Building Staff : Volunteer Relations (Volunteer energy series)
Ivan H. Scheier  ISBN 0940576147 9780940576148

The Volunteer Recruitment Book
Susan J. Ellis  ISBN 0940576155 9780940576155

The Volunteer Recruitment Book: (And Membership Development)
Susan J. Ellis  ISBN 094057618X 9780940576186

What We Learned (the Hard Way) about Supervising Volunteers: An Action Guide for Making Your Job Easier (Collective Wisdom Series)
Jarene Frances Lee  ISBN 0940576201 9780940576209

Focus on Volunteering: Ready-To-Print Resources for Volunteer Organizations
Susan J. Ellis  ISBN 094057621X 9780940576216

The Virtual Volunteering Guidebook: How to Apply the Principle of Real-World Volunteer Management
Susan J. Ellis - Jayne Cravens  ISBN 0940576228 9780940576223

Michel Delacroix's Paris
Michel Delacroix  ISBN 0940577011 9780940577015

Joseph Conrad, 1857-1924
Janina Zabielska  ISBN 0849231515 9780849231513

Sidney's Arcadia: A comparison between the two versions
Reinard Willem Zandvoort  ISBN 0849231531 9780849231537

Glimpses of Ben Jonson's London
Nicolaas Zwager  ISBN 084923154X 9780849231544

History of Elizabeth Queen of England
Jacob Abbott  ISBN 0849232260 9780849232268

Modern American Poets
Conrad Aiken  ISBN 0849232465 9780849232466

Plastics, 1979-80
 ISBN 0442830130 9780442830137

William James  ISBN 0940578026 9780940578029

Crystal Icon
Junius O'Brennan  ISBN 0940578077 9780940578074

Directory for Successful Publishing in Legal Periodicals
Al Joyner  ISBN 0940579006 9780940579002

Directory for successful publishing in legal periodicals
Al Joyner  ISBN 0940579014 9780940579019

Simplified Medical Dictionary
Richard Franks  ISBN 0442840284 9780442840280

Microwave Cooking: Step by Step
Litton Industries  ISBN 0442840942 9780442840945

Medical Phrase Index
Jean A. Lorenzini  ISBN 0442841051 9780442841058

Foreign Travel Immunization Guide.
Hans H. Neumann  ISBN 0442841485 9780442841485

Nature in English literature
Edmund Blunden  ISBN 0849235006 9780849235009

English Elegies
 ISBN 0849235014 9780849235016

William Morris
Paul Bloomfield  ISBN 0849235022 9780849235023

The lyrical poetry of Thomas Hardy
C. M Bowra  ISBN 0849235030 9780849235030

Rush-bearing: An account of the old custom of strewing rushes ; carrying rushes to church ; the rush-cart ; garlands in churches ; morris-dancers ; the wakes ; the rush
Alfred Burton  ISBN 0849235049 9780849235047

The genius of Bernard Shaw
Patrick Braybrooke  ISBN 0849235057 9780849235054

Pauline: The text of 1833 compared with that of 1867 and 1888
Robert Browning  ISBN 0849235065 9780849235061

Tennyson and Browning
Alfred Tennyson Tennyson  ISBN 0849235081 9780849235085

Shelley, the man and the poet: Being a reprint of the introductory essay prefixed to (twenty-five spurious) Letters of Percy Bysshe Shelley, published by Edward Moxon in 1852
Robert Browning  ISBN 084923509X 9780849235092

The undertaker's garland
John Peale Bishop  ISBN 0849235103 9780849235108

The structure of Julius Caesar
Adrien Bonjour  ISBN 0849235111 9780849235115

Samuel Daniel: A critical study
George Keyports Brady  ISBN 084923512X 9780849235122

The Venerable Bede, his life and writings
G. F Browne  ISBN 0849235138 9780849235139

Robert Bridges
 ISBN 0849235146 9780849235146

Reprinted papers, partly concerning some English romantic poets: With a few postscripts
Edmund Blunden  ISBN 0849235154 9780849235153

Sibyls and seers: A survey of some ancient theories of revelation and inspiration
Edwyn Robert Bevan  ISBN 0849235162 9780849235160

