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St. Patrick's Eve
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Military Railways
W. D. Connor  ISBN 1589638786 9781589638785

Mississippi Bubble, The
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Kao Yu-Pao: Story of a Poor Peasant Boy
Kao Yu-Pao  ISBN 1589638824 9781589638822

City Invincible
Kirill A. Meretskov  ISBN 1589638832 9781589638839

Historic Boyhoods
Rupert S. Holland  ISBN 1589638840 9781589638846

The Confessions of Con Cregan: The Irish Gil Blas
Charles James Lever  ISBN 1589638859 9781589638853

Legends of Saints and Birds
A. A. Hilton  ISBN 1589638867 9781589638860

In Jail with Charles Dickens
Alfred Trumble  ISBN 1589638875 9781589638877

Story About a Real Man, A
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Valhalla: The Myths of Norseland
Julia Clinton-Jones  ISBN 1589638891 9781589638891

Plato and Platonism: A Series of Lectures
Walter Pater  ISBN 1589638905 9781589638907

Prince of Swindlers, A
Guy Newell Boothby  ISBN 1589638913 9781589638914

Great Diamond Hoax, The
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V. I. Lenin: A Brief Sketch of His Life and Activities
Marx-Engels-Lenin Institute  ISBN 1589638948 9781589638945

A Magician Among the Spirits
Harry Houdini  ISBN 1589638956 9781589638952

The Authentic Life of Thomas DeWitt Talmage: The Greatly Beloved Divine
John Rusk  ISBN 1589638964 9781589638969

Treasures of the Northland: A Compendium of the Literature, Art, Science, Poetry, Folk-Lore and Ancient Myths of the Scandinavian Race
A. C. Clausen  ISBN 1589638972 9781589638976

Boy Spy, The
J. O. Kerbey  ISBN 1589638980 9781589638983

The Little Grandmother of the Russian Revolution: Reminiscences and Letters of Catherine Breshkovsky
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Tales of the Malayan Coast: From Penang to the Philippines
Rounsevelle Wildman  ISBN 1589639006 9781589639003

Sant' Ilario
Francis Marion Crawford  ISBN 1589639014 9781589639010

Three Gringos in Venezuela and Central America
Richard Harding-Davis  ISBN 1589639022 9781589639027

THOMAS BABINGTON MACAULAY  ISBN 1589639030 9781589639034

The Hidden Church of the Holy Grail: It's Legends and Symbolism
Arthur Edward Waite  ISBN 1589639057 9781589639058

V. I. Lenin On Trade Unions
Vladimir Il'ich Lenin  ISBN 1589639065 9781589639065

Life Beyond Death: A Review of the World?
Minot Judson Savage  ISBN 158963909X 9781589639096

Evolution of Christianity, The
Minot Judson Savage  ISBN 1589639103 9781589639102

Stories from Plato and other Classic Writers Classics for Children
Mary E. Burt  ISBN 1589639111 9781589639119

Epigrams of Ralph Waldo Emerson, The
Eric Briton  ISBN 1589639154 9781589639157

No Hero
E. W. Hornung  ISBN 1589639162 9781589639164

Anarchism or Socialism?
Joseph V. Stalin  ISBN 1589639170 9781589639171

Last Egyptian, The
L. Frank Baum  ISBN 1589639197 9781589639195

Battle of the Rafts and Other Stories of Boyhood in Norway, The
H. H. Boyesen  ISBN 1589639227 9781589639225

V. I. Lenin On Worker's Control and the Nationalization of Industry
I. Lenin Vladimir  ISBN 1589639235 9781589639232

Little White Bird, The
James Matthew Barrie  ISBN 1589639243 9781589639249

The Headsman: The Abbaye des Vignerons
J. Fenimore Cooper  ISBN 1589639251 9781589639256

Rory O'More A National Romance
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The Life of Richard Wagner and The Wagnerian Drama
David Falkayn  ISBN 1589639278 9781589639270

Sohrab and Rustum, and Other Poems
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Studies in Nature and Literature
John Buroughs  ISBN 1589639308 9781589639300

Stories of the Sea: Told by Sailors
Edward Everett Hale  ISBN 1589639316 9781589639317

Three Years' War
Christian Rudolf de Wet  ISBN 1589639324 9781589639324

Christ and His Companions: Famous Figures of the New Testament
William Jennings Bryan  ISBN 1589639332 9781589639331

V. I. Lenin On Utopian and Scientific Socialism: Articles and Speeches
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An Ocean Boyhood
Arthur Mason  ISBN 1589639359 9781589639355

Poetical Works of Edmund Clarence Stedman, The
Edmund Clarence Stedman  ISBN 1589639383 9781589639386

Literature and Dogma: An Essay Towards a Better Apprehension of the Bible
Matthew Arnold  ISBN 1589639405 9781589639409

Dead Men Tell No Tales
E. W. Hornung  ISBN 1589639413 9781589639416

Book of Indian Braves
Kate Dickinson Sweetser  ISBN 1589639421 9781589639423

New Spirit, The
Havelock Ellis  ISBN 158963943X 9781589639430

Prince of Bohemia and Other Stories, A
Honore de Balzac  ISBN 1589639448 9781589639447

