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Defend yourself with Kung Fu: A practical guide
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How to be your own boss
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Tackle Golf This Way
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Newspaper money: Fleet Street and the search for the affluent reader
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Long journey home : a biography of Margaret Noble (Nivedita)
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Complete Woman Golfer

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Understanding econometrics
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Winter quarry
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Once & Future Faith
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The Gospel of the Savior
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Life, Life
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Radical Theology
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The Fourth Gospel & Its Predecessor
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The adventures of Rowena and the wonderful jam and jelly factory (A Children's story cookbook)
Rowena Jaap  ISBN 0944345115 9780944345115

School for love
Arthur Barton  ISBN 0091264103 9780091264109

A fell fine baker: The story of United Biscuits : a jubilee account of the men and the companies who pioneered one of Britain's most celebrated industries
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System reliability, modelling and evaluation
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The secret battle
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Fire at Will
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Beyond Tests and Quizzes: Creative Assessments in the College Classroom
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To Improve the Academy: Resources for Faculty, Instructional, and Organizational Development
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Positive Displacement Pumps: A Guide to Performance Evaluation (AIChE Equipment Testing Procedure)
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Prayer and Worship
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The Luminous Darkness: A Personal Interpretation of the Anatomy of Segregation and the Ground of Hope
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The Power of the Lord Is over All: The Pastoral Letters of George Fox
George Fox  ISBN 0944350089 9780944350089

I Take Thee, Serenity
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Laughing Out Loud & Other Religious Experiences
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Hope & A Future
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Inner Tenderings
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Living Longer and Other Sobering Possibilities
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Life-Work: A Career Guide for Idealists
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Signs of Salvation
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What to Do About Your Brain-Injured Child
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How to Teach Your Baby Math
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Camel Crochet
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National Square Dance Directory 2006
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Upholstery Cleaning On-Site
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Carpet Cleaner's Guide to Increased Sales and Profit
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Drapery Cleaning On Site
Roy Moore  ISBN 0944352022 9780944352021

How to Sell and Price Contract Cleaning
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Masonry Cleaning and High Pressure Washing Manual
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Building Service Management
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Everything You Need to Know to Start a Housecleaning Service
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Ernie Pyle's Southwest
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My Brother's Story
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C60: Novel About a Diamond
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National Square Dance Directory/1995
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1995 National Square Dance Directory (&International Square Dance Directory : United States, Canada & Around the World)
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National Square Dance Directory 1996 (Serial)
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Crochet directory sourcebook: Everything for crocheters in one place
Valerie Thornton  ISBN 0944351115 9780944351116

National Square Dance Directory 2000
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National (& International) Square Dance Directory 2001: Square Dancing, Round Dancing, Clogging, Contra, Folk Dancing, Country Western & Line Dancing
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National Square Dance Directory 2002
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National Square Dance Directory 2003
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National Square Dance Directory 2004
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National Square Dance Directory 2005
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Cleaning Schools 2000 and Beyond, Part 3: Hard and Resilient Floor Care
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Restorative Drying: Complete Guide to Water Damage Restoration
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The celestine prophecy: An adventure
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My Brother's Story
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Using Stata for Principles of Econometrics
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The ecstasy of Dr Miriam Garner
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Jean Taylor  ISBN 0091267706 9780091267704

The craft of flower arrangement (The Craftsman's art series)
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Peter R. White  ISBN 0091268508 9780091268503

Planning for Public Transport (University Library)
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Singing: The Physical Nature of the Vocal Organ. A Guide to the Unlocking of the Singing Voice
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Home Extensions: A Householder's Guide
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Industrial Adhesives and Sealants
Jackson  ISBN 0091269008 9780091269005

Bankers in West Africa
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The Tax Preparer's Guide to ITINs: Everything You Need to File an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number
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Cuatrecasas Recevi Metha
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True or False?
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California Real Estate Register
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Information Technology for Development (ITDJ - single issue Information Technology for Development Journal)
ITDJ (Information Technology for Development Journal)  ISBN 0470192364 9780470192368

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Der Gimmick: Gesprochenes Deutsch
"Adrienne"  ISBN 0091271614 9780091271619

Morag's flying fortress
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Let sleeping dogs die
Heald - Tim  ISBN 0091269601 9780091269609

100 scenes from married life: A selection
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Motor vehicle basic principles
V. A. W Hillier  ISBN 0091270510 9780091270513

Land Policy (University Library)
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El Gimmick Espanol Hablado
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Cuentos Favoritos / Favorite Tales
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Fantasia Bilingue/Bilingual Fantasy (Spanish and English Edition)
Maricarmen Ohara  ISBN 0944356028 9780944356029

Tesoro De Refranes Populares a Treasury of Popular Proverbs
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Maricaramen Ohara - Ruben D. Acevedo  ISBN 0944356206 9780944356203

War Hangover
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Con bro!, Workbook: Beginning Spanish (Spanish Edition)
Maria C. Lucas Murillo - Laila M. Dawson  ISBN 047019426X 9780470194263

Dicho 8th Edition Chapters 1-5 Preliminary
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JACK HOUSE  ISBN 009127320X 9780091273200

Professional Organizations in the Commonwealth
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Permission to Speak
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Still waters
Stanley Middleton  ISBN 0091272602 9780091272609

The fallen curtain, and other stories
Ruth Rendell  ISBN 009127270X 9780091272708

Elizabeth Longford  ISBN 0091273005 9780091273002

Thomas the Fish
Diana Morgan  ISBN 0091273102 9780091273101

Touch and go
Josephine Poole  ISBN 0091273307 9780091273309

British Folk Customs
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The whippet (Popular dogs breed series)
Charles Henry Douglas-Todd  ISBN 0091273609 9780091273606

Young workers (Industry in action)
D. N Ashton  ISBN 0091273706 9780091273705

The willow-pattern war
W. H Canaway  ISBN 0091273900 9780091273903

The Lives of the Holy Apostles: Saints Peter, Paul, Andrew, James ... from the Menology of St. Dimitri of Rostov in Russian and the Great Synaxaristes of the Orthodox Church in greek
Holy Apostles Convent - Reader Isaac E. Lambertsen - Holy Apostles Convent - Dormition Skete Icons  ISBN 0944359000 9780944359006

The Lives of the Saints of the Holy Land and the Sinai Desert
Holy Apostles Convent - Dormition Skete Icons  ISBN 0944359019 9780944359013

The Lives of the Monastery Builders: St. Dionysios of Mt. Olympus, St. Nicanor the Wonder-Worker of Mt. Callistratos, and St. Paul the New of Mt. Latros (Holy Apostles Convent, No. 1)
Holy Apostles Convent  ISBN 0944359027 9780944359020

The Life of the Virgin Mary, the Theotokos
Holy Apostles Convent - Holy Apostles Convent - Dormition Skete Icons  ISBN 0944359035 9780944359037

The Lives of the Pillars of Orthodoxy
Dormition Skete Icons - Dormition Skete  ISBN 0944359043 9780944359044

The Lives of the Spiritual Mothers
Holy Apostles Convent - Holy Apostles Convent - Dormition Skete Icons  ISBN 0944359051 9780944359051

The Lives of the Monastery Builders of Soumela: Saints Barnabas and Sophronios of Athens and Saint Christopher of Trebizond, Builders of the Mt. Mela (Pamphlet)
Dormition Skete Icons  ISBN 094435906X 9780944359068

The Lives of the Monastery Builders of Meteora: Saints Athanasios and Ioasaph, Builders of the Great Meteoron Monastery and Saints Nectarios and Theo (Pamphlet)
Dormition Skete Icons  ISBN 0944359078 9780944359075

The Lives of the Holy Women Martyrs
Dormition Skete Icons - Dormition Skete  ISBN 0944359086 9780944359082

The Lives of the Monastery Builders of the Holy Mountain Athos
Holy Apostles Convent  ISBN 0944359108 9780944359105

The Lives of the Three Hierarchs
Dormition Skete Icons - Dormition Skete  ISBN 0944359116 9780944359112

The Lives of the Holy Prophets
Dormition Skete Icons - Dormition Skete  ISBN 0944359124 9780944359129

The Evangelion (Gospel Lectionary)
Holy Apostles Convent - Dormition Skete - Dormition Skete Icons - Holy Apostles  ISBN 0944359159 9780944359150

The Apostolos (Epistle Lectionary)
Holy Apostles Convent - Dormition Skete - Dormition Skete Icons - Dormition Skete Holy Apostles  ISBN 0944359167 9780944359167

The Orthodox New Testament (The Holy Gospels)
Holy Apostles Convent - Dormition Skete Icons - Holy Apostles - Dormition Skete - Holy Apostles Convent  ISBN 0944359175 9780944359174

The Orthodox New Testament (Acts, Epistles, and Revelation)
Holy Apostles Convent - Dormition Skete Icons - Holy Apostles - Dormition Skete - Holy Apostles Convent  ISBN 0944359183 9780944359181

The Great Synaxaristes of the Orthodox Church: September
Holy Apostles Convent  ISBN 0944359191 9780944359198

The Great Synaxaristes of the Orthodox Church: October
Holy Apostles Convent  ISBN 0944359205 9780944359204

The Great Synaxaristes of the Orthodox Church: November
Holy Apostles Convent  ISBN 0944359213 9780944359211

The Great Synaxaristes of the Orthodox Church: December
Holy Apostles Convent  ISBN 0944359221 9780944359228

The Great Synaxaristes of the Orthodox Church: January
Holy Apostles Convent  ISBN 094435923X 9780944359235

The Great Synaxaristes Of The Orthodox Church: February
Holy Apostles Convent  ISBN 0944359248 9780944359242

The Orthodox New Testament: Translated Out Of The Original Greek: The Text Of The 4 Gospels, Acts, 21 Epistles, And Revelation, Leatherette
Holy Apostles Convent  ISBN 0944359256 9780944359259

The Great Synaxaristes Of The Orthodox Church: March
Holy Apostles Convent  ISBN 0944359264 9780944359266

The Great Synaxaristes of the Orthodox Church: April
Holy Apostles Convent  ISBN 0944359272 9780944359273

The Great Synaxaristes of the Orthodox Church: May
Holy Apostles Convent  ISBN 0944359280 9780944359280

The Orthodox New Testament: The Holy Gospels
Holy Apostles Convent - Dormition Skete  ISBN 0944359132 9780944359136

Faux Paw Adventures Internet REBOUND
Jacalyn Leavitt  ISBN 0470195347 9780470195345

Faux Paw First Lady REBOUND
Jacalyn Leavitt  ISBN 0470195355 9780470195352

The Rheology of lubricants
Institution of Mechanical Engineers (Great Britain);British Society of Rheology;  ISBN 0470196726 9780470196724

The Craft of Embroidery (The craftsman's art series)
Pat Philpot  ISBN 0091275717 9780091275716

My home is a zoo
CHARLES TREVISICK  ISBN 0091274907 9780091274900

Introduction to British politics
Peter James Madgwick  ISBN 0091275016 9780091275013

Henry Wade  ISBN 0091275105 9780091275105

Cooking for your heart's content: The official British Heart Foundation cookbook
Katie Dyson  ISBN 009127530X 9780091275303

Politics in the USA.
M J C Vile  ISBN 0091275415 9780091275419

Tackle Hockey
Gerry Carr  ISBN 0091275504 9780091275501

Tackle Hockey
Gerry Carr  ISBN 0091275512 9780091275518

The Craft of Embroidery (The craftsman's art series)
Pat Phillpott  ISBN 0091275709 9780091275709

The Yorkshire terrier (Popular dogs' breed series)
Ethel Munday  ISBN 0091275806 9780091275808

Tango November
John Howlett  ISBN 0091276004 9780091276003

Giant Among Rivers: Story of the Zaire River Expedition
Richard Snailham  ISBN 0091276101 9780091276102

Hard feelings and other stories
Francis Henry King  ISBN 0091276209 9780091276201

Guide to Choice of Wall and Floor Surfacing Materials: Cost in Use Approach
Harry Miller  ISBN 0091276500 9780091276508

Stirred Not Shaken: Dry Martini
John Doxat  ISBN 0091276616 9780091276614

Memoirs of the devil
Roger Vadim  ISBN 0091276705 9780091276706

Abortion Is Not A Sin
Kent B. Welton  ISBN 0944361005 9780944361009

Free Dress for Success: A Businessman's Guide to Sartorial Disarmament
Max Comfort  ISBN 0944361307 9780944361306

Extro-dynamics: Introspection, neutraspection, extrospection, action
Douglas Dunn  ISBN 0944363237 9780944363232

Resistance Through Rituals: Youth Subcultures in Post-war Britain (University Library)
 ISBN 0091279119 9780091279110

Hunter of Harter Fell
Joseph E Chipperfield  ISBN 0091276802 9780091276805

The educated gambler: A guide to casino games
Barrie Hughes  ISBN 0091277000 9780091277000

The cocker spaniel (Popular dogs' breed series)
Veronica Lucas-Lucas  ISBN 0091277108 9780091277109

The dobermann (Popular Dogs' breed series)
Fred Curnow  ISBN 0091277205 9780091277208

The Shetland sheepdog (Popular dogs' breed series)
Margaret Osborne  ISBN 0091277302 9780091277307

Salute to adventurers
John Buchan  ISBN 0091277507 9780091277505

The eye of love: In the temple sculpture of India
Richard Lannoy  ISBN 0091277604 9780091277604

The Eye of Love in the Temple Sculpture of India
Richard Lannoy  ISBN 0091277612 9780091277611

The naturalized animals of the British Isles
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Portrait of a Hunt
Michael Brander  ISBN 0091278007 9780091278007

The Worshipful Company of Brewers: A Short History
Mia Ball  ISBN 0091278503 9780091278502

Tackle Squash
Jonah Barrington - John Hopkins  ISBN 0091278805 9780091278809

Tackle Squash
Jonah Barrington - John Hopkins  ISBN 0091278813 9780091278816

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Who's been sleeping in my bed?
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Dictionary of Concrete
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Design for Human Affairs
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Classical Mechanics
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Mathieson  ISBN 0470205393 9780470205396

