Leaders - John Paul Jones
W. Scott Ingram  ISBN 1567116094 9781567116090

Triangle Histories of the Revolutionary War: Leaders - Abigail Adams
Kate Davis  ISBN 1567116108 9781567116106

Triangle Histories of the Revolutionary War: Leaders - Thomas Paine
Kate Davis  ISBN 1567116116 9781567116113

Triangle Histories of the Revolutionary War: Leaders - Samuel Adams
Kate Davis  ISBN 1567116124 9781567116120

Tribes of Native America - Cherokee: Native Peoples of the American Southeast
 ISBN 1567116140 9781567116144

Tribes of Native America - Mohawk
 ISBN 1567116159 9781567116151

Tribes of Native America - Nez Perce: Native Peoples of the American Plateau
 ISBN 1567116167 9781567116168

Tribes of Native America - Zuni Pueblo: Native Peoples of the American Southwest
 ISBN 1567116175 9781567116175

Tribes of Native America - Sioux (Lakota): Native Peoples of the Great Plains
 ISBN 1567116183 9781567116182

Triangle Histories of the Revolutionary War: Battles - The Battle of Lexington and Concord
Lewis Parker  ISBN 1567116191 9781567116199

Triangle Histories of the Revolutionary War: Battles - The Battle of Trenton
Lewis Parker  ISBN 1567116205 9781567116205

Triangle Histories of the Revolutionary War: Battles - The Battle of Monmouth
Lewis Parker  ISBN 1567116213 9781567116212

Triangle Histories of the Revolutionary War: Battles - The Battle of Yorktown
W. Scott Ingram  ISBN 1567116221 9781567116229

Tribes of Native America: Crow
Marla Felkins Ryan - Linda Schmittroth  ISBN 156711623X 9781567116236

Tribes of Native America: Navajo
Marla Felkins Ryan - Linda Schmittroth  ISBN 1567116248 9781567116243

History's Villains - Adolf Hitler
Lewis Parker  ISBN 1567116256 9781567116250

History's Villains - Josef Stalin
Lewis Parker  ISBN 1567116264 9781567116267

History's Villains - Francisco Pizarro
W. Scott Ingram  ISBN 1567116272 9781567116274

History's Villains - Attila the Hun
W. Scott Ingram  ISBN 1567116280 9781567116281

Tribes of Native America - Pomo
Marla Felkins Ryan - Linda Schmittroth  ISBN 1567116299 9781567116298

Tribes of Native America - Seminole
Marla Felkins Ryan - Linda Schmittroth  ISBN 1567116302 9781567116304

Wild Africa - Rhinos
Melissa Cole  ISBN 1567116337 9781567116335

Wild Africa - Giraffes
Melissa Cole  ISBN 1567116345 9781567116342

Wild Africa - Hippos
Melissa Cole  ISBN 1567116353 9781567116359

Wild Africa - Elephants
Melissa Cole  ISBN 1567116388 9781567116380

Wild Africa - Wildebeest
Melissa Cole  ISBN 1567116396 9781567116397

Wild America - Skunk
Tanya Stone  ISBN 1567116418 9781567116410

Wild America - Squirrels
Tanya Stone  ISBN 1567116426 9781567116427

Wild America - Deer
Tanya Stone  ISBN 1567116434 9781567116434

Wild America - Raccoon
Tanya Stone  ISBN 1567116442 9781567116441

Wild America - Rabbits
Tanya Stone  ISBN 1567116450 9781567116458

Wild America - Toads
Tanya Stone  ISBN 1567116469 9781567116465

EyeOpeners - Holidays
Emma Nathan  ISBN 1567116507 9781567116502

EyeOpeners - Land
Emma Nathan  ISBN 1567116515 9781567116519

EyeOpeners - People
Emma Nathan  ISBN 1567116523 9781567116526

EyeOpeners - Transportation
Emma Nathan  ISBN 156711654X 9781567116540

Giants of Science - Charles Darwin
Michael Pollard  ISBN 1567116558 9781567116557

Giants of Science - Alexander Fleming
Beverley Birch  ISBN 1567116566 9781567116564

Giants of Science - George Washington Carver
Lisa Halvorsen  ISBN 1567116574 9781567116571

Giants of Science - Benjamin Franklin
Peggy Parks  ISBN 1567116582 9781567116588

America's Leaders - The President
W. Scott Ingram  ISBN 1567116612 9781567116618

America's Leaders - The Vice President
Kristen Woronoff  ISBN 1567116620 9781567116625

America's Leaders - The Chief Justice
Lois Lewis  ISBN 1567116639 9781567116632

America's Leaders - The Secretary of the Interior
Kate Davis  ISBN 1567116647 9781567116649

America's Leaders - The Secretary of State
Lucy Twarkins  ISBN 1567116655 9781567116656

Our Living Planet - Deserts
Nuria Roca  ISBN 1567116671 9781567116670

Our Living Planet - Oceans
Marta Serrano  ISBN 1567116698 9781567116694

Our Living Planet - Rain Forests
Marta Serrano  ISBN 1567116701 9781567116700

Our Living Planet - Volcanoes
Marta Serrano  ISBN 156711671X 9781567116717

New View Almanac, 3rd Edition
Jenny Tesar  ISBN 1567116744 9781567116748

Step Back Science - Bite Into an Apple
Inc. J.A. Ball Associates  ISBN 1567116752 9781567116755

Step Back Science - Flick a Switch
Inc. J.A. Ball Associates  ISBN 1567116760 9781567116762

Step Back Science - Open a Newspaper
Inc. J.A. Ball Associates  ISBN 1567116779 9781567116779

Step Back Science - Start the Car
Inc. J.A. Ball Associates  ISBN 1567116787 9781567116786

Step Back Science - Surf the Internet
Inc. J.A. Ball Associates  ISBN 1567116795 9781567116793

Crafts for All Seasons - Creating Costumes
Roser Pinol  ISBN 1567114385 9781567114386

Crafts for All Seasons - Creating with Mosaics
Anna Freixenet  ISBN 1567114407 9781567114409

Nature Close-Up - Plant Clones
Dwight Kuhn  ISBN 156711444X 9781567114447

Trade Edition: Planes
Jenifer Corr Morse  ISBN 1567114504 9781567114508

Trade Edition: Cars
Jenifer Corr Morse  ISBN 1567114512 9781567114515

Trade Edition: Boats
Jenifer Corr Morse  ISBN 1567114520 9781567114522

Trade Edition: Trains
Jenifer Corr Morse  ISBN 1567114539 9781567114539

Trade Edition: Motorcycles
Jenifer Corr Morse  ISBN 1567114547 9781567114546

Trade Edition: Military Vehicles
Jenifer Corr Morse  ISBN 1567114555 9781567114553

Trade Edition: Al Capone (Notorious Americans and Their Times)
David C. King  ISBN 1567114563 9781567114560

Joseph McCarthy and the Cold War (Notorious Americans and Their Times)
Victoria Sherrow  ISBN 1567114571 9781567114577

Nature Close-Up - Stink Bugs
Dwight Kuhn  ISBN 156711458X 9781567114584

Trade Edition: John Wilkes Booth (Notorious Americans and Their Times)
Steven Otfinoski  ISBN 1567114598 9781567114591

Trade Edition: Benedict Arnold
David C. King  ISBN 1567114601 9781567114607

Speed! - Trains
Jenifer Corr Morse  ISBN 1567114695 9781567114690

Nature Close-Up - Pill Bugs & Sow Bugs and Other Custaceans
Elaine Pascoe  ISBN 1567114733 9781567114737

Giants of Science - Nicolaus Copernicus
Scott Ingram  ISBN 156711489X 9781567114898

Trade Edition: Bobcat - P
Jalma Barrett  ISBN 1567114903 9781567114904

Trade Edition: Lynx (Wild Cats! of North America)
Jalma Barrett  ISBN 1567114911 9781567114911

Blackbirch Visual Encyclopedias - Animals of the World
Lewis K. Parker  ISBN 1567115152 9781567115154

Blackbirch Visual Encyclopedias - The Natural World
Joanna Turner - Claire Aston - Nicholas Harris  ISBN 1567115160 9781567115161

Blackbirch Visual Encyclopedias - Places of the World
Nicholas Harris  ISBN 1567115179 9781567115178

Trade Edition: Kids Almanac Geography
Jenny E. Tesar - Alice Siegel - Margo McLoone  ISBN 1567115322 9781567115321

Trade Edition: Atlantic Ocean
Leighton R. Taylor  ISBN 1567115365 9781567115369

Trade Edition: Red Sea
Leighton R. Taylor  ISBN 1567115373 9781567115376

Trade Edition: Caribbean Sea
Leighton R. Taylor  ISBN 1567115381 9781567115383

Trade Edition: Pacific Ocean
Leighton R. Taylor  ISBN 1567115403 9781567115406

Trade Edition: Indian Ocean
Leighton R. Taylor  ISBN 1567115411 9781567115413

Statue of Liberty (Building America (Blackbirch Paperback))
Craig A. Doherty - Katherine M. Doherty  ISBN 1567115438 9781567115437

Erie Canal (Building America (Blackbirch Paperback))
Craig A. Doherty - Katherine M. Doherty  ISBN 1567115446 9781567115444

Hoover Dam (Building America)
Craig A. Doherty - Katherine M. Doherty  ISBN 1567115454 9781567115451

Mount Rushmore (Building America (Blackbirch Paperback))
Craig A. Doherty - Katherine M. Doherty  ISBN 1567115462 9781567115468

Tribes of Native America - Chickasaw
 ISBN 156711590X 9781567115901

Twenty one years of Independent Television: 1955-1976
 ISBN 0905317017 9780905317014

Sobol  ISBN 0027861902 9780027861907

Encyclopedia Brown Sets the Pace
Donald J. Sobol  ISBN 0027862003 9780027862003

Donald J. Sobol - Glenn Andrews  ISBN 0027862100 9780027862102

A Horse Named Paris
Lynn Sonberg - Ken Robbins  ISBN 0027862607 9780027862607

Benson boy
Ivan Southall  ISBN 0027860701 9780027860702

Matt and Jo
Ivan Southall  ISBN 0027861104 9780027861105

Hills End
Ivan Southall  ISBN 0027861201 9780027861204

Seventeen seconds
Ivan Southall  ISBN 0027861406 9780027861402

A journey of discovery: On writing for children
Ivan Southall  ISBN 0027861503 9780027861501

What About Tomorrow
Ivan Southall  ISBN 0027861708 9780027861709

Angie's First Case
Donald J. Sobol  ISBN 0027861805 9780027861808

Southall  ISBN 0027862208 9780027862201

Rain Forest
Armstrong Sperry  ISBN 0027862305 9780027862300

Ivan Southall  ISBN 0027862801 9780027862805

A. E. Cogswell, architect within a Victorian city
Andy Nash  ISBN 090532000X 9780905320007

Eileen Spinelli  ISBN 0027863506 9780027863505

Night Goes By
Spohn  ISBN 0027863514 9780027863512

Behind the Golden Curtain: Hansel and Gretel at the Great Opera House
E. Lee Spruyt  ISBN 0027864006 9780027864007

Step Back Science - Turn on the TV
Inc. J.A. Ball Associates  ISBN 1567116809 9781567116809

Step Back Science - Turn on the Faucet
Inc. J.A. Ball Associates  ISBN 1567116817 9781567116816

Step Back Science - Answer the Phone
Inc. J.A. Ball Associates  ISBN 1567116825 9781567116823

Our Living Planet - Weather
Michael Gibert  ISBN 1567116833 9781567116830

How Do I Become A...? - Architect
Mindi Englart  ISBN 1567116868 9781567116861

How Do I Become A...? - Firefighter
Mindi Englart  ISBN 1567116876 9781567116878

Tribes of Native America - Choctaw
Marla Felkins Ryan - Linda Schmittroth  ISBN 1567116884 9781567116885

Cree (Tribes of Native America)
 ISBN 1567116906 9781567116908

Tribes of Native America - Hopi
Marla Felkins Ryan - Linda Schmittroth  ISBN 1567116914 9781567116915

Tribes of Native America - Kiowa
 ISBN 1567116922 9781567116922

Zoom! - Human Body
Blackbirch Press  ISBN 1567116930 9781567116939

Zoom! - Dinosaurs
Blackbirch Press  ISBN 1567116949 9781567116946

Zoom! - Nature
Blackbirch Press  ISBN 1567116957 9781567116953

Zoom! - Space
Blackbirch Press  ISBN 1567116965 9781567116960

Tribes of Native America - Narragansett
Marla Felkins Ryan  ISBN 1567116981 9781567116984

Tribes of Native America - Shoshone
Marla Felkins Ryan - Linda Schmittroth  ISBN 1567117228 9781567117226

Tribes of Native America - Ojibway
 ISBN 1567117252 9781567117257

Life During the Great Civilizations - Aztec
Sheila Wyborny  ISBN 1567117368 9781567117363

Life During the Great Civilizations - The Maya
Charles and Linda George  ISBN 1567117384 9781567117387

Life During the Great Civilizations - The Ottoman Empire
Lucile Davis  ISBN 1567117392 9781567117394

Persian (Life During the Great Civilizations)
Don Nardo  ISBN 1567117406 9781567117400

Life During the Great Civilizations - The Roman Empire (Life During the Great Civilizations)
Don Nardo  ISBN 1567117422 9781567117424

How Do I Become A...? - Veterinarian
Mindi Rose Englart  ISBN 1567117503 9781567117509

People at the Center of - The Cold War
Britta Bjornlund  ISBN 1567117651 9781567117653

People at the Center of - The Industrial Revolution
Sara Wooten  ISBN 156711766X 9781567117660

People at the Center of - The Persian Gulf War
Donna Schaffer and Alfred Meyer  ISBN 1567117678 9781567117677

People at the Center of - Prohibition
Tamra B. Orr  ISBN 1567117686 9781567117684

People at the Center of - The Salem Witch Trials
Tamra B. Orr  ISBN 1567117708 9781567117707

People at the Center of - The Vietnam War
Rob Edelman  ISBN 1567117716 9781567117714

People at the Center of - Women's Suffrage
Deborah Kops  ISBN 1567117724 9781567117721

Triangle Histories of the Revolutionary War: Leaders - King George III
Scott Ingram  ISBN 1567117791 9781567117790

Triangle Histories of Revltn Ldrs & Pres: Thomas Jefferson (Triangle History of the American Revolution)
Ann Gaines - Don Nardo  ISBN 1567117813 9781567117813

Science on the Edge - Cloning
Don Nardo  ISBN 1567117821 9781567117820

Science on the Edge - Stem Cells
Jenny Tesar  ISBN 1567117872 9781567117875

Voices From the Civil War - Confederate Generals
Tom Head  ISBN 1567117902 9781567117905

Voices From the Civil War - Northerners
 ISBN 1567117910 9781567117912

Voices From the Civil War - Southerners
 ISBN 1567117945 9781567117943

Voices From the Civil War - Union Generals
 ISBN 1567117953 9781567117950

Voices From the Civil War - Union Soldiers
 ISBN 1567117961 9781567117967

Voices From the Civil War - Women and Families
 ISBN 156711797X 9781567117974

Wild America Habitats - Arctic
Cole/Leeson  ISBN 1567117988 9781567117981

Wild America Habitats - Deserts
Cole/Leeson  ISBN 1567117996 9781567117998

Wild America Habitats - Forests
Cole/Leeson  ISBN 156711802X 9781567118025

Wild America Habitats Mountains
Cole/Leeson  ISBN 1567118062 9781567118063

Wild America Habitats - Temperate Rain Forests
Cole/Leeson  ISBN 1567118089 9781567118087

Wild America Habitats - Tidal Flats
Cole/Leeson  ISBN 1567118097 9781567118094

Wild America Habitats Wetlands
Cole/Leeson  ISBN 1567118100 9781567118100

Chickens (Wild Wild World)
Tanya Lee Stone  ISBN 1567118127 9781567118124

Frogs (Wild Wild World)
Tanya Lee Stone  ISBN 1567118135 9781567118131

Wild Wild World - Gorillas
Tanya Stone  ISBN 1567118143 9781567118148

Hippos (Wild Wild World)
Tanya Lee Stone  ISBN 1567118151 9781567118155

Lobsters (Wild Wild World)
Tanya Lee Stone  ISBN 156711816X 9781567118162

Octopuses (Wild Wild World)
Tanya Lee Stone  ISBN 1567118178 9781567118179

Peacocks (Wild Wild World)
Tanya Stone  ISBN 1567118186 9781567118186

Pigs (Wild Wild World)
Tanya Lee Stone  ISBN 1567118194 9781567118193

Polar Bears (Wild Wild World)
Tanya Lee Stone  ISBN 1567118208 9781567118209

Rhinos (Wild Wild World)
Tanya Lee Stone  ISBN 1567118216 9781567118216

Sharks (Wild Wild World)
Tanya Lee Stone  ISBN 1567118224 9781567118223

Snakes (Wild Wild World)
Tanya Stone  ISBN 1567118232 9781567118230

Wild Wild World - Turtles
Tanya Stone  ISBN 1567118240 9781567118247

Elephants (Wild Wild World)
Tanya Lee Stone  ISBN 1567118259 9781567118254

Wild Wild World: Tigers
Tanya Lee Stone  ISBN 1567118267 9781567118261

Yesterday & Today - Trade and Commerce
Lucile Davis  ISBN 1567118291 9781567118292

Yesterday & Today - Written Communication
Gail B. Stewart  ISBN 1567118348 9781567118346

Yesterday & Today - Transportation
Joanne Mattern  ISBN 1567118356 9781567118353

The Jeff Corwin Experience - Into Wild Africa
 ISBN 1567118518 9781567118513

The Jeff Corwin Experience - Into Wild Brazil
 ISBN 1567118534 9781567118537

The Jeff Corwin Experience - Into Wild Madagascar
Jeff Corwin  ISBN 1567118550 9781567118551

The Jeff Corwin Experience - Into Wild Panama
 ISBN 1567118569 9781567118568

The Jeff Corwin Experience - Into Wild Galapagos
 ISBN 1567118577 9781567118575

The Jeff Corwin Experience - Into Wild California
Elaine Pascoe  ISBN 1567118585 9781567118582

Boeing 747 (Super Structures)
 ISBN 156711864X 9781567118643

Super Structures - The London Underground
 ISBN 1567118666 9781567118667

Super Structures - The Pentagon
 ISBN 1567118674 9781567118674

Super Structures - The Seawolf Submarine
 ISBN 1567118682 9781567118681

Super Structures - Thinking Big: America's Greatest Constructions
 ISBN 1567118704 9781567118704

Super Structures - The World's Largest Building
 ISBN 1567118712 9781567118711

Robert Boyle (Giants of Science (Blackbirch))
John Allen  ISBN 1567118879 9781567118872

Robert Goddard (Giants of Science (Blackbirch))
Kaye Patchett  ISBN 1567118887 9781567118889

Giants of Science - J. Robert Oppenheimer (Giants of Science) (Giants of Science (Blackbirch))
Toney Allman  ISBN 1567118895 9781567118896

Benito Mussolini (History's Villains)
Margaret Speaker-Yuan  ISBN 1567118992 9781567118995

Pol Pot (History's Villains)
Scott Ingram  ISBN 1567119018 9781567119015

Wild Marine Habitats - Kelp Forests
Melissa Cole  ISBN 1567119093 9781567119091

Wild Marine Habitats - Tide Pools
Melissa Cole  ISBN 1567119123 9781567119121

People at the Center of - The Korean War (People at the Center of) (People at the Center of)
Steve Otfinoski  ISBN 1567119212 9781567119213

People at the Center of - The Russian Revolution (People at the Center of) (People at the Center of)
Michael Schuman  ISBN 1567119239 9781567119237

People at the Center of - The War of 1812 (People at the Center of) (People at the Center of)
Steve Otfinoski  ISBN 1567119263 9781567119268

People at the Center of - The Mexican-American War
Scott Ingram  ISBN 1567119271 9781567119275

Tribes of Native America - Chinook
 ISBN 156711685X 9781567116854

Living in a World of: 4v Set
Tanya Lee Stone  ISBN 1567117015 9781567117011

America's Top 10: 10v Set
Jenny E. Tesar - Edward R. Ricciuti - T. L. Stone  ISBN 1567117023 9781567117028

Bodyworks: 6v Set
Katherine Goode  ISBN 1567117031 9781567117035

What Do You Call a Group of
Emma Nathan  ISBN 156711704X 9781567117042

What Do You Call a Baby
Emma Nathan  ISBN 1567117058 9781567117059

Nature Undercover: 4v Set
Beatrice McLeod  ISBN 1567117066 9781567117066

Animal Architects: 5v Set
W. Wright Robinson  ISBN 1567117074 9781567117073

Life in the Sea: 6v Set
Leighton R. Taylor  ISBN 1567117082 9781567117080

What on Earth
Jenny E. Tesar - Edward R. Ricciuti  ISBN 1567117090 9781567117097

Our Living World
Jenny E. Tesar - Edward R. Ricciuti  ISBN 1567117104 9781567117103

Jenifer Corr Morse  ISBN 1567117112 9781567117110

World Celebrations and Ceremonies (World Celebrations & Ceremonies)
 ISBN 1567117120 9781567117127

We All Share
Patricia Lakin  ISBN 1567117139 9781567117134

Our Human Family
 ISBN 1567117147 9781567117141

Children in Crisis
Keith Elliot Greenberg  ISBN 1567117155 9781567117158

Doctors in Action
 ISBN 1567117163 9781567117165

Wild Bears
 ISBN 1567117171 9781567117172

Wild Birds of Prey
Deborah Kops  ISBN 156711718X 9781567117189

Wild Canines of North America
Jalma Barrett  ISBN 1567117198 9781567117196

Wildcats of North America
Jalma Barrett  ISBN 1567117201 9781567117202

Wild Marine Animals Edition 1.
Melissa Cole  ISBN 156711721X 9781567117219

Life During the Great Civilizations - Han
 ISBN 1567117376 9781567117370

History's Villains - Idi Amin
Scott Ingram  ISBN 1567117597 9781567117592

History's Villains - Osama bin Laden (History's Villains) (History's Villains)
Steve Otfinoski  ISBN 1567117600 9781567117608

Saddam Hussein (History's Villains)
Gail B. Stewart  ISBN 1567117627 9781567117622

People at the Center of - The Civil Rights Movement
Tamra B. Orr  ISBN 1567117635 9781567117639

People at the Center of - The Civil War
Chris Hughes  ISBN 1567117643 9781567117646

People at the Center of - The American Revolution
Gail B. Stewart  ISBN 1567117694 9781567117691

People at the Center of - World War I
Gail B. Stewart  ISBN 1567117732 9781567117738