Right To Be Lazy and Other Studies, The
Paul Lafargue  ISBN 1589639456 9781589639454

Debs and the Poets
 ISBN 1589639464 9781589639461

Evolution of Property from Savagery to Civilization, The
Paul Lafargue  ISBN 1589639472 9781589639478

Letters of Pontius Pilate: Written during His Governorship of Judea to His Friend Seneca in Rome
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The Half-Timber House: Its Origin, Design, Modern Plan, and Construction
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Russian Gentleman, A
Serghei Aksakoff  ISBN 1589639510 9781589639515

Paul and Virginia
Bernardin de Saint-Pierre  ISBN 1589639529 9781589639522

Bret Harte  ISBN 1589639537 9781589639539

Drift from Two Shores
Bret Harte  ISBN 1589639545 9781589639546

By Shore and Sedge
Bret Harte  ISBN 1589639553 9781589639553

Notes From My Bible
Dwight L. Moody  ISBN 1589639561 9781589639560

The Wild Beasts, Birds and Reptiles of the World: The Story of Their Capture
P. T. Barnum  ISBN 1589639588 9781589639584

Early Stories
Mikhail Sholokhov  ISBN 158963960X 9781589639607

Eunuchs, Odalisques and Love: A Frenchman?
Nicholas Fromaget  ISBN 1589639618 9781589639614

Twilight of the Nymphs, The
Pierre Louys  ISBN 1589639626 9781589639621

Lovely Lady, The
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Small-Craft Harbors: Design, Construction, and Operation
James W. Dunham - Arnold A. Finn  ISBN 1589639650 9781589639652

Recollections of Nova Scotia: The Clockmaker or the Sayings and Doings of Samuel Slick of Slickville
T. Haliburton  ISBN 0919662005 9780919662001

Towards a Canadian literature: Essays, editorials, and manifestos
 ISBN 0919662013 9780919662018

Towards a Canadian literature: Essays, editorials, and manifestos
 ISBN 0919662021 9780919662025

Towards a Canadian literature: Essays, editorials, and manifestos
 ISBN 0919662048 9780919662049

Towards a Canadian literature: Essays, editorials and manifestos
n/a  ISBN 0919662056 9780919662056

Windflower: Poems of Bliss Carman
Bliss Carman  ISBN 0919662064 9780919662063

Windflower : poems of Bliss Carman
Bliss Carman  ISBN 0919662072 9780919662070

Days of rage
Herman Buller  ISBN 0919660002 9780919660007

Days of rage
Herman Buller  ISBN 0919660010 9780919660014

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Gonzalo Millan  ISBN 0919661025 9780919661028

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An index to the contents of the periodical Canadian literature, nos. 1-102
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Double Life and the Detectives, A
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Drug Enforcement Administration Physical Fitness Handbook
Drug Enforcement Administration  ISBN 158963974X 9781589639744

Legends and Popular Tales of the Basque People
Mariana Monteiro  ISBN 1589639758 9781589639751

Further Adventures of Quincy Adams Sawyer and Mason's Corner Folks, The
Charles Felton Pidgin  ISBN 1589639774 9781589639775

Ten Years A Cowboy
Charles Clement Post  ISBN 1589639782 9781589639782

True Americanism
Theodore IV Roosevelt  ISBN 1589639790 9781589639799

Wooden Houses
J. O. Wengstroms  ISBN 1589639804 9781589639805

Sketches, Stories and Bohemian Papers
Bret Harte  ISBN 1589639812 9781589639812

Susy: A Story of the Plains
Bret Harte  ISBN 1589639820 9781589639829

Appreciations of Poetry
Lafcadio Hearn  ISBN 1589639847 9781589639843

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Gypsies and The Detectives, The
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Lost Road, The
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Collected Tales of Pierre Louÿs, The
Pierre Louys  ISBN 1589639898 9781589639898

The Life of Daniel Boone: The Founder of the State of Kentucky and Colonel's Boone Autobiography
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Story of the Airship, The
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Experiments with Alternate Currents of High Potential and High Frequency
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The Shepherd's Pipe and Other Stories
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Man of War Life: A Boy's Experience in the United States Navy
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Legends and Romances of Spain
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The Constitution and the Nation (Teaching Texts in Law and Politics, V. 23)
Christopher Waldrep - Lynne Curry  ISBN 0820457310 9780820457314

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The Rhetoric of Rage
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Remembering School
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Re-mapping Literary Worlds (Counterpoints)
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The Spirit Lives
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19 Urban Questions (Counterpoints)
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On the Outside Looking In(dian)
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Akwasi P. Osei  ISBN 0820458171 9780820458175