Touring Seattle by Bicycle
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Touring the San Francisco Bay Area by Bicycle
Peter Powers  ISBN 0944376053 9780944376058

Touring Californias Wine Country by Bicycle
Peter Powers  ISBN 0944376061 9780944376065

Touring the Los Angeles Area by Bicycle
Peter Powers  ISBN 0944376096 9780944376096

Touring the Pennsylvania Countryside by Bicycle
Peter Powers  ISBN 0944376126 9780944376126

Tips and Techniques, Secrets from a Lifetime in Dentistry
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Touring the Islands: Bicycling in the San Juan, Gulf, and Vancouver Islands
Peter Powers  ISBN 0944376010 9780944376010

Touring the Washington D.C. Area by Bicycle
Peter Powers  ISBN 094437607X 9780944376072

Touring New England by Bicycle
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Touring the New York Area by Bicycle
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In Gallant Company
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Ginger Up Your Cookery
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Atlantean traditions in ancient Britain
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Robert Lacey  ISBN 0091287707 9780091287702

On the lonely shore: An autobiography
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Clachan days
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Astonish us in the morning: Tyrone Guthrie remembered
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A cap for boots: An autobiography
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The craft of gardening (The Craftsman's art series)
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The craft of gardening (The Craftsman's art series)
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The man they couldn't gag
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Mechanism and Machine Theory
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Handbook of Plastics Test Methods
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Methylotrophy and biotechnology
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Single cell oil
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Agricultural Extension
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The Potato
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Western Europe: Geographical Perspectives
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Highway construction and maintenance
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Away from it all
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Compelled to kill
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Walking into the Lyons' den
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The A-Z of cheaper boating: A practical guide
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The A-Z of cheaper boating: A practical guide
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Another breath of border air
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Rose of England
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Life begins at forty: How to make sure you enjoy middle age
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Tackle Climbing
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Fake's Progress
Tom Keating - etc.  ISBN 0091294207 9780091294205

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Tourist development
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Microelectronic Devices
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Phonons in Condensed Matter Physics
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Checking Experiments in Sequential Machines
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Graham Sand
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Spectra and energy levels of rare earth ions in crystals
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High Temperature Superconductors
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A First Course on Electrical Drives
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Fluorescence Analysis in Foods
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Solving problems in surveying
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The Story Inside
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William Wingate  ISBN 0091294800 9780091294809

Packaging in Glass
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AA guide to guesthouses, farmhouses & inns on the Continent: 5,000 low cost places to stay in 12 countries
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William Henry Fox Talbot
H.J.P. Arnold  ISBN 0091296005 9780091296001

Tom Keating Catalogue: Illustrations to the Fake's Progress.
Tom. Keating  ISBN 0091296102 9780091296100

The last chance: The pilots' plot against Goring, 1944-1945
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The Living Thames
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No Cure, No Pay: Story of Salvage at Sea
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Methodologies for Monitoring and Evaluating Vitamin a Deficiency Intervention Programs
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Brief Guide to Current Methods of Assessing Vitamin a Status
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Iron Edta for Food Fortification
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Summary of Evaluations Performed by the Joint Fao-Who Expert Committee on Food Additives (Jecfa.)
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Light Foods: An Assessment of Their Psychological, Sociocultural, Physiological, Nutritional and Safety Aspects
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Pathobiology of the Aging Rat
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Principles for the Selection of Doses in Chronic Rodent Bioassays
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Microwave Ovens (ILSI Europe Concise Monograph Series)
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Alcohol: Health Issues Related to Alcohol Consumption (Ilsi Europe Concise Monograph Series)
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Video Production
Paul Huwiler  ISBN 0944397026 9780944397022

My Golden Moments: Stories I Have Enjoyed Telling
Mary E. Oliver  ISBN 0944397034 9780944397039

Entrepreneurs and Inventors Annual
Brian Hubbard  ISBN 0944397042 9780944397046

Educators Guide to Patents and Inventions
Emanuel Prostano  ISBN 0944397069 9780944397060

School Library Media Programs: Success in the 90's
Emanuel T. Prostano - Joyce S. Prostano  ISBN 0944397077 9780944397077

Invention Science Technology
 ISBN 0944397085 9780944397084

Library Media Programs: Extending Services to Inner City Children
Mary E. Oliver  ISBN 0944397093 9780944397091

Take Two Inventions & (Young Adult Series)
Emanuel Prostano  ISBN 094439714X 9780944397145

I Must Fight Alone: The Young Adult
Mary E. Oliver  ISBN 0944397158 9780944397152

Review of research activities to improve risk assessment for carcinogens
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Guidelines for the Development of a Simplified Dietary Assessment to Identify Groups at Risk for Inadequate Intake of Vitamin A
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Nonhuman Primates II (Monographs on Pathology of Laboratory Animals)
Thomas C. Jones - U. Mohr  ISBN 0944398162 9780944398166

Risk Assessment of Essential Elements
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Low-Dose Extrapolation of Cancer Risks: Issues and Perspectives (Risk Assessment)
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Pathobiology of the Aging Mouse (2 Volume Set)
U. Mohr  ISBN 0944398561 9780944398562

Trans Fatty Acids and Coronary Heart Disease Risk (ILSI Europe Concise Monograph)
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Conocimientos actuales sobre nutricion (Publicacion cientifica) (Spanish Edition)
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Nutritional Epidemiology: Possibilities and Limitations (ILSI Europe Concise Monograph)
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Composition of Chinese Foods
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Dietary Guidelines in Asian Countries
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Just desserts
Tim Heald  ISBN 009129830X 9780091298302

North wall
Roger Hubank  ISBN 0091298407 9780091298401

Some Unease and Angels: Selected Poems
Elaine Feinstein  ISBN 0091298512 9780091298517

Invergordon Smelter: A Case Study in Management
Gordon Drummond  ISBN 0091298717 9780091298715

Rolling Bearings in Service
T. S. Nisbet - G.W. Mullett  ISBN 0091298806 9780091298807

Tackle Soccer
Dave Sexton  ISBN 0091299004 9780091299002

Away wi' the goalie!
John Fairgrieve  ISBN 0091299101 9780091299101

The badgers of Summercombe
Ewan Clarkson  ISBN 0091299209 9780091299200

The 1987 annotated neuro-computing bibliography: Everything you ever wanted to know about neuro-computing, but didn't know who to ask!
Casimir C Klimasauskas  ISBN 0944400000 9780944400005

Son of the Whirlwind : A Silver Brumby Story
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Marketing decision making (The P A Australian management series)
John Sutcliffe  ISBN 0091300312 9780091300319

Product development in Australia (P.A. Australian management series)
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The colt at Taparoo
Elyne Mitchell  ISBN 0091300800 9780091300807

Little athletics: A coaching manual
Ronald Carlton  ISBN 0091301114 9780091301118

Sunday at Kooyong Road
Brian Lewis  ISBN 0091301300 9780091301309

Moral tales
George Molnar  ISBN 0091301408 9780091301408

The taste of hope
Zofia Kruk  ISBN 0091302307 9780091302306

Vector and Parallel Computing
 ISBN 0470215712 9780470215715

Labaune Pharmacokinetics (Ellis Horwood Series in Computers and Their Applications)
LABAUNE  ISBN 0470215720 9780470215722

Heavy Metals in Soils
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Nigel S. Cook  ISBN 0470216050 9780470216057

Task analysis for human-computer interaction (Ellis Horwood books in information technology)
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Wear and corrosion resistant coatings by CVD and PVD
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Stochastic Methods in Reliability Theory
N. Ravichandran  ISBN 0470216816 9780470216811

Principles of Plasma Mechanics, 2nd Edition
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unknown  ISBN 0470217499 9780470217498

Tourism and Economic Development in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union
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Economic Activity and Land Use: The Changing Information Base for Local and Regional Studies
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Guidebook to Organic Synthesis
Raymond K. MacKie - David M. Smith  ISBN 0470215682 9780470215685

An Introduction to Animal Husbandry in the Tropics (Tropical Agriculture Series)
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Physics of Amorphous Materials
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Idlers in the land
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Contributions to Stochastics
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Fundamentals of Fibre Optics in Telecommunication and Sensor Systems
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Solving Problems in Control
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Barefoot Water Skiing
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Hot Dog Slalom Skiing: An Illustrated Guide to over Thirty Amazing Maneuvers
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Hydroslide Kneeboarding: An Illustrated Guide to Learning and Mastering the Sport
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Skurfer's Guide to Water Skiboarding: An Illustrated Guide to Learning and Mastering the Sport
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Boating Watersports: The Ultimate Get-Started Guide to Towing Fun
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Portraits from the Deep
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Incredible fishing stories
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China Next Decades
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Solving Problems in Soil Mechanics
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The Globalisation of Production and Technology
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European Integration and Environmental Policy
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Managing Urban Growth in the Developing World
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Bacterial Diseases of Fish
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The philosophy of the Australian Liberal Party
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The philosophy of the Australian Liberal Party
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The hour of the octopus
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The hour of the octopus
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Build and sail your own boat
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What is sociology?
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Teachers Talk
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Plow Peddler
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Plow Peddler
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The last sentence
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Living for cricket
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Let Freedom Ring
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The Thirteenth Commandment
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Whole Life, Looking Back While Looking Ahead
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Thor's Hammer: Essays on John Gardner
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Keep Your WITS About You
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Arkansas voices
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The Dardanelle & Russellville Railroad
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Steamboats and Ferries on White River: A Heritage Revisited
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GIS and Environmental Modeling: Progress and Research Issues
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200 Classic Sauces: Guaranteed Recipes for Every Occasion
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Mechanical Reliability and Design
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The 30-Minute Cook: The Best of the World's Quick Cooking
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Asian Fusion
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Progressing With Autocad
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Nine Mayan Women: A Village Faces Change
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Nine Mayan Women
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Ecology of Animals
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Hydraulic Fluids
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Research Methods: Guidance for Postgraduates
 ISBN 0470236183 9780470236185

Theory and Design of Air Cushion Craft
Liang Yun - Alan Bliault  ISBN 0470236213 9780470236215

A Celebration of Soup: With Classic Recipes from Around the World
Lindsey Bareham  ISBN 0470236248 9780470236246

Materials for the Engineering Technician
Raymond A. Higgins  ISBN 0470236264 9780470236260

A Color Atlas of Rocks and Minerals in Thin Section
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Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
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Russia and the Post-Soviet Scene: A Geographical Perspective
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Glaciers & Glaciation
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Glaciers & Glaciation
Douglas I. Benn - David J. A. Evans  ISBN 0470236515 9780470236512

Introduction to Geomorphology
Frank Ahnert  ISBN 0470236574 9780470236574

Introduction to Geomorphology
Frank Ahnert  ISBN 0470236582 9780470236581

The Mediterranean: Environment and Society
 ISBN 0470236663 9780470236666

The Mediterranean: Environment and Society
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Russia and the Post Soviet Scene
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gCON, Version 1.1
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tMAP, Version 3.2
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Beyond Mapping: Concepts, Algorithms, and Issues in GIS and gCon, Version 1.1 Set
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Understanding GMDSS: The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
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Advanced Thermodynamics for Engineers
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Introduction to the Design and Analysis of Experiments
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The Pocket Statistician: A Practical Guide to Quality Improvement
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NDT Data Fusion
X. E. Gros  ISBN 0470237244 9780470237243

Successful TQM: Inside Stories from European Quality Award Winners
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Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers: The Mitsubishi FX
J. E. Ridley  ISBN 0470237295 9780470237298

3D Drafting Using AutoCAD
Robert McFarlane  ISBN 0470237325 9780470237328

Solid Modelling with AutoCAD
Robert McFarlane  ISBN 047023735X 9780470237359

Beginning AutoCAD R13 for Windows
Robert McFarlane  ISBN 0470237368 9780470237366

Modelling with AutoCAD: Release 13 for Windows
Robert McFarlane  ISBN 0470237376 9780470237373

Simulation with Visual SLAM and AweSim
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Environmental and Social Impact Assessment: An Introduction
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Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
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Advancing with AutoCAD R13 for Windows
Robert McFarlane  ISBN 047023752X 9780470237526

Project Management: Orientation for Decision Makers
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Process Selection: From Design to Manufacture
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Emsley: the Chemistry of Phosphorus
Emsley  ISBN 0470238690 9780470238691

The Authentic Yoga: Patanjali's Yoga Sutras
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Did I Ever Tell You...?: No. 2
Iris Grender  ISBN 0091339707 9780091339708

Focus on soccer: A player's guide
Ken Jones  ISBN 0091338603 9780091338602

Focus on soccer: A player's guide
Ken Jones  ISBN 0091338611 9780091338619

Miss Emily and the bird of make-believe
Charles Keeping  ISBN 0091339804 9780091339807

The revolutionaries: A Martin Falconer story (The Martin Falconer books)
John Harris  ISBN 0091340004 9780091340001

Studies in Nigerian administration (Hutchinson university library for Africa)
D. J Murray  ISBN 0091340217 9780091340216

West African resistance: The military response to colonial occupation (Hutchinson university library for Africa)
Michael Crowder  ISBN 0091340314 9780091340315

The point of murder
Margaret Yorke  ISBN 0091340705 9780091340704

On Defusing the Population Bomb
Michael E. Endres  ISBN 0470241179 9780470241172

Chemical kinetics;: Homogeneous reactions
N. M Emanuel  ISBN 0470238909 9780470238905

Glacial Geomorphology (Their Glacial and periglacial geomorphology ; v. 1)
Clifford Embleton  ISBN 0470238925 9780470238929

Glacial Geomorphology (Their Glacial and Periglacial Geomorphology; V. 1)
Clifford Embleton  ISBN 0470238933 9780470238936

Periglacial geomorphology (Their Glacial and periglacial geomorphology ; v. 2)
Clifford Embleton  ISBN 0470238941 9780470238943

Periglacial Geomorphology (Their Glacial and Periglacial Geomorphology; V. 1)
Clifford Embleton  ISBN 047023895X 9780470238950

On Defusing the Population Bomb
Michael E. Endres  ISBN 0470241187 9780470241189

Weatherby: The Man. the Gun. the Legend.
Grits Gresham - Tom Gresham  ISBN 0944438024 9780944438022