The political novel
Joseph Leo Blotner  ISBN 0849235170 9780849235177

A complete transcript of the Leyland manuscripts: Showing the unpublished portions from the original documents in the collection of Col. Sir Edward A. ... bart., LL.D., the Hall, Roundhay, Leeds
Patrick Branwell Bronte  ISBN 0849235189 9780849235184

Stephen Vincent Benet
William Rose Benet  ISBN 0849235219 9780849235214

Narrative of a second visit to Greece, including facts connected with the last days of Lord Byron, extracts from correspondence, official documents, &c
Edward Blaquiere  ISBN 0849235227 9780849235221

Norman De Mattos Bentwich  ISBN 0849235235 9780849235238

Pope's taste in Shakespeare: A paper read before the Shakespeare Association on March 22nd, 1935
John Everett Butt  ISBN 0849235251 9780849235252

Bibliographical studies in the Beaumont & Fletcher folio of 1647
R. C Bald  ISBN 084923526X 9780849235269

Frank Swinnerton: Personal sketches : together with notes and comments on the novels of Frank Swinnerton
Arnold Bennett  ISBN 0849235294 9780849235290

Eighteenth century studies and other papers
Robert Bracey  ISBN 0849235308 9780849235306

In appreciation of Chaucer's Parlement of foules
Bertrand Harris Bronson  ISBN 0849235316 9780849235313

An introduction to Old English metre
Alan Joseph Bliss  ISBN 0849235324 9780849235320

Lytton Strachey
Max Beerbohm  ISBN 0849235340 9780849235344

The last days of Percy Bysshe Shelley: New details from unpublished documents
Guido Biagi  ISBN 0849235359 9780849235351

Selected poems
William Blake  ISBN 0849235367 9780849235368

Social forces in modern literature
Philo Melvin Buck  ISBN 0849235375 9780849235375

Dirty hands: Or, The true-born censor
R. P Blackmur  ISBN 0849235383 9780849235382

The epithet in English and Scottish, Spanish and Danish popular ballads
Meta Catherine Borregaard  ISBN 0849235405 9780849235405

Courtesy in Shakespeare
Mohinimohan Bhattacharya  ISBN 0849235413 9780849235412

"Kipling and the doctors": A lecture
Vaughan Bateson  ISBN 0849235421 9780849235429

The autobiography: A critical and comparative study
Anna Robeson Brown Burr  ISBN 084923543X 9780849235436

Robert Louis Stevenson: An appreciation
Benjamin Aquila Barber  ISBN 0849235448 9780849235443

Browning & Calverley: Or, Poem and parody : an elucidation
Percy L Babington  ISBN 0849235480 9780849235481

William Blake, mystic: A study
Adeline M Butterworth  ISBN 0849235529 9780849235528

A census of the manuscripts of Oliver Goldsmith
Katharine Canby Balderston  ISBN 0849235545 9780849235542

Brief History of the World
George Botsford  ISBN 084923591X 9780849235917

Because of Christmas: A Personal Portfolio of Yuletide Remembrances
Marcus Bach  ISBN 0940581000 9780940581005

Oriental Rug Repair
Peter F. Stone  ISBN 0940582007 9780940582002

Rugs of the Caucasus: Structure and Design
Peter F. Stone  ISBN 0940582015 9780940582019

Oriental Rug Repair
Peter F. Stone  ISBN 0940582031 9780940582033

Some Unease and Angels
Elaine Feinstein  ISBN 0940580055 9780940580053

Morning of the red-tailed hawk
Bettie M Sellers  ISBN 0940580195 9780940580190

Morning of the Red Tailed Hawk
Bettie Sellers  ISBN 0940580209 9780940580206

Psychotropic drugs: A manual for emergency management of overdosage,
Nathan S Kline  ISBN 0442844573 9780442844578