Rethinking Peter Weiss
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Germans and the Revolution of 1848-1849
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Urban Scots Dialect Writing
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Through Alien Eyes: The Visit of the Russian Ship Rurik to San Francisco in 1816 and the Men Behind the Visit (North American Studies in 19th-Century German Literature)
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L'Univers Constelle de Proust, Joyce Et Faulkner: Le Concept D'Epiphanie Dans L'Esthetique Du Modernisme (European Connections, Vol. 5) (French Edition)
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Logic Reformed
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Letting Go: Rethinking Kenosis
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Legacy and Contribution to Canada of European Female Emigrants
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Variation in Central Modals: A Repertoire of Forms and Types of Usage in Middle English and Early Modern English (Linguistic Insights. Studies in Language and Communication)
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Legacies and Identity: East and West German Literary Responses to Unification (British and Irish Studies in German Language and Literature)
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Hitler's Voice: The Volkischer Beobachter, 1920-1933
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Milk & Blood: Gender and Genealogy in the 'Chanson De Geste'
Finn E. Sinclair  ISBN 0820459100 9780820459103

Regularities in the Behaviour of Russian Phrasal Idioms
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Trinity and Inter Faith Dialogue: Plenitude and Plurality (Religions and Discourse Vol. 14)
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Autonomous Voices: An Exploration of Polyphony in the Novels of Samual Richardson
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Homosexual Rights As Human Rights: Activism in Indonesia, Singapore and Australia
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Gustave Moreau Et Les Arts Jumeaux: Peinture Et Litterature Au Dix-Neuvieme Siecle (Le Romantisme Et Apre's France) (German Edition)
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Brazil at a Crossroads: An Evaluation of the Economic, Political and Social Situation
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Phrases and Phraseology - Data and Descriptions (Linguistic Insights. Studies in Language and Communication)
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31E Symposium International Fesf Strasbourg: Les Regions En Face De L'Amenagement Du Territoire, Du Droit Foncier Et De LA Protection De ... and Social Policy) (Multilingual Edition)
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Urban Radicals, Rural Allies: Social Democracy and the Agrarian Issue, 1870-1914 (International and Comparative Social History, 7)
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Eileen Williams-Wanquet  ISBN 0820459380 9780820459387

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Christian Theology of Religions: A Systematic Reflection on the Christian Understanding of World Religions (Studies in the Intercultural History of Christianity)
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Colourful Green Ideas: Papers from the Conference 30 Years of Language and Ecology (Graz, 2000) and the Symposium Sprache Und Okologie (Passau, 2001 (German Edition)
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Grounds to Play: Culture-Specific Ideals in the Upbringing of Children in France, Germany and the Netherlands (Explorationen, Bd. 37.)
Malene Gram  ISBN 082045947X 9780820459479

The Road to Independence: Leaving Home in Western and Eastern Societies, 16Th-20th Centuries (Population, family, & society)
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French in and Out of France: Language Policies, Intercultural Antagonisms, and Dialogue (Modern French Identities,)
Hugo Azerad  ISBN 0820458597 9780820458595

The Bible Through Metaphor and Translation: A Cognitive Semantic Perspective (Religions and Discourse)
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Complicities: Connections and Divisions : Perspectives on Literataures and Cultures of the Asia-Pacific Region
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Hubert Manohar Watson  ISBN 0820459518 9780820459516

The Book of Canadian prose
 ISBN 0919662080 9780919662087

The Book of Canadian prose
A. J. Smith  ISBN 0919662099 9780919662094

Powassan's drum: Poems of Duncan Campbell Scott
Duncan Campbell Scott  ISBN 0919662102 9780919662100

Powassan's drum : poems of Duncan Campbell Scott
Duncan Campbell Scott  ISBN 0919662110 9780919662117

The simple adventures of a memsahib (Literature of the Raj)
Everard Cotes  ISBN 0919662129 9780919662124

The simple adventures of a memsahib
Everard Cotes  ISBN 0919662137 9780919662131

Selected poetry of Archibald Lampman
Archibald Lampman  ISBN 0919662145 9780919662148

Selected poetry of Archibald Lampman
Archibald Lampman  ISBN 0919662153 9780919662155

The imperialist
Everard Cotes  ISBN 0919662218 9780919662216

Sara Jeannette Duncan - Thomas Tausky  ISBN 0919662226 9780919662223

An index to the contents of the periodical Canadian literature
Glenn Clever  ISBN 0919662269 9780919662261

Totems: Essays on the cultural history of Canada
Robert L McDougall  ISBN 0919662315 9780919662315

Totems: Essays on the cultural history of Canada
Robert L McDougall  ISBN 0919662323 9780919662322

The vagrants of the barren, and other stories of Charles G.D. Roberts
Charles George Douglas Roberts  ISBN 091966234X 9780919662346

The Vagrants of the Barren and Other Stories
Charles G. D. Roberts  ISBN 0919662358 9780919662353

Sister woman (Early Canadian women writers series)
J. G Sime  ISBN 0919662366 9780919662360

Sister woman (Early Canadian women writers series)
J. G Sime  ISBN 0919662374 9780919662377