Russell Chatham
Russell Chatham  ISBN 0944439004 9780944439005

Great North Woods: Poetry
Rebecca Newth  ISBN 0944439020 9780944439029

Dark waters: Essays, Stories, and Articles
Russell Chatham  ISBN 0944439039 9780944439036

The Massacre at Sand Creek
Bruce Cutler  ISBN 0944439047 9780944439043

Silent Seasons: Twenty-One Fishing Stories
Russell Chatham  ISBN 0944439055 9780944439050

Peeping Tom Poems
Charles Levendosky  ISBN 094443908X 9780944439081

Grass Fires
Dan Gerber  ISBN 0944439098 9780944439098

The Theory and Practice of Rivers and New Poems
Jim Harrison  ISBN 0944439101 9780944439104

Martin's Project
Laura Seager  ISBN 094443911X 9780944439111

The Angler's Coast
Russell Chatham  ISBN 0944439128 9780944439128

The Theory and Practice of Rivers and New Poems
Jim Harrison  ISBN 0944439136 9780944439135

Making Game: An Essay on Woodcock
Guy De LA Valdene  ISBN 0944439144 9780944439142

Diana Guest: Stonecarver
Diana Guest  ISBN 0944439160 9780944439166

Peter Stackpole: Life in Hollywood, 1936-1952
Peter Stackpole  ISBN 0944439187 9780944439180

Wolf Von Trutzschler  ISBN 0944439195 9780944439197

Voice from the River
Dan Gerber  ISBN 0944439209 9780944439203

Crossing over: The Vietnam Stories
Richard Currey  ISBN 0944439217 9780944439210

Russell Chatham: One Hundred Paintings
Russell Chatham - Jim Harrison - Chris Waddington  ISBN 0944439241 9780944439241

Epiphany at Goofy's Gas
Greg Keeler  ISBN 094443925X 9780944439258

A Last Bridge Home: New and Selected Poems
Dan Gerber  ISBN 0944439284 9780944439289

Just Before Dark
Jim Harrison  ISBN 0944439306 9780944439302

New Mysteries of Paris
Barry Gifford  ISBN 0944439314 9780944439319

Go by Go
Jon A. Jackson  ISBN 0944439357 9780944439357

A Good Man to Know: A Semi-Documentary Fictional Memoir
Barry Gifford  ISBN 0944439365 9780944439364

A Last Bridge Home: New and Selected Poems
Dan Gerber  ISBN 0944439381 9780944439388

Muddy Fork & Other Things
James Crumley  ISBN 094443939X 9780944439395

Graves Registry/Poems
Keith Wilson  ISBN 094443942X 9780944439425

Graves Registry
Keith Wilson  ISBN 0944439438 9780944439432

The Lady With the Alligator Purse
Ernest Finney  ISBN 0944439462 9780944439463

The Ninemile Wolves
Rick Bass  ISBN 0944439470 9780944439470

The Ninemile Wolves: An Essay
Rick Bass  ISBN 0944439489 9780944439487

My Sister Gone
Kathryn Marshall  ISBN 0944439497 9780944439494

A River Runs Through It: Bringing a Classic to the Screen
Richard Friedenberg - Robert Redford  ISBN 0944439500 9780944439500

Red and Blue Days: Writings on the American West
Peter Matthiessen  ISBN 0944439519 9780944439517

Stephen Bodio  ISBN 0944439756 9780944439753

The River We Carry with Us: Two Centuries of Writing From the Clark Fork Basin
Editors Tracy Stone-Manning & Emily Miller  ISBN 0944439063 9780944439067

The River We Carry With US - Two Centuries of Writing from the Clark Fork Basin
Tracy, Editor Stone-manning  ISBN 0944439071 9780944439074

The Peeping Tom Poems
Charles Levendosky  ISBN 0944439179 9780944439173

For All Time: A Memoir
Helen Claypool  ISBN 0944439268 9780944439265

A Last Bridge Home
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New mysteries of Paris : stories
Barry Gifford  ISBN 0944439322 9780944439326

The angler's coast
Russell Chatham  ISBN 0944439349 9780944439340

Hua Hu Ching: The Teachings of Lao Tzu
Lao Tzu - Brian Walker  ISBN 0944439373 9780944439371

The muddy fork & other things : short fiction and nonfiction
James Crumley  ISBN 0944439403 9780944439401

Mile High Mile Deep
Richard K. O'Malley  ISBN 0944439543 9780944439548

Birds of a Feather: The Complete Poems of Ed Lahey
Ed Lahey  ISBN 094443956X 9780944439562

Janet L., and Crain, Ellen Finn  ISBN 0944439578 9780944439579

Janet L. Finn - Ellen Crain  ISBN 0944439586 9780944439586

Bruach blend
Lillian Beckwith  ISBN 0091341205 9780091341206

Botanic Action with David Bellamy
David Bellamy - Clare Smallman  ISBN 009134140X 9780091341404

Botanic Action with David Bellamy
David Bellamy - Clare Smallman  ISBN 0091341418 9780091341411

Molluscs: An Introduction to their Form and Functions
J. E. Morton  ISBN 0091341612 9780091341619

The Friends of Liberty: The English Democratic Movement in the Age of the French Revolution
Albert Goodwin  ISBN 0091341701 9780091341701

Safety in numbers: The heavy business of Life Assurance made light, instructive and readable
Tessa Morrison  ISBN 0091341817 9780091341817

The Sportsman's Cookbook: Fish & Game
E. M Walker  ISBN 0091343208 9780091343200

The Manual of Weight-training
 ISBN 0091343313 9780091343316

The Neuropsychology of Thirst
Alan N. Eplein - etc.  ISBN 0470243503 9780470243503

Furmaan Khalsa: Poems to Live By
Yogi Bhajan - Haribhajan Singh Khalsa  ISBN 0944442005 9780944442005

Claire Rayner  ISBN 0091345901 9780091345907

Diary of a Somebody
Christopher Matthew  ISBN 0091343607 9780091343606

All Pam's poems
Pam Ayres  ISBN 0091343801 9780091343804

Jake's Thing
Kingsley Amis  ISBN 0091343909 9780091343903

Money rush
Andrew Duncan  ISBN 0091344107 9780091344108

RONALD LEWIN  ISBN 0091344204 9780091344207

The Old English sheepdog (Popular dogs' breed series)
Ann Davis  ISBN 0091345006 9780091345006

Training the Retriever
J.A. Kersley  ISBN 0091345103 9780091345105

The West Highland White Terrier (Popular Dogs' Breed)
D.Mary Dennis  ISBN 0091345200 9780091345204

The Yorkshire Terrier (Popular Dogs' Breed)
Ethel Munday  ISBN 0091345308 9780091345303

The shadow master
Elaine Feinstein  ISBN 009134560X 9780091345600

The Inshore Squadron
Alexander Kent  ISBN 0091345804 9780091345808

A Funny Feeling
Richard S. Kimball  ISBN 0944443001 9780944443002

A Christmas Wrinkle
Richard S. Kimball  ISBN 094444301X 9780944443019

The Winds of Creativity: Finding Fulfillment Through Creative Act
Richard S. Kimball  ISBN 0944443079 9780944443071

The Rock and Roll Birthday Book
Randy Rucker  ISBN 0944445039 9780944445037

Golf Doctor: Diagnosis, Explanation and Correction of Golfing Faults
John Jacobs - Dick Aultman  ISBN 0091346304 9780091346300

The Return
Evelyn Anthony  ISBN 0091346002 9780091346003

Mao, the people's emperor
Dick Wilson  ISBN 009134610X 9780091346102

Anna Yoga: The yoga of food
Jack Santa Maria  ISBN 0091346215 9780091346218

The cat-walk
Cherry Marshall  ISBN 0091346401 9780091346409

H. M. S. "Colossus": The Story of the Salvage of the Hamilton Treasures
Roland Morris  ISBN 0091346606 9780091346607

Day eight
Elisabeth Ayrton  ISBN 0091347009 9780091347000

The action
Francis Henry King  ISBN 0091347106 9780091347109

GARETH EDWARDS  ISBN 0091348005 9780091348007

Boothby: A Rebel Remembers
Robert Boothby  ISBN 0091348307 9780091348304

Understanding GIS: The ARC/INFO Method, Version 7.1 for UNIX and Windows NT
Inc. Environmental Systems Research Institute  ISBN 0470244038 9780470244036

ARC Macro Language: Developing ARC/INFO Menus and Macros with AML, Version 7.1.1 for UNIX and Windows NT
Inc. Environmental Systems Research Institute  ISBN 0470244046 9780470244043

Undoing Place?: A Geographical Reader
Linda McDowell  ISBN 0470244135 9780470244135

Dynamic Meteorology: A Basic Course, 2E
Adrian Gordon - Grace Warwick - Roland Byron-Scott  ISBN 0470244178 9780470244173

Dynamic Meteorology: A Basic Course
Adrian H. Gordon - Grace Warwick - Peter Schwedtfeger - Roland Byron-Scott  ISBN 0470244186 9780470244180

World Atlas of Desertification
 ISBN 0470244194 9780470244197

Asian Fusion
Wini Brugger  ISBN 0470244232 9780470244234

Beginning AutoCAD
Robert McFarlane  ISBN 0470244291 9780470244296

Metamorphism and Plate Tectonic Regimes (Benchmark papers in geology)
 ISBN 0470244313 9780470244319

Subduction Zone Metamorphism (Benchmark papers in geology ; v. 19)
W. G. Ernst  ISBN 047024433X 9780470244333

Introducing 3D AutoCAD
Robert McFarlane  ISBN 0470244348 9780470244340

Progressing with AutoCAD
Robert McFarlane  ISBN 0470244364 9780470244364

Advancing with AutoCAD LT
Robert McFarlane  ISBN 0470244372 9780470244371

Starting with AutoCAD LT
Robert McFarlane  ISBN 0470244380 9780470244388

Getting the Most from AutoCAD LT
W. Ditch  ISBN 0470244399 9780470244395

Parapsychology: A Reading and Buying Guide to the Best Books in Print
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Parapsychology for Teachers and Students: A Bibliography Guide
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Kirlian Photography Bibliography (Psi Center Directories Ser.)
Rhea A. White  ISBN 0944446051 9780944446058

Parapsychology for Parents: A Bibliography (Psi Center Bibliographies Ser.)
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Psychic Experiences: A Bibliography
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Evidential Bibliography on Parapsychology
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Using the Library to Find Out About Parapsychology
Rhea A. White  ISBN 0944446167 9780944446164

On Being Psychic: A Reading Guide
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Parapsychology: A Reading and Buying Guide to the Best Books in Print (Bibliographies Ser)
Rhea A. White  ISBN 0944446205 9780944446201

Kirlian Photography Bibliography
 ISBN 094444623X 9780944446232

Exceptional Human Experience: Background Papers
Rhea A. White  ISBN 0944446507 9780944446508

Two brothers
Stanley Middleton  ISBN 0091348609 9780091348601

The battle of Baguio City: Karpov-Korchnoi 1978
William Roland Hartston  ISBN 0091348811 9780091348816

The other side of the Hill
Bette Hill  ISBN 0091349001 9780091349004

Fine Silks and Oak Counters: Debenhams, 1778-1978
Maurice Corina  ISBN 0091349109 9780091349103

Sir William
D. A Ponsonby  ISBN 0091349206 9780091349202

Pascoe: The story of an athlete
Alan Pascoe  ISBN 009134980X 9780091349806

Pascoe: The story of an athlete
Alan Pascoe  ISBN 0091349818 9780091349813

New towns: The British experience
 ISBN 0470248807 9780470248805

The politics of trade;: The evolution of the superbloc
Douglas Evans  ISBN 0470248815 9780470248812

Tritium and its compounds
Eustace Anthony Evans  ISBN 0470248823 9780470248829

Crush Price Objections
Tom Reilly  ISBN 0944448143 9780944448144

The Value Added Organization : Becoming a Value Added Peak Competitor
Tom Reilly  ISBN 0944448194 9780944448199

How to Sell and Manage in Tough Times and Tough Markets
Tom Reilly  ISBN 0944448224 9780944448229

Customer Service Is More Than a Department: It's An Attitude
Tom Reilly  ISBN 0944448259 9780944448250

Flag Football: How to Play It
Vernon L. Scheffel  ISBN 0944450008 9780944450000

Reason and the Contours of Faith
Richard Rice  ISBN 0944450075 9780944450079

Teaching Values
Roland Larson - Doris Larson  ISBN 0944450148 9780944450147

Value Added Selling Techniques
Thomas P. Reilly  ISBN 0944448070 9780944448076

Value Added Sales Management: A Manager's Guide to Creating the Value Added Sales Culture
Thomas P. Reilly  ISBN 0944448089 9780944448083

Value Added Customer Service: Every Employee's Guide for Creating Satisfied Customers
Tom Reilly  ISBN 0944448100 9780944448106

The Young Eagle: A Tale of Destiny, Dreams, Passion and Calling
Tom Reilly  ISBN 0944448283 9780944448281

Florida's Gold Coast Business and Employers' Directory: Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami
Silver Reede  ISBN 0944449050 9780944449059

Florida's Gulf Coast Business and Employers' Directory: Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg
Silver Reede  ISBN 0944449069 9780944449066

Florida's Business and Employers' Directory for Orlando and the Space Coast: Orlando, Jacksonville, Titusville
Silver Reede  ISBN 0944449077 9780944449073

Atlanta's Business and Employment Guide
Silver Reede  ISBN 0944449085 9780944449080

Women, church, God: A socio-biblical study
Caleb Rosado  ISBN 0944450059 9780944450055

C.S. Lewis index: Rumours from the sculptor's shop
Janine Goffar  ISBN 0944450199 9780944450192

Thinking critically: Views and values in college teaching
 ISBN 0944450210 9780944450215