Alley Strewn Phrases
Bill Miller  ISBN 0940584042 9780940584044

All in All
Jeff Wright  ISBN 0940584077 9780940584075

Edifice and Other Stories
Sol Offsey  ISBN 0940584085 9780940584082

Spring Fever
Tom Smarie  ISBN 0940584093 9780940584099

The Me Inside of Me
Agnes Robertson  ISBN 094058414X 9780940584143

Man With a Thousand Eyes
Steven Sher  ISBN 0940584174 9780940584174

No abode: The record of Ippen
Ippen  ISBN 0940583011 9780940583016

Aesthetics in life and art
Marvin Cohen  ISBN 0940584026 9780940584020

Sacco & Vanzetti: A narrative longpoem
Daniel Gabriel  ISBN 0940584050 9780940584051

Christmas Book: Christmas in the Olden Time : Its Customs and Their Origin
J. Bridgman  ISBN 0849237114 9780849237119

The Elizabethan lyrists and their poetry
Amy Cruse  ISBN 0849238005 9780849238000

A bibliography of the writings of Carl Van Vechten
Scott Cunningham  ISBN 0849238013 9780849238017

On James Stephens
 ISBN 084923803X 9780849238031

William Cobbett
G. D. H Cole  ISBN 0849238048 9780849238048

Samuel Butler and The way of all flesh
G. D. H Cole  ISBN 0849238056 9780849238055

Gerald H Crow  ISBN 0849238064 9780849238062

Remarks on Don Juan
Charles Caleb Colton  ISBN 0849238072 9780849238079

The vogue of medieval chivalric romance during the English renaissance
Ronald S Crane  ISBN 0849238080 9780849238086

Ralph Waldo Emerson
Joseph Hodges Choate  ISBN 0849238099 9780849238093

Dante's garden, with legends of the flowers
Rosemary A Cotes  ISBN 0849238102 9780849238109

A concordance to Beowulf
Albert S Cook  ISBN 0849238129 9780849238123

The pardon of Piers Plowman
Nevill Coghill  ISBN 0849238137 9780849238130

Early American comedy
Elbridge Colby  ISBN 0849238145 9780849238147

Critical annotations: Being marginal notes inscribed in volumes formerly in the possession of Coleridge
Samuel Taylor Coleridge  ISBN 0849238161 9780849238161

The mistress: With other select poems of Abraham Cowley, 1618-1667
Abraham Cowley  ISBN 0849238188 9780849238185

A bibliography of the works of Ernest Hemingway
Louis Henry Cohn  ISBN 0849238234 9780849238239

The art of literary study: An approach to literature for the plain man
H. B Charlton  ISBN 0849238242 9780849238246

Proverbial folk-lore
Alan B Cheales  ISBN 0849238269 9780849238260

Dickens and his times
E. Beresford Chancellor  ISBN 0849238277 9780849238277

The psychology of the poet Shelley
Edward Carpenter  ISBN 0849238285 9780849238284

Thomas Hardy
Harold Hannyngton Child  ISBN 0849238293 9780849238291

The romantic Scottish ballads: Their epoch and authorship
Robert Chambers  ISBN 0849238315 9780849238314

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
George Rice Carpenter  ISBN 0849238323 9780849238321

G. K Chesterton  ISBN 0849238331 9780849238338

The posthumous essays of John Churton Collins
John Churton Collins  ISBN 0849238358 9780849238352

William Morris, his homes and haunts
Frances Evelyn Maynard Greville Warwick  ISBN 0849238366 9780849238369

Chesterfield and his critics
Roger Coxon  ISBN 0849238382 9780849238383

The Senecan tradition in renaissance tragedy: A re-issue of an essay published in 1921
H. B Charlton  ISBN 0849238390 9780849238390

Young Sam Clemens
Cyril Clemens  ISBN 0849238404 9780849238406

John Galsworthy as a dramatic artist
Robert Hay Coats  ISBN 0849238412 9780849238413

The "Authorised version" and its influence
Albert S Cook  ISBN 0849238420 9780849238420

Metaphor and simile in the minor Elizabethan drama
Frederic Ives Carpenter  ISBN 0849238447 9780849238444

A bibliography of Edward Carpenter: A catalogue of books, manuscripts, letters, etc. by and about Edward Carpenter in the Carpenter Collection in the ... with some entries from other sources
Eng Sheffield  ISBN 0849238471 9780849238475