People at the Center of - World War II
Audrey Kupferberg  ISBN 1567117740 9781567117745

Triangle Histories of the Revolutionary War: Battles - Battle of Bunker Hill
Scott Ingram  ISBN 1567117759 9781567117752

Triangle Histories of the Revolutionary War: Battles - Battle of Long Island
Scott Ingram  ISBN 1567117767 9781567117769

The Battle of Harlem Heights (Triangle Histories of the Revolutionary War: Battles)
Mary J. Hertz Scarbrough  ISBN 1567117775 9781567117776

Triangle Histories of the Revolutionary War: Battles - Battle of Valcour Bay
Scott Ingram  ISBN 1567117783 9781567117783

Triangle Histories of the Revolutionary War: Leaders - Paul Revere
David King  ISBN 1567117805 9781567117806

Science on the Edge - Forensics
Joanne Mattern  ISBN 1567117856 9781567117851

Voices From the Civil War - Slaves
Tom Head  ISBN 1567117937 9781567117936

Monsieur Thermidor: A Fantastic Fishy Tale
Richard Kidd  ISBN 1567118003 9781567118001

Fiction Single Titles: The Midnight Fridge
Bruce S. Glassman  ISBN 1567118011 9781567118018

The Flute Concert
Wolf Harranth  ISBN 1567118038 9781567118032

The Lonely Wizard
Helmut Kollars  ISBN 1567118046 9781567118049

History's Villains - Ivan the Terrible (History's Villains) (History's Villains)
Steve Otfinoski  ISBN 156711900X 9781567119008

Nature Close-Up - Dragonflies and Damselflies
Dwight Kuhn  ISBN 156711914X 9781567119145

People at the Center of - The French Revolution
Scott Ingram  ISBN 1567119190 9781567119190

People at the Center of - The Renaissance (People at the Center of) (People at the Center of)
Michael Schuman  ISBN 1567119220 9781567119220

People at the Center of The Spanish-American War
David King  ISBN 1567119247 9781567119244

People at the Center of - The Enlightenment
David King  ISBN 1567119298 9781567119299

Shopping in Merseyside, 1975: A study of consumer shopping habits
Liverpool Polytechnic  ISBN 0905321006 9780905321004

Leisure in Merseyside
E Gowling  ISBN 0905321014 9780905321011

Public and private provision for medical care in Great Britain
Max Gammon  ISBN 0905322010 9780905322018

Health and security: Report on the public provision for medical care in Great Britain
Max Gammon  ISBN 0905322029 9780905322025

Austrian regular infantry, 1806-15
Mike Embree  ISBN 0905323009 9780905323008

Prussian reserve infantry, 1813-15
Robert Mantle  ISBN 0905323017 9780905323015

101 Questions and Answers About Pets and People
Ann O. Squire  ISBN 0027865800 9780027865806

Understanding Man's Best Friend: Why Dogs Look and Act the Way They Do
Ann O. Squire  ISBN 0027865908 9780027865905

The Last Princess: The Story of Princess Ka'Iulani of Hawai'I
Fay Stanley  ISBN 0027867854 9780027867855

Diane Stanley  ISBN 0027868001 9780027868005

On a Mist-Covered Mountain
John Stadler  ISBN 0027866602 9780027866605

Rodney and Lucinda's Amazing Race: Story and Pictures
John Stadler  ISBN 002786670X 9780027866704

Diane Stanley  ISBN 0027867404 9780027867404

The Jeff Corwin Experience - Into Wild Florida
 ISBN 1567119506 9781567119503

America's Leaders - Secretary of Homeland Security
Donna Schaffer  ISBN 1567119603 9781567119602

America's Leaders - The Secretary of Labor
David King  ISBN 1567119611 9781567119619

America's Leaders - The National Security Advisor
David King  ISBN 156711962X 9781567119626

America's Leaders - The Speaker of the House
Howard Gutman  ISBN 1567119646 9781567119640

Regional Wild America - Unique Animals of the Midwest
Tanya Lee Stone  ISBN 1567119654 9781567119657

Regional Wild America - Unique Animals of the Northeast
Tanya Lee Stone  ISBN 1567119662 9781567119664

Regional Wild America - Unique Animals of the Pacific Coast
Tanya Lee Stone  ISBN 1567119670 9781567119671

Regional Wild America - Unique Animals of the South
Tanya Lee Stone  ISBN 1567119689 9781567119688

Regional Wild America - Unique Animals of the Southeast
Tanya Lee Stone  ISBN 1567119697 9781567119695

Regional Wild America - Unique Animals of the Southwest
Tanya Lee Stone  ISBN 1567119700 9781567119701

World Musicmakers - Celine Dion
Anne E. Hill  ISBN 1567119719 9781567119718

Osos Salvajes (Wild Bears) - El Oso Negro (The Black Bear)
Melissa Cole & Tom & Pat Leeson  ISBN 156711959X 9781567119596

Osos Salvajes (Wild Bears) - El Oso Polar (The Polar Bear)
Melissa Cole & Tom & Pat Leeson  ISBN 1567119638 9781567119633

World Musicmakers - Elton John
John O'Mahoney  ISBN 1567119727 9781567119725

World Musicmakers - John Lennon
Michael White  ISBN 1567119735 9781567119732

World Peacemakers - Eleanor Roosevelt
David Winner  ISBN 1567119751 9781567119756

World Peacemakers - Mahatma Gandhi
Michael Nicholson  ISBN 156711976X 9781567119763

Nelson Mandela (World Peacemakers Series)
Benjamin Pogrund  ISBN 1567119786 9781567119787

1994 Pocket Pdr With the Pdr Data Card
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Bookman Holy Bible: King James Version : Electronic Pocket Guide (Franklin bookman)
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Holy Bible: King James Version: BOOKMAN(R) (Electronic desktop model)
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Guide to the European Documentation Centre
Leeds Polytechnic  ISBN 0905324005 9780905324005

Discrimination (Past and Present)
Angela Phillips  ISBN 0027868818 9780027868814

Homelessness (Past and Present)
Carole Seymour-Jones  ISBN 0027868826 9780027868821

Riots (Past and Present)
Philip Steele  ISBN 0027868834 9780027868838

Smuggling (Past and Present)
Philip Steele  ISBN 0027868842 9780027868845

Little Bighorn (Great Battles and Sieges)
Philip Steele  ISBN 0027868850 9780027868852

Over 50 Years Ago in Europe During World War II (History Detective)
Philip Steele  ISBN 0027868869 9780027868869

Starbird  ISBN 0027868508 9780027868500

The first of the penguins
Mary Q Steele  ISBN 002786880X 9780027868807

Thermopylae (Great Battles and Sieges)
Philip Steele  ISBN 0027868877 9780027868876

Tattercoats: An Old English Tale
Flora Annie Steel  ISBN 0027869008 9780027869002

Long Fellow: Story of the Great Irish Patriot Eamon De Vallera
Jack Steffan  ISBN 0027869407 9780027869408

The Mexican Revolution, 1910-1920
R. Conrad Stein  ISBN 0027869504 9780027869507

Japan (Nations Today)
Rafael Steinberg  ISBN 0027869601 9780027869606

Garhart's Intravenous Medications
FRANKLIN  ISBN 1567123813 9781567123814

The Medical Letter Handbook of Adverse Drug Interactions datacard
Medical Economics Company  ISBN 1567124194 9781567124194

Stedman's Medical Dictionary Datacard
Medical Economics Company  ISBN 1567124208 9781567124200

The Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy (Electronic Book Card)
Franklin  ISBN 1567124224 9781567124224

Medical Book System: Player Only
Mbs  ISBN 1567124445 9781567124446

Bookman Holy Bible and Concordance/King James Version/Flip Top Computer: Large Screen (Kjb-770)
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Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine Companion Handbook, datacard
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Gladwish guide to collecting matchbox labels
Victor E. R Gladwish  ISBN 090533003X 9780905330037

Barbara Steiner  ISBN 0027878902 9780027878905

Irish Fairy Tales
James Stephens  ISBN 0027880001 9780027880007

A Singing Wind: Selected Poems
James Stephens  ISBN 0027880109 9780027880106

James Stephens  ISBN 0027880206 9780027880205

The energy markets to 1995: Sector demand forecasts & summary
James Buckley  ISBN 0905332237 9780905332239

Lovegrove's Guide to Britain's North Sea oil and gas
Martin Lovegrove  ISBN 0905332296 9780905332291

Man and Technology: The Social and Cultural Challenge of Modern Technology
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Stedman's Medical Dictionary (Electronic Book Card)
Thomas Lathrop Stedman - Franklin  ISBN 1567125115 9781567125115

Pocket Pdr 2000: Electronic Book-card With Upgraded Player
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The Merck Manual, Centennial Edition (Electronic Book Card with Player)
Franklin  ISBN 1567125603 9781567125603

The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics (Electronic Book Card)
Franklin  ISBN 1567125255 9781567125252

The Holy Bible, King James Version
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PDR for Herbal Medicines MBS Card (Electronic Book Card)
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2000 Pocket PDR Data Card
Medical Economics Company  ISBN 1567125441 9781567125443

The Merck Manual, Centennial Edition (Electronic Book Card)
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Breastfeeding: Practical Patient Education: Consumer Version (CD-ROM for Win/Mac)
Franklin - Physicians - Jesse E. Adams - Alain Branchereau - Michael Jacobs - Michael R. Jaff - Serge Kownator - Francois Luizy - Graphic Education - Albert L. Waldo - Yasumi Uchida - Allan S. Jaffe -  ISBN 1567126065 9781567126068

Griffith's 5-Minute Clinical Consult
 ISBN 1567126154 9781567126150

God Save Ireland! the Irish Conflict in the Twentieth Century.
Patricia Bunning Stevens  ISBN 0027881806 9780027881806

The Pennsylvania Colony
Sylvester Kirby Stevens  ISBN 0027881903 9780027881905

Your First Pet and How to Take Care of It. (Ready-to-Read Handbook)
Carla Stevens  ISBN 0027882004 9780027882001

Merry Christmas!: A History of the Holiday
Patricia Bunning Stevens  ISBN 0027882101 9780027882100

At the Heat's Edge: Poems, 1966-76
Margaret Reynolds  ISBN 0905339053 9780905339054

At the heat's edge: Poems 1966-1976
Margaret Reynolds  ISBN 0905339061 9780905339061

Economic alphabet: An irreverent guide to finance for the layman
M. I. H Becket  ISBN 0905340000 9780905340005

How the stock exchange works
Norman Whetnall  ISBN 0905340027 9780905340029

Jackson Publishing Journals: Babies First Book
 ISBN 1567130054 9781567130058

Jackson Publishing Journals: Blue
 ISBN 1567130151 9781567130157

Jackson Publishing Journals: Navy
 ISBN 156713016X 9781567130164

Jackson Publishing Journals: Mauve
 ISBN 1567130186 9781567130188

Jackson Publishing Journals: Green
 ISBN 1567130194 9781567130195

Jackson Publishing Journals: Blue
 ISBN 1567130208 9781567130201

Jackson Publishing Journals: Navy
 ISBN 1567130216 9781567130218

Jackson Publishing Journals: Mauve
 ISBN 1567130232 9781567130232

Jackson Publishing Journals: Green
 ISBN 1567130240 9781567130249

Jackson Publishing Journals: Blue
 ISBN 1567130453 9781567130454

Jackson Publishing Journals: Green
 ISBN 156713050X 9781567130508

Jackson Publishing Journals: Navy
 ISBN 1567130518 9781567130515

Jackson Publishing Journals: Mauve
 ISBN 1567130534 9781567130539

Jackson Publishing Journals: Green
 ISBN 1567130542 9781567130546

Jackson Publishing Journals: Navy
 ISBN 1567130550 9781567130553

Jackson Publishing Journals: Mauve
 ISBN 1567130577 9781567130577

Jackson Publishing Journals: Filler
 ISBN 1567130585 9781567130584

Jackson Publishing Journals: Filler
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Jackson Publishing Journals: Blue
 ISBN 1567130895 9781567130898

Jackson Publishing Journals: Babies First Book Filler
 ISBN 1567131174 9781567131178

Heavenly Answers for Earthly Challenges : How to Be Certain You Enjoy the Other Side When You Get There
Joyce H. Brown  ISBN 1567131832 9781567131833

Clouds on a Clear Day
Various  ISBN 1567131999 9781567131994

Tickle Kingdom
Robert D Harris  ISBN 1567131220 9781567131222

A Child's Garden of Verses
Robert Louis Stevenson  ISBN 0027883655 9780027883657

The New Deal
Gail Stewart  ISBN 0027883698 9780027883695

EASTER SURPRISE (The Festive Year)
Stock  ISBN 002788371X 9780027883718

Secret Valentine (The Festive Year)
Catherine Stock  ISBN 0027883728 9780027883725

Kate of Still Waters
Martha Bennett Stiles  ISBN 0027883957 9780027883954

Birthday Present (The Festive Year)
Catherine Stock  ISBN 0027884015 9780027884012

Thanksgiving Treat
Stock  ISBN 0027884023 9780027884029

Christmas Time
Stock  ISBN 0027884031 9780027884036

Snow, Ice and Cold (Repairing the Damage)
Bernard Stonehouse  ISBN 0027885305 9780027885309

Uncertain Roads: Searching for the Gypsies
Yale Strom  ISBN 0027885313 9780027885316

Mary Szilagyi  ISBN 0027885801 9780027885804

Exploration by Land (The Silk and Spice Routes)
Paul Strathern  ISBN 0027883752 9780027883756

Bored With Being Bored?
Jovial Bob Stine - Jane Stine  ISBN 0027883906 9780027883909

The Vegetable Finder 1993
Lawrence D. Hills  ISBN 0905343182 9780905343181

Cornerstones of the Restoration
M. Garfield Cook  ISBN 1567133258 9781567133257

Jackson Publishing Journals: Pewter
 ISBN 156713355X 9781567133554

Jackson Publishing Journals: Pewter
 ISBN 1567133568 9781567133561

Restoration in Geometric Symbolism
M. Garfield Cook  ISBN 1567134084 9781567134087

The Moon Lady
Amy Tan  ISBN 0027888304 9780027888300

Dragon Pack Snack Attack, The
Grooters  ISBN 0027888401 9780027888409

Meet the Orchestra
William G. Suggs  ISBN 0027886204 9780027886207

Thomas Merton: The daring young man on the flying belltower
Cornelia Sussman  ISBN 0027886301 9780027886306

The Chinese in America
Betty Lee Sung  ISBN 0027886700 9780027886702

New England Men of Letters.
Wilson Sullivan  ISBN 0027886808 9780027886801

The Wonderful Hunting Dog
Lynn Sweat  ISBN 0027887200 9780027887204

By Bullet, Bomb, and Dagger: The Story of Anarchism
Richard Suskind  ISBN 0027887308 9780027887303

The island through the gate
Sven Christer Swahn  ISBN 002788760X 9780027887600

Gulliver's Travels;
Jonathan Swift  ISBN 0027887707 9780027887709

Benjamin Franklin: An Autobiographical Portrait
Benjamin Franklin  ISBN 0027887901 9780027887907

The Chinese Siamese Cat
Amy Tan  ISBN 0027888355 9780027888355

Carbon Dioxide, Climate and Man
John Gribbin  ISBN 0905347285 9780905347288

Gasifiers: Fuel for Siege Economies (An Earthscan Paperback)
Gerald Foley  ISBN 0905347420 9780905347424

Genes from the Wild: Using Wild Genetic Resources for Food and Raw Materials
Robert Prescott-Allen - Christine Prescott-Allen  ISBN 0905347447 9780905347448

Who Puts Water in the Taps (An Earthscan paperback)
Sumi Krishna Chauhan  ISBN 0905347471 9780905347479

Charcoal Making in Developing Countries (Energy Information Programme, Technical Report No 5)
Gerald Foley  ISBN 0905347609 9780905347608

Health, Habitat and Underdevelopment in Nigeria: With Special Reference to a Low Income Settlement in Metropolitan Lagos (Human settlements programme)
Tade Aina  ISBN 0905347706 9780905347707

A village in a million: An energy portrait of Akbarpur-Barota, India
Sumi Krishna Chauhan  ISBN 0905347080 9780905347080

The world energy triangle: A strategy for cooperation
Thomas Hoffmann  ISBN 0905347153 9780905347158

New & renewable energies
 ISBN 0905347226 9780905347226

Water, sanitation, health, for all?: Prospects for the International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Decade, 1981-90 (An Earthscan paperback)
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Marty M. Engle  ISBN 1567140912 9781567140910

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I Wish
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Jefferson & the revolutionary mind
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Grasshopper Summer
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Stay Away from the Junkyard!
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Third Girl from the Left
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Buildings of Old Whitby
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Mary Linskill
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Superbowl Upset
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Valentine Frankenstein
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Dakota Dugout
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Diakonische Einsichten
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Jerusalem-Nabel Der Welt
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The Hat
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Looking at Ancient History
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Russian Revolutionary Art
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David Wakefield  ISBN 0905368010 9780905368016

Randolph Caldecott, lord of the nursery
Randolph Caldecott  ISBN 0905368029 9780905368023

Randolph Caldecott Lord of the Nursery
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Christopher Wright  ISBN 0905368045 9780905368047

David Wakefield  ISBN 0905368053 9780905368054

Prince Consort
Godfrey Scheele - Margaret Scheele  ISBN 0905368061 9780905368061

Prince Consort
Godfrey Scheele - Margaret Scheele  ISBN 090536807X 9780905368078

David Mower  ISBN 0905368088 9780905368085

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres  ISBN 090536810X 9780905368108

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres  ISBN 0905368118 9780905368115

Griselda Pollock  ISBN 0905368126 9780905368122

Griselda Pollock  ISBN 0905368134 9780905368139

Sarah Symmons  ISBN 0905368142 9780905368146

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Toulouse-Lautrec (The Oresko art book series)
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Vision of the Temple: The Image of the Temple of Jerusalem in Judaism and Christianity
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Rembrandt: All the etchings reproduced in true size
Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn  ISBN 0905368401 9780905368405

Rembrandt: All the Etchings Reproduced in True Size
Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn  ISBN 090536841X 9780905368412

Mary Chamot  ISBN 0905368525 9780905368528

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Mary Workman's honey recipes
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Raise Your Own Queens by the Punched Cell Method (Leaflet - British Isles Bee Breeders' Association ; 10)
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Status und Geltungsanspruch der historisch-kritischen Methode in der theologischen Hermeneutik.
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Gotteskünderinnen. (German Edition)
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Was Ist Klassische Psychoanalyse?: Urspruenge, Kritik, Zukunft (German Edition)
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Politik der Versöhnung.
Gerhard Beestermöller - Hans-Richard Reuter  ISBN 3170173480 9783170173484

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Gott für Erwachsene.
Thomas Bornhauser  ISBN 3170174649 9783170174641

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Gerd Schneider  ISBN 3170174711 9783170174719

Religion und Kultur.
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Judentum und Christentum zwischen Konfrontation und Faszination.
Wolfram Kinzig - Cornelia Kück  ISBN 3170175939 9783170175938

Die Geburt der Interpretation.
Klaus Neumann  ISBN 3170175963 9783170175969

The Man Who Founded Georgia
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History of the Town and Borough of Penzance
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Central European geomancy: Being the selected works of Josef Heinsch, Kurt Gerlach (Occasional paper - Institute of Geomantic Research ; no. 3)
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Terrestrial zodiac in Britain
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Ian P Worden  ISBN 0905376048 9780905376042

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Ludovic McLellan Mann  ISBN 0905376056 9780905376059

Fischer-Hüftle  ISBN 3170176013 9783170176010

Identität und politische Kultur.
Andreas Dornheim - Sylvia Greiffenhagen  ISBN 3170176021 9783170176027

Nobert Schnitzler  ISBN 3170176137 9783170176133

Wasserhaushaltsgesetz. Kommentar.
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Denkmalpflege zwischen künstlerischem Anspruch und Baupraxis.
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Röntgenverordnung. Textausgabe mit Einführung und amtlicher Begründung.
Thomas Giesen - Georg Zerlett  ISBN 3170178539 9783170178533

Donkey Ysabel (Ready-to-Read)
Dorothy Van Woerkom - Normand Chartier  ISBN 0027912809 9780027912807

The Friends of Abu Ali: Three More Tales of the Middle East (Ready-to-Read)
Dorothy Van Woerkom - Harold Berson  ISBN 0027913201 9780027913200

EEC trade relations with the USA in agricultural products: Multilateral tariff negotiations (Occasional paper - Centre for European Agricultural Studies, Wye College ; no. 3)
Simon Harris  ISBN 0905378008 9780905378008

Part-time farming: Its nature and implications : a workshop report (Seminar papers - Centre for European Agricultural Studies, Wye College)
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EEC oilseed products sector and the common agricultural policy (Occasional papers - Centre for European Agricultural Studies, Wye College)
Kevin Parris  ISBN 0905378040 9780905378046

The Net cost and benefit of EEC membership: Report of a workshop held on 19th-20th March 1979 under the sponsorship of the London Office of the ... European Agricultural Studies, Wye College)
 ISBN 090537813X 9780905378138

The Development of agriculture in Germany and the UK (Miscellaneous study - Centre for European Agricultural Studies, Wye College ; no. 2, 4)
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Italy and the Rice Market in the European Community (Report / Centre for European Agricultural Studies)
Mark Mitchell  ISBN 0905378296 9780905378299

The Impact of environmental legislation upon agriculture: A seminar (Seminar papers)
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Rural response to the resource crisis in Europe: Papers presented at a seminar 24-26 April, 1981 (Seminar paper / CEAS)
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Study of the United Kingdom Market for Edible Offals (Report)
Peter Barfoot - etc.  ISBN 0905378431 9780905378435

Poetik der Psalmen.
Klaus Seybold  ISBN 3170178954 9783170178953

Evangelische Sozialpastoral. Zur diakonischen Qualifizierung christlicher Glaubenspraxis.
Arnd Götzelmann  ISBN 3170179039 9783170179035

Helmuth von Nicolai  ISBN 317018041X 9783170180413

Soziale Probleme Von Menschen Mit Geistiger Behinderung: Fremdbestimmung, Benachteiligung, Ausgrenzung Und Soziale Abwertung (German Edition)
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Die Geschichte des Deutschen Ordens
Klaus Militzer  ISBN 317018069X 9783170180697

Theologie des Alten Testaments.
Wolfram Herrmann  ISBN 3170180746 9783170180741

Globalisierung - Herausforderung fur Kirche und Theologie. Perspektiven einer menschengerechten Weltwirtschaft
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Der barmherzige und gnadige Gott.
 ISBN 3170178962 9783170178960