The Nuremberg Massacre
Geoff Taylor  ISBN 0091354005 9780091354008

Papua New Guinea
Ernst Loffler  ISBN 0091354307 9780091354305

A taste for adventure
John Blashford-Snell  ISBN 0091360102 9780091360108

Old Fashioned Christmas
Iris Grender  ISBN 0091360404 9780091360405

The fertile years
Wendy Cooper  ISBN 0091361206 9780091361204

World Atlas of Desertification
 ISBN 0470249722 9780470249727

Special and Decorative Breads: Traditional, Regional and Special Breads, Fancy Breads - Viennese Pasteries - Croissants, Brioches - Decorative Breads - Presentation Pieces
Alain Couet - Eacute;ric Kayser  ISBN 0470250062 9780470250068

Meat and Games - Sauces and Bases Execution, Display and Decoration for Buffets and Receptions
Denis Ruffel  ISBN 0470250100 9780470250105

Décomaster: Decorating with a Paper Cone, 120 Practice Sheets
Alain Buys - Jean-Luc Decluzeau  ISBN 0470250119 9780470250112

Cluster analysis (Reviews of current research, 11)
Brian Everitt  ISBN 047024898X 9780470248980

Advanced Practical Cookery
Victor Ceserani - Ronald Kinton - David Foskett  ISBN 0470249609 9780470249604

An Introduction to Coastal Geomorphology
John Pethick  ISBN 0470249617 9780470249611

Fluvial Forms and Processes
David Knighton  ISBN 047024965X 9780470249659

Social Geography: An Introduction to Contemporary Issues
John Cater - Trevor Jones  ISBN 0470249676 9780470249673

Geographic Dimensions of United States Social Policy
 ISBN 0470249684 9780470249680

Earth, Air and Water: Resources and Environment in the Late 20th Century
I. G. Simmons  ISBN 0470249706 9780470249703

Geography and Geographers: Anglo-American Human Geography Since 1945
R. J. Johnston  ISBN 0470249714 9780470249710

Climatic Change in the Intra-Americas Sea: Implications of Future Climate on the Ecosystems and Socio-Economic Structure in the Marine and Coastal ... Coast of South America (Climate Change)
 ISBN 0470249730 9780470249734

Quaternary Environments
Martin A. J. Williams - P. De Deckker - D. L. Dunkerley - A. P. Kershaw - T. Stokes  ISBN 0470249749 9780470249741

Climatic Change and the Mediterranean (Climate Change) (Volume 1)
 ISBN 0470249757 9780470249758

Living with Risk: The Geography of Technological Hazards
Susan L. Cutter  ISBN 0470249773 9780470249772

Volcanoes and Society
David Chester  ISBN 047024979X 9780470249796

Understanding GIS: The ARC/INFO Method: Version 7 for UNIX and OpenVMS
Inc. Environmental Systems Research Institute  ISBN 0470249870 9780470249871

Fracture Mechanics & Structural Concre
KARIHALOO  ISBN 0470249889 9780470249888

Multilevel Statistical Models (Kendall's Advanced Theory of Statistics)
Harvey Goldstein  ISBN 0470249897 9780470249895

Clinical Biostatistics: An Introduction to Evidence-Based Medicine
Graham Dunn - Brian S. Everitt  ISBN 0470249900 9780470249901

Eysenck on extraversion
H. J Eysenck  ISBN 0470249951 9780470249956

Special and Decorative Breads
Roland Bilheux - Alain Escoffier - Daniel Hervé - Jean-Marie Pouradier  ISBN 0470250054 9780470250051

Pastry Hors d'oeuvres, Mini-Sandwiches, Canapés, Assorted Snacks, Hot Hors d'oeuvres, Cold Brochettes, Centerpieces for Buffets (The Professional Caterer Series)
Denis Ruffel  ISBN 0470250070 9780470250075

The Professional Caterer Series: Individual Cold Dishes, Pates, Terrines, Galantines and Ballotines, Aspics, Pizzas and Quiches
Denis Ruffel  ISBN 0470250089 9780470250082

The Professional Caterer Series: Croustades-Quenelles-Souffles-Beignets-Individual Hot Dishes-Mixed Salads-Fish in Aspic-Lobsters-Poultry in Aspic
Denis Ruffel  ISBN 0470250097 9780470250099

Encyclopedia of World Regional Geology (Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series) (Pt.1)
 ISBN 047025145X 9780470251454

Faires: Radioisotope Laboratory Techni
R A Faires  ISBN 0470251506 9780470251508

The Domesday Book of Mammoth Pike
Fred Bullen  ISBN 0091361710 9780091361716

Geography of Western Europe
A.H. Perry - Vivien C. Perry  ISBN 0091363810 9780091363819

Even Coarser Sport
Michael Green  ISBN 0091361303 9780091361303

The Domesday Book of Mammoth Pike
Fred Buller  ISBN 0091361702 9780091361709

Live bait
Bill Knox  ISBN 0091361907 9780091361907

Pride of the Shires: Story of the Whitbread Horses
John Oaksey  ISBN 0091362407 9780091362409

The Component Contribution: Engine Progress Through the Specialist Manufacturers
Alan Baker  ISBN 0091362903 9780091362904

The Brandenburg affair
Stanley White  ISBN 0091363306 9780091363307

Eliot Porter  ISBN 0091363403 9780091363406

Managing for Performance Perfection: The Changing Emphasis
Wi Pope  ISBN 0944453007 9780944453001

Mommy Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Maureen H. Duggan  ISBN 0944453015 9780944453018

Growth of Crystals from the Vapour
M M Faktor - I Garrett  ISBN 0470253509 9780470253502

Falconer: Building & Planning for Indu
Falconer  ISBN 047025355X 9780470253557

You Can't Make Me (The Competent Caregiver Training Program)
Judith K. Schneider  ISBN 0944454038 9780944454039

The Play Years: Two to Six (Competent Caregiver Series)
Judith K. Schneider - Madeline E. Ehlert - Mary J. Crist  ISBN 0944454054 9780944454053

Home Study Program for Competent Caregivers (Study Guides and Evaluations)
Judith Schneider  ISBN 0944454062 9780944454060

What Should I Do?: Safety and Emergency Care Handbook (Competent Caregiver Series)
Judith K. Schneider  ISBN 0944454070 9780944454077

Listen to Me--Please!: A Communication Workbook (Competent Caregiver Series)
Judith K. Schneider  ISBN 0944454119 9780944454114

Listen to Me--Please!: Evaluation Exercises
Judith K. Schneider  ISBN 0944454127 9780944454121

The Critical Years: Birth to Two
Judith K. Schneider  ISBN 0944454151 9780944454152

The Play Years: Two to Six/Study Guide
Judith K. Schneider - Madeline E. Ehlert - Mary J. Crist  ISBN 0944454178 9780944454176

Everyman Today Call Rome/Includes Study Guide
Charles A. Coulombe  ISBN 094445500X 9780944455005

Listen to Me Please!...Communication
Judith K. Schneider - Madeline Ehlert  ISBN 094445402X 9780944454022

Critical Years Birth to Two
Center Cape  ISBN 0944454046 9780944454046

Speech Communication: Speech Wave Processing and Transmission v.1 (Its Speech communication ; v. 1) (Vol 1)
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Practical Bakery
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Speech Communication: Speech and Hearing Defects and Aids, Language Acquisition v.4 (Vol 4)
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Fluvial Forms and Processes Paper 2e
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Taasmaster Reading, Exit Level: Teachers Handbook for Texas Assessment of Academic Skills
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Quick Thinking Grades 7-12: Critical & Creative Thinking Challenges.
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To Kill a Mockingbird Literature Guide
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Canterbury Tales Literature Guide
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Wuthering Heights Literature Guide
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Lord of the Flies - ECS Literature Guide - Grade 7-12
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Macbeth - ECS Literature Guide- Grade 7-12 (Ecs Literature Guide Series)
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Como Cortar El Cabello: Guia Facil Para Contar El Cabello Con Precision Professional (Haircutting Basic)
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Haircutting Basics: An Easy, Step-By-Step Guide to Cutting Hair the Professional Way
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The Haircoloring Manual: A Practical Guide to Successful Haircoloring
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Taas Quick Review Reading: Exit Level
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Writing Warm-Ups Two Grades K-6 (Quick, Creative and Challenging Writing Exercises)
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Taas Master Science
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Haircutting Basics: An Easy, Step-By-Step Guide to Cutting Hair the Professional Way
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Haircutting basics: An easy, step-by-step guide to cutting hair the professional way
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Advances in aerosol physics
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Practical laboratory planning
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Introduction to Ligand Fields
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Membranes and their cellular functions
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Psychobiology of Convulsive Therapy
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The Common Experience
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At One with the Sea: Alone Around the World
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Electrical installation technology (v. 1)
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Tackle caravanning
Frederick Tingey  ISBN 009136700X 9780091367008

Tackle caravanning
Frederick Tingey  ISBN 0091367018 9780091367015

Pretty doll houses
Gabriel Fielding  ISBN 0091367107 9780091367107

The Solid Gold Buddha
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TAI CHI CH'UAN :a The Technique of Power
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The wolves came down from the mountain
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Common Experience
John M. Cohen - John-Francis Phipps  ISBN 0091368111 9780091368111

Show Jumping with Harvey Smith
Harvey Smith  ISBN 0091368405 9780091368401

Show Jumping with Harvey Smith
Harvey Smith  ISBN 0091368413 9780091368418

Silver in my sporran: Confessions of a writing man
Angus MacVicar  ISBN 0091368502 9780091368500

The dictionary of the occult
B. W Martin  ISBN 0091368804 9780091368807

The dictionary of the occult
B. W Martin  ISBN 0091368812 9780091368814

Fishing Hawaii Style #1
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Fishing Hawaii Style 2
Jim Rizzuto  ISBN 0944462022 9780944462027

Fishing Hawaii Style, Volume 3
Jim Rizzuto  ISBN 0944462030 9780944462034

Hawaii's Offshore Hunters
 ISBN 0944462049 9780944462041

Fresh Catch of the Day: From the Fishwife
Shirley Rizzuto  ISBN 0944462073 9780944462072

Somethin' Fishy for the Small Fry
Allan Tsukamoto  ISBN 0944462502 9780944462508

Police Officer's Dilemma: Balancing Peace, Order and Individual Rights
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Private Security and the Public Interest
Jay S. Albanese  ISBN 0944461018 9780944461013

World Filtration Congress: Papers Presented 1st
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Monetary policy
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Opiate Addiction: Origins and Treatment (The Series in general psychiatry)
Seymour Fisher - Alfred M. Freedman  ISBN 0470261536 9780470261538

Blaze of riot
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Lizard Island: Reconstruction of the Life of Mrs.Watson
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The Blakeley Ghost
Valerie Weldrick  ISBN 0091372607 9780091372606

Black Sorrow
Reginald Ottley  ISBN 0091373409 9780091373405

Yachting in Australia: Yesterday, today, tomorrow
Lou D'Alpuget  ISBN 0091373603 9780091373603

Snowy River brumby
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Stupenda, La: Biography of Joan Sutherland
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Flavour of Australia
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Frederick McCubbin
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Stochastic abundance models, with emphasis on biological communities and species diversity (Monographs on applied probability and statistics)
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Computer aided circuit design
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Principles of Behavioural Assessment
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Transmission of Information in the Optical Waveband
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Analysis With Ion-Selective Electrodes (Ellis Horwood series in analytical chemistry)
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TUCEK  ISBN 0470263040 9780470263044

A Handbook for Specific Learning Disabilities
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Human Information Processing (Handbook of learning and cognitive processes) (Vol 5)
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An atlas of representative stellar spectra
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Psychobiology of Mind
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Principles of organic synthesis
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Receptors and Recognition
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Practical marketing audits: A guide to increased profitability
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Income Distribution and Economic Inequality
Zvi Griliches - etc.  ISBN 0470263318 9780470263310

Fiechter Brazil
FIECHT  ISBN 0470263326 9780470263327

Geothermal energy: Its past, present, and future contributions to the energy needs of man
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An introduction to animal husbandry
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Coal and energy: The need to exploit the world's most abundant fossil fuel
Derek Ezra  ISBN 0470263393 9780470263396

New processes of waste water treatment and recovery
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Modern power transformer practice
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Materials (Mitchell's building construction)
Alan Everett  ISBN 0470263539 9780470263532

Molecular and crystal structure models
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Imitation: A Developmental Perspective
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Thermodynamic Derivatives for Water and Steam
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Novel Aspects of Reproductive Physiology
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Digital circuits for binary arithmetic
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Human Response to Crowding
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Personality: A New Look at Metatheories (The series in clinical & community psychology)
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Membranes and Their Cellular Functions
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D. E Briggs  ISBN 0470263938 9780470263938

Chemical admixtures for concrete
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Laboratory handbook of chromatographic and allied methods (Ellis Horwood series in analytical chemistry)
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The pest war
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Applications of high performance liquid chromatography
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The Circumpolar North: A Political and Economic Geography of the Arctic and Sub-Arctic
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Imms' Outlines Of Entomology
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Research and Development and School Change
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Language of Autistic Children
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Organic Agriculture: Economic and Ecological Comparisons with Conventional Methods
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Hazari: Pure Theory of International Tr
Hazari  ISBN 0470264306 9780470264300

American Economic Preeminence
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The Pictures That Moved
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Australia and the Australians
R.M. Younger  ISBN 0091378508 9780091378509

Can ministers cope?: Australian federal ministers at work
Patrick Moray Weller  ISBN 0091376904 9780091376901

Can ministers cope?: Australian federal ministers at work
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The footballer who laughed
Lou Richards  ISBN 0091377102 9780091377106

Sheep Management and Production
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The cocker spaniel (Popular dogs' breed series)
Veronica Lucas-Lucas  ISBN 0091380103 9780091380106

A Border bairn
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From the mundane to the magnificent: A volume of autobiography
Vera Stanley Alder  ISBN 0091380715 9780091380717

Buddhism in Britain
Ian P. Oliver  ISBN 0091381606 9780091381608

Buddhism in Britain
Ian P Oliver  ISBN 0091381614 9780091381615

The Plant Protection Discipline: Problems and Possible Developmental Strategies
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Wasted Lives: A Study of Children in Mental Hospitals and Their Families
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Cutting for construction: A handbook of methods and applications of hard cutting and breaking on site
David W Lazenby  ISBN 0470264373 9780470264379