The night side of nature: Or, Ghosts and ghost seers
Catherine Crowe  ISBN 084923848X 9780849238482

Critical opinion in the eighteenth century: English personal letter
Thomas Lucien Cline  ISBN 0849239028 9780849239021

Combating Arson-For-Profit: Advanced Techniques for Investigtors
David J. Icova  ISBN 0442860994 9780442860998

Chapters on the Exeter book
R. W Chambers  ISBN 0849239044 9780849239045

Poetry & prose
Abraham Cowley  ISBN 0849239060 9780849239069

William Morris, poet, craftsman, socialist
Elisabeth Luther Cary  ISBN 0849239079 9780849239076

A study of the Merchant of Venice
Cumberland Clark  ISBN 0849239109 9780849239106

Thomas Carlyle
G. K Chesterton  ISBN 0849239117 9780849239113

An introduction to Chaucer and Langland: A corrective of Long's History of English literature
Terence Leo Connolly  ISBN 084923915X 9780849239151

Washington Irving: A sketch
George William Curtis  ISBN 0849239176 9780849239175

Moderns and near-moderns: Essays on Henry James, Stockton, Shaw, and others
William Chislett  ISBN 0849239192 9780849239199

Robert Louis Stevenson
Lettice Ulpha Cooper  ISBN 0849239214 9780849239212

The life of Cervantes
Albert Frederick Calvert  ISBN 0849239222 9780849239229

Studies in literary modes
Arthur Melville Clark  ISBN 0849239249 9780849239243

Rythme et langages dans la lre edition des "Leaves of grass" (1855) (French Edition)
Jean Catel  ISBN 0849239257 9780849239250

Josh Billings, Yankee humorist
Cyril Clemens  ISBN 0849239265 9780849239267

Browning as poet of religion
H. B Charlton  ISBN 0849239281 9780849239281

George Eliot: A critical study of her life, writings and philosophy
George Willis Cooke  ISBN 084923929X 9780849239298

Some friends of Walt Whitman: A study in sex-psychology
Edward Carpenter  ISBN 0849239311 9780849239311

The Inquisition
G. G Coulton  ISBN 084923932X 9780849239328

A group of Eastern romances and stories from the Persian, Tamil, and Urdu: With introduction, notes, and appendix
W. A Clouston  ISBN 0849239338 9780849239335

The tranquil heart: Portrait of Giovanni Boccaccio
Catherine MacFarlane Carswell  ISBN 0849239346 9780849239342

Pearl, a fourteenth-century poem
 ISBN 0849239354 9780849239359

Poets and their critics: Langland and Milton
R. W Chambers  ISBN 0849239400 9780849239403

Emerson, poet and thinker
Elisabeth Luther Cary  ISBN 0849239451 9780849239458

A syllabus of Kentucky folk-songs
Hubert G Shearin  ISBN 0849239508 9780849239502

English madrigals in the time of Shakespeare
F. A Cox  ISBN 0849239532 9780849239533

Cornish feasts and folk-lore
Margaret Ann Courtney  ISBN 0849239540 9780849239540

A study of Hamlet
John Conolly  ISBN 0849239559 9780849239557

The theory of imagination in classical and mediaeval thought
Murray Wright Bundy  ISBN 0849239567 9780849239564

Shakespeare and psychology
Cumberland Clark  ISBN 0849239575 9780849239571

The character and writings of John Milton
William Ellery Channing  ISBN 0849239583 9780849239588

Darkroom 2
Jain Kelly  ISBN 0442870078 9780442870072

Art of Effective Presentations
Art Levy  ISBN 0940588056 9780940588059

The Clubmobile--the ARC in the storm
Marjorie Lee Morgan  ISBN 0940588072 9780940588073

The chess teacher: Also over 50 chess problems with solutions
Sidney A Silberman  ISBN 0940588129 9780940588127

The Hero in Hemingway's Short Stories
Joseph Defalco  ISBN 0849242223 9780849242229

Managing Paperwork: The Key to White Collar Productivity
Frank M. Knox  ISBN 0442880111 9780442880118

Where Is the Free Lunch?: The Voter's Guide to Government Economic Policy
William C. Cates  ISBN 0442880138 9780442880132