ßGerechter Friedeß - Weltgemeinschaft in der Verantwortung. Zur Debatte um die Friedensschrift der deutschen Bischöfe.
Heinz-Gerhard Justenhoven - Rolf Schumacher  ISBN 3170179551 9783170179554

Tod des Subjekts?
Claudia Kolf-van Melis  ISBN 3170180061 9783170180062

Krieg gegen den Irak - Rückkehr in die Anarchie der Staatenwelt?
Gerhard Beestermöller  ISBN 3170180649 9783170180642

Silly Fred
Karen Wagner  ISBN 0027922804 9780027922806

Ty's One-Man Band
Walter  ISBN 0027923002 9780027923001

New Feet for Old
Barrett Waller  ISBN 0027923711 9780027923711

Ceremony of the Panther
Luke Wallin  ISBN 002792310X 9780027923100

In the Shadow of the Wind
Luke Wallin  ISBN 0027923207 9780027923209

Wolf of My Own
Jan Wahl  ISBN 0027923304 9780027923308

From Barter to Banking; The Story of Money,
William Webb Wade  ISBN 0027923509 9780027923506

The Slavery Ghosts
Luke Wallin  ISBN 0027923800 9780027923803

Aranea: A Story About a Spider
Jenny Wagner  ISBN 0027923908 9780027923902

Blue Wings
Luke Wallin  ISBN 0027924009 9780027924008

Who's who on the screen
John Walter Skinner  ISBN 0905380029 9780905380025

Colour pigeons
Jim Bennett  ISBN 0905382005 9780905382005

Christliche Arbeiterbewegung in Europa 1850-1950.
Otto Braasch  ISBN 3170181246 9783170181243

Der Brief an die Gemeinde in Kolossa
Ingrid Maisch  ISBN 3170181343 9783170181342

Hospizarbeit in Deutschland
Uwe Gerstenkorn  ISBN 3170182226 9783170182226

Psychobiographien Religioser Enwicklung: Glaubensprofile Zwischen Individualitat Und Universalitat (German Edition)
Anton A. Bucher  ISBN 3170182250 9783170182257

Grenzenloses +recht Auf Freizuegigkeit?: Weltweite Mobilitat Zwischen Freiheit Und Zwang (Globale Solidaritat - Schritte Zu Einer Neuen Weltkultur) (German Edition)
Norbert Brieskorn - Walter Lesch - Ludger Pries - Annette Treibel  ISBN 3170182935 9783170182936

Waffenrecht 3
Christoph Bushart  ISBN 3170183419 9783170183414

Zwangsarbeit in Kirche Und Diakonie 1939 - 45 (Konfession Und Gesellschaft) (German Edition)
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Nicht Vergeblich Empfangen'!: Eine Untersuchung Zum Zweiten Korintherbrief Als Beitrag Zur Frage Nach Der Paulinischen Einschatzung Des Handelns ... Alten Und Neuen Testament) (German Edition)
Ulrich Schmidt  ISBN 3170183648 9783170183643

Die katholischen Arbeitervereine im Ruhrgebiet 1870 - 1914
Michaela Bachem-Rehm  ISBN 3170183656 9783170183650

Ein Herz und eine Seele?
Johannes Herwig-Lempp  ISBN 3170181262 9783170181267

Was ist die Welt?
Stefan Bauberger  ISBN 3170181289 9783170181281

Beitrage zur Siedlungs- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte des Schwarzwaldes
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John Brown, Rose, and the Midnight Cat
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Redneck Poacher's Son
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The Bunyip of Berkeley's Creek
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Saturday Belongs to Sara
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The partisan
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I Want to Be a Fisherman
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Conflict in Somalia and Ethiopia (Conflicts)
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The Breakup of Yugoslavia (Conflicts)
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The Hopping Knapsack.
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Lisl Weil  ISBN 0027925501 9780027925500

Strangled Voices: The Story of the Haymarket Affair
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Paper Zoo
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A Week in Daniel's World: France
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Boat Song
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Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
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Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
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Cry Spy! True Stories of 20th Century Spies and Spy Catchers
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The Young Russians: A Collection of Stories About Them
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Kulturelle Vielfalt
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Werte bilden
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Die Struktur paulinischen Denkens im Romerbrief
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Das Bayerische Konkordat Von 1583: Die Neuorientierung Der Papstlichen Deutschlandpolitik Nach Dem Konzil Von Trient Und Deren Konsequenzen Fuer Das ... Kirchenhistorische Studien) (German Edition)
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Das Neue Geräte- und Produktsicherheitsgesetz (GPSG)
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Quacky Quack-Quack!
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Widman  ISBN 0027927601 9780027927603

Hummingbird Garden, The
Widman  ISBN 002792761X 9780027927610

The Year of the Comet
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An Old Fashioned Country Christmas
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Famine and Hunger (Repairing the Damage)
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Helen and the Hudson Hornet
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Jalapeno Bagels
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Everyone Knows What a Dragon Looks Like
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Helmet of Navarre
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Interplanetary Toy Book: Space People, Vehicles, Creatures and More for You Make
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The City Witch and the Country Witch
Jay Williams - Ed Renfro  ISBN 0027930505 9780027930504

One Big Wish
Jay Williams  ISBN 0027930602 9780027930603

The Magic Grandfather
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Margie and Me
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sloppy kisses
elizabeth winthrop  ISBN 0027932109 9780027932102

Ausländerrecht. Mit den Vorschriften des neuen Zuwanderungsgesetzes;
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Zivilgesellschaft Auf Dem Pruefstand: Argumente - Modelle - Anwendungsfelder (Globale Solidaritat - Schritte Zu Einer Neuen Weltkultur) (German Edition)
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Erkenntnis Und Methode in Der Praktischen Theologie (German Edition)
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--aber die Krone des guten Namens uberragt sie: judische Ehrvorstellungen im 18. Jahrhundert im Kraichgau (Veroffentlichungen der Kommission fur Geschichtliche Landeskunde in Baden-Wurttemberg)
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Dass wir kein anderes Haupt oder von Gott eingesetzte zeitliche Obrigkeit haben
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Systematic Modeling and Analysis of Telecom Frontends and Their Building Blocks
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Baden-Württemberg. Gesellschaft, Geschichte, Politik
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Working steam
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John Peel: The man, the myth and the song : a book to celebrate his bi-centenary
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What we're fighting for...
Stefan Neuhaus  ISBN 3170190377 9783170190375

Zeithorizonte des Ethischen
unknown  ISBN 3170191128 9783170191129

Romanzen Vom Rosenkranz: Fruehe Fassungen, Entstehung Und Uberlieferung (Samtliche Werke Und Briefe) (German Edition)
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Tales of old Wiltshire
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Tales of Old Oxfordshire (County Tales)
Cecilia Millson  ISBN 0905392205 9780905392202

Smuggling in Hampshire and Dorset, 1700-1850
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Northamptonshire at war, 1939-45: A selection of photographs
No Author.  ISBN 0905391047 9780905391045

Northamptonshire Life, 1914-39: A Photographic Survey
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Tales of old Berkshire
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The story of Newbury
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The Hampshire village book
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The Story of Reading
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The Southampton blitz
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The Great Road to Bath
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A Hampshire album, 1900-1940
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Hampshire miscellany
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The Dorset Village Book (The villages of Britain series)
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An Amateur in Music
Bernard Robinson  ISBN 0905392523 9780905392523

Haunted Berkshire
Angus Macnaghten  ISBN 0905392582 9780905392585

The Suffolk village book
Harold Mills West  ISBN 0905392620 9780905392622

Frauen gestalten Diakonie 2
unknown  ISBN 3170193244 9783170193246

Gotteserdung: Beitrage Zur Hermeneutik Und Exegese Der Hebraischen Bibel (Beitrage Zur Wissenschaft Vom Alten Und Neuen Testament) (German Edition)
Rainer Kessler  ISBN 3170193325 9783170193321

Go Ask Giorgio!
Wittmann  ISBN 0027932214 9780027932218

Scrabble Creek
Wittmann  ISBN 0027932257 9780027932256

Animal Hullabaloo: A Wildlife Noisy Book
Jakki Wood  ISBN 0027933911 9780027933918

One Tortoise, Ten Wallabies: A Wildlife Counting Book
Jakki Wood  ISBN 0027933938 9780027933932

Fiddle - I - Fee: A Noisy Nursery Rhyme
Jakki Wood  ISBN 0027933962 9780027933963

The Bear Who Came to Stay
Allen Woodman - David K. Kirby  ISBN 0027933970 9780027933970

S.O.R. Losers
Avi  ISBN 0027934101 9780027934106

Little New Kangaroo (Ready-to-Read)
Bernard Wiseman  ISBN 0027932206 9780027932201

Michael and the Dentist
Bernard Wolf  ISBN 0027933105 9780027933109

Evening Gray, Morning Red: A Ready-To-Read Handbook of American Weather Wisdom
Barbara Wolff  ISBN 0027933202 9780027933208

Amazing Grace: Smith Island and the Chesapeake Watermen
Bernard Wolf  ISBN 002793330X 9780027933307

Happily Ever After...Almost
Judie Wolkoff  ISBN 0027933407 9780027933406

Judie Wolkoff  ISBN 0027933504 9780027933505

Where the Elf King Sings
Judie Wolkoff  ISBN 0027933601 9780027933604

In the Year of the Tiger
Bernard Wolf  ISBN 0027933903 9780027933901

Tales of Old Kent (County Tales)
Alan Bignell  ISBN 0905392752 9780905392752

Smuggling in East Anglia, 1700-1840
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Melanthika: An anthology of pan-Caribbean writing
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Melanthika: An anthology of pan-Caribbean writing
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Containers and their competitors: The economics of deep sea general cargo shipping in the 1970's
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The principal dimensions and operating draughts of bulk carriers
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The impact of irregular ship arrivals on liner terminals with high fixed costs
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Complete Guide to American Cars, 1966-76
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Edgar Kellenberger  ISBN 3170194186 9783170194182

Steuerwiderstand und Steuerkultur
Gabriele Kersting  ISBN 3170194798 9783170194793

Gernsbach im Murgtal
Rainer Hennl  ISBN 3170194801 9783170194809

Kirche Und Offentlichkeit in Transformationsgesellschaften (German Edition)
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Der Islam in Europa
unknown  ISBN 317019531X 9783170195318

Wurmfeld  ISBN 0027935817 9780027935813

RobertYagelski  ISBN 0027935957 9780027935950

The Gift of Driscoll Lipscomb
Sara Yamaka  ISBN 002793599X 9780027935998

Humanpower (Cars Planes & Boats with Muscles for Motors)
Yepsen  ISBN 0027936155 9780027936155

Roses Sing on New Snow: A Delicious Tale
Paul Yee  ISBN 0027936228 9780027936223

The Mark Twain Murders
Laurence Yep  ISBN 0027936708 9780027936704

City Trains
Roger Yepsen  ISBN 0027936759 9780027936759

Miss Suzys Easter Surprise
Young  ISBN 0027936805 9780027936803

Benny & the Crazy Contest
Zach  ISBN 0027937054 9780027937053

Benny and the No-Good Teacher
Zach  ISBN 0027937062 9780027937060

Mister Knocky
Ziegler  ISBN 0027937259 9780027937251

Hope Herman Wurmfeld  ISBN 0027935809 9780027935806

Mouse Trouble
John Yeoman  ISBN 0027936007 9780027936001

Sixes and Sevens
John Yeoman  ISBN 0027936104 9780027936100

Running to Paradise: Poems
W. B. Yeats  ISBN 0027936201 9780027936209

The Bear's Water Picnic.
John Yeoman - Quentin Blake (Illustrator)  ISBN 0027936406 9780027936407

Beatrice and Vanessa
John Yeoman  ISBN 0027936600 9780027936605

Sun Rain
Niki Yektai  ISBN 0027936902 9780027936902

Basil and Hillary
Jane Breskin Zalben  ISBN 0027937208 9780027937206

Der Streit Um Babel in Den Buechern Jesaja Und Jeremia (Beitrage Zur Wissenschaft Vom Alten Und Neuen Testament) (German Edition)
Miklos Koszeghy  ISBN 3170198238 9783170198234

Nathan Zimelman  ISBN 0027937313 9780027937312

Uncle Carmello
David Zucker  ISBN 0027937607 9780027937602

Nathan Zimelman  ISBN 002793750X 9780027937503

Strangeways 1990: a Serious Disturbance Pb
Nick Jameson  ISBN 0905400186 9780905400181

Ireland: British labour and British imperialism (RCG pamphlet)
Revolutionary Communist Group (Great Britain)  ISBN 0905400003 9780905400006

The Revolutionary road to communism in Britain: Manifesto of the Revolutionary Communist Group
ISBN 10: 0905400038  ISBN 0905400038 9780905400037

Ireland: The Key to the British Revolution
David Reed  ISBN 0905400046 9780905400044

Miners strike, 1984-1985: People versus state
David Reed  ISBN 0905400054 9780905400051

The Poll Tax: Paying to be Poor
Lorna Reid  ISBN 0905400135 9780905400136

Labour: A Party Fit for Imperialism (Counterattack)
Robert Clough  ISBN 0905400151 9780905400150

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Praxis der beruflichen Beratung (Aufgaben und Praxis der Bundesanstalt fur Arbeit) (German Edition)
Joachim Schaefer  ISBN 3170270176 9783170270176

Arbeits- und Berufsforderung von Behinderten: Berufliche Rehabilitation (Aufgaben und Praxis der Bundesanstalt fur Arbeit) (German Edition)
W Gemsjager  ISBN 3170270249 9783170270244

Das Kindergeld (Aufgaben und Praxis der Bundesanstalt fur Arbeit) (German Edition)
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Arztlicher Dienst und psychologischer Dienst der Bundesanstalt fur Arbeit (Aufgaben und Praxis der Bundesanstalt fur Arbeit) (German Edition)
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Berlitz Travel Guide New York (French)
Inc. Berlitz International  ISBN 002794400X 9780027944006

London Book of Menus
 ISBN 090540100X 9780905401003

Water, Health and Development: An Interdisciplinary Evaluation
Richard,G. Feachem - etc.  ISBN 0905402065 9780905402062

Mirau and His Practice: Study of the Ethnomedicinal Repertoire of a Tanzanian Herbalist
Raimo Harjula  ISBN 0905402073 9780905402079

Ernahrungslehre: Studienbuch fur Krankenschwestern, Krankenpfleger und medizinisch-technische Assistentinnen : mit Kurzregeln fur eine richtige ... (Kohlhammer Studienbucher) (German Edition)
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Gregg Microcomputer Keyboarding And Document Processing
Jack E. Johnson - Carole G. Stanley  ISBN 0028000021 9780028000022

Basic Legal Writing (Legal studies series)
Pamela R. Tepper  ISBN 0028000110 9780028000114

Basic Legal Writing
Pamela R. Tepper  ISBN 0028000129 9780028000121

Basic Civil Litigation (Glencoe Legal Studies)
Herbert G. Feuerhake  ISBN 0028000153 9780028000152

Basic Civil Litigation (Legal Studies Series/Instructor's Guide)
Herbert G. Feuerhake  ISBN 0028000161 9780028000169

From Patient to Payment: Insurance Procedures for the Medical Office
Rhonda Collins  ISBN 0028000536 9780028000534

Laboratory Procedures for the Medical Office
Tom Palko - Hilda Palko  ISBN 002800065X 9780028000657

Spelling Made Easy
VEC  ISBN 0028000714 9780028000718

Vocabulary Made Easy
VEC - McGraw-Hill  ISBN 0028000722 9780028000725

Words Made Easy
VEC - McGraw-Hill  ISBN 0028000730 9780028000732

Glencoe World Geography
Swanson  ISBN 002800079X 9780028000794

Human Heritage Home Center Simulation
Barbara W. Trent  ISBN 0028001044 9780028001043

Transcription Skills For Information Processing-Unit 1 Txt/Wkbk
Schatz  ISBN 0028001109 9780028001104

Transcription Skills For Information Processing Unit 2 Text/Workbook
Schatz  ISBN 0028001133 9780028001135

Medical Office Procedures
Karonne J. Becklin - Edith M. Sunnarborg  ISBN 0028001206 9780028001203

Eradicate Racism
Gilbert Tony  ISBN 0905405137 9780905405131

Choices for Cumbria, report of survey: Technical analysis of the key issues for the structure plan and review of possible policies
Eng Cumbria  ISBN 0905404025 9780905404028

Tomorrow's Cumbria: Draft structure plan : consultation report
Eng Cumbria  ISBN 0905404092 9780905404097

Ethiopia: An African Giant Awakens
Kay Beauchamp - Tony Gilbert  ISBN 0905405080 9780905405087

Callaloo: A Grenada Anthology
Jacob Ross - etc.  ISBN 0905405099 9780905405094

Star Wars
Tony Gilbert  ISBN 0905405129 9780905405124

Treachery at Munich
Tony Gilbert  ISBN 0905405218 9780905405216

English Made Easy
Bernadine P. Branchaw  ISBN 0028001397 9780028001395

Mastering dBASE Iv/Includes Student Data Diskettes
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Mastering Wordperfect 5.1: Covers Versions 5.0 and 5.1/Book and Student Disk
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Introduction to Legal Assisting (Legal Studies Series)
Vena Garrett  ISBN 0028002776 9780028002774

Introduction to Legal Assisting
Vena Garrett  ISBN 0028002784 9780028002781

Programming in Basic for Microcomputers
Bruce Bosworth - Harry L. Nagel  ISBN 0028002938 9780028002934

Increasing Your Productivity: dBASE III Plus/Book and 5 1/4" Disk
H. Paul Haiduk - Paul W. Ross - James E. Shuman  ISBN 0028002954 9780028002958

Increasing Your Productivity: Lotus 1-2-3, Release 2.2/Short Course, Book and 5 1/4" Disk
Paul W. Ross  ISBN 0028003020 9780028003023

Step-By-Step Microsoft Works 3.0 for the Mac/Book and Disk
Carolyn Taylor  ISBN 0028003241 9780028003245

Computing Fundamentals
Marjorie Leeson  ISBN 0028003306 9780028003306

Microquick: Filing Rules Tutorial
Stewart  ISBN 002800356X 9780028003566

Microsoft Word 2.0 for Windows: A Professional Approach/Book and Student Data Diskettes
Deborah A. Hinkle  ISBN 0028003829 9780028003825

Quick Comprehension Guide: Microsoft Word 2.0 for Windows : A Professional Approach/Book and Disk
Deborah Hinkle - Harriet Serekin  ISBN 0028003837 9780028003832

Computing fundamentals
Marjorie Leeson  ISBN 0028003454 9780028003450

Proceedings of the technical programme, Electro-Optics International 74 Conference, Brighton, England, 19, 20, 21 March, 1974
 ISBN 0905409000 9780905409009

An analysis of the assessment methods used by colleges offering the Diploma in Management Studies
Polytechnic of Central London  ISBN 0905410033 9780905410036

Rossendale: With Statistical Appendix and a Rossendale Industrial Chronology
Jon Elliott  ISBN 0905411005 9780905411002

Libya: Company and business law
M. A Nafa  ISBN 0905413008 9780905413006

Saudi Arabia: Company and business law
M. A Nafa  ISBN 0905413016 9780905413013

United Arab Emirates: Company and business law
M. A Nafa  ISBN 0905413024 9780905413020

Automotive Electrical and Electronic Systems with Shop Manual
Frank C Derato  ISBN 0028004027 9780028004020

Principles of Electronic Communication Systems (Electronics Books Series)
Louis Frenzel  ISBN 0028004094 9780028004099

Principles of Electronic Communication Systems, Lab Manual with 3.5" Disk
Louis E. Frenzel  ISBN 0028004108 9780028004105

Mastering Microcomputer Applications: Wordperfect 6.0, Lotus 1-2-3 Release 2.4, dBASE IV 2.0, and DOS 6/Book and Disk (Glencoe-Osborne)
Mary V. Campbell - David R. Campbell  ISBN 0028004191 9780028004198

dBASE IV Programming, Text with 3.5
McGraw-Hill  ISBN 0028004248 9780028004242

United States Government: Democracy in Action
Richard C. Remy  ISBN 0028004272 9780028004273

Basic Television and Video Systems
Bernard Grob - Charles Herndon  ISBN 002800437X 9780028004372

Electric Circuit Analysis
Charles A. Schuler - Richard J. Fowler - Jay D. Helsel  ISBN 0028004426 9780028004426

Mastering C
Herbert Schildt  ISBN 0028004485 9780028004488

Texas and Texans
Adrian N. Anderson - Ralph A. Wooster - David G. Armstrong - Jeanie R. Stanley - Richard G. Boehm  ISBN 0028004590 9780028004594

Mastering DOS 5.0
Herbert Schildt  ISBN 0028004604 9780028004600

Payroll Records & Procedures
Wood - Sherry Cohen  ISBN 0028005457 9780028005454

Sierra Office Systems: A Payroll Practice Set
Wood - Sherry Cohen  ISBN 0028005473 9780028005478

Electronic Communication Systems
George Kennedy  ISBN 0028005929 9780028005928

Experiments for Digital Computers
M. Miller  ISBN 0028005953 9780028005959

Keyboarding and Applications
K. Chiri  ISBN 002800602X 9780028006024

Keyboarding and Applications Student Activity Book
Chiri  ISBN 0028006046 9780028006048

Basic Television and Video Systems
Bernard Grob - Charles E Herndon  ISBN 0028004388 9780028004389

Payroll records & procedures
Merle W Wood  ISBN 0028005465 9780028005461

Digital electronics (Basic skills in electricity and electronics)
Roger L Tokheim  ISBN 0028005716 9780028005713

Partnership with schools: An experiment in teacher education (Occasional paper - University of Sussex Education Area ; 5)
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Bernstein's codes, a classroom study (Occasional paper - University of Sussex, Education Area ; 6)
Barry Cooper  ISBN 0905414055 9780905414058

Hundred Hungarian Poems
 ISBN 0905415000 9780905415000

Kommunalabgabengesetz fur Baden-Wurttemberg: Kommentar (German Edition)
Alfred Katz  ISBN 3170410806 9783170410800

Electric Circuits
Theodore F Bogart  ISBN 0028006623 9780028006628

Solid-State Electronics
George B Rutkowski  ISBN 0028006658 9780028006659

Solid State Electronics (Instructors Manual)
George B. Rutkowski  ISBN 0028006674 9780028006673

Electric Circuits: A Text and Software Problems Manual: 3.5 Version
Mitchel E. Schultz  ISBN 0028006747 9780028006741

Electric Circuits: Instructor's Manual: A Text and Software Problems Manual
Mitchel Schultz  ISBN 0028006763 9780028006765

Math and Dosage Calculations for Health occupations
Renee A. Dawe  ISBN 0028006771 9780028006772

Basic Pharmacology for Health Occupations (Glencoe Allied Health Series)
Henry Hitner - Barbara T. Nagle  ISBN 0028006798 9780028006796