The boundary element method for engineers
C. A Brebbia  ISBN 0470264381 9780470264386

System modelling and control
J Schwarzenbach  ISBN 0470264578 9780470264577

Charge-transfer devices (Contemporary electronics and electrical engineering)
G. S Hobson  ISBN 0470264586 9780470264584

Helliwell Drainage
Helliwell  ISBN 0470264616 9780470264614

Feddes: Simulation of Field Water Use & (Simulation monographs)
R. A. Feddes - P. J. Kowalik - H. Zarachy  ISBN 0470264632 9780470264638

Money hard and soft on the international currency markets
Brendan Brown  ISBN 0470264667 9780470264669

Introduction to nuclear reactions
G. R Satchler  ISBN 0470264675 9780470264676

A guide to the successful management of computer projects
Hamish Donaldson  ISBN 0470264721 9780470264720

Parent/Child Interaction and Youth Rebellion
Marianne Marschak  ISBN 0470264764 9780470264768

Thompson: Atomic Absorption, Fluoresce
Thompson  ISBN 0470264780 9780470264782

Nerve-muscle interaction
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Principles of applied geophysics
D. S Parasnis  ISBN 0470264802 9780470264805

Flames, Their Structure, Radiation, and Temperature. Fourth Edition
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Process of Question Answering: A Computer Simulation of Cognition
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Subjective Meaning and Culture: An Assessment Through Word Associations
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Minicomputers in Sensory and Information-processing Research
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Eye Movements and the Higher Psychological Functions
John W. Senders - etc.  ISBN 0470264896 9780470264898

Boustead Energy
BOUSTEAD  ISBN 0470264926 9780470264928

Simulation of assimilation, respiration, and transpiration of crops (Simulation monographs)
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Statistical Mechanics of Chain Molecules
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Educability, schools, and ideology,
Michael Flude  ISBN 0470265000 9780470265000

Vegetation dynamics (Outline studies in ecology)
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The mystery of wealth: Political economy--its development and impact on world events
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Alcoholism: A Treatment Manual
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Vibration monitoring and diagnosis: Techniques for cost-effective plant maintenance
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The domestic rabbit
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Modelling large systems (ORASA text)
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Immobilized Enzymes: Research and Development (Kodansha scientific books)
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Articulate intervention (ORASA text ; no. 1)
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Operational Distribution Research: Innovative Case Studies (Orasa Text; No. 2)
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Integral Representations of Functions and Imbedding Theorems: v.1 (Scripta series in mathematics) (Vol 1)
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Operator Colligations in Hilbert Spaces
Mikhail S. Livshits - Artem A. Yantsevich - Artem A. IAntsevich  ISBN 0470265418 9780470265413

Photoelectron spectroscopy and molecular orbital theory
R. E Ballard  ISBN 0470265426 9780470265420

The determination of dynamic properties of polymers and composites
B. E Read  ISBN 0470265434 9780470265437

Fundamentals of photochemistry
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Elements of System-Dynamics Simulation
Th. J. Ferrari  ISBN 0470265485 9780470265482

Spray drying handbook
K Masters  ISBN 0470265493 9780470265499

Compact Numerical Methods for Computers : Linear Algebra and Function Minimisation
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Infants at Risk: Assessment of Cognitive Functioning
Richard B. Kearsley - Irving E. Sigel  ISBN 0470265744 9780470265741

A participative approach to computer systems design: A case study of the introduction of a new computer system
Enid Mumford  ISBN 0470265817 9780470265819

Washburn: Geocryology - A Survey of PE
Washburn  ISBN 0470265825 9780470265826

Theory of Linear Induction Motors
Sakae Yamamura  ISBN 0470265833 9780470265833

Perspectives on Memory Research: Essays in Honour of Uppsala University's 500th Anniversary
Lars-Goran Nilsson  ISBN 0470265868 9780470265864

Introduction to Simulation and SLAM
A.Alan B. Pritsker - Claude Dennis Pegden  ISBN 0470265884 9780470265888

Materials handling in farm production: A guide to the control of handling cost on the farm
William Richard Butterworth  ISBN 0470265892 9780470265895

Drawing and designing children's and teenage fashions
Patrick John Ireland  ISBN 0470265922 9780470265925

Hypnotherapy: An Exploratory Casebook
Milton H. Erickson - Ernest Lawrence Rossi  ISBN 0470265957 9780470265956

The Classification of Endogenous Psychoses
Karl Leonhard  ISBN 0470265965 9780470265963

Essential invertebrate zoology
M. S Laverack  ISBN 0470266058 9780470266052

Elwell Gemstones
ELWELL  ISBN 0470266066 9780470266069

The cutting and polishing of electro-optic materials
G. W Fynn  ISBN 0470266074 9780470266076

Generalised functions (Ellis Horwood series in mathematics and its applications)
R. F Hoskins  ISBN 0470266082 9780470266083

Understanding job satisfaction
Michael M Gruneberg  ISBN 0470266104 9780470266106

History of Urban Form: Before the Industrial Revolutions
A. E. J. Morris  ISBN 0470266147 9780470266144

Heap: Heat Pumps
HEAP  ISBN 0470266252 9780470266250

Factoring and finance
Martin Forman  ISBN 0470266260 9780470266267

Blackout Looting: New York City, July 13, 1977
Robert Curvin - Bruce Porter  ISBN 0470266279 9780470266274

The Soviet Energy System: Resource Use and Policies (Scripta series in geography)
Leslie Dienes  ISBN 0470266295 9780470266298

Nonmetropolitan Industrialization of America (Scripta series in geography)
Richard E. Lonsdale - H.L. Seyler  ISBN 0470266317 9780470266311

The design of biological monitoring systems for pest management (Simulation monographs)
S. M Welch  ISBN 0470266325 9780470266328

Rock-Forming Minerals, Disilicates and Ring Silicates (Volume 1B)
W. A. Deer - R. A. Howie - J. Zussman  ISBN 0470266341 9780470266342

Team Development Manual
Mike Woodcock  ISBN 0470266368 9780470266366

Concrete materials and practice
L. J Murdock  ISBN 0470266392 9780470266397

Thomson: an Introduction to Seed Techn
Thomson  ISBN 0470266449 9780470266441

Modelling and Simulation in Practice
M. Cross  ISBN 0470266457 9780470266458

Investment for production: Managing the plant investment process
P. H Lowe  ISBN 0470266465 9780470266465

Modelling and Analysis Using Q-GERT Networks
A.Alan B. Pritsker  ISBN 0470266481 9780470266489

Levels of Processing in Human Memory
Cermak  ISBN 0470266511 9780470266519

International lending, risk, and the Euromarkets
Anthony Angelini  ISBN 0470266538 9780470266533

Multimethod Clinical Assessment
W.Robert Nay  ISBN 0470266546 9780470266540

Computer systems in work design--the ETHICS method: Effective technical and human implementation of computer systems : a work design exercise book for individuals and groups
Enid Mumford  ISBN 0470266562 9780470266564

Causes of climate
John George Lockwood  ISBN 0470266570 9780470266571

Causes of Climate
John George Lockwood  ISBN 0470266589 9780470266588

Analysis of Social Interactions: Methods, Issues, and Illustrations
Robert B. Cairns  ISBN 0470266627 9780470266625

The Experimental Study of Personality
Douglas Prescott Crowne  ISBN 0470266643 9780470266649

Blackout Looting: New York City, July 13, 1977
Robert Curvin - Bruce Porter  ISBN 0470266694 9780470266694

Everyday Language: Studies in Ethnomethodology
 ISBN 0470266708 9780470266700

Principles and applications of electrochemistry (Chapman and Hall chemistry textbook series)
D. R Crow  ISBN 0470266740 9780470266748

Welded joint design
J. G Hicks  ISBN 0470266864 9780470266861

From DNA to protein: The transfer of genetic information
Maria Szekely  ISBN 0470266872 9780470266878

The Doulton Burslem Wares
Desmond Eyles  ISBN 0091382602 9780091382605

Fundamentals of construction safety
P. T Armstrong  ISBN 0091384117 9780091384111

Steam trapping and air venting
Lionel George Northcroft  ISBN 0091381908 9780091381905

An Ungovernable people: The English and their law in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
 ISBN 0091382009 9780091382001

China and the West (The History of human society)
Jerome Ch'en  ISBN 0091382106 9780091382100

Richard Hubert Francis Cox  ISBN 0091382408 9780091382407

The devil's door
Robert Neill  ISBN 0091382505 9780091382506

Seamanship for the cruising yachtsman
Richard Simpkin  ISBN 0091383005 9780091383008

The Year of the Child
Bel Mooney  ISBN 009138320X 9780091383206

Parson Harding's Daughter
Joanna Trollope  ISBN 0091383307 9780091383305

Sergeant Sahib
Archie Hill  ISBN 0091383501 9780091383503

Fundamentals of construction safety
P. T Armstrong  ISBN 0091384109 9780091384104

You Are Born Creative
Mervin W. Britton  ISBN 0944469019 9780944469019

Dante's Paradiso: The Flowering of the Self: An Interpretation of the Anagogical Meaning
John Saly  ISBN 0944473008 9780944473009

Metaphor: The Logic of Poetry
John Briggs - Richard Monaco  ISBN 0944473032 9780944473030

Points of Contact: A Study of the Interplay and Intersection of Traditional
Norman Simms  ISBN 0944473040 9780944473047

Opportunitas: The History of Pace University
Marilyn Weigold  ISBN 0944473067 9780944473061

Virginia Woolf Miscellanies: Proceedings of the First Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf
Mark Hussey - Vara Neverow-Turk  ISBN 0944473083 9780944473085

Virginia Woolf Miscellanies: Proceedings of the First Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf
Mark Hussey - Vara Neverow-Turk  ISBN 0944473091 9780944473092

Virginia Woolf: Themes and Variations
Mark Hussey - Vara Neverow-Turk  ISBN 0944473121 9780944473122

Virginia Woolf: Themes and Variations
Mark Hussey - Vara Neverow-Turk  ISBN 094447313X 9780944473139

Virginia Woolf: Emerging Perspectives
Mark Hussey - Vara Neverow  ISBN 0944473164 9780944473160

My Cow Comes to Haunt Me: European Explorers, Travellers, and Novelists Constructing Textual Selves
Norman Simms  ISBN 0944473180 9780944473184

My Cow Comes to Haunt Me: European Explorers, Travellers, and Novelists Constructing Textual Selves
Norman Simms  ISBN 0944473199 9780944473191

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Lecture notes on vertebrate zoology
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Waste recycling for energy conservation
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District heating and cooling for energy conservation
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Coastal hydraulics
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Survive, Thrive, and Be Happy While You Work: A Manual for Working Women
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How to Enjoy Better Health: A Self Help Guide to Health and Healing
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Ultra in the West: The Campaign of 1944-45
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Kaballah and Exodus
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Death, Intermediate State and Rebirth in Tibetan Buddhism
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The Countryside Companion
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Chemistry of heterocyclic compounds in flavours and aromas
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Operations management in practice
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Geddes Movements
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Catalysis and chemical processes
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Resource-based learning for higher and continuing education (New patterns of learning)
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Geology of Scotland
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Plant and insect mycoplasma techniques
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Recursive Descent Compiling
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The Development of gas turbine materials
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Analysis, design, and construction of double-layer grids
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Nonparametric geostatistics
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Demand management, supply constraints, and inflation
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A guide to the electronic office
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Data Converters
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Site Investigation
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Natural Radiation Environment
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Portable Programming
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Cobalt and Its Alloys
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Principles of real analysis
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Sound and sources of sound (Ellis Horwood series in engineering science)
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Besant Manufacture 2e P (Ellis Horwood Series in Engineering Science)
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Quantitative techniques for managerial decision making: Concepts, illustrations, and problems
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Optimization methods in operations research and systems analysis
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Energy and Feedstocks in the Chemical Industry
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Computerization of Working Life (Ellis Horwood Series in Environmental Science)
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Mos Devices Design and Manufacture
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Methods in Industrial Microbiology
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Rotor Dynamics
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Alternating Current Machines
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Ion Exchange Membranes
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Diagnosis and Treatment of the Spine: Nonoperative Orthopaedic Medicine and Manual Therapy
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Effective Intervention With the Language Impaired Child
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Ergonomics Tool Kit: Practical Applications
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Family-Centered Early Intervention for Communication Disorders: Prevention and Treatment
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Functional Assessment and Outcome Measures for the Rehabilitation Health Professional
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Functional Rehabilitation in Orthopaedics
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Geriatric Orthopaedics: Rehabilitative Management of Common Problems
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Head Injury: A Guide to Functional Outcomes in Occupational Therapy
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Health Promotion and Exercise for Older Adults: An Instructor's Guide
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Hispanic Children and Adults With Communication Disorders: Assessment and Intervention
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Improving Mobility in Older Persons: A Manual for Geriatric Specialists
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In-Home Assessment of Older Adults: An Interdisciplinary Approach
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Lower Extremity Amputation: A Guide to Functional Outcomes in Physical Therapy Management
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Medical Aspects of Developmental Disabilities in Children Birth to Three
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Myofascial Manipulation: Theory and Clinical Application
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The Patella: A Team Approach
Ronald P. Grelsamer  ISBN 0944480721 9780944480724

Autumn Rose
James H. Lindley  ISBN 0944480004 9780944480007

Alcoholism & Substance Abuse in Special Populations
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Self Esteem Building: A Guide for Parents and Professionals Work- Ing With Persons With Developmental Disabilities
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Analyzing Discourse in Communicatively Impaired Adults (Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago Procedure Manual)
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Casting Protocols for the Upper and Lower Extremities
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Clinical Applications in Surface Electromyography: Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain
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Clinical Management of Dysphagia in Adults and Children
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Clinical Practice Guidelines: Examination and Intervention for Rehabilitation
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Dysphagia: A Continuum of Care
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Infection Control in Respiratory Care
Arthur J. McLaughlin  ISBN 0944480578 9780944480571