Shenac's work at home (Early Canadian women writers series)
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Albert Camus, an analysis of his thought
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St. Lawrence and the Saguenay and other poems
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Who is a Quebecois?
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Who is a Quebecois?
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Nineteenth-century narrative poetry
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queneau que si
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75,000+ Baby Names for the 21st Century
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Georgia's Landmarks, Memorials, and Legends
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American Evangelical Enterprise in Africa
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Representing the Unimaginable: Narratives of Disaster
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German Policy on Immigration-from Ethnos to Demos?
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The International Order at the Beginning of the 21st Century: Theoretical Considerations (International Security Studies)
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Dialogue: The Church and the Voice of the Other
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Methodological Advances in the Economic Evaluation of Infectious Disease Prevention: The Case of Chlamydial Screening and Meningococcal C Vaccination ... Reihe V, Volks- Und Betriebswirtschaft)
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Educators as Writers
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The Wider Scope of English: Papers in English Language And Literature from the Bamberg Conference of the International Association of University Professors of English
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Hyperinflation, Currency Board, and Bust: The Case of Argentina
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Melancholic Travelers: Autonomy, Hybridity and the Maternal (Literary and Cultural Theory)
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From Good Faith to Utmost Good Faith in Marine Insurance
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Rounding of Income Data: An Empirical Analysis of the Quality of Income Data With Respect to Rounded Values and Income Brackets With Data from the ... Zur Empirischen Wirtschaftsforschung)
Jens Ulrich Hanisch  ISBN 082048721X 9780820487212

Modelling Infrastructure Investments, Growth and Poverty Impact: A Two-region Computable General Equilibrium Perspective on Vietnam
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Diagnosis and Dissolution: From Augustine's Picture to Wittgenstein's Picture Theory (Wittgenstein Studien)
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Contextual Application of Christian Social Teaching on Political Ethics: In the Light of the Pronouncements of the Bishops of Africa and Madagascar in ... University Studies: Series 23, Theology)
Polycarp Chuks Obikwelu  ISBN 0820487333 9780820487335

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Participation of Non-state Actors in the Dispute Settlement System of the Wto: Benefit or Burden (Völkerrecht, Europarecht Und Internationales Wirtschaftsrecht)
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Creating the "New Musical" Harold Prince in Berlin: In Collaboration With Daniel Brunet and Miguel Angel Esquivel Rios
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Frauenkrimi/Polar Feminin: Generic Expectations and the Reception of Recent French and German Crime Novels by Women (Melis. Medien - Literaturen - ... / Amerikanistik, Germanistik Und Romanistik)
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The Thinking Indian: Native American Writers, 1850s-1920s
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Entwicklung Erziehungswissenschaftlicher Paradigmen/Development of Educational Paradigms:: Theorie Und Praxis/Theory and Practice (Baltische Studien Zur Erziehungs- Und Sozialwissenschaft)
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The Conquest of the Incas
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Small Gardens of Savannah and Thereabouts
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Old, Old Story, The: A Guide for Narrative Preaching
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44 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage
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The Christian Home
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What Every Mother Must Teach Her Children
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Lord Send a Revival
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Truths Every Christian Needs to Know
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The Miracles of Jesus
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The Miracles of Jesus
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The Life of Joseph
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The Treasures of Darkness
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What's Waiting at Wellington Mansion
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The House In The Woods And Other Passions
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Beat the Press
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Through A Daughter's Eyes
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Human Traffickers
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The Making
J. Eric Booker  ISBN 1589820584 9781589820586

Murder In Cheesman Park
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Abraham's Children
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A River of Stones
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The Prize
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The Unknown Soldier
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Price of Silence
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Cancun Snow
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Imaginary Lines
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Vanished Glory: A Family In America
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Queen of the Urban Jungle
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Jeffrey J. Testin  ISBN 1589820916 9781589820913

Trail of Broken Chains
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Thy Will Be Done
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The View from the Grass Roots
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Bits and Pieces to Ponder
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Angel Shared
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We're Moving Where? An Adolescent's Guide to Overseas Living
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The War That Never Was
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A Conspiracy to Ponder
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Father's Touch
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Know Ye Not This Parable
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Dead Red
Nelson Andreu  ISBN 1589821173 9781589821170

Who Shall Protect The Child
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Multiple Sclerosis, Brain Tumors, & Other Gifts I Have Received
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The Secret of Christmas
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Fireflies in the Shadow of the Sun: Book 2
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Travis Muir  ISBN 1589821416 9781589821415

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Michael Jordan (Awesome athletes)
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Dateline America
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Taxation of Individual Income (Analysis and Skills Series)
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Understanding Civil Procedure (Legal Text Series)
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The Doll in McCallaway's Store
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Joseph's Cross
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This My Son
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How Can I Know
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Well Forevermore
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Kill the Editor
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A Conflict of Colors
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Redeemer Nation: America And The World In The Technocratic Age-1914 To The Present
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The Sisters Kennington
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Murder On Hwy83
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The Wrong Way
carol J. Van dire  ISBN 1589822021 9781589822023

Two Brothers, Two Wars, One Valley
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Lyrics, Legends, and Lore of Christmas
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The Golden Handcuffs
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Not Just Another Day
phil E. Eichinger  ISBN 158982220X 9781589822207