Microsoft Word: Version 5.5 (Increasing Your Productivity)
Miguel Pendas  ISBN 0028006828 9780028006826

Desktop Publishing with PageMaker 4.0, with Disk 5.25 and 3.5 Included
Deborah Hinkle  ISBN 0028006895 9780028006895

101 Word Processing Exercises
Lloyd D. Brooks  ISBN 0028007522 9780028007526

101 Spreadsheet Exercises
Lloyd D. Brooks  ISBN 0028007565 9780028007564

101 Spreadsheet Exercises: (For Lotus 1-2-3 and Other Spreadsheet Software
Lloyd D. Brooks  ISBN 0028007581 9780028007588

Bernard Grob  ISBN 0028007603 9780028007601

Grob Basic Electronics
Bernard Grob  ISBN 002800762X 9780028007625

Experiments in Grob Basic Electronics
Frank Pugh - Wes Ponick  ISBN 0028007646 9780028007649

Problems in Grob Basic Electronics, Second Edition
Mitchel E. Schultz  ISBN 0028007662 9780028007663

Grob Basic Electronics
Bernard Grob  ISBN 0028007719 9780028007717

Electricity-Electronics Fundamentals: A Text-Lab Manual
Paul Zbar - Joseph Sloop  ISBN 002800843X 9780028008431

Electronic Principles
PhD., Albert Paul Malvino  ISBN 0028008456 9780028008455

Electronic Principles - WORKBOOK
Albert Paul Malvino  ISBN 0028008502 9780028008509

DOS Tips: The Introductory Program/Book and Disk (A Glencoe Series)
GLENCOE  ISBN 0028008561 9780028008561

Modern Industrial Electronics
Charles A. Schuler - William L. McNamee  ISBN 0028008626 9780028008622

Basic Med Terminology W/Study Tape
J. Patrick Fisher - Fisher  ISBN 0028008758 9780028008752

Basic medical terminology
J. Patrick Fisher  ISBN 0028008774 9780028008776

Administering Medications
Phyllis T Bayt  ISBN 0028008863 9780028008868

Administering Medications: A Competency-Bases Program for Health Occupations/Test and Answer Key
Phyllis Theiss Bayt  ISBN 0028008871 9780028008875

Essentials of Electronics
Frank D. Petruzella  ISBN 0028008936 9780028008936

Essentials of Electronics: A Survey, Student Activity Manual
Frank D. Petruzella - Sharon Ferrett  ISBN 0028008944 9780028008943

Electric Circuits: A Text and Software Problems Manual
 ISBN 0028006755 9780028006758

Instructor's Guide for Basic Pharmacology for Health Occupations (Glencoe Allied Health)
Henry Hitner - Barbara T. Nagle  ISBN 0028006801 9780028006802

101 Database Exercises: dBASE III Plus, Lotus 1-2-3-, and Other Database Management Systems
J. R. Stewart - Sandra R. McMinnis - Nancy M. Melesco  ISBN 0028007506 9780028007502

101 Word Processing Exercises
McGraw-Hill  ISBN 0028007549 9780028007540

Basic medical terminology
J. Patrick Fisher  ISBN 0028008766 9780028008769

Birds of Breconshire: A review of status and distribution
M. E Massey  ISBN 0905417003 9780905417004

Acre of England
L.J. Manners  ISBN 0905418069 9780905418063

Acre of England
L.J. Manners  ISBN 0905418077 9780905418070

Modern Piano
Lawrence M. Nalder  ISBN 0905418107 9780905418100

Modern Piano
Lawrence M. Nalder  ISBN 0905418115 9780905418117

A history of the alphabet
ltd., London Staples Press  ISBN 0905418131 9780905418131

The prisoners of Voronesh: The diary of Sergeant George Newman, 23rd Regiment of Foot, The Royal Welch Fusiliers, taken prisoner at Inkerman
George Newman  ISBN 090541814X 9780905418148

Nuclear power: Its development in the United Kingdom
Rowland F Pocock  ISBN 0905418158 9780905418155

Nuclear power: Its development in the United Kingdom
Rowland F Pocock  ISBN 0905418166 9780905418162

The anatomy of the piano
Herbert A Shead  ISBN 0905418204 9780905418209

Our deaf children: Into the 80's
Freddy Bloom  ISBN 0905418212 9780905418216

Analyse und Planung in Verwaltung und Wirtschaft: Grundlagen (Godesberger Taschenbucher : Wissenschaftliche Reihe ; Bd. 6) (German Edition)
Gerhard W Wittkamper  ISBN 3170570269 9783170570269

Developing Proofreading Skill: With Editing Applications
Sue C. Camp  ISBN 0028008979 9780028008974

Introduction to Criminal Justice
Robert M Bohm - Keith Haley  ISBN 0028009118 9780028009117

Introduction to Criminal Justice Study Guide, 146 pages
McGraw-Hill  ISBN 0028009126 9780028009124

Introduction to Criminal Justice
Robert M. Bohm - Keith N. Haley  ISBN 0028009134 9780028009131

Introduction to Corrections
Richard Tewksbury  ISBN 0028009258 9780028009254

Criminal Investigation
John J. Horgan  ISBN 0028009290 9780028009292

Criminal Investigation Study Guide Third Edition
Bruce Berg  ISBN 0028009312 9780028009315

Automotive Mechanics
William Crouse - Donald Anglin  ISBN 0028009436 9780028009438

Automotive Mechanics, Workbook
William H. Crouse  ISBN 0028009460 9780028009469

Step-By-Step DOS 6/Book & Disk
Bob Goldhamer  ISBN 0028009495 9780028009490

Step-By-Step dBASE Iv/Book and Student Data Disks
Toby Wraye  ISBN 0028009525 9780028009520

Basic Medical Terminology
J. Fisher  ISBN 0028010035 9780028010038

Word Processing and Desktop Publishing Applications Using Wordperfct
Naomi Dornfeld Platt  ISBN 0028010213 9780028010212

Filing and Computer Database Management
Jeffrey R. Stewart  ISBN 0028010299 9780028010298

Professional Records Management/Teacher's Guide
Jeffrey R. Stewart  ISBN 0028010302 9780028010304

Electronic Devices: A Text and Software Problems Manual
Mitchel E. Schultz  ISBN 0028010310 9780028010311

Filing and Computer Database Management Projects
Jeffrey R. Stewart  ISBN 0028010345 9780028010342

Text Notes for Grob Basic Electronics
Bernard Grob  ISBN 0028010418 9780028010410

Microsoft Word Tutorial and Data Disk, Student Edition
McGraw-Hill  ISBN 0028010523 9780028010526

Microsoft Excel for the Macintosh/Book and Disk
Danny Goodman - Pete Alcorn  ISBN 0028010531 9780028010533

QuarkXPress Tutorial and Data Disk
McGraw-Hill  ISBN 002801054X 9780028010540

Microcomputer Accounting: Student Package for Tutorial and Applications With Peachtree
Gregory E. Anders - Sally Nelson - Emma Jo Spiegelberg  ISBN 0028010655 9780028010656

Lotus 1-2-3, Version 2.4/Book and Disk (Glencoe Seminar Series)
Anna L. Slepecky  ISBN 0028010760 9780028010762

Lotus 1-2-3, Version 2.4
Anna L. Slepecky  ISBN 0028010779 9780028010779

Advanced Lotus 1-2-3, Version 2.4: Student Manual (Glencoe Seminar)
Anna L. Slepecky  ISBN 0028010787 9780028010786

Advanced Lotus 1-2-3, Version 2.4 (Glencoe Seminar Series)
Anna L. Slepecky  ISBN 0028010795 9780028010793

Windows 3.1: Student manual (Glencoe seminar series)
Anna L Slepecky  ISBN 0028010841 9780028010847

Paradox 4.0 (Glencoe seminar series)
Anna L. Slepecky  ISBN 0028010906 9780028010908

Automotive Engines
William H. Crouse - Donald L. Anglin  ISBN 002801099X 9780028010991

Automotive Engines
William Harry Crouse - Donald L. Anglin  ISBN 0028011007 9780028011004

Financial Management and Recordkeeping: Activity Guide and Working Papers I
McGraw-Hill  ISBN 0028011066 9780028011066

Financial Management and Recordkeeping: Activity Guide and Working Papers II
McGraw-Hill  ISBN 0028011082 9780028011080

Microsoft Works 4.0 and Data Disk
McGraw-Hill  ISBN 0028011430 9780028011431

Computer Concepts: Using the Macintosh
Danny Goodman  ISBN 0028011449 9780028011448

Lord Melbourne's Susan
Dorothy Howell-Thomas  ISBN 0905418255 9780905418254

Scale Model Aircraft in Wood
Woodason  ISBN 0905418271 9780905418278

Royal Chef's Notebook
Ronald H. Aubery  ISBN 090541828X 9780905418285

Bird watching for everyone
Hockley Clarke  ISBN 0905418301 9780905418308

Pianoforte: Its History Traced to the Great Exhibition of 1851
Rosamond E.M. Harding  ISBN 090541831X 9780905418315

Prisoner of the Soviet Union
Zoltan Toth  ISBN 0905418328 9780905418322

Alfred Alexander  ISBN 0905418409 9780905418407

The Spirit of London's River: Memoirs of the Thames Waterfront
L. M. Bates  ISBN 0905418433 9780905418438

Wimbledon 1877 1977
Robertson  ISBN 0905418506 9780905418506

The Private life of the Queen
By One of Her Majesty's servants" (Pearson?)  ISBN 0905418662 9780905418667

A history of the Richard Watts Charity
E. J. F Hinkley  ISBN 090541876X 9780905418766

An Age of Elegance
Arthur Finley Scott  ISBN 0905418786 9780905418780

Business quantitative methods
Brian Anthony Eales  ISBN 0905419014 9780905419015

Theologische Perspektiven nach Marx und Freud (T-Reihe) (German Edition)
Christian Link  ISBN 3170712160 9783170712164

Der Gott der zweiten Schopfung (T-Reihe) (German Edition)
Christian Gremmels  ISBN 3170712187 9783170712188

Moral education in a secular school (Grove booklet on ethics ; no. 22)
David G Kibble  ISBN 0905422309 9780905422305

The End of the Offertory: An Anglican Study (Grove Liturgical Studies)
Colin Buchanan  ISBN 090542235X 9780905422350

Eglwys Gadeiriol Tyddewi, 1181-1981 =: St. Davids Cathedral, 1181-1981 (Welsh Edition)
Wyn Evans  ISBN 0905421027 9780905421025

Trade, justice and the wealth of nations (Grove booklet on ethics ; no. 14)
Duncan Munro  ISBN 0905422007 9780905422008

Liturgy for marriage: Some guidelines with reference to the Series 3 service (Grove booklet on ministry and worship)
Charles H Hutchins  ISBN 0905422015 9780905422015

Agreement on authority: The Anglican-Roman Catholic statement (Grove booklet on ministry and worship ; 48)
Anglican/Roman Catholic International Commission  ISBN 0905422031 9780905422039

In pursuit of a Christian view of war (Grove booklets on ethics ; 15)
Oliver O'Donovan  ISBN 090542204X 9780905422046

Prophecy (Grove booklet on ministry & worship)
David Atkinson  ISBN 0905422066 9780905422060

Lay Presidency at the Eucharist? (Liturgical studies)
 ISBN 0905422090 9780905422091

Encountering charismatic worship (Grove booklet on ministry and worship ; no. 51)
Colin Ogilvie Buchanan  ISBN 0905422112 9780905422114

Cultural patterns and moral laws (Grove booklets on ethics ; no. 17)
Greg Forster  ISBN 0905422120 9780905422121

Conscience (Ethics)
John H. Gladwin  ISBN 0905422171 9780905422176

Penance (Worship)
David Gregg  ISBN 0905422198 9780905422190

Born Under a Lucky Star: The Memoirs of Hugh Jordan
Hugh Jordan  ISBN 0905422201 9780905422206

Measure for Measure (Grove booklets on ethics)
Oliver O'Donovan  ISBN 0905422228 9780905422220

Urban Church Growth (Worship)
Eddie Gibbs  ISBN 0905422244 9780905422244

A New Canterbury Tale: Reports of the Anglican International Conference on Spiritual Renewal
 ISBN 0905422406 9780905422404

Genetic Engineering (Ethics)
David Gareth Jones  ISBN 0905422422 9780905422428

F. R. B.: Portrait of Bishop Russell Barry
Frank H. West  ISBN 0905422740 9780905422749

Gertrude Bell (1868-1926): A selection from the photographic archive on an archaeologist and traveller
Gertrude Lowthian Bell  ISBN 0905423003 9780905423005

Catalogue of the Gertrude Bell Photographic Archive
 ISBN 0905423011 9780905423012

Information Processing: Book 1
J. Chiri  ISBN 0028011546 9780028011547

Information Processing Complete Course
Chiri  ISBN 0028011562 9780028011561

Information Processing: Keyboarding Formatting and Applications Mastery
 ISBN 0028011600 9780028011608

Information Processing: Lesson 1-75
J. Chiri  ISBN 0028011619 9780028011615

Information Processing Workbook Lesson 76-150
Chiri  ISBN 0028011627 9780028011622

Information Processing Keyboarding: Student Activity Lesson 151-225
Chiri  ISBN 0028011635 9780028011639

Information Processing Keyboarding Formatting and Applications: Student Activity Lesson 226-300
Chiri  ISBN 0028011643 9780028011646

Information Processing Keyboarding: Achievement Tests Lesson 1-75
Chiri  ISBN 0028011651 9780028011653

Information Processing: Achievement Test Lesson 76-150
J. Chiri  ISBN 002801166X 9780028011660

Cortez Peters' Championship Keyboarding Drills
Cortez Peters  ISBN 0028011996 9780028011998

Cortez Peters Championship Keyboarding Skills with Data Disk
Cortez Peters  ISBN 0028012003 9780028012001

Championship Keyboarding with CD-ROM and Student Data Disk
Cortez Peters  ISBN 0028012097 9780028012094

Advanced Wordperfect 5.1 With Desktop Publishing (Increasing Your Productivity)
Lorraine Laby  ISBN 002801216X 9780028012162

Advanced Wordperfect Made Perfectly Easy Using Version 5.1 (Both 3 1/2" and 5 1/4" Disks Included)
Sharon Anne Fisher-Larson  ISBN 0028012283 9780028012285

Desktop Publishing Using Wordperfect: Version 5.1/Book and Disk
Jack E. Johnson  ISBN 0028012321 9780028012322

Patient Billing: Using MediSoft for Windows
Greg Harpole  ISBN 0028012410 9780028012414

Electricity and Electronics
Thomas Newman  ISBN 0028012534 9780028012537

Electricity and Electronics with Windows 3.5 Disk
Thomas E Newman  ISBN 0028012550 9780028012551

Electricity and Electronics, Experiments Manual
Thomas Newman  ISBN 0028012577 9780028012575

Electricity and Electronics, Problems and Exercises Manual
NEWMAN  ISBN 0028012593 9780028012599

Basic Legal Research and Writing (Legal Studies Series)
Edward A. Nolfi - Pamela R. Tepper  ISBN 0028012763 9780028012766

Medical Terminology: Language For Health Care with CD-ROM
Joanne Becker - Sarah Galewick - Nina Thierer - Janette Thomas  ISBN 0028012895 9780028012896

Basic Electricity and Electronics (Glencoe Tech Series)
Delton T. Horn - Abraham Pallas  ISBN 0028012976 9780028012971

Dc and Ac Electricity (Glencoe Tech Series)
Victor F. C. Veley  ISBN 0028012992 9780028012995

Electronic Devices (Glencoe Tech Series)
Joseph J. Carr - Abraham Pallas  ISBN 0028013026 9780028013022

Electronic Power Control (Glencoe Tech Series)
Irving M. Gottlieb - Abraham Pallas  ISBN 0028013042 9780028013046

Digital Electronics (Glencoe Tech Series)
Ray Ryan - Lisa A. Doyle  ISBN 0028013069 9780028013060

Wordperfect 6.0 MS-DOS: A Tutorial to Accompany Peter Norton's Introduction to Computers
Bob Goldhamer - Peter Norton  ISBN 0028013255 9780028013251

Lotus 1-2-3 Release 2.4: A Tutorial to Accompany Peter Norton's Introduction to Computers
Terrence P. O'Donnell - Peter Norton  ISBN 0028013263 9780028013268

dBASE IV: A Tutorial to Accompany Peter Norton's Introduction to Computers
Miguel Pendas - Peter Norton  ISBN 0028013271 9780028013275

DOS 6: A Tutorial Accompany Peter Norton's Introduction to Computers
Terrence P. O'Donnell - Peter Norton  ISBN 002801328X 9780028013282

Windows 3.1: A Tutorial to Accompany Peter Norton's Introduction to Computers
Heather Miletti Duggan  ISBN 0028013298 9780028013299

Basic Wills, Trusts, and Estates (Legal Studies Series)
Edward A. Nolfi  ISBN 0028013387 9780028013381

Child Development
 ISBN 0028013603 9780028013602

Child Development Observation Guide
 ISBN 0028013638 9780028013633

Electronic and Automatic Transmissions
Kalton C Lahue  ISBN 0028013654 9780028013657

Electronic and Automatic Transmissions, Shop Manual
Fabian Lahue - Sharon Ferrett  ISBN 0028013662 9780028013664

Reservations and Ticketing With Sabre (Travel Professional Series)
Dennis L. Foster  ISBN 0028013913 9780028013916

Patient Billing: Using Medisoft for Windows
Greg Harpole  ISBN 0028012429 9780028012421

Is It Too Late: A Theology of Ecology
John B. Cobb  ISBN 0028012801 9780028012803

Child development
Karen Caplovitz Barrett  ISBN 0028013611 9780028013619

The history of Bradgate (The Bradgate books ; v. 3)
Marie Forsyth  ISBN 0905426010 9780905426013

Das geologische Alter des fossilen Menschen: Zum VII. INQUA-Kongress (USA, 1965) (Archaeologica venatoria) (German Edition)
Irina Konstantinovna Ivanova  ISBN 3170790293 9783170790292

Whitewater Wilderness Canoe Livery
John Ellis Price  ISBN 0028014529 9780028014524

Peter Norton's Introduction to Computers
Peter Norton  ISBN 0028015355 9780028015354

Constable's Hampstead
 ISBN 090543000X 9780905430003

For a Time Like This : Studies for Salvation Today and Mission Today
Edward H Johnson  ISBN 0377030015 9780377030015

Go free,
Elliott Wright  ISBN 0377030112 9780377030114

Making a difference: A process guide for dealing with crisis issues of justice, liberation, and development,
Paul M Dietterich  ISBN 037703021X 9780377030213

The power picture,
Estelle McCarthy  ISBN 0377030317 9780377030312

Gregg College Electronic Document Processing: Advanced Kit
Scot Ober  ISBN 0028017218 9780028017211

Gregg College Keyboarding & Document Processing for Microcomputers/Kit 1: Basic Course/Book and 3 Disks/One Completing Forms on a Typewriter/One Styl
Scot Ober  ISBN 0028017293 9780028017297

Gregg College Document Processing for Microcomputers/Kit 2: Intermediate Course/Book, Style Guide, 2 Keyboard Templates and 2 5.25" Disks/IBM Format/
Scot Ober - Robert P. Poland  ISBN 0028017323 9780028017327

Gregg College Document Processing for Microcomputers/Kit 2: Intermediate Course/Book and Two 3.5" Data Disks, IBM Format
Scot Ober  ISBN 0028017331 9780028017334

Greg Coll Keyb & DOC Proc Inte Txt 1-120
OBER  ISBN 0028017366 9780028017365

Gregg College Keyboarding & Document Processing for Microcomputers, Complete Course
Robert P. Poland - Scot Ober  ISBN 0028017374 9780028017372

Gregg College Keyboarding & Electronic Document Processing (Gregg College Typing, Series Six)
Scot Ober - Robert P. Poland  ISBN 0028017404 9780028017402

Gregg College Keyboarding Lessons 1-20: IBM Student Package/Book and 5.25" Disk
Scot Ober  ISBN 0028017676 9780028017679

Keyboarding: Adapted from Gregg College Keyboarding and Document Processing, 7th Edition
 ISBN 0028017684 9780028017686

Information and Records Management: Document-Based Information Systems
Robek  ISBN 0028017935 9780028017938

Wordperfect 5.2 for Windows: A Professional Approach/Book and Student Disks
Deborah A. Hinkle  ISBN 0028018036 9780028018034

WordPerfect 5.2 for Windows: A Professional Approach: Quick Comprehensive Guide
Deborah A. Hinkle  ISBN 0028018044 9780028018041

Electric Circuits and Machines
Eugene C. Lister - Robert J. Rusch  ISBN 0028018095 9780028018096

Intel Microprocessors: Hardware, Software, and Applications
Roy W Goody  ISBN 0028018117 9780028018119

Intel Microprocessors: Hardware, Software, and Applications, Lab Manual
Roy W Goody  ISBN 0028018125 9780028018126

Intel Microprocessors: Hardware, Software and Applications: Instructor's Manual
Roy W. Goody  ISBN 0028018133 9780028018133

Electronics For Technicians, Text-Lab Manual
John J Hatch  ISBN 0028018176 9780028018171

Digital Principles and Applications
Donald P. Leach - Albert Paul Malvino  ISBN 0028018214 9780028018218

Work-Based Learning:The Key to School-to-Work Transition
James L. Hoerner - James B. Wehrley  ISBN 0028018222 9780028018225

Digital Principles and Applications, Experiments Manual
Donald P. Leach  ISBN 0028018249 9780028018249

Electricity: Principles and Applications (Basic skills in electricity and electronics)
Richard J Fowler  ISBN 002801832X 9780028018324

Microprocessors: Principles and Applications
Charles M. Gilmore  ISBN 0028018370 9780028018379

Microprocessors: Principles and Applications, Activities Manual
Charles M. Gilmore - Sharon Ferrett  ISBN 0028018389 9780028018386

Communication Electronics (Basic Skills in Electricity & Electronics)
Louis E. Frenzel  ISBN 0028018427 9780028018423

Communication Electronics, Activities Manual
Louis E. Frenzel  ISBN 0028018435 9780028018430

Electronics: Principles and Applications (Basic Skills in Electricity and Electronics)
Charles A. Schuler  ISBN 0028018451 9780028018454

Digital Electronics (Basic Skills in Electricity and Electronics)
Roger L. Tokheim  ISBN 0028018532 9780028018539

Automotive Tuneup and Engine Performance
William H. Crouse - Donald L. Anglin  ISBN 0028018567 9780028018560

Aircraft: Electricity and Electronics, Student Study Guide
Thomas Eismin  ISBN 0028018605 9780028018607