Competence Game
Ruth W. Stidger  ISBN 0442880154 9780442880156

Production Standards for Profit Planning
Spencer A. Tucker  ISBN 0442880162 9780442880163

Herbal Poems
Honor Johnson  ISBN 0940592088 9780940592087

Arts of Fire
Frances Mayes  ISBN 0940592118 9780940592117

The Summer Kitchen
Sandra Gilbert  ISBN 0940592142 9780940592148

Adrienne Cecile Rich  ISBN 0940592169 9780940592162

The Comfort Teacher (The Flowering Quince Poetry Series ; No. 5)
Charlotte Muse  ISBN 0940592177 9780940592179

Edward Kleinschmidt  ISBN 0940592215 9780940592216

Connected to the Thighbone
Bernard Gershenson  ISBN 0940592223 9780940592223

Lost Children
Barbara Crooker  ISBN 0940592231 9780940592230

To Remain
Edward Kleinschmiddt  ISBN 094059224X 9780940592247

Between Ice Ages
Bernard Gershenson  ISBN 0940592290 9780940592292

Edward Kleinschmidt  ISBN 0940592304 9780940592308

The wide, wonderful world as I saw it
Georgia Philipps Gates  ISBN 0940591103 9780940591103

January Sixth Quarter of Four
Frances Maeys  ISBN 0940592029 9780940592025

The arts of fire
Frances Mayes  ISBN 0940592126 9780940592124

Poems on a white page (The Flowering quince poetry series)
Frank Cady  ISBN 0940592134 9780940592131

Brief lives
William Dickey  ISBN 0940592193 9780940592193

A geographical dictionary of Milton
Allan H Gilbert  ISBN 0849249007 9780849249006

Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1803-1882: Catalogue of an exhibition from the Berg Collection
Berg Collection  ISBN 0849249015 9780849249013

Odd Women
George Gissing  ISBN 084924921X 9780849249211

Combined Textbook of Obstetrics and Gynaecology: For Students and Practitioners
 ISBN 044300045X 9780443000454

Operating Theatre Technique
R.J. Brigden  ISBN 0443000832 9780443000836

Textbook of the Rheumatic Diseases
 ISBN 0443001308 9780443001307

Introduction to Clinical Neurology
Sir Gordon Holmes  ISBN 0443002312 9780443002311

Joint Motion: Method of Measuring and Recording
Ding  ISBN 0443002703 9780443002700

The Plays of John Galsworthy
John Galsworthy  ISBN 0849249600 9780849249600

Good Bye to All That: An Autobiography
Robert Graves  ISBN 0849249856 9780849249853

Madonna Red (Rediscovery Books)
James Carroll  ISBN 0940595028 9780940595026

Nightwing (Rediscovery books)
Martin Cruz Smith  ISBN 0940595052 9780940595057

A World Too Wide
Gregory McDonald  ISBN 0940595079 9780940595071

White Lies
Julie Salamon  ISBN 0940595087 9780940595088

Journey from Innocence
Mary Curtis  ISBN 0940595125 9780940595125

Body & soul: Ten American women
Carolyn Coman; Photographer-Judy Dater  ISBN 0940595133 9780940595132

Exits and Entrances
Gregory McDonald  ISBN 0940595141 9780940595149

The Fletch Chronicle, Three: Fletch's Fortune, Fletch's Moxie, and Fletch and the Man Who (Rediscovery Books)
Gregory McDonald  ISBN 094059515X 9780940595156

Body and Soul: Ten American Women
Carolyn Coman  ISBN 0940595168 9780940595163

The Fletch Chronicle, One: Fletch Won, Fletch Too, Fletch and the Widow Bradley
Gregory McDonald  ISBN 0940595176 9780940595170

Merely Players
Gregory McDonald  ISBN 0940595184 9780940595187

Home Treatment and Posture in Injury, Rheumatism and Osteoarthritis
William Elden Tucker  ISBN 0443004870 9780443004872

Pharmacological experiments on isolated preparations,
University of Edinburgh  ISBN 0443005346 9780443005343