The Case of the Three Dead Horses
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The Souls of Gods
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The Wild Trumpet Call
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Washington Putter
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The Rwandan Runner
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One Day in January: In Agra, The City Of Love
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The Eyes: North Korea Strikes
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Intensive English
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Elsewhere, Perhaps
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Frog Went A-Dancing
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Wiggle, Waggle, Loop-de-Loo!
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1,2,3 Octopus & Me
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The Kindertown Fire Brigade
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The Drum Circle
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Critter Giggles
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I Need a Kazoot!
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Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
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Awesome Animals ABC
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Mister Sun
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Color My World Blue
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The Alpha Building Crew
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Wheels on the Move: Driving with Andy
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Rupert the Wrong-Word Pirate
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Sweet Pea: Escape in the Garden
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Freddy Flamingo & the Kindertown Five
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This Little Piggy
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What Do You Say?: Please and Thank You
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Tressa the Musical Princess
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TLC Grow with Me!
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California alternative dispute resolution practice
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The Era of Good Feelings
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Memoirs of a Midget
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Telescope in the Parlor: Essays on Life and Literature
James McConkey  ISBN 158988020X 9781589880207

As We Saw Them: The First Japanese Embassy to the United States
Masao Miyoshi  ISBN 1589880234 9781589880238

Matthew: A Son's Life, A Mother's Story
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One Is One (Nautilus)
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Pageants of Despair (The Nautilus Series)
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The Fiction Editor, the Novel, and the Novelist: A Book for Writers, Teachers, Publishers, and Anyone Else Devoted to Fiction
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The Chess Set in the Mirror (The Nautilus Series)
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Numbers (Cuddly Beasties)
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Colors (Cuddly Beasties)
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Alphabet (Cuddly Beasties)
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Beatrix Potter
Beatrix Potter  ISBN 1589892003 9781589892002

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Beatrix Potter  ISBN 1589892011 9781589892019

The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher (Beatrix Potter Bookmark Board Books)
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The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin (Beatrix Potter Bookmark Board Books)
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Family and Nation
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A Far-Off Place
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Federal tax practice and procedure
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The Original Fannie Farmer 1896 Cook Book
Mass.) Boston Cooking School (Boston  ISBN 1589898001 9781589898004

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Practical Solutions for New York Lawyers
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Practical Solutions for New York Lawyers
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Financial Modernization After Gramm-Leach-Bliley
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The Fifteen Weeks
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Firefighter and Paramedic Burnout
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Matthew Bender Practice Guide: Planning, Privileges, Tools
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Matthew Bender Practice Guide
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Real Estate Transactions
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State and Local Government in a Federal System
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Questions & Answers Administrative Law
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Sports Law: Cases and Materials
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Elder Law: Readings, Cases and Materials
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Rivers of Praise Worship Through Movement
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The First Casualty: From the Crimea to Vietnam : The War Correspondent As Hero, Propagandist, and Myth Maker (Harvest Book ; Hb 343)
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Taxation Of Individual Income
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Understanding Secured Transactions
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Florida Civil Procedure (Lexisnexis Practice Guides)
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Florida Civil Procedure (Lexisnexis Practice Guides)
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Homeland Security Deskbook
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Cases and Problems in Criminal Procedure: The Courtroom
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Handbook of Maritime Conventions
Comit E Maritime International  ISBN 0820560820 9780820560823

Problems and simulations in Evidence
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Understanding Nonprofit and Tax Exempt Organizations
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Analysis of the Check Clearing for the 21st Century ACT ("Check 21")
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Commercial Contracting: Sales, Leases, and Computer Information
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Legal Writing and Other Lawyering Skills: TEACHER'S GUIDE
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Criminal Procedure Constitutional Constraints upon Investigation and Proof
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Magnetic Ultrathin Films Multilayers and Surfaces
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The Flounder (Helen & Kurt Wolff Book)
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Flower And The Nettle:: Diaries And Letters Of Anne Morrow Lindbergh, 1936-1939
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For Love Alone (A Harvest/HBJ book)
Christina Stead  ISBN 0156325357 9780156325356

Blue Planet : Natural Selection
Fantasy Flight Games - Various  ISBN 1589940032 9781589940031

Twilight Imperium: Hope's End
Fantasy Flight Games - Various  ISBN 1589940199 9781589940192

Traps & Treachery (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.0 Fantasy Roleplaying)
Fantasy Flight Games - Various  ISBN 1589940202 9781589940208

Dragonstar: Players Companion
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Fantasy Flight Staff  ISBN 158994027X 9781589940277

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Fantasy Flight Games - Various  ISBN 1589940334 9781589940338

Blue Planet V2: Player's Guide
Fantasy Flight Games - Various  ISBN 1589940342 9781589940345

Drakon Expansion
Tom Jolly - Various  ISBN 1589940350 9781589940352

The Lord Of The Rings Sauron Expansion Set Board Game
na  ISBN 1589940377 9781589940376

Vortex The Maelstrom
Various  ISBN 158994044X 9781589940444

DBZ Battle Boardgame: Majin Buu
 ISBN 1589940466 9781589940468

DBZ Battle Boardgame: Fusion
Licensed  ISBN 1589940474 9781589940475

Call of Cthulhu: Nocturnum
Fantasy Flight Games - Various  ISBN 1589940482 9781589940482