Aircraft: Powerplants, Student Study Guide
Michael J. Kroes  ISBN 0028018753 9780028018751

Geometric Tolerancing Text/Workbook to accompany Engineering Drawing and Design
Richard Marrelli - Patrick McCuistion  ISBN 0028018826 9780028018829

Basic Electronics: A Text-Lab Manual (Basic Electricity-Electronics Series)
Paul B. Zbar - Michael A. Miller - Albert Paul Malvino  ISBN 0028018877 9780028018874

Basic Electronics: Instructor's Guide
Paul B. Zbar - Albert P. Malvino - Michael Miller  ISBN 0028018885 9780028018881

Wordperfect 6.0: A Professional Approach : MS-Dos/Book and Disk
Deborah A. Hinkle  ISBN 0028019075 9780028019079

Instructor's Manual and Key Wordperfect 6.0: A Professional Approach : Ms-Dos/Book and Disks
Deborah A. Hinkle  ISBN 0028019091 9780028019093

Gregg college electronic document processing
 ISBN 0028017196 9780028017198

Keyboarding: Adapted from Gregg College Keyboarding & Document Processing, 7th Edition
 ISBN 0028017471 9780028017471

Gregg college keyboarding & document processing for microcomputers
 ISBN 0028017528 9780028017525

Gregg College document processing for microcomputers
 ISBN 0028017536 9780028017532

Gregg college document processing for microcomputers
 ISBN 0028017544 9780028017549

Electricity: Principles and Applications, Activities Manual
McGraw-Hill - Sharon Ferrett  ISBN 0028018346 9780028018348

L'uomo che mangio il sole (Italian Edition)
Giuliano Dego  ISBN 0905432002 9780905432007

Six Times True
Mae Hurley Ashworth  ISBN 0377036013 9780377036017

Skillbuilding: Building Speed and Accuracy on the Keyboard
Carole H Eide - Andrea Holmes Rieck - V. Wayne Klemin  ISBN 0028019369 9780028019369

Skillbuilding: Building Speed and Accuracy on the Keyboard : Instructor's Manual
Carole Hoffman Eide - Andrea Holmes Rieck - V. Wayne Klemin  ISBN 0028019385 9780028019383

Skillbuilding: Building Speed and Accuracy on the Keyboard
Carole Hoffman Eide - Andrea Holmes Rieck - V. Wayne Klemin  ISBN 0028019407 9780028019406

Industrial Electronics (Basic Skills in Electricity & Electronics)
Frank D. Petruzella  ISBN 0028019962 9780028019963

Industrial Electronics, Activities Manual
Frank D. Petruzella  ISBN 0028019970 9780028019970

Troubleshooting and Repairing Personal Computers (Glencoe Tech Series)
Art Margolis - Abraham Pallas  ISBN 0028020030 9780028020037

Telephone Techniques
Dorothy Maxwell  ISBN 0028020111 9780028020112

Glencoe Medical Laboratory Procedures
Tom Palko - Hilda Palko  ISBN 0028020146 9780028020143

Glencoe Medical Laboratory Procedures: (Instructors' Guide) (Glencoe Allied Health Series)
Tom Palko - Hilda Palko  ISBN 0028020154 9780028020150

Passing the Ged (Passing the GED: Total Preparation for Success on the High School Equivalency Examination)
Linda Barnes  ISBN 0028020170 9780028020174

Practice Book for Passing Ged Test of Interpreting Literature and the Arts/1994
Foresman and Company Scott  ISBN 002802026X 9780028020266

Springboard for Passing the Ged Social Studies Test
McGraw-Hill/Glencoe  ISBN 0028020634 9780028020631

Springboard for Passing the Ged Interpreting Literature Arts
 ISBN 0028020650 9780028020655

Pre Ged Reading Skills for Life and Literature
 ISBN 0028020677 9780028020679

Nutrition, Health, and Safety for Preschool Children
Roberta Larson Duyff - Susan Giarratano-Russell - Mary F. Zuzich  ISBN 0028020898 9780028020891

Approaches to Preschool Curriculum
McGraw-Hill  ISBN 0028020960 9780028020969

20,000+ Words: Spelled and Divided for Quick Reference
Mary Margaret Hosler  ISBN 0028021584 9780028021584

College Communcation
Sue C. Camp - Marilyn Satterwhite  ISBN 0028021711 9780028021713

College English and Communication Student Activity Workbook
Sue C Camp  ISBN 0028021738 9780028021737

Skillbuilding: Building Speed and Accuracy on The2keyboard -Window Based Software 3.5" Disk
EIDE  ISBN 0028019377 9780028019376

Glencoe From Patient to Payment: Insurance Procedures for the Medical Office
Cynthia Newby  ISBN 0028019881 9780028019888

Instructor's Guide to Accompany Approaches to Preschool Curriculum: With Teaching Strategies, Chapter Tests
Michael Curran Anziano  ISBN 0028020979 9780028020976

My House Is Your House
Rafael V. Martinez  ISBN 0377040118 9780377040113

Seeking to Be Christian in Race Relations
Benjamin Mays  ISBN 0377040312 9780377040311

Banking Operations
M. J. Henderson  ISBN 0905435982 9780905435985

Commercial law: An instructional manual for business and accountancy students
N Pendlebury  ISBN 0905435044 9780905435046

Industrial law: An instructional manual for business and accountancy students
N Pendlebury  ISBN 0905435052 9780905435053

Company Law: An Instructional Manual
Keith Abbott  ISBN 0905435923 9780905435923

AMY: Liverpool Polytechnic computerised cataloguing system
Keith G Williams  ISBN 0905436008 9780905436005

Sam's secret journal
Elizabeth Yates  ISBN 0377056014 9780377056015

Machine Transcription: A Comprehensive Approach for Today's Office Professional
Carol A. Mitchell  ISBN 0028022211 9780028022215

Machine Transcript: A Comprehensive Approach Transparencies
Carol A. Mitchell  ISBN 002802222X 9780028022222

Desktop Publishing With Pagemaker 5.0: A Professional Approach : For Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh Computers/Book and 2 Disks
Deborah A. Hinkle  ISBN 0028022300 9780028022307

Medical Office Transcription: An Introduction to Medical Transcription
Karonne Becklin - Edith Sunnarborg  ISBN 0028022408 9780028022406

Grob: Basic Electronics (Electronics Books Series)
Bernard Grob  ISBN 002802253X 9780028022536

Experiments in Basic Electronics (Experiment Manual)
Bernard Grob - Frank Pugh - Wes Ponick  ISBN 0028022556 9780028022550

Basic Electronics, Problems Manual
Erich J. Schultz  ISBN 0028022564 9780028022567

Basic Electronics (Instructor's Annotated Edition)
Bernard Grob  ISBN 0028022602 9780028022604

Cortez Peters Championship Formatting
Cortez Peters  ISBN 0028023005 9780028023007

English Style Skill-Builders, set of 6 booklets
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Automated Manufacturing Systems: Actuators, Controls, Sensors, and Robotics
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Bottle collecting price guide
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Bottle collecting price guide
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Collecting pot-lids: Coloured, black & white with current price trends
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Collecting pottery: Underglaze printed ware with price guide
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Collecting pottery: Underglaze printed ware with price guide
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Treasure hunting: Profitable fun for the family
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Treasure hunting: Profitable fun for the family
Edward Fletcher  ISBN 090544714X 9780905447148

A treasure hunters guide to coins & medals
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A treasure hunters guide to coins & medals
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Night sucks me in
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The mortal room (Priapus poets)
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Where Tomorrow Struggles to be Born: The Americas in Transition
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Biographical Dictionary of the British Colonial Service 1939-1966
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Directory of European Political Scientists
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Directory of European political scientists
European Consortium for Political Research  ISBN 0905450078 9780905450070

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Standing Conference on Library Materials on Africa  ISBN 0905450116 9780905450117

Directory of European political scientists
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Bibliographies for African Studies, 1980-83
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Research Priorities in African Literature
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International Guide to African Studies Research
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African studies information resources directory
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Africa's Solution to Its Persistent Crisis: Putting the People First
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African Development: Adebayo Adedeji's Alternative Strategies
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Guide to non-federal archives and manuscripts in the United States relating to Africa
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Black African literature in English, 1982-1986
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Vibrations of Engineering Structures
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Aircraft: Maintenance and Repair, Student Guide
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Diesel Mechanics, Workbook
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Electronic Office
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Word 97 (Glencoe Comprehensive Approach Series)
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Glencoe: Heritage Home Student Edition
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Columbus started something
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Hydrodynamics of Offshore Structures
S.K. Chakrabarti - S. K. Chakrabarti  ISBN 090545166X 9780905451664

Ground Motion and Engineering Seismology (Developments in Geotechnical Engineering)
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Old Blairgowrie: Tours, history, memories, tales
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The Law: Law Hospital, 1939-1989 : a memoir
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Sikh temples in the U.K. & the people behind their management
Harbhajan Singh Janjua  ISBN 0905454006 9780905454009

Glencoe's Visual Approach Series for Office 97, Text and Applications Workbook
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Office 97 (Glencoe's Visual Approach Series)
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Microsoft Office 97 (Glencoe Visual Series)
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Cry Sorrow, Cry Joy! Selections from Contemporary African Writers.
Jane Ann Moore  ISBN 0377110116 9780377110113

Beyond independence: The face of the New Africa
Donald M'Timkulu  ISBN 0377110213 9780377110212

Monks & shepherds in the Yorkshire Dales
Arthur Raistrick  ISBN 0905455045 9780905455044

Initial National Park Plan
North Yorkshire (England)  ISBN 0905455053 9780905455051

National Park Plan: First review
England) Yorkshire Dales National Park Committee (North Yorkshire  ISBN 0905455150 9780905455150

College Acc0Unting
Price  ISBN 0028040597 9780028040592

Digital Electronics
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Digital Electronics: Principles and Applications w/CATS
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Global Marketing Services: A Desktop Publishing Simulation, Student Edition
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Glencoe Writing for the Workplace
Nan Merrick Phifer - Phifer  ISBN 002804181X 9780028041810

Synchronized Sounds: An Integrated Office Simulation, Student Edition
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Gregg College Keyboarding & Document Processing for Windows, Kit 2 w/ MS Word 97
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Gregg College Keyboarding & Document Processing for Windows, Book 1 Shrinwrap for MS Word 97
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Gregg College Keyboarding & Document Processing for Windows, Book 2 Shwrp w/ MS Word 97
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Gregg College Keyboarding & Document Processing for Windows, MS Word 97 Student Manual
Scot Ober  ISBN 0028042069 9780028042060

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Word 97 to accompany Keyboarding and Document Processing for Windows: Home Version
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Gregg College Keyboarding & Document Processing for Windows: Lessons 1-60 for Use With MS Word 97
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Fens as I Saw Them (The Local history of the Mildenhall area : Publication)
Elijah Wells  ISBN 0905457005 9780905457000

Social mix, the Bournville experience
Wendy Sarkissian  ISBN 0905458001 9780905458007

All in an African Lifetime (An Original paperback)
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No more the round mud hut: Voices of young Africa
Willard E Roth  ISBN 0377112119 9780377112117

Palaver: Dramatic Discussion Starters from Africa
Wole Soyinka  ISBN 0377112313 9780377112315

Electronics: Principles and Applications
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Electronics: Principles and Applications
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Peak Performance
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Peter Norton's Introduction to Computers
Peter Norton  ISBN 0028043251 9780028043258

Peter Norton's Introduction to Computers: MS Office Professional 7.0 for Windows 95 Tutorial
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Instructor's Manual and Key to accompany Peter Norton's Introduction to Computers
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Peter Norton's Essential Concepts
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Peter Norton's Introduction to Computers
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Peter Norton's Computing Fundamentals
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Peter Norton's Introduction to Computers
Peter Norton  ISBN 0028043456 9780028043456

Peter Norton's Introduction to Computers: Powerpoint 97 Tutorial
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Peter Norton's Introduction to Computers: Powerpoint 97 Tutorial
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Peter Norton's Introduction to Computers: Word 97 Tutorial
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Peter Norton's Introduction to Computers: Word 97 Tutorial
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Microsoft Access 97: A Tutorial to Accompany Peter Norton's Introduction to Computers
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Peter Norton's Introduction to Computers: Excel 97 Tutorial
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Peter Norton's Introduction to Computers: Excel 97 Tutorial
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Peter Norton's Introduction to Computers: Office 97 Tutorial
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Peter Norton's Introduction to Computers: Windows Nt 4.0 Tutorial
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Peter Norton's Introduction to Computers: Windows Nt 4.0 Tutorial
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Peter Norton's Introduction to Computers
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Annotated Instructor's Edition to accompany Peter Norton's Introduction to Computers
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Peter Norton's introduction to computers
Peter Norton  ISBN 0028043898 9780028043890

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Internet With Microsoft Internet Explorer 4
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Peter Norton's Introduction to Computers
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Sacred and Satiric
J.H. Bettey  ISBN 0905459326 9780905459325

Bristol: Maritime City
Frank Shipsides - Robert Wall  ISBN 0905459377 9780905459370

The Theatre Royal at Bath: The Story of a Georgian Playhouse
William Lowndes  ISBN 0905459490 9780905459493

Henry Lamb: The Artist and His Friends
Keith Clements  ISBN 0905459555 9780905459554

Bristol Glass
Cleo Witt - Cyril Weeden - Arlene Palmer Schwind  ISBN 0905459563 9780905459561

Thirteen Worthies
Llewelyn Powys  ISBN 0905459598 9780905459592

Klinton Top
George Wilson Knight  ISBN 0905459733 9780905459738

Beginner's Luck: The A-Z of Active Leisure
Dan Lees  ISBN 0905459776 9780905459776

Vision and Death of Aubrey Beardsley
Derek Stanford  ISBN 0905459857 9780905459851

Writers in Sussex
Bernard Smith - Peter Haas  ISBN 0905459970 9780905459974

This is Bristol
John Trelawny-Ross  ISBN 0905459288 9780905459288

Bristol: The Public View
Bryan Little  ISBN 0905459296 9780905459295

Royal Crescent in Bath: A Fragment of English Life
William Lowndes  ISBN 0905459342 9780905459349

Journey into Music by the Slow Train: Autobiography
Christopher Le Fleming  ISBN 0905459423 9780905459424

Exeter: Profile of a City
Paul Hardy  ISBN 0905459474 9780905459479

Edith Sitwell  ISBN 0905459520 9780905459523

City and Its Cinemas
Charles Anderson  ISBN 0905459636 9780905459639

ACARDA si organizarea exilului: Extrase din cuvantari, comentarii si interventii scrise (Romanian Edition)
Asociatia Culturala a Romanilor din Anglia  ISBN 0905460014 9780905460017

Sensory evaluation of coffee (Technical Unit quality series)
 ISBN 0905461096 9780905461090

The beauty of being Black;: Folktales, poems and art from Africa
Olivia Pearl Stokes  ISBN 0377116114 9780377116115

Study Guide and Working Papers: Chapters 1-16 to accompany College Accounting
John Price  ISBN 002804617X 9780028046174

Softbooks, Inc. to accompany College Accounting
John Price  ISBN 0028046226 9780028046228

Glencoe Basic Pharmacology
Henry Hitner - Barbara Nagle  ISBN 0028046544 9780028046549

Whitewater Wilderness Canoe Livery: A Sole Proprietorship Service Business
John Ellis Price - M. David Haddock - Horace R. Brock  ISBN 0028046196 9780028046198

MARC Users' Group 1975: Conference Proceedings
 ISBN 0905463005 9780905463001

The use of MARC records: Results of a survey
Marion Ralls  ISBN 090546303X 9780905463032

The designs of Archibald Knox for Liberty & Co
Adrian J Tilbrook  ISBN 0905464001 9780905464008

Introduction to QuickBooks 99
Douglas Sleeter  ISBN 0028047400 9780028047409

Processing Medical Documents
Robert Poland  ISBN 0028047451 9780028047454

Processing Medical Documents: Instructor's Manual and Key
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Gregg College Keyboarding & Document Processing for Windows: Lessons 1-60 for Use With Wordperfect 8.00
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Greg College Document Processing for Windows: Lessons 61-120 for Use With Wordperfect 8.0
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Gregg College Keyboarding and Document Processing with data disk Lessons 1-120
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College Document Processing for Windows: Lessons 61-120
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College Keyboarding and Document Processing for Windows
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Gregg College Keyboarding and Document Processing for Windows
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Keyboarding for Windows, Lessons 1-20
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Payroll Records and Procedures
Merle Wood - Sherry Cohen  ISBN 002804827X 9780028048277

Unknown Title
 ISBN 0028048342 9780028048345

Communication Electronics 3/e
Louis Frenzel  ISBN 0028048377 9780028048376

Communication Electronics: Principles and Applications, Experiments Manual
Louis Frenzel - Sharon Ferrett  ISBN 0028048385 9780028048383

Electricity: Principles and Applications
Richard J. Fowler  ISBN 0028048474 9780028048475

Electricity: Principles and Applications, Experiments Manual
Richard Fowler  ISBN 0028048482 9780028048482

Electricity: Principles and Applications w/ CATS
Richard J Fowler  ISBN 0028048520 9780028048529

Glencoe Administrative Procedures for Medical Assisting: A Patient-Centered Approach
Barbara Ramutkowski - Abdulai Barrie - Cindy Keller - Laurie Dazarow - Cindy Abel  ISBN 0028048636 9780028048635

Glencoe Administrative Procedures for Medical Assisting: A Patient-Centered Approach, Student Workbook
Barbara Ramutkowski - Abdulai Barrie - Cindy Keller - Laurie Dazarow - Cindy Abel  ISBN 0028048644 9780028048642

Family Medical Group: A MediSoft for Windows Simulation w/ Data Disk
Cynthia Newby  ISBN 0028048725 9780028048727

Glencoe Medical Insurance, Student Textbook
Nenna L Bayes - Cindy Keller - Joanne Valerius  ISBN 0028048792 9780028048796

Glencoe Medical Insurance Coding Workbook, Student Workbook
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Glencoe Medical Keyboarding, Instructors Manual
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Windows 2000 Complete Course: Instructor Manual and Key
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Access 2000 Level 1 Core: A Tutorial to Accompany Peter Norton Introduction to Computers Student Edition
Peter Norton  ISBN 0028049233 9780028049236

Office 2000 Level 1 Core: A Tutorial to Accompany Peter Norton Introduction to Computers Student Edition
Peter Norton  ISBN 0028049292 9780028049298

Peter Norton's Introduction to Computers
Peter Norton  ISBN 0028049314 9780028049311

Complete Concepts and Gol Pak
McGraw-Hill  ISBN 0028049322 9780028049328

Norton Computing Fundamentals/Ibe Pak
McGraw-Hill  ISBN 0028049330 9780028049335

Peter Norton's Computing Fundamentals
Peter Norton  ISBN 0028049349 9780028049342

Essential Concepts/Ibe Pak
McGraw-Hill  ISBN 0028049357 9780028049359

Essential Concepts/Gol Pak
McGraw-Hill  ISBN 0028049365 9780028049366

Electricity: Principles and Applications (Instructor's Annotated 5th Edition)
Richard J. Fowler  ISBN 0028048490 9780028048499

Medical Office Procedures
Karonne Becklin - Edith Stunnarborg  ISBN 0028048814 9780028048819

The Other Side of Darkness
Gidada Solon  ISBN 0377120014 9780377120013

Ask an Indian about India
Blaise Levai  ISBN 0377121010 9780377121010

Railway history sources: A handlist of the principal sources of original material with notes and guidance on its use (Reference aid series ; no. 1)
C. R Clinker  ISBN 0905466004 9780905466002

Ellesmere Port, canal town, 1795-1921
Adrian Jarvis  ISBN 090546608X 9780905466088

East Somerset Railway, 1858-1972
Colin G. Maggs  ISBN 0905466098 9780905466095

Wrington Valley Light Railway (Avon-Anglia transport history series)
M. Farr - etc.  ISBN 090546611X 9780905466118

New light on the gauge conversion
C. R Clinker  ISBN 0905466128 9780905466125

Register of Closed Passenger Stations and Goods Depots in England, Scotland and Wales, 1830-1977
 ISBN 0905466195 9780905466194

Paddington, 1854-1979
C.R. Clinker  ISBN 0905466233 9780905466231

Railways on record
Jim Palm  ISBN 0905466365 9780905466361

Seventeen stations to Dingle : the Liverpool Overhead Railway remembered
John W. Gahan  ISBN 0905466543 9780905466545

Royal Road: 150 Years of Enterprise
Philip Rees  ISBN 0905466683 9780905466682

London and North Eastern Railway: List of Lines with the Acts of Parliament Authorizing Them and Dates of Opening (Reference aid series)
London and North Eastern Railway  ISBN 0905466853 9780905466859

Word 97: Basic Course
Deborah A. Hinkle  ISBN 0028051890 9780028051895

Excel 97: Basic Course
McGraw-Hill  ISBN 0028051904 9780028051901

Developing Proofreading and Editing Skills
Sue C Camp  ISBN 0028050029 9780028050027

Introduction to Criminal Justice
Robert M. Bohm - Keith N. Haley  ISBN 0028050630 9780028050638

Time bomb in the Middle East
 ISBN 0377190314 9780377190313

Best Out of Five: Cricket with a Chuckle
Nico Craven  ISBN 0905467019 9780905467016

Best of both worlds
Nico Craven  ISBN 0905467094 9780905467092

Faiths in fellowship: A short history of the World Congress of Faiths and its work
Marcus Braybrooke  ISBN 0905468007 9780905468006

Ghetto Fever
T. Millea  ISBN 0028053001 9780028053004

How many sides to a Chinese coin?
Myra Scovel  ISBN 0377194018 9780377194014

The Radical approach: Papers on an independent Scotland
Gavin; MacDonald, Margo Kennedy  ISBN 0905470001 9780905470009

Scotland 1980: The economics of self-government
Donald Iain MacKay  ISBN 0905470028 9780905470023

Scotland 1980: The economics of self-government
 ISBN 0905470036 9780905470030

Power & manoeuvrability
 ISBN 0905470044 9780905470047

From Dubcek to Charter 77: A study of normalisation in Czechoslovakia, 1968-1978
Vladimir V Kusin  ISBN 0905470052 9780905470054

Cod Wars and How to Lose Them
Sir Andrew Gilchrist  ISBN 0905470060 9780905470061

South Westmeath: Farm and folk
Jeremiah Sheehan  ISBN 0905471059 9780905471051

Valentia : Portrait of an Island
Daphne D.C. Pochin Mould  ISBN 0905471067 9780905471068