 ISBN 0443005354 9780443005350

J. I. P James  ISBN 0443005362 9780443005367

Second Portfolio of Chest Radiographs
B.T.Le Roux - T.C. Dodds  ISBN 0443005419 9780443005411

Some Recent Advances in Inborn Errors of Metabolism
K.S. Holt - V.P. Coffey  ISBN 0443005427 9780443005428

A catalogue of printed books and manuscripts, by Jonathan Swift, D.D., exhibited in the Old Schools in the University of Cambridge, to commemorate the 200th anniversary of his death, October 19, 1745
John Hayward  ISBN 0849252016 9780849252013

An analysis of prose style
Phil Harold Hembdt  ISBN 0849252024 9780849252020

Milton & his poetry
William Henry Hudson  ISBN 0849252032 9780849252037

The versification of Thomas Hardy
Elizabeth Cathcart Hickson  ISBN 0849252040 9780849252044

Gabriel Harvey and Thomas Nashe
Edward George Harman  ISBN 0849252059 9780849252051

Shakespeare and his Welsh characters
Arthur Edward Hughes  ISBN 0849252083 9780849252082

Poets and poems
Lafcadio Hearn  ISBN 0849252091 9780849252099

Modern Danish authors
Evelyn Heepe  ISBN 0849252105 9780849252105

Edgar Allan Poe, and other essays
George S Hood  ISBN 0849252113 9780849252112

Indo-European folk-tales and Greek legend
W. R Halliday  ISBN 0849252121 9780849252129

Catholicism and English literature
Edward Hutton  ISBN 084925213X 9780849252136

Walt Whitman's poetry: A study & a selection
Edmond Holmes  ISBN 0849252202 9780849252204

The development of American social comedy from 1787 to 1936
John Geoffrey Hartman  ISBN 0849252210 9780849252211

Shelley at Oxford
Thomas Jefferson Hogg  ISBN 0849252229 9780849252228

Dreams and visions in English poetry
Marjorie Noel How  ISBN 0849252334 9780849252334

Walt Whitman, bard of the West
Emily S Hamblen  ISBN 0849252385 9780849252389

The life of Milton, in three parts: To which are added conjectures on the origin of Paradise lost ; with an appendix
William Hayley  ISBN 0849252407 9780849252402

Stories of the South, Old and New
Addison Hibbard  ISBN 084925311X 9780849253119

Mouse-Trap and Other Farces
William Dean Howells  ISBN 0849253306 9780849253300

Uncle Remus and His Friends: Old Plantation Stories, Songs and Ballads With Sketches of Negro Characters
Joel Chandler Harris  ISBN 0849253551 9780849253553

California Wine Pages, 1987
Michael H. Clinton  ISBN 0940597004 9780940597006

Shoulder Lesions
Herbert Frederick Moseley  ISBN 0443006342 9780443006340

Cleft Palate and Speech
Muriel E. Morley  ISBN 0443006970 9780443006975

Pharmacological Experiments on Intact Preparations
L. J. McLeod - etc.  ISBN 0443007314 9780443007316

Introduction to Clinical Rheumatology (Livingstone medical text)
W.Carson Dick  ISBN 0443007624 9780443007620

Medical and Veterinary Protozoology
Katherine M.G. Adam - etc.  ISBN 0443007640 9780443007644

Blood Flow Through Organs and Tissues
William H. Bain - A.M. Harper  ISBN 044300546X 9780443005466

Antibiotic and Chemotherapy
Mary Barber - Lawrence P. Garrod  ISBN 0443005478 9780443005473

Fractures of the Facial Skeleton
N.L. Rowe - H.C. Killey  ISBN 0443005486 9780443005480

Textbook for Midwives
Margaret F. Myles  ISBN 0443005494 9780443005497

Diagnostic Bronchoscopy
P. Stradling  ISBN 0443005508 9780443005503

Surgery of Repair as Applied to Hand Injuries
B.K. Rank - etc.  ISBN 0443005516 9780443005510

Surgical Principles
James Moroney - F.E. Stock  ISBN 0443005524 9780443005527

John Thomson: Pioneer and Father of Scottish Paediatrics
W.S. Craig  ISBN 0443005532 9780443005534