Necromantic Lore (Legends & Lairs, d20 System)
Fantasy Flight Games - Various  ISBN 1589940490 9781589940499

Legends & Lairs: Mythic Races - Character Race Compendium
Fantasy Flight Games - Various  ISBN 1589940547 9781589940543

Seafarer's Handbook: Sourcebook of Ships, Oceans, and the Beasts Therein (Legends & Lairs, d20 System)
Fantasy Flight Staff  ISBN 1589940555 9781589940550

Dragonstar: Starfarer's Handbook
Fantasy Flight Games - Various  ISBN 1589940563 9781589940567

Dragonstar: Guide to the Galaxy
Fantasy Flight Games - Various  ISBN 1589940571 9781589940574

Blue Planet V2: Ancient Echoes
Fantasy Flight Games - Various  ISBN 1589940598 9781589940598

Dragonstar: Imperial Supply
Greg Benage - Peter Schweighofer - William Timmins  ISBN 1589940601 9781589940604

Path of Magic: A Character Resource for Bards, Sorcerers, and Wizards (Legends & Lairs, d20 System)
Fantasy Flight Games - Various  ISBN 1589940636 9781589940635

 ISBN 1589940652 9781589940659

Monster's Handbook: A Sourcebook for Creating and Customizing d20 System Monsters (Legends & Lairs, d20 System)
Fantasy Flight Games - Various  ISBN 1589940768 9781589940765

Dragonstar: Galactic Races
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Path of Faith (D&D d20 3.0 Fantasy Roleplaying, Legends & Lairs)
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Tom Jolly's Cave Troll Boardgame
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Scarab Lords
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Mag Blast Second Edition
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Blue Planet Essential Collection
Fantasy Flight Games - Various  ISBN 1589940946 9781589940949

Dungeoncraft (Legends & Lairs, d20 System)
Fantasy Flight Staff  ISBN 1589940954 9781589940956

School of Illusion: A Compendium of Illusion Magic (Legends & Lairs, d20 System)
Fantasy Flight Games - Various  ISBN 1589940962 9781589940963

Legends & Lairs: City Works
Mike Mearls  ISBN 1589940970 9781589940970

Quicksand Game
 ISBN 1589940997 9781589940994

 ISBN 1589941004 9781589941007

Midnight: Minions Of Shadow
Fantasy Flight Games  ISBN 1589941071 9781589941076

Horizon: Spellslinger
Fantasy Flight Games - Various  ISBN 158994111X 9781589941113

Midnight: Epic Fantasy in an Age of Shadow [d20 system]
Jeffrey Barber - Wil Upchurch  ISBN 1589941144 9781589941144

Sorcery and Steam (Legends & Lairs, d20 System)
Fantasy Flight Games - Various  ISBN 1589941152 9781589941151

Dawnforge: Crucible of Legend
Greg Banage - Mark Chance - David Lyons  ISBN 1589941241 9781589941243

Dragonstar: Smuggler's Run [d20 system]
Greg Benage - Alexander Flagg - Will Hindmarch  ISBN 1589941322 9781589941328

Under the Shadow (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying, Midnight Setting)
Fantasy Flight Games  ISBN 158994142X 9781589941427

Midnight: Forge of Shadow: A Sourcebook for Steel Hill [d20 system]
Iain J. Brogan - Eric Olson - Greg Benage  ISBN 1589941438 9781589941434

Midnight: City of Shadow
Fantasy Flight Games - David Griffith - Cos Koniotis - Anneth Lagamo - Anthony Pryor  ISBN 1589941470 9781589941472

Midnight: Sorcery and Shadow
Fantasy Flight Games  ISBN 1589941489 9781589941489

Dawnforge: Age of Legend
Various  ISBN 1589941519 9781589941519

Horizon: Grimm (Horizon: New Roleplaying Frontiers)
Various  ISBN 1589941543 9781589941540

Minotaur Lords
 ISBN 1589941578 9781589941571

Legends & Lairs: Darkness & Dread (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying)
Mike Mearls  ISBN 1589941586 9781589941588

Midnight: Against the Shadow
Fantasy Flight Games  ISBN 1589941608 9781589941601

Warcraft Board Game FFG WC-01
 ISBN 1589941683 9781589941687

Legends and Lairs: Elemental Lore
Nick Gomes - Shannon Kalvar - Shawn Muder - Jason Parent - Mitch Cotie - David Griffith - Joseph Querio - Hian Rodriquez - Beth Trott  ISBN 1589941691 9781589941694

Dawnforge: Path of Legend
Mark Chance - Scott Schomburg  ISBN 1589941721 9781589941724

Nocturnum Master Collection
Darrell Hardy  ISBN 1589940024 9781589940024

Spells & Spellcraft: Compendium of Mystic Lore (Legends & Lairs, d20 System)
Fantasy Flight Games - Various  ISBN 1589940253 9781589940253