Brief lives of Irish doctors
J. B Lyons  ISBN 0905471075 9780905471075

Moncks and Charleville House
Elisabeth Batt  ISBN 0905471083 9780905471082

History of aviation in Ireland
Liam Byrne  ISBN 0905471105 9780905471105

The landscape of Slieve Bloom: A study of its natural and human heritage
John Feehan  ISBN 0905471113 9780905471112

The waters of the Boyne and Blackwater: A scenic and industrial miscellany
Cyril Ellison  ISBN 0905471148 9780905471143

Gladly learn and gladly teach: Alexandra College and School, 1866-1966
Anne V O'Connor  ISBN 0905471156 9780905471150

A 'peculiar' place: The Adelaide Hospital, Dublin : its t imes, places and personalities, 1839 to 1989
David Mitchell  ISBN 0905471164 9780905471167

Excel 2000: Short Course (Professional Approach)
Carole Tobias  ISBN 0028055861 9780028055862

A Professional Approach Series: Excel 2000 Level 2 Expert Student Edition
Carole Tobias  ISBN 0028055888 9780028055886

A Professional Approach Series: Access 2000 Levels 1 and 2 Core and Expert Student Edition
Kathleen Stewart  ISBN 0028055896 9780028055893

A Professional Approach Series: Word 2000 Short Course Student Edition
Deborah Hinkle  ISBN 002805590X 9780028055909

A Professional Approach Series: Office 2000 Advanced Course Student Edition
Deborah Hinkle - Carole Tobias - Kathleen Stewart - Sharon Anne Fisher-Larson - Margaret Marple  ISBN 0028055934 9780028055930

Excel 2000: A Comprehensive Approach, Student Edition
McGraw-Hill  ISBN 0028055950 9780028055954

Office 2000 : A Comprehensive Approach
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Office 2000: A Comprehensive Approach, Teacher's Edition
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The Dog's Mind: Understanding Your Dog's Behavior
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Unrest on the campus;: A Christian perspective
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Visual Basic 6.0 Complete Course
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Visual Basic 6 Brief Course
Emmett Dulaney  ISBN 0028058135 9780028058139

Visual Basic 6.0 Brief Course
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Pedlar's Revenge and Other Stories
Liam O'Flaherty  ISBN 0905473000 9780905473000

Liam O'Flaherty  ISBN 0905473116 9780905473116

Ecstasy of Angus
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The Wilderness
Liam O'Flaherty  ISBN 0905473191 9780905473192

Irish Poetry After Yeats: Seven Poems
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Granuaile: Life and Times of Grace O'Malley, c.1530-1603
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Unfinished sequence and other poems
Sean Lucy  ISBN 090547337X 9780905473376

Unfinished Sequence and Other Poems
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Mary Lavin: Quiet Rebel
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Short Stories: The Pedlar's Revenge and Other Stories
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Black Soul
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The Pupil: A Memory of Love
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Shell, Sea Shell
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Oileaain Aarann: History of the Aran Islands Up to 1922
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Cloud of Desolation
Sam Baneham  ISBN 0905473876 9780905473871

Festival of Fools
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Sea Wolves from the North
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Pedlar's Revenge and Other Stories
Liam O'Flaherty  ISBN 0905473019 9780905473017

Family law in the Republic of Ireland
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Family law in the Republic of Ireland
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All Things Come of Age: A Rabbit Story
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Richard Murphy: Poet of two traditions : interdisciplinary studies
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English as We Speak it in Ireland
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The Joycean way: A topographic guide to "Dubliners" & "A portrait of the artist as a young man"
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Family Law in the Republic of Ireland
Alan Joseph Shatter  ISBN 0905473434 9780905473437

Family Law in the Republic of Ireland
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Introduction to law in the Republic of Ireland: Its history, principles, administration & substance
Richard H Grimes  ISBN 0905473558 9780905473550

Introduction to law in the Republic of Ireland: Its history, principles, administration & substance
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Voyovic and Other Stories
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Kelly: A Novel
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The Fairy Isle of Coosanure
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The Way back: George Moore's The untilled field & The lake (The Appraisal series)
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Mervyn Wall  ISBN 0905473825 9780905473826

Cloud of Desolation
Sam Baneham  ISBN 0905473868 9780905473864

In Night's City
Dorothy Nelson  ISBN 0905473884 9780905473888

In Night's City
Dorothy Nelson  ISBN 0905473892 9780905473895

Anglo-Norman Alexander: Introduction, Notes and Glossary v. 2: Le Roman de Toute Chevalerie
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Physics, Study Guide
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Physics, Lab Manual
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A Moorish calendar: From the Book of Agriculture of Ibn al-Awam
Yahya ibn Muhammad Ibn al-Awwam  ISBN 0905475054 9780905475059

Whole World Singing
Edith Lovell Thomas  ISBN 037730882X 9780377308824

Whole World Singing
Edith Lovell Thomas  ISBN 0377308811 9780377308817

Aesthetic Humanism and the Biblical God
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Young Voices
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When Jew and Christian Meet
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Two admirals
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Tale of Ten Town Mice
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The Bridge Across
Max Bolliger  ISBN 090547872X 9780905478722

The Tiger Who Lost His Stripes
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Collision Course
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A Nutcracker in a Tree: A Book of Riddles
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Hugo and the Ministry of Holidays
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Hare and Badger Go to Town
Naomi Lewis - Tony Ross  ISBN 0905478940 9780905478944

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Marrying off mother
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Hedgehogs (British Natural History)
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Guide to World Cinema
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Good Cider
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Robins (British Natural History)
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Looking After a Donkey
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Woodland and Wildlife (Countryside)
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Narrow Boat Book
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Book of Hair-cutting
"Bruno"  ISBN 0905483065 9780905483061

Bruno's Book of haircutting
Bruno  ISBN 0905483073 9780905483078

Tea Book
Serena Hardy  ISBN 090548312X 9780905483122

Tea Book
Serena Hardy  ISBN 0905483138 9780905483139

Coffee Book: A Guide to Buying, Brewing and Enjoying
Kenneth Davids  ISBN 0905483146 9780905483146

Coffee Book: A Guide to Buying, Brewing and Enjoying
Kenneth Davids  ISBN 0905483154 9780905483153

Wings Over Brooklands
Howard Johnson  ISBN 0905483200 9780905483207

Wings over Brooklands: The story of the birthplace of British aviation
Howard Johnson  ISBN 0905483219 9780905483214

Lore of the Land
John Seymour  ISBN 0905483235 9780905483238

Thames: From Source to Tideway
Peter H. Chaplin  ISBN 0905483278 9780905483276

Fred Archer, Farmer's Son: A Cotswold Childhood in the 1920s
Fred Archer  ISBN 0905483324 9780905483320

Parenthood: Warts and All
Angela Neustatter - Caroline Foley  ISBN 0905483359 9780905483351

In Defense of the Donkeys
Elisabeth D. Svendsen  ISBN 0905483375 9780905483375

Frogs & Toads (British Natural History Series)
Trevor Beebee  ISBN 0905483383 9780905483382

Bats (British Natural History Series)
Philip Richardson  ISBN 0905483413 9780905483412

Guide to Britain's Industrial Past
Brian Bailey  ISBN 0905483421 9780905483429

A Guide to Britain's Industrial Past
Brian Bailey  ISBN 090548343X 9780905483436

We Save Wild Life
Les Stocker  ISBN 0905483464 9780905483467

Urban Foxes (British Natural History Series)
Stephen Harris - Guy Troughton  ISBN 0905483472 9780905483474

The Cunard Story
Howard Johnson  ISBN 090548357X 9780905483573

Rabbits & Hares (British Natural History)
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Stoats & Weasels Polecats & Martens (British Natural History Series)
Paddy Sleeman  ISBN 0905483758 9780905483757

Wildcats (British Natural History Series)
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The Bumper Book of Donkeys
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Otters (British Natural History)
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Caring for Cows (Animals)
Valerie Porter  ISBN 0905483936 9780905483931

Caring for Cows (Animals)
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Explorations in the politics of school knowledge (Issues in sociology, politics, and education)
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Explorations in the politics of school knowledge (Issues in sociology, politics, and education)

Sociology: The choice at A Level (Issues in sociology, politics, and education)

Curriculum studies: An introductory, annotated bibliography
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Days of judgement: Science, examinations, and the organization of knowledge in late Victorian England
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"The brightest and the best": A study of graduates and their occupational choices in the 1970's
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I Sing Your Praise All the Day Long
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How Churches Grow
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Automotive Power Trains: Clutch, Manual Transmission, Transaxle, and Final Drive : A Text-Lab Manual
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Refinishing: A Text-Lab Manual (Glencoe Automative Technology Series)
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Time to Negotiate
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Talking About John Clare (Trent Essays)
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The Collected George Garrett (Radical Recoveries)
George Garrett  ISBN 0905488482 9780905488486

Selected Poetry and Prose (Poetry Recoveries)
John Dyer  ISBN 090548858X 9780905488585

Our Nig: or, Sketches from the Life of a Free Black, in a Two-Story White House, North Showing that Slavery's Shadows Fall Even There By Our Nig: The ... American Woman's Novel (American Recoveries)
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Aerogenerators, the generation of electricity by wind power: A select bibliography
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Life cycle costing: A bibliography
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A New geography of Nottingham
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Richard Demarco: a Life in Pictures
Richard Demarco  ISBN 0905489543 9780905489544

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Automotive Transmissions (Glencoe Automotive Technology Series)
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Automotive Transmissions (Instructors Manual)
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Automotive power trains: A text-lab manual (Glencoe automotive technology series)
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Automotive Transmissions
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Children's Festivals from Many Lands
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From tourism to reality: A collection of poems based on the exhibition "Poetry Illustrated"
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Political Foundations in West Germany
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Comparative Aspects of the Taxation of Business in the United Kingdom and Germany
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Structural Economic Policies in West Germany and the United Kingdom
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Working Time in West Germany
M. Bolle - U. Fischer - Burkhard Strumpel - Anglo-German Foundation for the Study of Industrial Society  ISBN 090549234X 9780905492346

The British and German Banking System: A Comparative Study
Economists Advisory Group  ISBN 0905492358 9780905492353

Working Time in Britain and West Germany
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Bismarck to Bullock
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Automotive Brakes (Glencoe automotive technology series)
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Children's Games from Many Lands
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Bridges of God
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De-Industrialisation and New Industrialisation in Britain and Germany
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Local Labour Market Policies in Britain and Germany
Anglo-German Foundation in collaboration with the Otto-Blume-Institut fuer Sozialforschung und Gesellschaftspolitik  ISBN 0905492560 9780905492568

New Life for City Centres: Planning, Transport and Conservation in British and German Cities
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Library Services to Industry
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The Economics of Library and Information Services: An Anglo-German Perspective
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Youth and Work: Transition to Employment in England and Germany
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Chambers of Commerce in Britain and Germany and the Single European Market
Anglo-German Foundation for the Study of Industrial Society  ISBN 0905492838 9780905492834

A Part of Nature: Greening of Derelict Industrial Land - Rehabilitation Policies in Britain and Germany
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Formulary F: Scottish Letters and Brieves, 1286-1424 (Scottish History Department occasional papers)
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Hertford Loop: The First Hundred Years of a Local Railway
Peter Hodge  ISBN 0905494008 9780905494005

Glencoe Computer Applications and Keyboarding, Student Edition
McGraw-Hill  ISBN 0028137779 9780028137773

Filing Made Easy: A Filing Simulation
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Wordperfect Made Perfectly Easy: Release 6 for DOS
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Woodturning Visualized
Ross C. Cramlet  ISBN 0028137701 9780028137704

Woodwork Visualized
Ross C. Cramlet  ISBN 0028137906 9780028137902

Adam Gumpelzhaimer's little-known score-books in Berlin and Krakow (Musicologikal [sic] studies & documents)
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Society for Old Testament Study Book List 1991
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Society for Old Testament Study Book List 1992
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Society for Old Testament Study Book List 1994
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Society for Old Testament Book List 1995 (Society for Old Testament Study Book List)
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Excel 7 for Windows 95 (Glencoe Visual Series)
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Excel 7 for Windows 95 (Glencoe Visual Series)
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Microcomputer Keyboarding And Document Processing
Johnson  ISBN 0028140966 9780028140964

My care and share book;: An around-the-world picture story
Rose Matthew McCormick  ISBN 0377628115 9780377628113

Michael Tomkinson  ISBN 0905500075 9780905500072

Michael Tomkinson  ISBN 0905500121 9780905500126

The Science, Art and Future of Spirit Healing
Paul Miller  ISBN 0905498003 9780905498003

Special Integral Operators: Weierstrass Operators and Related Integrals v. 1
G.O. Okikiolu  ISBN 0905499042 9780905499048

Michael Tomkinson's Tunisia
Michael Tomkinson  ISBN 0905500148 9780905500140

Succeeding in the World of Work, Student Edition
Grady Kimbrell - Ben S. Vineyard  ISBN 0028142195 9780028142197

Succeeding in the World of Work Student Activity Workbook
Grady Kimbrell - Ben S. Vineyard  ISBN 0028142225 9780028142227

Microsoft Publisher 2002: A Compreshensive Approach, Student Edition
McGraw-Hill  ISBN 0028142713 9780028142715

Heinrich Heine: Theorie Und Kritik Der Literatur
Wolfgang Kuttenkeuler  ISBN 3170872338 9783170872332

Poesie Und Politik: Zur Situation Der Literatur in Deutschland
Wolfgang Kuttenkeuler  ISBN 3170872346 9783170872349

Michael Tomkinson - Alf R. Bjercke  ISBN 0905500466 9780905500461

Michael Tomkinson  ISBN 0905500539 9780905500539

Michael Tomkinson  ISBN 090550058X 9780905500584

Michael Tomkinson  ISBN 0905500717 9780905500713

Michael Tomkinson  ISBN 0905500989 9780905500980

Michael Tomkinson  ISBN 0905500415 9780905500416

Michael Tomkinson  ISBN 0905500660 9780905500669

Michael Tomkinson's Tunisia
Michael Tomkinson  ISBN 0905500857 9780905500850

Last Days of the Eagle and Other Poems
David H. W. Grubb  ISBN 0905501012 9780905501017

Last days of the eagle and other poems
David H. W Grubb  ISBN 0905501020 9780905501024

Folio: Work in progress
 ISBN 0905501047 9780905501048

Folio: Work in progress
Martin; Stathatos, John (eds.) Booth  ISBN 0905501055 9780905501055

Danger in the streets
Giannes Kontos  ISBN 090550108X 9780905501086

Weekends in Mexico
Nathaniel Tarn  ISBN 0905501128 9780905501123

Geschichte der Kreuzzuge (Urban-Bucher) (German Edition)
H. E Mayer  ISBN 3170980009 9783170980006

Global Math Activities
 ISBN 0028147510 9780028147512

The rape of Cyprus
Kiamran Halil  ISBN 0905506073 9780905506074

Sociology as a profession (SIP paper ; no. 1)
Michael Rustin  ISBN 0905509005 9780905509006

Sociology and social work: New perspectives for practitioners (SIP paper ; no. 2)
Bob E Brewster  ISBN 0905509013 9780905509013

Sociology in Planning: A Redefinition (SIP paper ; no. 3)
G. McDougall - etc.  ISBN 0905509021 9780905509020

History of Religions: Conference Proceedings (Leicester studies in religion)
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Landesbauordnung fur Baden-Wurttemberg: Kurzkommentar mit Einf., Rechtsverordnungen, Verwaltungsvorschriften, zahlr. Verw. u. Erl., 4 Anh., einer ... geordneten Fundstellen (German Edition)
Baden-Wurttemberg (Germany)  ISBN 3171031612 9783171031615

Basic Woodworking Processes.
Herman Hjorth  ISBN 0028167600 9780028167602

Beamte im gesellschaftlichen Wandlungsprozess: Soziale Stellung u. soziales Bewussstein von Beamten in der Bundesrepublik (Godesberger Taschenbucher. Wissenschaftliche Reihe) (German Edition)
Franz Ronneberger  ISBN 317109021X 9783171090216

Communication Applications
Glencoe McGraw-Hill - Glencoe/ McGraw-Hill  ISBN 0028172442 9780028172446

Ashford's past at present
Ashford Local History Group  ISBN 090551100X 9780905511009

New Age Companion
Peggy Mason  ISBN 0905512006 9780905512006

Glencoe Language Arts Grammar and Composition Handbook-Middle School
McGraw-Hill  ISBN 0028172981 9780028172989

House and Cottage Handbook
Neville Whittaker  ISBN 0905516001 9780905516004

The subsidiary companies of Northern General Transport (Fleet history ; PA4-)
P.S.V. Circle  ISBN 0905517016 9780905517018

The independent stage carriage operators of Hereford and Worcester (Fleet history ; 2PD8)
P.S.V. Circle  ISBN 0905517024 9780905517025

The independent stage carriage operators of Warwickshire and West Midlands (Fleet history ; 2PD14)
P.S.V. Circle  ISBN 0905517032 9780905517032

Glencoe Grammar and Composition Handbook
McGraw-Hill  ISBN 0028175514 9780028175515

Glencoe Literature, Grammar & Composition Handbook - High School II
McGraw-Hill  ISBN 0028177142 9780028177144

Proceedings of the J.R.R.Tolkien Centenary Conference, 1992: Held at Keble College, Oxford, England, 17th - 24th August 1992 to Celebrate the ... (Mythcon XXIII) and Oxonmoot 1992 (Mythlore)
 ISBN 0905520068 9780905520063

Die soziale Sicherung der nichtberufstatigen Hausfrau in Frankreich, Belgien und Italien (Schriftenreihe des Instituts fur europaisches Recht der Universitat des Saarlandes) (German Edition)
Frank Hofer  ISBN 3171180111 9783171180115

Great Expectations With Related Readings (Glencoe Literature)
Charles Dickens  ISBN 0028179617 9780028179612

Cyrano De Bergerac
Edmond Rostand  ISBN 0028179897 9780028179896

Tuck Everlasting With Related Readings
 ISBN 002817996X 9780028179964

Julie of the Wolves
 ISBN 0028179986 9780028179988

A Wrinkle in Time
Madeleine L'Engle  ISBN 0028180054 9780028180052

To Mom
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Old Is Great
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To Dad
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See the South at work: A guide to 62 factories and craft workshops open to visitors
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What Is a Wife?
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The magic of London's museums
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A chauvinist is--
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A chauvinist is--
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Automotive Engine Repair
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Copy Processing
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Hawaiian Magic & Spirituality
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True Mystic Experiences: Fascinating Real Life Stories of Spirits, Other Dimensions & Strange Phenomena
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Como Triunfar Sobre
Finley  ISBN 1567182771 9781567182774

The Intimate Enemy: Winning the War Within Yourself
Guy Finley - Ellen Dickstein  ISBN 1567182798 9781567182798

Design Your Destiny: Shape Your Future in 12 Easy Steps
Guy Finley  ISBN 1567182828 9781567182828

Isis Magic: Cultivating a Relationship with the Goddess of 10,000 Names
M. Isidora Forrest  ISBN 1567182860 9781567182866

Instant Handwriting Interpreter: Understand Yourself & Others
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Come Home to Your Body: A Workbook For Women (Llewellyn's Whole Life Series)
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Celebrating the Crone: Rituals & Stories
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Return of the Angels
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Natural Magic; Potions and Powers from the Magical Garden
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Phantom Army of the Civil War: And other Southern Ghost Stories
Frank Spaeth  ISBN 1567182976 9781567182972

Psychic Pets & Spirit Animals: True Stories from the Files of FATE (Fate Presents)
FATE Magazine  ISBN 1567182992 9781567182996

El toque de amor: traiga bienestar y prosperidad a su vida (Spanish Edition)
Muñeca Géigel  ISBN 1567183018 9781567183016

Trancing the Witch's Wheel: A Guide to Magickal Meditation
Yasmine Galenorn  ISBN 1567183034 9781567183030

Embracing the Moon: A Witch's Guide to Rituals, Spellcraft and Shadow Work
Yasmine Galenorn  ISBN 1567183042 9781567183047

Earth Divination: Earth Magic: Practical Guide to Geomancy
John Michael Greer  ISBN 1567183123 9781567183122

Circles of Power: Ritual Magic in the Western Tradition
John Michael Greer  ISBN 1567183131 9781567183139

Paths of Wisdom: Principles and Practice of the Magical Cabala in the Western Tradition (Llewellyn's High Magick)
John Michael Greer  ISBN 1567183158 9781567183153

Protected by the Light: The Complete Book of Psychic Self-Defense
Bruce Goldberg  ISBN 1567183166 9781567183160

The Search for Grace: The True Story of Murder & Reincarnation
Bruce Goldberg  ISBN 1567183182 9781567183184

Peaceful Transition: The Art of Conscious Dying & the Liberation of the Soul
Bruce Goldberg  ISBN 1567183190 9781567183191

Look Younger, Live Longer: Add 25 to 50 Years to Your Life, Naturally
Bruce Goldberg  ISBN 1567183212 9781567183214

The Truth About Cabala
David Godwin  ISBN 1567183255 9781567183252

Legends Of Santeria (World Religion & Magic)
Gonzalez-Wippler  ISBN 156718328X 9781567183283

La magia de las piedras y los cristales (Spanish Edition)
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Pluto: Vol 2: The Soul's Evolution Through Relationships
Jeff Green  ISBN 1567183336 9781567183337

Gypsy Fortune Telling Tarot Kit: formerly Buckland's Complete Gypsy Fortune-Teller
Raymond Buckland  ISBN 1567180914 9781567180916

Gypsy Fortune Telling & Tarot Reading
Raymond Buckland  ISBN 1567180922 9781567180923

Gypsy Fortune Telling Tarot Deck: formerly Buckland's Complete Gypsy Fortune Telling Deck
Raymond Buckland  ISBN 1567180930 9781567180930

The Buckland Gypsies' Domino Divination Deck
Raymond Buckland  ISBN 1567180949 9781567180947

The Buckland Romani Tarot: In the Authentic Gypsy Tradition
Raymond Buckland  ISBN 156718099X 9781567180992

Golden Dawn Magical Tarot
Sandra Tabatha Cicero - Chic Cicero  ISBN 1567181252 9781567181258

The Golden Dawn Magical System: A Complete Tarot Set
Chic Cicero - Sandra Tabatha Cicero  ISBN 1567181341 9781567181340

Witchcraft Today, Book 3: Witchcraft & Shamanism (Bk.3)
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Living Between Two Worlds: Challenges of the Modern Witch (Witchcraft Today, Bk. 4)
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Falcon Feather & Valkyrie Sword: Feminine Shamanism, Witchcraft & Magick (Llewellyn's Women's Spirituality Series)
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Esoteric Rune Magic: The Elder Futhark in Magic, Astral Projection and Spiritual Development (Llewellyn's World Magic)
Jason D. Cooper  ISBN 1567181740 9781567181746