Bacteriology Illustrated
R.R. Gillies - T.C. Dodds  ISBN 0443005540 9780443005541

Foundations Of Anatomy and Physiology
Janet S. Ross and Kathleen J. W. Wilson  ISBN 0443005575 9780443005572

Nerves and Nerve Injuries
S. Sunderland  ISBN 0443005583 9780443005589

Your Baby and Your Figure
Lois P. Burns  ISBN 0443005591 9780443005596

Textbook of Radiology
 ISBN 0443005621 9780443005626

Surgeon in the Early 19th Century
V.Mary Crosse  ISBN 044300563X 9780443005633

Form and Function in the Human Lung (Lederle international scientific symposium)
 ISBN 0443005656 9780443005657

Fertility and Contraception in the Human Female
John Alexander Loraine - Edwin Trevor Bell  ISBN 0443005672 9780443005671

Growth Plate and its Disorders
Mercer Rang  ISBN 0443005680 9780443005688

Nutrition in Renal Disease
 ISBN 0443005699 9780443005695

Atlas of haematology
George A McDonald  ISBN 0443005702 9780443005701

Fractures and Orthopaedic Surgery for Nurses and Physiotherapists
A. Naylor  ISBN 0443005710 9780443005718

Drugs and Pharmacology for Nurses
S.J. Hopkins  ISBN 0443005737 9780443005732

Tuberculosis Control in Developing Countries
D.H. Shennan  ISBN 0443005753 9780443005756

Surgery of the acute abdomen
John A Shepherd  ISBN 0443005761 9780443005763

Record Linkage in Medicine
 ISBN 044300577X 9780443005770

Sex and Its Problems
 ISBN 0443005788 9780443005787

Victory with Vaccines
H.J. Parish  ISBN 0443005796 9780443005794

Bronchial Carcinoma
B.T.Le Roux  ISBN 0443005818 9780443005817

Scoliosis: Causation No. 2: Symposium Proceedings (Action for the crippled child monograph)
 ISBN 0443005826 9780443005824

Textbook of Medical Treatment
Sir Derrick Dunlop - S. Alstead  ISBN 0443005834 9780443005831

The principles and practice of medicine;: A textbook for students and doctors,
Stanley Davidson  ISBN 0443005842 9780443005848

Fundamental techniques of plastic surgery and their surgical applications,
Ian A McGregor  ISBN 0443005850 9780443005855

Auscultation of the heart,
Richard W. D Turner  ISBN 0443005869 9780443005862

Acute myocardial infarction: Proceedings of a symposium sponsored by the University of Edinburgh in September 1967;
 ISBN 0443005877 9780443005879

Nelson and His Surgeons
P.D.Gordon Pugh  ISBN 0443005885 9780443005886

Cardiac Catheterization and Angiocardiography
David Verel - Ronald G. Grainger  ISBN 0443005893 9780443005893

The young handicapped child: Educational guidance for the young cerebral palsied, deaf, blind, and autistic child,
Agatha H Bowley  ISBN 0443005915 9780443005916

Disease in Infancy and Childhood
R.W.B. Ellis - R.G. Mitchell  ISBN 0443005958 9780443005954

Chant of pleasant exploration
Wilfrid Edward Le Gros Clark  ISBN 0443006024 9780443006029

Handbook for Research in General Practice
Teviot Selwyn Eimerl - Alan James Laidlow  ISBN 0443006067 9780443006067

Paediatric Nursing Procedures
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The newborn child
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Way to Natural Childbirth
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Internal Auditory Meatus
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Preterm Baby
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Recent Advances in Renal Disease
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Pathology and Surgery of the Veins of the Lower Limb
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Cell and Tissue Culture
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Doctor-patient Relationship
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Mental handicap
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Hodgkin's Disease
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unknown  ISBN 0443010951 9780443010958