Hobbit Board Game
 ISBN 1589940539 9781589940536

Path of Shadow (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.0 Fantasy Roleplaying)
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Midnight: The Crown Of Shadow (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.0 Fantasy Roleplaying)
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Trademark Protection And Practice: Trademark Trial And Appeal Board Manual Of Procedure
Jerome Gilson - Anne Gilson Lalonde  ISBN 0820561924 9780820561929

Warren's Weed New York Real Property: Weed New York Real Property
Lexisnexis  ISBN 0820563188 9780820563183

Understanding Corporate Taxation
Leandra Lederman  ISBN 0820563404 9780820563404

Lexisnexis Practice Guide
 ISBN 0820563897 9780820563893

Proposed Style Revision of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: Request for Public Comment, Comments Due by December 15, 2005, Administrative Office
 ISBN 0820563986 9780820563985

Matthew Bender Practice Guide
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Understanding Evidence, Second Edition
Paul C. Giannelli  ISBN 0820564095 9780820564098

Cases and Problems in Criminal Procedure: The Police
 ISBN 0820562033 9780820562032

Admiralty: Cases and Materials
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Planning and Control of Land Development: Cases and Materials
Daniel Mandelker  ISBN 0820562351 9780820562353

Planning and Control of Land Development: Cases and Materials
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Oklahoma State University Football 2002 Calendar
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Oregon State University Football 2002 Calendar
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Purdue University Football 2002 Calendar
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University of Tennessee Football 2002 Calendar
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University of Texas Football 2002 Calendar
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Texas A & M University Football 2002 Calendar
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USC Football 2002 Calendar
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UCLA Sport 2002 Calendar
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University of Washington Football 2002 Calendar
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University of Virgina Football 2002 Calendar
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Washington State University Football 2002 Calendar
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West Virginia University Football 2002 Calendar
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Badger Football Calendar 2002
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University of Kentucky 2002 Calendar
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About Peace: 108 ways to be at peace when things are out of control
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Magick Stamp Kit
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Forgiveness: Wisdom from Around the World
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The Celtic Book of Seasonal Meditations
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A Way Forward: Spiritual Guidance for Our Troubled Times
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A Hidden Order: Uncover Your Life's Design
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Gentle Yoga Kit: Nurturing the Body, Soothing the Soul, a Kripalu Program with CD (Audio) and Flash Cards
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Angel Answers: A Celestial Oracle
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Simple Kabbalah [With 96-Page BookWith 12 Tree of Life CardsWith Mystical Red String]
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Kansas Title Standards Handbook
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Florida Civil Trial Preparation (Florida Bar's Fastrain)
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Florida Civil Trial Preparation (Florida Bar's Fastrain)
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Florida Civil Trial Preparation (Florida Bar's Fastrain)
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Florida Civil Trial Preparation (Florida Bar's Fastrain)
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Sun in the Blood of the Cat
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Instruction Manual No 3 (One Picture Book)
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British Isles
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From the Ground Up
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Inner City
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Ratcliffe Power Station
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Ambiguous Ambassador
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My Place
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South Central
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Natural Enemies
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American Sextet
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Twilight Child
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We Are Holding the President Hostage
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Private Lies
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The Witch of Watergate
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Pennsylvania Law Encyclopedia: Based on Pennsylvania Statutes; Case Law, State and Federal; Attorney General Opinions and Law Reviews
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Chemical Formulary
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Chemical Formulary
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Chemical Formulary
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Chemical Formulary
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Chemical Formulary
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Chemical Formulary
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Chemical Formulary
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Chemical Formulary
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Chemical Formulary
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Chemical Formulary
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Chemical Formulary
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Chemical Formulary
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Rotary Cement Kiln
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Polymers and Plastics: What Every Chemical Technologist Wants to Know About...
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The Chemical Formulary, Volume 32
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The Chemical Formulary: Collection of Commercial Formulas for Making Thousands of Products in Many Fields
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Military and Civilian Pyrotechnics
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Chemical Analysis of Electroplating Solutions
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Eleanor Hibbert - Jean Plaidy - Victoria Holt  ISBN 0399101160 9780399101168

Chariots of the Gods?
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Roget's Thesaurus in Dictionary Form Library Index
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The Origins of World War Two.
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Issues in Academic Freedom
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St. Thomas's Eve
Jean Plaidy  ISBN 0399107177 9780399107177

Sixth Wife
Jean Plaidy  ISBN 0399107495 9780399107498

The Spanish Bridegroom
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Summer of '42
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This Stranger, My Son; A Mother's Story.
Louise Wilson  ISBN 0399107975 9780399107979

Training Your Own Bird Dog
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The Voyages of Discovery.
Gerald Roe Crone  ISBN 0399108459 9780399108457

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Lindbergh  ISBN 0399108564 9780399108563

Roger Hart  ISBN 0399108688 9780399108686

The World of Model Ships and Boats
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Scarlet Pimpernel
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The Book Collector's Handbook of Values
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A Haunted House and Other Short Stories
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A Stranger's Neighborhood (Emerging Writers in Creative Nonfiction)
Donald Morrill  ISBN 0820702803 9780820702803

A Stranger's Neighborhood (Emerging Writers in Creative Nonfiction)
Donald Morrill  ISBN 0820702811 9780820702810