Lord of Light & Shadow: The Many Faces of the God (Llewellyn's World Religion & Magic Series,)
D.J. Conway  ISBN 1567181775 9781567181777

The Mysterious, Magickal Cat
D.J. Conway  ISBN 1567181805 9781567181807

A Guide to the Celtic Dragon Tarot
D J.; Hunt, Lisa Conway  ISBN 1567181848 9781567181845

Tarot Journeys: Adventures in Self-Transformation
Yasmine Galenorn  ISBN 156718264X 9781567182644

Book of Hours: Prayers to the Goddess
Galen Gillotte  ISBN 1567182739 9781567182736

Designing Your Own Destiny: The Power to Shape Your Future (Llewellyn's strategies for success series)
Guy Finley  ISBN 156718278X 9781567182781

El enemigo intimo
Guy Finley - Ellen Dickstein  ISBN 1567182801 9781567182804

Dancing with the Sun: Celebrating the Seasons of Life
Yasmine Galenorn  ISBN 156718300X 9781567183009

Time Travelers from our Future: An Explanation of Alien Abduction
Bruce Goldberg  ISBN 1567183077 9781567183078

Soul Healing (Llewellyn's Whole Life Series)
Bruce Goldberg  ISBN 1567183174 9781567183177

How to Choose Your own Tarot (Llewellyn's Vanguard Series)
David Godwin  ISBN 1567183239 9781567183238

Finding the Sacred Self: A Shamanic Workbook
Susan Gregg  ISBN 1567183344 9781567183344

A short history of the Parish and Church of Bush End, Hatfield Broad Oak in the county of Essex
Alan David Jones  ISBN 0905534018 9780905534015

The Priory of Hatfield Regis, AD 1135-1536
Alan David Jones  ISBN 0905534050 9780905534053

Glencoe Keyboarding: A Techniques Approach
Bartholome  ISBN 0028192303 9780028192307

Keyboarding Skillbuilder
Louis P. Prete  ISBN 0028192702 9780028192703

Proofreading (Glencoe word processing series)
Bettijune Kruse  ISBN 0028193008 9780028193007

Glencoe dictionary of word processing (Glencoe word processing series)
Bettijune Kruse  ISBN 0028192001 9780028192000

I Can Keyboard
Lloyd W. Bartholome - Ilone Long  ISBN 0028192400 9780028192406

The Royal county: A Berkshire miscellany to commemorate the silver jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
 ISBN 0905538366 9780905538365

Keyboarding/Typewriting: Stroking Skills and Basic Applications
Leonard J. West  ISBN 0028193407 9780028193403

Air Conditioning Metal Layout (Kaberlein Sheet Metal Series)
Joseph J. Kaberlein  ISBN 0028194403 9780028194400

Short-Cuts for Round Layouts
Joseph J. Kaberlein  ISBN 0028194500 9780028194509

Triangulation Short-Cut Layouts
Joseph Kaberlein  ISBN 0028194209 9780028194202

The New Encyclopedia of the Occult
John Michael Greer  ISBN 1567183360 9781567183368

Romance On Your Hands: Palmistry for Lovers
Spencer Grendahl  ISBN 1567183379 9781567183375

Mother Nature's Herbal (Llewellyn's Whole Life Series)
Judith Griffin  ISBN 1567183409 9781567183405

Dark Moon Mysteries: Wisdom, Power and Magic of the Shadow World
Timothy Roderick  ISBN 156718345X 9781567183450

The Crafting & Use of Ritual Tools: Step-by-Step Instructions for Woodcrafting Religious & Magical Implements
Eleanor Harris - Philip Harris  ISBN 1567183468 9781567183467

The Truth About Mind Power
William W. Hewitt  ISBN 1567183506 9781567183504

The Truth About Power in Your Birth Chart
William W. Hewitt  ISBN 1567183514 9781567183511

The New Palmistry: How to Read the Whole Hand and Knuckles
Judith Hipskind  ISBN 1567183522 9781567183528

Create Your Own Joy
Elizabeth Jean Rogers  ISBN 1567183549 9781567183542

Lilith, Darkness and Light Book One
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Ronin: Darkness and Light: Book II
D. A. Heeley  ISBN 1567183565 9781567183566

Celtic Mysteries in New England
Philip J. Imbrogno - Marianne Horrigan  ISBN 1567183573 9781567183573

Contact of the 5th Kind
Philip J. Imbrogno - Marianne Horrigan  ISBN 1567183611 9781567183610

Angel Magic: The Ancient Art of Summoning and Communicating with Angelic Beings (World Religion and Magic Series)
Geoffrey James  ISBN 1567183689 9781567183689

The Grail Castle: Male Myths & Mysteries in the Celtic Tradition (Llewellyn's Men's Spirituality Series)
Ken Johnson - Marguerite Elsbeth  ISBN 1567183697 9781567183696

The Silver Wheel: Women's Myths and Mysteries in the Celtic Tradition (Llewellyn's Celtic Wisdom Series)
Marguerite Elsbeth - Ken Johnson  ISBN 1567183719 9781567183719

Jaguar Wisdom: Mayan Calendar Magic (Contemporary Practices of Mayan Shamans)
Ken Johnson  ISBN 1567183727 9781567183726

Sacred Mask Sacred Dance (Llewellyn's Craft Series)
Evan John Jones - Chas S. Clifton  ISBN 1567183735 9781567183733

Slavic Sorcery: Shamanic Journey of Initiation
Ken Johnson  ISBN 1567183743 9781567183740

Sex, Magick, and Spirit: Enlightenment Through Ecstacy
Bonnie L. Johnston - Peter L. Schuerman  ISBN 1567183786 9781567183788

Witchcraft and the Shamanic Journey: Pagan Folkways from the Burning Times
Ken Johnson  ISBN 1567183794 9781567183795

Taming the Diet Dragon: Language & Imagery for Weight Control and Body Transformation (Llewellyn's Self-Empowerment)
Constance Kirk  ISBN 1567183832 9781567183832

Moonflower: Erotic Dreaming with the Goddess
Sirona Knight  ISBN 1567183859 9781567183856

Handwriting Analysis: A complete self-teaching guide
P. Scott Hollander  ISBN 1567183905 9781567183900

Tea Leaf Reading
William W. Hewitt  ISBN 1567183913 9781567183917

The Truth About Evocation of Spirits (Truth About Series)
Donald Michael Kraig  ISBN 156718393X 9781567183931

Earthtime Moontime: Rediscovering the Sacred Lunar Year
Annette Hinshaw  ISBN 1567183964 9781567183962

Interprete sus manos, el mapa de su vida (Spanish Edition)
Linda Domin  ISBN 1567183972 9781567183979

Autohipnosis para una vida mejor (Spanish Edition)
William W. Hewitt  ISBN 1567183980 9781567183986

Tarot Para Principiantes (Spanish Edition)
P. Scott Hollander  ISBN 1567183999 9781567183993

Aprenda cómo leer el tarot (Spanish Edition)
Anthony Louis  ISBN 1567184022 9781567184020

Contacto con extraterrestres: La invasión silenciosa (Spanish Edition)
Philip J. Imbrogno  ISBN 1567184049 9781567184044

After Death Communication: Final Farewells
Louis LaGrand  ISBN 1567184057 9781567184051

Messages & Miracles: Extraordinary Experiences of the Bereaved
Louis LaGrand  ISBN 1567184065 9781567184068

Tarot Shadow Work: Using the Dark Symbols to Heal
Christine Jette  ISBN 1567184081 9781567184082

The Ragbone Man (Llewellyn's Psi-Fi)
Charlotte Lawrence  ISBN 156718412X 9781567184129

The Holographic Dollhouse
Charlotte Lawrence  ISBN 1567184138 9781567184136

Violent Weather Predictions 2000-2001: Countdown to Cataclysm
Jennifer Lawson  ISBN 1567184146 9781567184143

The Green Guide to Herb Gardening
Deborah Harding  ISBN 1567184308 9781567184303

Invoke the Goddess; Visualizations of Hindu, Greek, and Egyptian Deities
Kala Trobe  ISBN 1567184316 9781567184310

What Your Face Reveals: Chinese Secrets of Face Reading
Henry B. Lin  ISBN 1567184332 9781567184334

Chinese Health Care Secrets: A Natural Lifestyle Approach
Henry Lin  ISBN 1567184340 9781567184341

Kundalini for Beginners (For Beginners (Llewellyn's))
Ravindra Kumar  ISBN 1567184359 9781567184358

Yoga: The Ultimate Spiritual Path
Rajarshi Swami Muni  ISBN 1567184413 9781567184419

Wild Girls: The Path of the Young Goddess
Patricia Monaghan  ISBN 1567184421 9781567184426

Bud, Blossom & Leaf: The Magical Herb Gardener's Handbook
Dorothy Morrison  ISBN 156718443X 9781567184433

In The Circle: Crafting the Witches' Path
Elen Hawke  ISBN 1567184448 9781567184440

Superwoman's Rite of Passage: From Midlife to Whole Life (Llewellyn's Health and Healing Series)
Kathleen Lundquist  ISBN 1567184472 9781567184471

¿Existe la reencarnación? (Spanish Edition)
Florence Wagner McClain  ISBN 1567184502 9781567184501

Cowboy and The Vampire: A Very Unusual Romance
Clark Hays - Kathleen McFall  ISBN 1567184510 9781567184518

Visions of Murder
Florence Wagner McClain  ISBN 1567184529 9781567184525

Healing Earth Tarot Kit (Book and Tarot Cards)
Jyoti Mckie - David McKie  ISBN 1567184545 9781567184549

The Dark God: A Personal Journey Through the Underworld
Nicholas R. Mann  ISBN 156718460X 9781567184600

Horoscope for the New Millennium
Eric Meece  ISBN 1567184618 9781567184617

The Office Oracle: Wisdom at Work
Patricia Monaghan  ISBN 1567184642 9781567184648

The New Book of Goddesses & Heroines
Patricia Monaghan  ISBN 1567184650 9781567184655

Magical Gardens: Myths, Mulch and Marigolds
Patricia Monaghan  ISBN 1567184669 9781567184662

Between the Worlds: Witchcraft and the Tree of Life-A Program of Spiritual Development (Llewellyn's Modern Witchcraft Series)
B. Stuart Myers  ISBN 1567184804 9781567184808

Angelic Enlightenment: A Personal Process
Linda Miller-Russo - Peter Miller-Russo  ISBN 1567184820 9781567184822

The Faerie Way: A Healing Journey to Other Worlds (Llewellyn's Celtic Wisdom Series)
Hugh Mynne  ISBN 1567184839 9781567184839

Sosegar el alma
Bruce Goldberg  ISBN 1567184863 9781567184860

The Soul as Healer
L. Joseph Nichols  ISBN 1567184871 9781567184877

Your Pet's Horoscope
Diana Nilsen  ISBN 156718488X 9781567184884

Finnish Magic (Llewellyn's World Religion & Magick)
Robert Nelson  ISBN 1567184898 9781567184891

The Fragrant Veil: Scents for the Sensuous Woman
Elisabeth Millar  ISBN 156718491X 9781567184914

Shamanic Guide To Death & Dying
Kristin Madden  ISBN 1567184944 9781567184945

Simple Fitness Exercises: Traditional Chinese Movements For Health & Rejuvenation
Jiawen Miao  ISBN 1567184952 9781567184952

Sydney Omarr Y Sus Revelaciones Astrologicas (Spanish Edition)
Sydney Omarr  ISBN 1567185010 9781567185010

Sydney Omarr's Astrological Revelations About You
Sydney Omarr  ISBN 1567185045 9781567185041

The Celtic Lunar Zodiac: How to Interpret Your Moon Sign
Helena Paterson  ISBN 156718510X 9781567185102

Reincarnation: Remembering Past Lives
Genevieve L. Paulson - Stephen J. Paulson  ISBN 1567185118 9781567185119

Chakras, Auras & the New Spirituality: A Complete Guide to Opening the Seven Senses
Genevieve L. Paulson - Stephen J. Paulson  ISBN 1567185134 9781567185133

Nostradamus 1999: Who Will Survive?
Stefan Paulus  ISBN 1567185150 9781567185157

Nostradamus 1999: Quien Sobrevivira? (Spanish Edition)
Stefan Paulus  ISBN 1567185169 9781567185164

The Mars/Venus Affair: Astrology's Sexiest Planets
Wendell C. Perry - Linda Perry  ISBN 1567185177 9781567185171

Secrets of Sacred Space
Chuck Pettis  ISBN 1567185193 9781567185195

Creator, Protector, Destroyer: Discover that You are God
John Picken  ISBN 1567185223 9781567185225

Blue Roots: African-American Folk Magic of the Gullah People
Roger Pinckney  ISBN 156718524X 9781567185249

Tarot of the Saints
Robert Place  ISBN 1567185274 9781567185270

The Shining Tribe Tarot, Renewed and Expanded
Rachel Pollack  ISBN 1567185320 9781567185324

The Forest of Souls: A Walk Through the Tarot
Rachel Pollack  ISBN 1567185339 9781567185331

Western Seeker, Eastern Paths: Exploring Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism & Tantra
David Pond  ISBN 1567185355 9781567185355

The Witches Tarot (Llewellyn's Modern Witchcraft Series)
Ellen Cannon Reed  ISBN 1567185584 9781567185584

Whispers of the Moon: The Life and Work of Scott Cunningham
David Harrington - deTraci Regula  ISBN 1567185592 9781567185591

The Mysteries of Isis: Her Worship & Magick (Llewellyn's World Religion and Magic Series)
DeTraci Regula  ISBN 1567185606 9781567185607

Seasons of Magic
Laurel Ann Reinhardt  ISBN 1567185649 9781567185645

Tarot: Your Everyday Guide
Janina Renée - Janina Renee  ISBN 1567185657 9781567185652

The Truth About Neo-Paganism
Anodea Judith  ISBN 1567185673 9781567185676

El libro para amantes
Carolyn Reynolds  ISBN 156718569X 9781567185690

A Rich Man's Secret: An Amazing Formula for Success
Ken Roberts  ISBN 1567185800 9781567185805

Moonlore: Myths and Folklore from Around the World
Gwydion O'Hara  ISBN 1567183425 9781567183429

Awareness Cards Kit
Susan Halliday  ISBN 1567183441 9781567183443

Pet Loss: A Spiritual Guide
Eleanor Lee Harris  ISBN 1567183476 9781567183474

The Rune Mysteries
Nigel Jackson - Silver RavenWolf  ISBN 1567183646 9781567183641

The Nigel Jackson Tarot
Nigel Jackson  ISBN 1567183654 9781567183658

The Enochian Magick of Dr. John Dee: The Most Powerful System of Magick in its Original, Unexpurgated Form
Geoffrey James  ISBN 1567183670 9781567183672

North Star Road: Shamanism, Witchcraft & the Otherworld Journey
Kenneth Johnson  ISBN 1567183700 9781567183702

Contact the Other Side: Seven Methods for Afterlife Communication
Konstantinos  ISBN 1567183778 9781567183771

The Elves of Lily Hill Farm: A Partnership with Nature
Penny Kelly  ISBN 1567183824 9781567183825

Greenfire: Making Love with the Goddess
Sirona Knight  ISBN 1567183867 9781567183863

Yoga for Every Athlete: Secrets of an Olympic Coach (Llewellyn's Strategies for Success)
Aladar Kogler  ISBN 1567183875 9781567183870

Shapeshifter Tarot
D. J. Conway - Sirona Knight  ISBN 1567183883 9781567183887

Shapeshifter Tarot (Book Only)
D. J. Conway - Sirona Knight  ISBN 1567183891 9781567183894

Drumming the Spirit to Life
Russell Buddy Helm  ISBN 1567184324 9781567184327

Egyptian Pyramid Oracle (Book & Card Pack)
Verona McColl  ISBN 1567184480 9781567184488

His Story: Masculinity in the Post-Patriarchal World (Llewellyn's Male Mysteries Series)
Nicholas R. Mann  ISBN 1567184588 9781567184587

Isle of Avalon: Sacred Mysteries of Arthur and Glastonbury Tor (Llewellyn's Celtic Wisdom Series)
Nicholas R. Mann  ISBN 1567184596 9781567184594

Magical Needlework: 35 Original Projects & Patterns
Dorothy Morrison  ISBN 1567184707 9781567184709

Magical Tattwa Cards: A Complete System of Self-Development (Boxed Kit)
Jonn Mumford  ISBN 1567184723 9781567184723

A Chakra and Kundalini Workbook: Psycho-Spiritual Techniques for Health Rejuvenation, Psychic Powers and Spiritual Realization
John Mumford  ISBN 156718474X 9781567184747

Mind Magic Kit
Swami Anandakapila Saraaswati - Jonn Mumford  ISBN 1567184758 9781567184754

World Spirit Tarot
Jessica Sczuka Godino - Lauren O'Leary  ISBN 1567185002 9781567185003

The Shining Tribe Tarot: Awakening the Universal Spirit
Rachel Pollack  ISBN 1567185142 9781567185140

Victoria Regina Tarot Companion
Sarah Ovenall - Georg Patterson  ISBN 1567185312 9781567185317

Witches Runes: Insights from the Old European Magickal Traditions
Silver RavenWolf - Nigel Jackson  ISBN 1567185533 9781567185539

Teen Witch Kit
Silver RavenWolf  ISBN 1567185541 9781567185546

Blessing in Disguise: Another Side of the Near Death Experience
Barbara Rommer  ISBN 1567185851 9781567185850

Maximum political freedom
 ISBN 0905539001 9780905539003

Dicken's Rochester
John Oliver  ISBN 0905540077 9780905540078

History of Strood
Henry Smetham  ISBN 0905540085 9780905540085

Sailorman Between the Wars: Being the Journal of a Thames, Medway and Swale Bargeman
John Allendale  ISBN 0905540093 9780905540092

Dickens' Characters
C.A.T. Brigden  ISBN 0905540123 9780905540122

History of Maidstone
J.M. Russell  ISBN 0905540158 9780905540153

Louis Brennan: Inventor extraordinaire
Norman Tomlinson  ISBN 0905540182 9780905540184

Story of Hoo Peninsula
Phillip MacDougall  ISBN 0905540190 9780905540191

Bygone medway
Malcolm John  ISBN 0905540204 9780905540207

Bygone medway
Malcolm John  ISBN 0905540239 9780905540238

Old cottages and farmhouses in Kent and Sussex: Illustrated in one hundred plates printed in collotype from a special series of photographs
W. Galsworthy Davie  ISBN 0905540697 9780905540696

Appleworks 3.0: Learning Through Applications
Debra Wendt - Steve Beville  ISBN 0028199006 9780028199009

Electronic Troubleshooting
Fabian J. Lahue  ISBN 0028199049 9780028199047

Automotive Electronic Fundamentals
Frank D. Petruzella  ISBN 0028199308 9780028199306

Introduction to Digital Circuits
Theodore F. Bogart  ISBN 0028199413 9780028199412

20,000+ words: Spelled and divided for quick reference
Charles E Zoubek  ISBN 0028200519 9780028200514

Professional Office Procedures/Book and 5 1/4 Inch Disk
Jolene D. Scriven  ISBN 0028199111 9780028199115

Professional office procedures
 ISBN 002819912X 9780028199122

Rivers in the Desert
John Millican  ISBN 0905542053 9780905542058

Tribute to Diana Bloomfield: A Pot-pourri of Her Wood Engravings and Drawings
Edward Burrett  ISBN 0905542118 9780905542119

Proverb and Paper-cuts from China
 ISBN 0905542126 9780905542126

Alternatives to medicine: A close look at related careers and why you should consider them
John Charles Thurman  ISBN 0905543009 9780905543000

Aldeburgh & around: Local studies
 ISBN 0905543076 9780905543079

Christian Marriage: A Guide for Young People
Thomas E. Langer  ISBN 0028201809 9780028201801

The Word Book
Suzanne M. Mulkerne - Donald J. D. Mulkerne  ISBN 0028201507 9780028201504

Los Angeles Unified School District  ISBN 0028202902 9780028202907

Los Angeles Unified School District  ISBN 0028203003 9780028203003

Menopause: A Gentle, Natural Approach
Edna Ryneveld  ISBN 1567185959 9781567185959

Secrets of a Natural Menopause: A Positive, Drug-Free Approach (Llewellyn's Health and Healing)
Edna Copeland Ryneveld  ISBN 1567185967 9781567185966

Cauldron Of Transformation
Lady Sabrina  ISBN 1567186009 9781567186000

Egyptian Magick: Enter the Body of Light & Travel the Magickal Universe (Llewellyn's High Magick)
Gerald Schueler - Betty Schueler  ISBN 1567186041 9781567186048

Fortune in a Coffee Cup
Sophia  ISBN 1567186106 9781567186109

21 Ways to Attract Your Soulmate
Arian Sarris  ISBN 1567186114 9781567186116

Curacion espiritual: alternativa para la salud (Spanish Edition)
Keith Sherwood  ISBN 1567186270 9781567186277

Mastery of Stress: Techniques for Relaxation in the Workplace
Paul Skye  ISBN 1567186300 9781567186307

Psychic Empowerment for Health and Fitness (Llewellyn's Strategies for Success)
Joe H. Slate  ISBN 1567186343 9781567186345

Psychic Empowerment: A 7-Day Plan for Self-Development (Llewellyn's Strategies for Success)
Joe H. Slate PhD  ISBN 1567186351 9781567186352

Astral Projection and Psychic Empowerment : Techniques for Mastering the Out-Of-Body Experience
Joe H. Slate PhD  ISBN 156718636X 9781567186369

Vea el aura (Spanish Edition)
Mark Smith  ISBN 1567186424 9781567186420

Magical Fabric Art: Spellwork & Wishcraft through Patchwork Quilting and Sewing
Sandra McCraw Scarpa  ISBN 156718653X 9781567186536

Circle Of The Cosmic Muse: A Wiccan Book of Shadows
Maria Kay Simms  ISBN 1567186564 9781567186567

Lady of the Night: A Handbook of Moon Magick & Rituals (Llewellyn's Modern Witchcraft)
Edain McCoy  ISBN 1567186602 9781567186604

In A Graveyard At Midnight: Folk Magic and Wisdom from the Heart of Appalachia
Edain McCoy  ISBN 1567186645 9781567186642

Entering the Summerland: Customs and Rituals of Transition into the Afterlife (World Religion & Magick Series)
Edain McCoy  ISBN 1567186653 9781567186659

Inside a Witches' Coven (Llewellyn's Modern Witchcraft Series)
Edain McCoy  ISBN 1567186661 9781567186666

Healing the Feminine: Reclaiming the Woman's Voice
Lesley Irene Shore  ISBN 156718667X 9781567186673