Infections in Children: A Sourcebook for Educators and Child Care Providers
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Marketing Techniques for Physical Therapists
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Maximizing Brain Injury Recovery: Integrating Critical Care and Early Rehabilitation
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Memory and Language Impairment in Children and Adults: New Perspectives
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Spinal Cord Injury: A Guide to Functional Outcomes in Occupational Therapy
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New poems
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Justice of the Peace: Magistrate, Court and Community
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Change and Fortune
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See Inside Aztec Town
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Literary Britain: A Reader's Guide to its Writers and Landmarks
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Trace Analysis and Technological Development
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Robots and Telechirs: Manipulators With Memory, Remote Manipulators, Machine Limbs for the Handicapped (Ellis Horwood series in engineering science)
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Enterprise Excellence: A Practical Guide to World Class Competition
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Atlas of Sedimentary Rocks Under the Microscope
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Fault and Fold Tectonics (Ellis Horwood Series in Geology)
W. Jaroszewski  ISBN 0470274786 9780470274781

Barry Alloys (Ellis Horwood series in industrial metals)
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Introductory Applied Probability (Ellis Horwood Series in Mathematics and Its Applications)
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Hanyga Mathematical
HANYGA  ISBN 047027493X 9780470274934

On-Line Monitoring of Continuous Process Plant
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Kovacs Conservation
(KOVACS  ISBN 047027509X 9780470275092

Wave Energy (Kodansha Scientific Books)
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An introduction to finite Markov processes
S. R Adke  ISBN 0470274573 9780470274576

Principles of Digital Data Transmission
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The Finite Element Method: A Basic Inroduction
ROCKEY  ISBN 047027459X 9780470274590

Electrical Power Systems
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Fuzzy Mathematical Approach to Pattern Recognition
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Noise in Electronic Devices and Systems (Ellis Horwood Series in Artificial Intelligence)
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Structural theory of distributed systems (Ellis Horwood series in mathematics and its applications)
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Farkas Optimum (Ellis Horwood series in engineering science)
FARKAS  ISBN 0470274824 9780470274828

Fip: Manual of Lightweight Aggregate
FIP  ISBN 0470274840 9780470274842

The elements of complex analysis
B Choudhary  ISBN 0470274921 9780470274927

Thom Mathematical (Ellis Horwood series in mathematics and its applications)
Thom  ISBN 0470274999 9780470274996

Games, Theory, and Applications (Ellis Horwood Series in Mathematics and Its Applications)
L. C. Thomas  ISBN 0470275073 9780470275078

Physics of semiconductor devices: Proceedings of the international workshop November, 1981, New Delhi, India
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Quality measuring instruments in on-line process analysis (Ellis Horwood series in analytical chemistry)
D. J Huskins  ISBN 0470275219 9780470275214

Preparation, Properties, and Industrial Applications of Organofluorine Compounds
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Plasticity Theory and Its Application in Metal Forming
V. Gopinathan  ISBN 0470275294 9780470275290

A first course on electrical drives
S. K Pillai  ISBN 0470275316 9780470275313

West Copper (Ellis Horwood Series in Analytical Chemistry)
West  ISBN 0470275332 9780470275337

Heyman Masonry (Ellis Horwood series in engineering science)
Heyman  ISBN 0470275448 9780470275443

Noise and Vibration
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Basic Lubrication Theory
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High Temperature Resistant Polymers (Polymer Reviews)
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Defeating Depression: Run It Away
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On Flatwillow Creek
Linda Grosskopf  ISBN 094448221X 9780944482216

Bricks (Threads)
Terry Cash  ISBN 0944483682 9780944483688

Rice (Threads)
Ruth Thomson  ISBN 0944483712 9780944483718

Wool (Threads)
Annabelle Dixon  ISBN 0944483739 9780944483732

Project Alberta: The Preparation of Atomic Bombs for Use in World War II
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The narrow path: An intimate account of an inner journey
Janina Szpotko-Greene  ISBN 0944482155 9780944482155

On Flatwillow Creek: The Story of Montana's N Bar Ranch
Linda A. Grosskopf  ISBN 0944482201 9780944482209

Popol Vuh the Jaguar Priests
Charles R. Barnett  ISBN 0944482317 9780944482315

Taos Landmarks and Legends
Bill Hemp  ISBN 0944482406 9780944482407

Animals in the Cold (Looking at How Animals Live)
Mark Carwardine  ISBN 0944483267 9780944483268

Animals on the Move (Looking at How Animals Live)
Mark Carwardine  ISBN 0944483275 9780944483275

Monkeys and Apes (Looking at How Animals Live)
Mark Carwardine  ISBN 0944483283 9780944483282

Nibblers and Gnawers (Looking at How Animals Live)
Mark Carwardine  ISBN 0944483291 9780944483299

Night Animals (Looking at How Animals Live)
Mark Carwardine  ISBN 0944483305 9780944483305

Water Animals (Looking at How Animals Live)
Mark Carwardine  ISBN 0944483313 9780944483312

How Places Got Their Names
Graham Rickard  ISBN 0944483348 9780944483343

Colossal Constructions
Paul Nash  ISBN 0944483356 9780944483350

Monster Machines
Paul Nash  ISBN 0944483364 9780944483367

Super Structures
Paul Nash  ISBN 0944483372 9780944483374

Projects for Easter & Holiday Activities (Seasonal Projects)
Jean Isobel Esther Cooke - Janos Marffy  ISBN 0944483380 9780944483381

Projects for Summer & Holiday Activities (Seasonal Projects)
Celia McInnes - Stephen Wheele  ISBN 0944483399 9780944483398

Projects for Spring & Holiday Activities (Seasonal Projects)
Celia McInnes  ISBN 0944483402 9780944483404

Projects for Winter & Holiday Activities (Seasonal Projects)
Celia McInnes  ISBN 0944483410 9780944483411

Projects for Autumn (Seasonal Projects)
Joan Jones  ISBN 0944483429 9780944483428

Projects for Christmas (Seasonal Projects)
Mary Ann Green  ISBN 0944483437 9780944483435

Hide and Seek
Taro Gomi  ISBN 0944483453 9780944483459

Toto Visits Mystic Mountain
Ken Asuka  ISBN 0944483461 9780944483466

Jessica's Friend
Akiko Sueyoshi  ISBN 094448347X 9780944483473

Our Friend the Musician
Bernd Schmidt  ISBN 0944483488 9780944483480

Our Friend the Writer
Bernd Schmidt  ISBN 0944483496 9780944483497

Our Friend the Sculptor
Bernd Schmidt  ISBN 094448350X 9780944483503

Our Friend the Painter
Bernd Schmidt  ISBN 0944483526 9780944483527

Tracks in the Snow
Heribert Horneck  ISBN 0944483534 9780944483534

Clay (Threads)
Annabelle Dixon  ISBN 0944483690 9780944483695

Plastics (Threads)
Terry Cash - Ed Barber  ISBN 0944483704 9780944483701

Water (Threads)
Brenda Walpole  ISBN 0944483720 9780944483725

Bridges (How We Build)
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Dams (How We Build)
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Books (Media Story)
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*Opera on Record Vol 1
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Rugby Skills
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Bears, Bunnies & Buddies
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How to Solve Word Problems
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Incredible Orlando Discounts
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Professional Writer's Organization Kit
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Carp and the Carp Angler
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Politics, Planning and the City (The living environment)
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Devil Birds
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Boardroom Verities
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Nutritional Care for High-Risk Newborns
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Surviving as a Teacher
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Proper Noun Speller
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Jean Emerich  ISBN 0944494129 9780944494127

Proper Noun Speller
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Practical Guide Quality Assurance
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CFRE. Judith E. Nichols  ISBN 0944496113 9780944496114

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Targeted Fund Raising: Defining and Refining Your Development Strategy
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Food & Drug Interactions: A Health Care Professional's Guide
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The Lost Art of Church Fund Raising
Ashley Hale  ISBN 0944496342 9780944496343

Dynamic Fund Raising Projects
Rick Arledge - David Friedman  ISBN 0944496350 9780944496350

Teach Yourself to Write Irresistible Fund-Raising Letters
Con Squires - Conrad Squires  ISBN 0944496385 9780944496381

Pinpointing Affluence: Increasing Your Share of Major Donor Dollars
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Teacher Union Bargaining: Practice and Policy
Gene Geisert - Myron Lieberman  ISBN 0944496423 9780944496428

Nutrition Manual for At-Risk Infants and Toddlers
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Lactation: The Breast-Feeding Manual for Professionals
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Vascular Access for Hemodialysis-V
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Quality Management 2000
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Critical Pathway Development Guide
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Critical Pathway Implementation Guide
Deborah K. Wall - Mitchell M. Proyect  ISBN 0944496547 9780944496541

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Food and Drug Interactions: A Guide for Consumers (Home & Health)
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Dance Training and Choreography for Gymnasts
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The Class Structure Of The Advanced Societies
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The Rough with the Smooth: Year of Pro Golf
Nick Faldo - Mitchell Platts  ISBN 0091417600 9780091417604

So Far So Good
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Dance Training and Choreography for Gymnasts
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Willie Carson, a biography
Claude Duval  ISBN 0091418208 9780091418205

The Deception Planners: My Secret War
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Twelve African writers
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Twelve African Writers
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The British Seafarer
Michael Mason - etc.  ISBN 0091419506 9780091419509

Pillars of the Establishment
Alexander Thynn  ISBN 0091419808 9780091419806

Building an Endowment
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Trends in Vascular Surgery
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Diccionario De Sinonimos Easa Con Antonimos Y Paranimos
Calderon  ISBN 0944499031 9780944499030

Diccionario Practico Easa Dl LA Lengua Espanola
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Diccionario Moderno
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Manual De Primeros Auxilios
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Almanaque Mundial 1988
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Vascular Access for Hemodialysis VII
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Joseph W Wieczerzak  ISBN 0944497128 9780944497128

Harmony in Chaos
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Illustrated Guide to Worcester Porcelain 1751-1793
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Russian Hide and Seek
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Encyclopedia Medica De LA Mujer
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El Tarot: Manual Practico
S. A. Staff Editorial America  ISBN 0944499317 9780944499313

Como Reparar 500 Problemas De LA Casa (Span)
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Records Y Datos Latinoamericanos
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Frases Celebres De Todos Los Tiempos (Span)
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Cocina Latino Americana
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Como Conocer Y Resolver Los Problemas Emocionales De Sus Hijos
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Startling New Facts About Osteoporosis
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The Chromium Connection: A Lesson in Nutrition
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Kamut: An Ancient Food for a Healthy Future
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Table Talk : Lessons In Nutrition
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The Remarkable Healing Power of Velvet Antler
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She's Gotta Have It : Euphoria, Sexuality, Orgasm - Discover Natural Ways to Enhance Libido Increase Sexual Pleasure, Have Satisfying Sex Every Time...At Any Age
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Guia practica para la mujer (Spanish Edition)
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Mi bebe (Spanish Edition)
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12,000 minibiografias (Spanish Edition)
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Los Animales domesticos: Como seleccionarlos, como cuidarlos (Spanish Edition)
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Sepa todo sobre adicciones (Spanish Edition)
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LA Tercera Edad
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How to Do Your Own Divorce in Texas
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How to Do Your Own Divorce in California: A Guide for Petitioners and Respondents
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How to Solve Divorce Problems in California... in or Out of Court
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How to Do Your Own Divorce in California: a Complete Kit for an Out-of-Court Divorce Or Dissolution
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Indirect method and other stories
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Indigenization of African economies
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Indigenization of African economies
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New York Central's Later Power, 1910-1968
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The Oak Trees That Talk/Spring
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Thorns & Nectat
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Project education reform: Time for results : Orangeburg (SC) School District Five : a project with the National Governors' Association and the U.S. Department of Education
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Earthly powers
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Trade Unions
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The Magic Lamp
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Little one and his guardian angel
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Practical Specification Writing
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Job satisfaction--a reader
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Amerika Tim Rollins and K O S
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The King Over the Water
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Highland Clans
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The Doodlebugs: Story of the Flying Bombs
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God Bless the Borders
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Rural Development: Theories of Peasant Economy and Agrarian Change (Hutchinson university library for Africa)
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Lipid Biochemistry: An Introduction
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Way Out in the Centre
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Remembering Britten
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Dimensions of HIV Prevention: Needle Exchange
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Vikings in History
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Making Histories: Studies in History-writing and Politics
Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies  ISBN 0091452104 9780091452100

Making Histories: Studies in History-writing and Politics
Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies  ISBN 0091452112 9780091452117

Madrigal for Charlie Muffin
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Watt's My Name
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The Degradation of Work?: Skill, Deskilling, and the Labour Process
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First Person Singular : Reflections on Worship, Liturgy, and Children
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COBOL by Command
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Secret Camera
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The Secret Camera
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Radiometric Dating for Geologists
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Forced Migration: Impact of the Export Slave Trade on African Societies (Hutchinson university library)
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A History of Britain's Trees
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Slow Boats to China
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The Classic Racehorse
Peter Willett  ISBN 0091461103 9780091461102

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Process Improvement: A Guide for Teams
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What You Should Know About Ghosts but Were Afraid to Ask
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Excellence in Government: Total Quality Management in the 1990s
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Everything Your Cat Wants You to Know
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Hard lessons
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Country chaff II
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Harkabi Palestinians
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Marketing and Planning Hotels and Tourism Projects
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Tantric Practice in Nying-Ma
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Political Economy of Africa
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Deposition & Corrosion in Gas Turbines
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Hart: Industrial Publicity
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Did I Ever Tell You About My Irish Great Grandmother?
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Sea Guide to Whales of the World
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From Little Acorns: A History of the A.P.V. Company Limited
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The Running Years
Claire Rayner  ISBN 0091465109 9780091465100

Ida Applebroog
Ida Art - Applebroog  ISBN 0091466105 9780091466107

International Callsign Directory: Your Guide for Identifying Broadcasting & Utilities Stations Heard on Longwave, Shortwave, & Vhf-Uhf
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Propagation Programs: A Review of Current Forecasting Software
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Shortwave Directory
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Communications Satellites: A Monitor's Guide
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Bob Groves Scanner and Shortwave Answer Book
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The Traffic Radar Handbook
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Antenna Factbook
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Student Africanist's Handbook: A Guide to Resources
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Hartland: Design on Precast Concrete
HARTLAND  ISBN 0470356545 9780470356548