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Bedside Diagnosis
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Stress Fractures
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Introduction to Veterinary Pharmacology
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Medicine for Nurses
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Concerning Child Abuse
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Essentials of Cardiovascular Surgery
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Applied Pharmacology
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Simple Eye Diagnosis
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Cannabis and Man
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Standard Orthopaedic Operations
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World Health
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Problem Centred Learning: Modified Essay Question in Medicine
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Clinical Pharmacology (Livingstone medical text)
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African Development Reconsidered: New Perspectives from the Continent
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History of Charles XII
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Well Prepared Piano
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The Well-Prepared Piano
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Fire/Emergency Services Sourcebook 1990-1991 )
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Mrs. Fitzherbert and George IV
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Notes on Psychiatry
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Recent Advances in Rheumatology: Underlying Mechanisms of Disease v.1
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Ultrasonics in Clinical Diagnosis
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Cardiac Catheterization and Angiocardiography
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Anaesthetics for Medical Students
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Aids to Medicine for Nurses
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Essential Obstetrics and Gynaecology: Guide for Postgraduates
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Venous Thrombo-embolic Disease: Symposium Proceedings, Edinburgh, 1974
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Chemical Analysis of Foods
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Cerebral Arterial Disease
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Bedside Diagnosis
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Malignant Melanoma of the Skin and Mucous Membrane
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Cy Twombly
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Ken Price
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Refer to Occupational Therapy
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The Elbow
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Gynecologic Oncology
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Operating Theatre Technique
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Community Health
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unknown  ISBN 0443019460 9780443019463

Clinical Examination
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Skinny Spices
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How to Get a Job in Greater Boston
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Lumbar Spine and Back Pain
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PETER C. HAYES  ISBN 0443042136 9780443042133

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Ophthalmic Pathology
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Healthy Living (Skills for Caring)
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Clients and Individuals (Skills for Caring)
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Hygiene of Care (Skills for Caring)
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Becoming a Care Supervisor (Skills for Caring)
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Caring in Emergencies (Skills for Caring)
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Home Care Services (Skills for Caring)
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Disorders of Voluntary Muscle
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Dermatology (Colour Guide)
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Management of Back Pain
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Removable Denture Prosthodontics (Dental)
Alan A. Grant - W. Johnson - The Universities of London and of Wales, The Institute of Dental Surgery and the Manchester Polytechnic) and External Examiner  ISBN 044304631X 9780443046315

Paediatrics (Colour Guide)
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Intensive Care Medicine
L. I. Worthley  ISBN 0443046387 9780443046384

Health Policy: Development Implementation and Evaluation in Australia
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Radiographic Imaging: A Practical Approach, 2e
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Bones and Joints: A Guide for Students
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Drug Therapy in Neurology
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Clinician's Guide to Nuclear Medicine: Benign and Malignant Bone Disease
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Ctg Made Easy
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Human Movement
Marion Trew  ISBN 0443044414 9780443044410

Current Neurosurgery
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Recent Advances in Psychogeriatrics, Volume 2
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Multiple Choice Questions for the Doctorate of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
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Physiotherapy for Respiratory and Cardiac Problems
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Textbook of Epilepsy
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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Orbitopalpebral Region
Denys Montandon - etc.  ISBN 0443044864 9780443044861

The Ecg in Practice
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The Ecg Made Easy
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Infertility: Male and Female
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The Caring Services (Skills for Caring)
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Skills for Caring: Communication Skills
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Myles Textbook for Midwives
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Medicine and Surgery for Dentistry (Colour Guide)
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Rheumatology (Colour Guide)
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Therapy for Stroke: Building on Experience
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Liposuction and Plastic Surgery of the Abdomen
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Energy Management in Illuminating Systems
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The Occupational Ergonomics Handbook
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Visualization of Receptors
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Nonverbal Communication: Readings with Commentary
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Early Diagnosis of the Acute Abdomen
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Educational development
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Educational Development
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Perception: The World Transformed
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Clinical Neuropsychology
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Behavior Therapy with Hyperactive and Learning Disabled Children
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Radio Comedy
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Psychiatric Diagnosis
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Philo of Alexandria: An Introduction
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Diagnostic Endocrinology
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Ethical Issues Relating to Life and Death
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The Synaptic Organization of the Brain
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Language two
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Language Two
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Patterns in Prehistory: Mankind's First Three Million Years
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How Christians Grow
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The Anticancer Drugs
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Cancer: An Introduction
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