Instant Horoscope Predictor: Find Your Future Fast
Julia Lupton Skalka  ISBN 1567186688 9781567186680

The Instant Horoscope Reader: Planets by Sign, House and Aspect
Julia Lupton Skalka  ISBN 1567186696 9781567186697

Making Magic for Witches and Pagans
Edain McCoy  ISBN 156718670X 9781567186703

Mountain Magick: Folk Wisdom from the Heart of Appalachia (Llewellyn's Practical Magick Series)
Edain McCoy  ISBN 1567186718 9781567186710

Celtic Women's Spirituality: Accessing the Cauldron of Life
Edain McCoy  ISBN 1567186726 9781567186727

President's Astrologer
Barbara Shafferman  ISBN 1567186742 9781567186741

Fortune Telling with Playing Cards
Sophia  ISBN 1567186793 9781567186796

Poltergeists & the Paranormal
Philip Stander - Paul Schmolling  ISBN 1567186823 9781567186826

Mad About Mead: Nectar of the Gods
Pamela Spence  ISBN 1567186831 9781567186833

Gems of the Seven Color Rays: A Comprehensive Guide to Healing with Gems (More Crystals and New Age)
William Stuber  ISBN 1567186858 9781567186857

Celestial 911: Call with Your Right Brain for Answers!
Robert B. Stone  ISBN 1567186971 9781567186970

Life Without Limits: 10 Easy Steps to Success & Happiness
Robert B. Stone  ISBN 156718698X 9781567186987

Encantos para el amor (Spanish Edition)
Edain McCoy  ISBN 1567187013 9781567187014

Secrets of Western Sex Magic: Magical Energy & Gnostic Trance (Llewellyn's Tantra & Sexual Arts)
Frater U.:D.:  ISBN 1567187064 9781567187069

A Witch's Brew
Patricia Telesco  ISBN 1567187080 9781567187083

Twelve Faces of Saturn: Your Guardian Angel Planet
Bil Tierney  ISBN 1567187110 9781567187113

Alive and Well with Uranus: Transits of Self Awakening
Bil Tierney  ISBN 1567187137 9781567187137

Alive and Well with Pluto: Transits of Power and Renewal
Bil Tierney  ISBN 1567187145 9781567187144

Witches' Night of Fear (Witches' Chillers Series)
Silver RavenWolf  ISBN 1567187188 9781567187182

Beneath a Mountain Moon
Silver RavenWolf  ISBN 1567187226 9781567187229

Teen Witch: Wicca for a New Generation
Silver RavenWolf  ISBN 1567187250 9781567187250

Silver's Spells for Prosperity
Silver RavenWolf  ISBN 1567187269 9781567187267

Witches' Night Out
Silver RavenWolf  ISBN 1567187285 9781567187281

Hechizos Para La Protección (Spanish Silver's Spells Series) (Spanish Edition)
Silver RavenWolf  ISBN 1567187315 9781567187311

Predictions for a New Millennium
Noel Tyl  ISBN 1567187374 9781567187373

The Tortuous Serpent: An Occult Adventure
Donald Tyson  ISBN 1567187439 9781567187434

Tetragrammaton: The Secret to Evoking Angelic Powers and the Key to the Apocalypse (Llewellyn's High Magick Series)
Donald Tyson  ISBN 1567187447 9781567187441

New Millennium Magic : A Complete System of Self-Realization (Llewellyn's High Magick Series)
Donald Tyson  ISBN 1567187455 9781567187458

Rune Dice Divination Book
Donald Tyson  ISBN 1567187498 9781567187496

Success Secrets: Letters to Matthew
Richard Webster  ISBN 1567187889 9781567187885

The Complete Book of Palmistry: Includes Secrets of Indian Thumb Reading
Richard Webster  ISBN 1567187900 9781567187908

Talisman Magic: Yantra Squares for Tantric Divination (Llewellyn's Practical Magick Series)
Richard Webster  ISBN 156718801X 9781567188011

Dowsing for Beginners: How to Find Water, Wealth and Lost Objects (For Beginners (Llewellyn's))
Richard Webster  ISBN 1567188028 9781567188028

Feng Shui Mapping Guide
Richard Webster  ISBN 1567188052 9781567188059

The Arthurian Quest: Living the Legends of Camelot (Llewellyn's Celtic Wisdom Series)
Amber Wolfe  ISBN 1567188060 9781567188066

Elemental Power: Celtic Faerie Craft & Druidic Magic (Llewellyn's Celtic Wisdom)
Amber Wolfe  ISBN 1567188079 9781567188073

Feng Shui for the Workplace
Richard Webster  ISBN 1567188087 9781567188080

El Tarot de Robin Wood (Spanish Edition)
Robin Wood  ISBN 1567188125 9781567188127

The Magician's Reflection: A Complete Guide to Creating Personal Magical Symbols and Systems
Bill Whitcomb  ISBN 1567188141 9781567188141

After Life: Survival of the Soul
Colin Wilson  ISBN 1567188176 9781567188172

Candles, Meditation and Healing
Charlene Whitaker  ISBN 1567188184 9781567188189

The Energy Body Connection: The Healing Experience of Self-Embodiment
Pamela Welch  ISBN 1567188192 9781567188196

Las Velas (Spanish Edition)
Charlene Whitaker  ISBN 1567188222 9781567188226

The Passionate Palate: Recipes for Cooking Up a Delicious Life
Desiree Witkowski  ISBN 1567188249 9781567188240

El Cometa de Nostradamus: Agosto 2004 Impacto! (Spanish Edition)
R.W. Welch  ISBN 1567188265 9781567188264

Destined for Murder: Profiles of Six Serial Killers with Astrological Commentary
Sandra Harrison Young - Edna Rowland  ISBN 156718832X 9781567188325

The Tarot of the Orishas: j23Complete Kit
Zolrak  ISBN 1567188427 9781567188424

The Tarot of the Orishas/El tarot de los orishas (Spanish and English Edition)
Zolrak  ISBN 1567188435 9781567188431

Healing the Past: Getting On with Your Life
Arian Sarris  ISBN 1567186017 9781567186017

Signs of Love: Your Personal Guide to Romantic & Sexual Compatibility
Jeraldine Saunders  ISBN 1567186025 9781567186024

Asteroid Name Encyclopedia
Jacob Schwartz  ISBN 1567186092 9781567186093

Love Boat: Collector's Edition
Jeraldine Saunders  ISBN 1567186149 9781567186147

The Enochian Tarot
Gerald Schueler - Betty Schueler  ISBN 1567186203 9781567186208

The Sacred Marriage : Honoring the God and Goddess within Each Other
Lira Silbury  ISBN 1567186548 9781567186543

A Grimoire of Shadows: Witchcraft, Paganism, & Magick
Ed Fitch  ISBN 1567186599 9781567186598

How to Do Automatic Writing (Llewellyn's How to)
Edain McCoy  ISBN 1567186629 9781567186628

From Flying Toads to Snakes with Wings : From the Pages of Fate Magazine
Karl P. N. Shuker  ISBN 1567186734 9781567186734

Sophia's Fortunetelling Kit
Sophia  ISBN 1567186807 9781567186802

Dancing Shadows: The Roots of Western Religious Beliefs (Llewellyn's World Religion and Magic)
Aoumiel  ISBN 1567186912 9781567186918

Women's Psychic Lives
Diane Stein  ISBN 1567186920 9781567186925

Faery Wicca, Book 1: Theory and Magick, a Book of Shadows and Lights (The Ancient Oral Faery Tradition of Ireland) (Bk.1)
Kisma K. Stepanich  ISBN 1567186947 9781567186949

Faery Wicca, Book 2: The Shamanic Practices of the Cunning Arts (The Ancient Oral Faery Tradition of Ireland)
Kisma K. Stepanich  ISBN 1567186955 9781567186956

Faery Wicca Tarot Kit: Ancient Faery Tradition of Ireland
Kisma K. Stepanich  ISBN 1567186963 9781567186963

American Folk Magick
Silver RavenWolf  ISBN 156718720X 9781567187205

HexCraft: Dutch Country Magick (Llewellyn's Practical Magick Series)
Silver RavenWolf  ISBN 1567187234 9781567187236

Sexual Alchemy: Magical Intercourse with Spirits
Donald Tyson  ISBN 1567187412 9781567187410

Rune Dice Kit: Reading Fortunes, Doing Magic & Making Charms
Donald Tyson  ISBN 156718748X 9781567187489

When Santa Was A Shaman: Ancient Origins of Santa Claus & the Christmas Tree
Tony van Renterghem  ISBN 156718765X 9781567187656

Seven Secrets to Success: A Story of Hope
Richard Webster  ISBN 1567187978 9781567187977

Omens, Oghams & Oracles: Divination in the Druidic Tradition
Richard Webster  ISBN 1567188001 9781567188004

Chinese Numerology: The Way to Prosperity & Fulfillment
Richard Webster  ISBN 1567188044 9781567188042

Numerology Magic
Richard Webster  ISBN 1567188133 9781567188134

Golden Dawn Enochian Magic (Llewellyn's Golden Dawn Series)
Pat Zalewski  ISBN 1567188389 9781567188387

Implementing the Dykes Act: Three examples : a report for the Department of the Environment
Transport & Environment Studies (Organization)  ISBN 0905545001 9780905545004

The pedestrian: Planning & research : a literature review and annotated bibliography
John Elkington  ISBN 090554501X 9780905545011

Pedestrian precincts in Britain
John Roberts  ISBN 0905545028 9780905545028

Sport and leisure in contemporary society
 ISBN 0905546008 9780905546001

General Industrial Educations Series
 ISBN 0028203909 9780028203904

Los Angeles Unified School District  ISBN 0028204204 9780028204208

Los Angeles Unified School District  ISBN 0028204409 9780028204406

Industrial Crafts
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Information & Records Management
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Alternative Wales
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The five language European dictionary
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Knowledge Creation, Diffusion, and Use in Innovation Networks and Knowledge Clusters: A Comparative Systems Approach Across the United States, Europe, ... Innovation, and Knowledge Management)
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Vampires: The Greatest Stories
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Haunted Houses: The Greatest Stories
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Crazy Horse
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Great Western Indian Fights
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Sherlock Holmes in Orbit
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A Grateful Heart
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When Anger Hurts Your Kids: A Parent's Guide
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The Addiction Workbook
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Chronic Pain Control Workbook
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Walker in the City
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Solving Your Child's Reading Problems
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Stop Treating Me Like a Child: (But First Can You Lend Me Some Money?)
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Uppity Women of Medieval Times
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A Day at a Time/Keep It Simple
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Twenty-Four Hours a Day the Little Red Book
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Each Day a New Beginning/Today's Gift (Hazelden Meditations Flip Book)
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Celebrating Girls
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Getting Your Child to Sleep...& Back to Sleep
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Fine Communications  ISBN 1567312772 9781567312775

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Secret Societies
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Power of Focusing
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Wellness 9 to 5: Managing Stress at Work
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The Woman's Book of Courage: Meditations for Empowerment & Peace of Mind
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Taking Control of Your Moods and Your Life: A Thoughts and Feelings Workbook
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Witch Doctor's Apprentice: Hunting for Medicinal Plants in the Amazon
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The Amazing Civil War: A Fascinating Collection of Little-Known Facts of the Four-Year Conflict That Changed America
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Why You Say It
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Psycho Cybernetics
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Living Without Procrastination
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Hell's Belles
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Medicare Made Easy 1999
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The Art & Skill of Dealing With People
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The Art of Winning Conversation: Proven Communication Techniques for Personal and Professional Success
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Baby: An Owner's Manual
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Girls Know Best: Advice for Girls from Girls on Just About Everything
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A Guy's Guide to Pregnancy: Preparing for Parenthood Together
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Intuitive Way
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Thomas Hine  ISBN 1567313167 9781567313161

How to Do What You Love for a Living
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Phobia Free: A Medical Breakthrough Linking 90% of All Phobias and Panic Attacks to a Hidden Physical Problem
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Loose Cannons
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Wild Words from Wild Women: An Unbridled Collection of Candid Observations
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Stone Soup for the World
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Wonderful Ways to Be a Family
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Birthday Parties
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Trouble-Free Travel With Children: Helpful Hints for Parents on the Go
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Love the One You Love
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The Complete Tracker The Tracks, Signs and Habits of North American Wildlife
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Literary Almanac
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Breaking Free of the Co-Dependency Trap
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Addictive Thinking and the Addictive Personality
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Reflections in the Light: Daily Thoughts and Affirmations
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Infidelity, a Survival Guide
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Nausea: The Wall and Other Stories
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Cats of the Masters
Michael Patrick  ISBN 1567313353 9781567313352

Mutts of the Masters
Michael Patrick  ISBN 1567313361 9781567313369

Take It Off and Keep It Off
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125 Most Asked Questions About Cats (And the Answers)
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Finding True Love: The Four Essential Keys to Discovering the Love of Your Life
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Simple Fun for Busy People: 333 Free Ways to Enjoy Your Loved Ones More in the Time You Have
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How to Find the Love of Your Life
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How to Recognize Emotional Unavailability and Make Healthy Relationship Choices
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Good Dogs
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Personal Best: 1001 Great Ideas for Achieving Success in Your Career
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The Art of Pilgrimage: The Seeker's Guide to Making Travel Sacred
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Norman Rockwell's American Memories
Norman Rockwell  ISBN 1567313523 9781567313529

The Most Important Thing I Know
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Every Excuse in the Book
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Wit: Humorous Quotations from Woody Allen to Oscar Wilde
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1,003 Great Things About Kids
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1,003 Great Things About Getting Older
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Why People Believe Weird Things: Pseudo-Science, Superstition, and Bogus Notions of Our Time
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In Search of Stones
M. Scott Peck  ISBN 1567313604 9781567313604

What No One Tells the Bride
Marg Stark  ISBN 1567313612 9781567313611

Screenwriters on Screenwriting
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Offbeat Uses for Everyday Things: Hundreds of Amazing and Ridiculous Applications for Brand-Name Products
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How to Sound Smart: A Quick and Witty Guide
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Forever, Erma: Best-Loved Writing from America's Favorite Humorist
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Gratitude: Affirming the Good Things in Life
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Empowerment Takes More Than a Minute
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Repacking Your Bags: How to Live With a New Sense of Purpose
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He's Scared, She's Scared: Understanding the Hidden Fears Sabotaging Your Relationships
Steven Carter - Julia Sokol  ISBN 1567313701 9781567313703

Uppity Women of Shakespearean Times
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The Danzig Trilogy: The Tin Drum, Cat and Mouse, Dog Years
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Questions for My Father
Vincent Staniforth  ISBN 1567313752 9781567313758

An End to Panic
Elke Zuercher-White  ISBN 1567313760 9781567313765

Don't Take It Personally!: Transform Rejection into Self-Acceptance
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Golfing in the Zone
Larry Miller  ISBN 1567313795 9781567313796

The Astronomy Cafe: The Best 365 Questions and Answers from "Ask the Astronomer"
Sten F. Odenwald  ISBN 1567313817 9781567313819

Healing Fear: New Approaches to Overcoming Anxiety
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The Beginning Filmmaker's Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Make Your First Film
Renee Harmon  ISBN 1567313841 9781567313840

Big Things Happen When You Do the Little Things Right
Don Gabor  ISBN 156731385X 9781567313857

Headache Relief
Seymour Diamond - Bill Still - Cynthia Still  ISBN 1567313884 9781567313888

Prosperity: A Woman's Guide ; Achieving Spiritual, Financial and Emotional Abundance
Ruth Ross  ISBN 1567313892 9781567313895

Recovering After Loss
Bob Deits  ISBN 1567313914 9781567313918

The Limits of Art: A Critic's Anthology of Western Literature (the Best that Has Been Written and Said)
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How to Win Every Argument: An Introduction to Critical Thinking
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Merrill Chemistry Modern Course
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Merrill Chemistry
Robert C. Smoot - Merrill  ISBN 0028272242 9780028272245

Merrill Chemistry: Study Guide
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Merrill Chemistry: Solving Problems in Chemistry
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Merrill Chemistry: Vocabulary and Concept Review
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Report on a one-day conference on 'The Living Village' [organized by the] Community Council for Nottinghamshire
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Chemistry Laboratory Manual: Concepts and Applications
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Chemistry: Concept and Applications
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Chemistry: Concepts and Applications Chemlab & Minilab Worksheets
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Chemistry: Concepts And Applications
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Home Maintenance and Repair
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Hypnosis for Change
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1,003 Great Things About Friends
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Ten Things Every Parent Needs to Know
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Understanding Attention Deficit Disorder: Ground-Breaking Methods of Diagnosis and Treatment
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The Courage to Give: Inspiring Stories of People Who Triumphed over Tragedy to Make a Difference in the World
Jackie Waldman - Janis Leibs Dworkis  ISBN 1567313973 9781567313970

The Life You Were Born to Live
Dan Millman  ISBN 1567313981 9781567313987

The Peaceful Warrior Collection
Dan Millman  ISBN 156731399X 9781567313994

Woman's Book of Spirit
Sue Patton Thoele  ISBN 1567314007 9781567314007

Mother Teresa: No Greater Love
Mother Teresa  ISBN 1567314015 9781567314014

Power of Kindness: Reconnecting to Friends, Family and the World
 ISBN 1567314023 9781567314021

The Ultimate Beatles Encyclopedia
Bill Harry  ISBN 1567314031 9781567314038

Irish American Pub Quiz
Liam McAtasney  ISBN 156731404X 9781567314045

The Power of Purpose: Creating Meaning in Your Life and Work
Richard J. Leider  ISBN 1567314066 9781567314069

A Woman's Guide to Vitamins, Minerals & Alternative Healing
Sherry Wilson Sultenfuss - Thomas J. Sultenfuss  ISBN 1567314074 9781567314076

How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With
Clarice Rutherford - David H. Neil  ISBN 1567314112 9781567314113

For the Love of God: Handbook for the Spirit
 ISBN 1567314120 9781567314120

The Millionaire's Path: Passion, Optimism, and Wealth
Mark Fisher  ISBN 1567314139 9781567314137

Little Book of Golf Slang
Randy Voorhees  ISBN 1567314147 9781567314144

The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women: A Portable Mentor
Gail McMeekin  ISBN 1567314163 9781567314168

Guy Goes into a Bar
Al Tapper  ISBN 156731418X 9781567314182

Getting to Commitment
Steven Carter - Julia Sokol  ISBN 1567314201 9781567314205

How to Succeed in Sport and Life: Transforming Training into a Path of Discovery
Dan Millman  ISBN 156731421X 9781567314212

The Art of Mingling: Easy, Fun, and Proven Techniques for Mastering Any Room
Jeanne Martinet  ISBN 1567314228 9781567314229

That's Funny
 ISBN 1567314244 9781567314243

A Book for Couples
Hugh Prather - Gayle Prather  ISBN 1567314252 9781567314250

Imagine a Woman in Love With Herself: Embracing Your Wisdom and Wholeness
Patricia Lynn Reilly  ISBN 1567314260 9781567314267

Prayers for Healing
Maggie Oman  ISBN 1567314279 9781567314274

Charisma: Discover and Unleash Your Hidden Powers
Doe Lang  ISBN 1567314309 9781567314304

Albert Einstein: Philosopher-Scientist (Living Philosophers Volume 7)
 ISBN 1567314325 9781567314328

Living in Balance
Joel Levey - Michelle Levey  ISBN 1567314333 9781567314335

Simplify Your Life: A Step-by-Step Guide to Better Living
Odette Pollar  ISBN 1567314341 9781567314342

The Divorce Book: A Practical and Compassionate Guide
Matthew McKay - Peter Rogers - Joan Blades - Richard Gosse  ISBN 156731435X 9781567314359

List Your Life
Ilene Segalove - Bob Velick  ISBN 1567314384 9781567314380

The Angry Heart: An Interactive Self-Help Guide to Overcoming Borderline and Addictive Disorders
Joseph, Ph.D. Santoro  ISBN 1567314392 9781567314397

The Little Book of Bridal Etiquette for the 21st Century
Martha A. Woodham  ISBN 1567314406 9781567314403

How to Win an Argument: Surefire Strategies for Getting Your Point Across
Michael A. Gilbert  ISBN 1567314430 9781567314434

Power of Prayer
Dale Salwak  ISBN 1567314457 9781567314458

Women on Life: A Book of Quotations
Maggio  ISBN 1567314465 9781567314465

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life
Matthew McKay - Patrick Fanning  ISBN 1567314473 9781567314472

Notes to Each Other
Hugh Prather - Gayle Prather  ISBN 1567314481 9781567314489

The Self-Esteem Companion: Simple Exercises to Help You Challenge Your Inner Critic and Celebrate Your Personal Strengths
Matthew McKay - Patrick Fanning - Carole Honeychurch - Catharine Sutker  ISBN 156731449X 9781567314496

How Can I Get Through to You?: The Tried-And-True Method for Achieving Breakthrough Communication in Personal Relationships
D. Glenn Foster - Mary Marshall  ISBN 156731452X 9781567314526

Your Money Style
Olivia Mellan  ISBN 1567314538 9781567314533

The Timeless Wisdom of Shakespeare: 365 Quotations from the Plays and Sonnets
Michael Macrone  ISBN 1567314546 9781567314540

Simple Truths: Clear and Gentle Guidance on the Big Issues in Life
Kent Nerburn  ISBN 1567314554 9781567314557

Small Graces
Kent Nerburn  ISBN 1567314562 9781567314564

Whack on the Side of the Head
Roger Von Oech  ISBN 1567314570 9781567314571

It's a Chick Thing
Ame Mahler Beanland Terry  ISBN 1567314619 9781567314618

201 Ways to Deal With Difficult People: A Quick-Tip Survival Guide
Alan Axelrod - James Holtje  ISBN 1567314635 9781567314632

201 Ways to Manage Your Time Better
Alan Axelrod - James Holtje  ISBN 1567314643 9781567314649

Seven Secrets of Successful Women
Donna Brooks  ISBN 1567314651 9781567314656

That's Really Funny! Over 1000 More Great Jokes from America's Funniest Comedians
Various Contributors  ISBN 1567314686 9781567314687

The Home Problem Solver
Don Vandervort  ISBN 1567314775 9781567314779

Men, Women and Relationships
John Gray  ISBN 1567314783 9781567314786

Man's Search for Ultimate Meaning
Viktor E. Frankl  ISBN 1567314791 9781567314793

Mind, Mood, and Emotion: A Book of Therapies
Lynette Bassman  ISBN 1567314813 9781567314816

Reach Your True Potential: How to Overcome Self-Defeating Behavior
Sheri O. Zampelli  ISBN 1567314848 9781567314847

The Book of Love
Daphne Rose Kingma  ISBN 1567314856 9781567314854

125 Brain Games for Babies: Simple Games