Hartmann: Dictionary of Language & Lin
Hartmann  ISBN 0470356677 9780470356678

Harvey: the Kidneys & the Internal Env
HARVEY  ISBN 0470357754 9780470357750

The shikimate pathway (Biosynthesis of natural products series)
Edwin Haslam  ISBN 0470358823 9780470358825

Hata: New Hydrogenating Catalysts
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Modern Restaurant Service
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Introduction to Social Administration in Britain (University Library)
Muriel Brown  ISBN 009146661X 9780091466619

The concept of class: An historical introduction
Peter Calvert  ISBN 0091466709 9780091466701

The concept of class: An historical introduction
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Tim Heald  ISBN 0091467608 9780091467609

Industrialization and Developing Countries
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The comprehensive color computer anti-clutter kit
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Matrix Computer Methods of Vibration Analysis
D. J. Hatter  ISBN 0470359951 9780470359952

The Hydraulics of Open Channel Flow : An Introduction
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Burn This
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Blind understanding
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Bees in My Bonnet
Angus Macvicar  ISBN 0091470706 9780091470708

Double dealer: the John Blake conspiracy
PETER WATSON  ISBN 0091470803 9780091470807

Where the Four Winds Blow
Philippe Soupault  ISBN 0944550320 9780944550328

Demystifying the Maze: A Step-By-Step Approach to Calculating Prehospital Drugs and Solutions
Candace Brown-Nixon  ISBN 0944549012 9780944549018

How to Bitch Effectively
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Rugged Terrain Search and Rescue: The Manual
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Life's a Bitch and Other Fallacies
Robert G. Nixon  ISBN 0944549101 9780944549100

So You Want to Be a Cop
Frank Pickens - Jeff Bonilla  ISBN 094454911X 9780944549117

Square Pegs and Round Holes
Candace Brown-Nixon  ISBN 0944549128 9780944549124

Successful Fund-Raising for the Average Idiot: Or Group of Idiots Above Average Idiots Welcome
Michael Perry  ISBN 0944549136 9780944549131

The sixth day
James Doyle  ISBN 0944550045 9780944550045

The sixth day
James Doyle  ISBN 0944550053 9780944550052

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Lessons of Radical Finitude: Poems
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Metropolitan America in Contemporary Perspective
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Michael McIrvin  ISBN 0944550436 9780944550434

Jeff Streeby  ISBN 0944551033 9780944551035

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Juarez: Miracle of the North/Spanish Edition
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Land of the Sun
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A Is for Adobe
Mary B. Caldwell  ISBN 0944551351 9780944551356

Poetry of the deformed
Kenn Mitchell  ISBN 0944550428 9780944550427

The fatman in the mirror: Poems
Kenn Mitchell  ISBN 0944550460 9780944550465

Union of Eagles: El Paso-Juarez
Dena Hirsch  ISBN 0944551009 9780944551004

The Franklin Mountains Beginning of the Rockies
Alex Apostolides  ISBN 0944551017 9780944551011

Cisneros 2000: [faces of the Borderlands]
Jose Cisneros  ISBN 0944551432 9780944551431

Making Good: Prisons, Punishment and Beyond
Martin Wright  ISBN 0091472210 9780091472214

Managing Tax in Your Business
Robert Walters  ISBN 0091473500 9780091473501

Britain Since 1945
Peter James Madgwick  ISBN 0091473713 9780091473716

Making good: Prisons, punishment, and beyond
Martin Wright  ISBN 0091472202 9780091472207

The Knowledgeable State: Diplomacy, War and Technology Since 1830
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Inventing Motherhood: Consequences of an Ideal
Ann Dally  ISBN 0091472407 9780091472405

The Managing Director
George Copeman  ISBN 0091472806 9780091472801

Arabia Unified: A Portrait of Ibn Saud
Mohammed Almana  ISBN 0091472903 9780091472900

Arabia unified: A portrait of Ibn Saud
Mohammed Almana  ISBN 0091472911 9780091472917

Philharmonic Jubilee: Celebration of the London Philharmonic Orchestra's 50th Anniversary
Jerrold Northrop Moore  ISBN 0091473004 9780091473006

The art of the dancer
Richard Austin  ISBN 0091473209 9780091473204

Consolidated Compendium of Employment Law
Greville Janner  ISBN 0091473403 9780091473402

Legislative Staffing: A Comparative Perspective
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Detection and Estimation: Applications to Radar (Benchmark papers in electrical engineering and computer science ; 13)
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Tables of Laplace, Heaviside, Fourier and Z Transforms
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How to Establish and Maintain a Vcr Library: The Simplified Guide
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Principles of Accounting I
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Making the Most of Word Processing
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Handbook of Office Management
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Practical Approach to Quality Control
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Management Handbook for Engineers and Technologists
Barry T. Turner - Michael R. Williams  ISBN 0091474604 9780091474607

Management Handbook for Engineers and Technologists
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Introduction to Urban Renewal (The Built environment series)
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Consuming secrets: How official secrecy affects everyday life in Britain
Rosemary Delbridge  ISBN 0091475902 9780091475901

Consuming secrets: How official secrecy affects everyday life in Britain
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The Other Ultra
Ronald Lewin  ISBN 0091474701 9780091474706

An Introduction to Urban Renewal (Living Environment)
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De Basil's Ballets russes
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The Murders of the Black Museum, 1870-1970
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Dielectric Spectroscopy of Polymers
Peter Hedvig  ISBN 0470367474 9780470367476

Heinisch: Dictionary of Rubber
HEINISCH  ISBN 0470368977 9780470368978

Pollution criteria for estuaries: Proceedings of the conference held at the University of Southampton, July 1973
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The Best of Growing Edge
Tom Alexander  ISBN 0944557015 9780944557013

The Best of Growing Edge Vol. 2
Tom Alexander - John Bottomley - Trisha Coene - Gordon Creaser - Kara Dinda - Jarrod Doyle - Gail Elber - Chuck Erickson - Diana Horst - Lawrence Brooke - Michael Christian - Nancy Jo Buntyn-Maples -  ISBN 0944557031 9780944557037

Primordial Breath: An Ancient Chinese Way of Prolonging Life Through Breath Control, Vol. 1: Seven Treaties from the Taoist Canon, the Tao Tsang
Michael Wurmbrand - Jane Huang  ISBN 0944558003 9780944558003

The Primordial Breath: An Ancient Chinese Way of Prolonging Life Through Breath Control, Vol. 2
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Sinsemilla Tips: The Best of
Tom Alexander  ISBN 0944557007 9780944557006

Sinsemilla Tips: The Best of
Tom Alexander  ISBN 0944557023 9780944557020

Manual of Weight-Training
George Kirkley  ISBN 0091478219 9780091478216

The Buildings of Britain
MALCOLM AIRS  ISBN 0091478316 9780091478315

The Ultimate Angels
Byron Newman  ISBN 0091476801 9780091476809

The Buildings of Britain
MALCOLM AIRS  ISBN 0091478308 9780091478308

Butler Royal
Peter Russell  ISBN 0091478502 9780091478506

Outlook for natural gas: A quality fuel,
 ISBN 0470373032 9780470373033

Airborne transmission and airborne infection: Concepts and methods presented at the VIth [i.e. IVth] International Symposium on Aerobiology
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Orange City Resource Directory
G. Riddick  ISBN 0944559387 9780944559383

Social Service Resource Directory for Los Angles County 2002
Riddick  ISBN 0944559468 9780944559468

Resource Directory for Los Angeles County, 2003
Glenda Riddick  ISBN 0944559514 9780944559512

Resource Directory for San Bernardino County, 2003
Glenda Riddick  ISBN 0944559549 9780944559543

Los Angeles & Ventura Counties 2006 Social Service Rainbow Referral Guide
Resource Directories  ISBN 0944559646 9780944559642

2011-2012 Orange County Rainbow Resource Directory
Inc. James Publishing  ISBN 0944559654 9780944559659

Notary Public Handbook: A Guide for New Jersey
Alfred E. Piombino  ISBN 0944560261 9780944560266

Notary Public Handbook: A Guide for New Jersey
Alfred E. Piombino  ISBN 0944560296 9780944560297

Notary Public Handbook: A Guide for Maine
Alfred E. Piombino  ISBN 0944560326 9780944560327

Notary Public Handbook : A Guide for New York (4th Ed.)
Alfred E. Piombino  ISBN 0944560504 9780944560501

2005 Rainbow Resources Directory La County
Glenda Riddick  ISBN 0944559603 9780944559604

Notary public handbook
Alfred E Piombino  ISBN 0944560253 9780944560259

Notary public handbook
Alfred E Piombino  ISBN 0944560288 9780944560280

Notary Public Handbook : A Guide for Florida
Alfred E Piombino  ISBN 0944560334 9780944560334

Edwardian Children
Joanna Smith  ISBN 009147910X 9780091479107

The galleys at Lepanto
Jack Beeching  ISBN 0091479207 9780091479206

The Rectory Mice
George MacBeth  ISBN 0091479401 9780091479404

All the empty palaces: The merchant patrons of modern art in pre-Revolutionary Russia
Beverly Whitney Kean  ISBN 0091479800 9780091479800

Three-way Street
Bron Nicholls  ISBN 0091480108 9780091480103

Portrait of an artist: A biography of William Dobell
Brian Adams  ISBN 009148040X 9780091480400

From Sydney Cove to Duntroon: A family album of early life in Australia
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The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, Nitrogen with Four Rings (Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: A Series Of Monographs) (Volume 2)
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The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, Thiophene and Its Derivatives (Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: A Series Of Monographs) (Volume 3)
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The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, Five Member Heterocyclic Compounds with Nitrogen & Sulfur or Nitrogen, Sulfur and Oxygen Except Thiazole ... Compounds: A Series Of Monographs) (Volume 4)
L. L. Bambas - Arnold Weissberger  ISBN 0470375876 9780470375877

Condensed Pyridazine and Pyrazine Rings. (Cinnolines, Phthalazines, and Quinoxalines). The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds. A Series of Monographs, Volume 5
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The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, Imidazole and Its Derivatives (Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: A Series Of Monographs) (Volume 6)
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The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, Condensed Thiophene Rings (Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: A Series Of Monographs) (Volume 7)
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Neigborhood Space (Community Development Series, Vol. 17)
Randolph T. Hester  ISBN 0470374772 9780470374771

Notary Public Handbook: Principles, Practices & Cases
Alfred E. Piombino  ISBN 0944560695 9780944560693

Notary Public Handbook: Principles, Practices & Cases
Alfred E. Piombino  ISBN 0944560709 9780944560709

Peacemakers Handbook (Notebook-3 Ring)
Christian Cncltn Serv  ISBN 0944561063 9780944561065

Mediation - Arbitration: A Reader
Lynn R. Buzzard  ISBN 094456108X 9780944561089

Lawyers' Quest I- Twelve Notions About Lawyers: An Introduction to Discipleship
John D. Robb  ISBN 0944561098 9780944561096

Readiness for Reconciliation
Lynn R. Buzzard  ISBN 0944561187 9780944561188

Notary Public Handbook: A Guide for Vermont Notaries, Commissioners and Justices of the Peace
Alfred E. Piombino  ISBN 0944560970 9780944560976

The politician who laughed
Fred Daly  ISBN 0091482003 9780091482008

Encyclopedia of Australian art
Alan McCulloch  ISBN 0091482402 9780091482404

Encyclopedia of Australian art
Alan McCulloch  ISBN 009148250X 9780091482503

Famous Australians
Mollie (revised & edited by) Hetherington  ISBN 0091482801 9780091482800

ALAN, with research assistance from NODRUM, CHARLES MCCULLOCH  ISBN 009148300X 9780091483005

Memories of Melbourne University: Undergraduate life in the years since 1917
Hume Dow (Editor)  ISBN 0091483107 9780091483104

Marley and friends
Ted Greenwood  ISBN 0091484103 9780091484101

The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, Indole and Carbazole Systems (Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: A Series Of Monographs) (Volume 8)
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Off-site Fabrication: Prefabrication, Pre-assembly, and Modularization
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The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, Triazines (Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: A Series Of Monographs) (Volume 13)
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The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, Pyridine and Its Derivatives (Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: A Series Of Monographs) (Part 1, Volume 14)
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The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, Pyridine and Its Derivatives (Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: A Series Of Monographs) (Part 2, Volume 14)
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Lynda Benglis, Keith Sonnier: A Ten Year Retrospective, 1977-1987
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Robert Gordy Robert Warrens: Painted Faces Painted Fantasies : Essay
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Emery Clark: Recent Paintings
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Doing It Right & Passing It on: North Louisiana Crafts
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Laughing to Keep from Crying: Dark Humor in the South
Ke Francis  ISBN 0944564046 9780944564042

Salvation on Sand Mountain: Photographs by Jim Neel and Melissa Springer
Jim Neel - Melissa Springer - La.) Alexandria Museum of Art (Alexandria  ISBN 0944564054 9780944564059

The governesses: Letters from the colonies, 1862-1882
Patricia Clarke  ISBN 0091486009 9780091486006

Quitting in Time: How to Stop Smoking on Your Own
Jesse Lemic  ISBN 0944566006 9780944566008

Vanishing vistas: A salute to the cocky farmer
Dougal Ramsay  ISBN 0091487609 9780091487607

Libels, lampoons, and litigants: Famous Australian libel cases
Graham Fricke  ISBN 0091487706 9780091487706