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Ned Rozell  ISBN 0820703354 9780820703350

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The Two Principal Laws of Thermodynamics: A Cultural and Historical Exploration
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What Is the West?
Philippe Nemo  ISBN 0820703753 9780820703756

By Way of Interruption: Levinas and the Ethics of Communication
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John Milton: An Annotated Bibliography, 1968-1988
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New Talmudic Readings
Emmanuel Levinas - Richard A. Cohen  ISBN 0820702978 9780820702971

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English life in Chaucer's day
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The Gasp
Romain Gary  ISBN 0399110909 9780399110900

The Ringed Castle [1st US edition]
Dorothy DUNNETT  ISBN 0399109129 9780399109126

Will there really be a morning?: An autobiography
Frances Farmer  ISBN 0399109137 9780399109133

Tunnel through the deeps
Harry Harrison  ISBN 0399109188 9780399109188

To Race the Wind; An Autobiography.
Harold Krents  ISBN 0399109242 9780399109249

On Cukor
Gavin Lambert  ISBN 0399109250 9780399109256

Company man;: A novel
Joe Maggio  ISBN 0399109293 9780399109294

Murder Most Royal
Jean Plaidy  ISBN 039910934X 9780399109348

Rendezvous: South Atlantic
Douglas Reeman  ISBN 0399109366 9780399109362

The comics: An illustrated history of comic strip art
Jerry Robinson  ISBN 0399109374 9780399109379

A treasury of White House cooking,
Francois Rysavy  ISBN 0399109390 9780399109393

The low salt, low cholesterol cookbook
Myra Waldo  ISBN 0399109463 9780399109461

The Structure of Experience (Philosophy of John Dewey, Vol. 1)
John Dewey  ISBN 0399109560 9780399109560

The lived experience
John Dewey  ISBN 0399109579 9780399109577

Sloop of War
Alexander Kent  ISBN 0399109757 9780399109751

Marianne and the Privateer
Juliette Benzoni  ISBN 0399109765 9780399109768

The Miracle at St. Bruno's
Philippa Carr - Victoria Holt - Jean Plaidy  ISBN 0399109773 9780399109775

The Way Up: The Memoirs of Count Gramont
Sanche de Gramont  ISBN 0399109781 9780399109782

The best of friends;: A novel
Joy Fielding  ISBN 039910979X 9780399109799

The face of Jalanath
Ronald Hardy  ISBN 0399109803 9780399109805

A Health Unto His Majesty
Jean Plaidy  ISBN 039910982X 9780399109829

Sitting Bull; An Epic of the Plains,
Alexander B. Adams  ISBN 0399109862 9780399109867

Enchanted visions; fantastic houses and their treasures
Claude Arthaud  ISBN 0399109889 9780399109881

Alchemists and gold
Jacques Sadoul  ISBN 0399109900 9780399109904

Dando and the Summer Palace,
Ronald Bassett  ISBN 039910996X 9780399109966

200,000,000 guinea pigs;: New dangers in everyday foods, drugs, and cosmetics,
John Grant Fuller  ISBN 0399110003 9780399110009

Edward Gorey  ISBN 0399110038 9780399110030

The New York times heritage cook book
Jean Hewitt  ISBN 0399110054 9780399110054

The Godmakers
Frank Herbert  ISBN 0399110062 9780399110061

If You Have a Lemon, Make Lemonade
Warren Hinckle  ISBN 0399110070 9780399110078

All that glitters is not gold;: The Olympic game
William O Johnson  ISBN 0399110089 9780399110085

Love and other euphemisms
Norma Klein  ISBN 0399110097 9780399110092

Night of delusions
Keith Laumer  ISBN 0399110119 9780399110115

Flight from a dark equator
Norman Lewis  ISBN 0399110127 9780399110122

Albrecht Durer
Albrecht Durer  ISBN 0399110135 9780399110139

Michael's Wife
Marlys Millhiser  ISBN 0399110151 9780399110153

Sheila Levine is Dead and Living in New York
Gail Parent  ISBN 0399110186 9780399110184

You get used to a place
Vera Randal  ISBN 0399110194 9780399110191

I Never Had It Made
John Roosevelt Robinson  ISBN 0399110216 9780399110214

Encountering Directors
Charles Thomas Samuels  ISBN 0399110232 9780399110238

How to develop your ESP
Susy Smith  ISBN 0399110259 9780399110252

The great running backs
George Sullivan  ISBN 0399110267 9780399110269

Byzantine coins, (The World of numismatics)
Philip D Whitting  ISBN 0399110283 9780399110283

The toll-gate
Georgette Heyer  ISBN 0399110291 9780399110290

Bath Tangle
Georgette Heyer  ISBN 0399110305 9780399110306

The cold war (The Wayland documentary history series)
Elisabeth Barker  ISBN 0399110348 9780399110344

Black cargo (The Wayland documentary history series)
Richard Howard  ISBN 0399110356 9780399110351

Never go anywhere without a pencil
Harriet Van Horne  ISBN 0399110380 9780399110382

The Editors of Realites  ISBN 0399110399