Jelly, Chips and Caramel Whips
Joan Van Loon  ISBN 0091488303 9780091488307

Where the blacksoil ends
Keith Garvey  ISBN 0091488516 9780091488512

The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, Heterocyclic Systems with Bridgehead Nitrogen Atoms (Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: A Series Of Monographs) (Part 2, Volume 15)
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The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, Five- and Six-Membered Compounds with Nitrogen and Oxygen (Excluding Oxazoles) (Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: A Series Of Monographs) (Volume 17)
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The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, Pyrazolones, Pyrazolidones, and Derivatives (Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: A Series Of Monographs) (Volume 20)
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The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, Multi-Sulfur and Sulfur and Oxygen Five- and Six-Membered Heterocycles (Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: A Series Of Monographs) (Part 1, Volume 21)
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The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, Multi-Sulfur and Sulfur and Oxygen Five- and Six-Membered Heterocycles (Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: A Series Of Monographs) (Part 2, Volume 21)
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The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, Furopyrans and Furopyrones (Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: A Series of Monographs) (Volume 23)
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The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, Fused Pyrimidines (Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: A Series Of Monographs) (Part 1, Volume 24)
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Strength of Materials and Structures, 4th Edition
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Egypt (Encyclopaedia Guides)
Nagel  ISBN 2826300202 9782826300205

Emirats arabes du golfe: Koweit, Bahrein, Qatar, Federation des Emirats unis (Nagel encyclopedie de voyage) (French Edition)
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Financial management for farmers: The basic techniques of 'money farming'
Martyn F Warren  ISBN 009148930X 9780091489304

Financial management for farmers: The basic techniques of 'money farming'
Martyn F Warren  ISBN 0091489318 9780091489311

The politics of Utopia: A study in theory and practice ([Hutchinson university library])
Barbara Goodwin  ISBN 0091490006 9780091490003

The politics of Utopia: A study in theory and practice ([Hutchinson university library])
Barbara Goodwin  ISBN 0091490014 9780091490010

Maestro: Encounters with Conductors of Today
Helena Matheopoulos  ISBN 0091490103 9780091490102

Plant mineral nutrition
E. J Hewitt  ISBN 0470383852 9780470383858

Nagel Travel Guide Editors  ISBN 2826301608 9782826301608

Morocco (Nagel's Encyclopedia Guide)
Nagel  ISBN 2826301640 9782826301646

Iceland (Encyclopaedia Guides)
 ISBN 2826303635 9782826303633

Running Your Own Restaurant (Catering Management)
R. H. Johnson  ISBN 0091492319 9780091492311

Spies: The True Story
Richard Davis  ISBN 0091494206 9780091494209

School: Studio Scripts
Stanley Thornes  ISBN 0091492718 9780091492717

Collected Poems
Pope John Paul II - Karol Wojtyla  ISBN 0091493617 9780091493615

The large city: A world problem
Ursula Kathleen Webb Hicks  ISBN 0470386754 9780470386750

The Norman Conquest ([Hutchinson university library])
H. R Loyn  ISBN 009149530X 9780091495305

The Norman Conquest (Hutchinson University Library)
H. R. Loyn  ISBN 0091495318 9780091495312

So Clear in My Mind
Alan Counsell  ISBN 009149690X 9780091496906

Bird Watcher's Diary
Roger Lovegrove - Peter Barrett  ISBN 0091494907 9780091494902

Living Twice
Enid McLeod  ISBN 0091496004 9780091496005

Robert the Bruce King of Scots
Ronald McNair Scott  ISBN 0091496306 9780091496302

Canada (Encyclopaedia Guides)
W. H Parker  ISBN 2826304461 9782826304463

Austria (Encyclopaedia Guides)
Nagel Travel Guide Editors  ISBN 282630500X 9782826305002

Spain (Encyclopaedia Guides)
 ISBN 2826305018 9782826305019

Portugal Madeira the Azores (Nagel's Encyclopedia Travel Guide)
Nagel Travel Guide Editors  ISBN 2826305050 9782826305057

Finland (Encyclopaedia Guides)
 ISBN 282630528X 9782826305286

USA (Nagel's encyclopedia-guide)
James Hogarth  ISBN 282630545X 9782826305453

Byzantium (Archaeologia mundi)
Antoine Bon  ISBN 2826305514 9782826305514

Bulgaria (Encyclopaedia Guides)
Nagel  ISBN 2826305603 9782826305606

Transhimalaya (Archaeologia mundi)
Giuseppe Tucci  ISBN 2826305751 9782826305750

India & Nepal: Nagel's Guide (Nagel's encyclopedia-guide)
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Mexique (Nagel encyclopedie de voyage) (French Edition)
Yvette Camp  ISBN 2826305832 9782826305835

Japon (Archaeologia mundi) (French Edition)
Vadime Elisseeff  ISBN 2826305999 9782826305996

Japan (Archaeologia Mundi)
Vadime Elisseeff  ISBN 2826306006 9782826306009

Memoires de Beaumarchais dans l'affaire Goezman (Litterature) (French Edition)
Pierre Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais  ISBN 2826306022 9782826306023

Danemark, Groenland (Nagel encyclopedie de voyage) (French Edition)
 ISBN 2826306057 9782826306054

U S S R (Nagel's Encyclopedia Guide)
 ISBN 2826306081 9782826306085

Mexico (Encyclopaedia Guides)
Yvette Camp  ISBN 2826306251 9782826306252

Icones (Art ancien de l'humanite) (French Edition)
Christopher Walter  ISBN 2826306316 9782826306313

Irlande (Nagel encyclopedie de voyage) (French Edition)
 ISBN 2826306375 9782826306375

Caviar: The Definitive Guide
Natalie Rebeiz-Nielsen - Susie Boeckmann  ISBN 0470392991 9780470392997

Metal Machining: Theory and Applications
Thomas Childs - Katsuhiro Maekawa - Toshiyuki Obikawa - Yasuo Yamane  ISBN 0470392452 9780470392454

Daco-Romania (Archaeologia mundi) (French Edition)
Dumitru Berciu  ISBN 282630688X 9782826306887

The Gulf Emirates: Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (Nagel's encyclopedia guide)
 ISBN 282630691X 9782826306917

Pisit Charoenwongsa & Subhadradis Diskul  ISBN 2826306995 9782826306993

Ceylon (Sri Lanka) (Encyclopaedia Guides)
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L'homme disloque a la recherche de lui-meme (Collection Pensees) (French Edition)
Noel Martin-Deslias  ISBN 282630710X 9782826307105

Malta (Nagel's encyclopedia-guide)
M. D. Chambry  ISBN 2826307118 9782826307112

Peru (Nagel's encyclopedia-guide)
Nagel Publishers  ISBN 2826307126 9782826307129

Syria-Palestine (Archaeologia mundi)
James (Trans. ) Hogarth  ISBN 2826307169 9782826307167

Ceylon: Sri Lanka (Archaeologia mundi)
Jean Boisselier  ISBN 2826307231 9782826307235

Brazil (Encyclopaedia Guides)
Nagel - Jean Cau  ISBN 2826307274 9782826307273

India/Nepal (Encyclopaedia Guides)
 ISBN 2826307290 9782826307297

Ireland (Encyclopaedia Guides)
 ISBN 2826307363 9782826307365

Bolivia (Encyclopaedia Guides)
Nagel - Maxime Desprez  ISBN 2826307371 9782826307372

Philippines (Nagel encyclopedie de voyage) (French Edition)
Guy de Lestrange  ISBN 2826307460 9782826307464

Germany Federal Republic (Nagel's Encyclopedia Guide)
C. Harold Harlinghausen  ISBN 2826307614 9782826307617

Iceland (Encyclopaedia Guides)
Bjarni Gumunddsson  ISBN 2826307630 9782826307631

China (Nagel's encyclopedia-guide)
Anne L Destenay  ISBN 2826307649 9782826307648

Philippines (Encyclopaedia Guides)
Nagel - G Le Strange  ISBN 2826307657 9782826307655

Thailand (Encyclopaedia Guides)
Johanna Dittmar  ISBN 2826307665 9782826307662

German Democratic Republic (Nagel's encyclopedia-guide)
 ISBN 2826307673 9782826307679

Indonesie (Nagel encyclopedie de voyage) (French Edition)
 ISBN 2826307681 9782826307686

Titulescu, notre contemporain (Collection Ecrits politiques) (French Edition)
Nicolae Titulescu  ISBN 2826307754 9782826307754

Malta (Nagel's encyclopedia-guide)
D Chambry  ISBN 2826307789 9782826307785

Nagel's Encyclopedia-Guide France
 ISBN 2826307916 9782826307914

La vraie Roumanie de Ceausescu (Collection Ecrits politiques) (French Edition)
Michel P Hamelet  ISBN 2826307924 9782826307921

U.S.S.R (Nagel's encyclopedia-guide)
 ISBN 2826307967 9782826307969

Cote d'Ivoire (Nagel encyclopedie de voyage) (French Edition)
 ISBN 2826308041 9782826308041

Who's Who in Switzerland, Including the Principality of Liechtenstein, 1986-87
 ISBN 2826308122 9782826308126

Hungary (Nagel's encyclopedia-guide)
 ISBN 2826308149 9782826308140

Italy (Nagel's encyclopedia-guide)
Nagel Publishers  ISBN 2826308165 9782826308164

Critique des critiques (Collection litterature) (French Edition)
Marcel Pagnol  ISBN 2826308173 9782826308171

Poland (Nagel's encyclopedia-guide)
 ISBN 2826308181 9782826308188

Albania (Nagel's encyclopedia-guide)
 ISBN 2826308270 9782826308270

The Finite Element Method, Three Volume Set, 5th Edition
O. C. Zienkiewicz - R. L. Taylor  ISBN 0470395036 9780470395035

The Finite Element Method, Volume 1, The Basis, 5th Edition
O. C. Zienkiewicz - R. L. Taylor  ISBN 0470395044 9780470395042

The Finite Element Method, Volume 2, Solid Mechanics, 5th Edition
O. C. Zienkiewicz - R. L. Taylor  ISBN 0470395052 9780470395059

The Finite Element Method, Volume 3, Fluid Dynamics, 5th Edition
O. C. Zienkiewicz - R. L. Taylor  ISBN 0470395060 9780470395066

The Sea, Physical Oceanography (The Sea: Ideas and Observations on Progress in the Study of the Seas) (Volume 1)
M. N. Hill  ISBN 0470396156 9780470396155

Guide to Sick Pay and Absenteeism
Greville Janner  ISBN 0091497906 9780091497903

The Price of Success
Peter Bromley  ISBN 0091498805 9780091498801

Restauration des tapis d'Orient (French Edition)
Jacques Behar  ISBN 282640010X 9782826400103

L'Apocalypse d'Angers: Chef-d'oeuvre de la tapisserie medievale (French Edition)
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Soliman et l'architecture ottomane (Collection "La Demarche des batisseurs") (French Edition)
Henri Stierlin  ISBN 2826400169 9782826400165

Guerre et guerriers dans la Grece antique (French Edition)
Pierre Ducrey  ISBN 2826400185 9782826400189

Les Impressionnistes: De la revolte a la consecration (French Edition)
Gilles Neret  ISBN 2826400231 9782826400233

Les arts decoratifs de 1790 a 1850 (French Edition)
Leon de Groer  ISBN 2826400304 9782826400301

Manuel des orfevres de Suisse romande: Biographies, poincons, oeuvres : cantons de Fribourg, Geneve, Jura, Neuchatel, Valais et Vaud, des origines ... Sonvilier, canton de Berne (French Edition)
Francois-Pierre de Vevey  ISBN 2826400339 9782826400332

La porcelaine des Qing: "famille verte" et "famille rose" : 1644-1912 (French Edition)
Michel Beurdeley  ISBN 2826400495 9782826400493

Tanis: Tresors des pharaons (French Edition)
Henri Stierlin  ISBN 2826400568 9782826400561

Sublime indigo (French Edition)
 ISBN 2826400614 9782826400615

Manuel de la ceramique europeenne: Faiences, faiences fines, gres, terres cuites (French Edition)
John Patrick Cushion  ISBN 2826400649 9782826400646

Alexandre Calame, vie et oeuvre: Catalogue raisonne de l'oeuvre peint (French Edition)
Valentina Anker  ISBN 2826400711 9782826400714

Grand Theatre de Geneve: Operas, moments d'exception (French Edition)
Jean-Jacques Roth  ISBN 282640072X 9782826400721

Le dessin francais au XVIIIe siecle (French Edition)
Marianne Roland Michel  ISBN 2826400754 9782826400752

Jean-Honore Fragonard: Vie et oeuvre : catalogue complet des peintures (French Edition)
Jean Pierre Cuzin  ISBN 2826400770 9782826400776

L'or des Celtes (French Edition)
Christiane Eluere  ISBN 2826400800 9782826400806

Ports de plaisance en Mediterranee (French Edition)
Daniel Gilles  ISBN 2826400843 9782826400844

Moscou, 1900-1930: Vie quotidienne, arts plastiques, litterature, theatre, architecture, musique, cinema (French Edition)
 ISBN 2826400959 9782826400950

L'empire des mers: Des galions aux clippers (French Edition)
Martine Acerra  ISBN 2826401009 9782826401001

Basic structural behaviour via models
Barry Hilson  ISBN 047039966X 9780470399668

Living by Zen (Rider pocket editions)
Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki  ISBN 009149981X 9780091499815

Access to Inner Worlds
Colin Wilson  ISBN 0091500818 9780091500818

Collected Tales from a Long Room
Peter Tinniswood  ISBN 0091501407 9780091501402

Access to Inner Worlds
Colin Wilson  ISBN 009150080X 9780091500801

How to Brief Designers and Buy Print
Ray Murray  ISBN 0091501903 9780091501907

Les Institutions: Ou, Le pouvoir chez les Vaudois (Encyclopedie illustree du pays de Vaud) (French Edition)
 ISBN 2826500015 9782826500018

Lotschental secret: Les photographies historiques d'Albert Nyfeler (Visages sans frontieres) (French Edition)
Maurice Chappaz  ISBN 2826500031 9782826500032

Vingt Suisses a decouvrir: Portrait des cantons alemaniques, des Grisons et du Tessin (Visages sans frontieres) (French Edition)
Alain Pichard  ISBN 282650004X 9782826500049

F 1 [i.e. un], Grands prix 1975: [bande dessinee] (French Edition)
Willy Richard  ISBN 2826500058 9782826500056

Festivals de musique europeens (French Edition)
 ISBN 2826500074 9782826500070

Le gouverneur du milieu du monde (Visages sans frontieres) (French Edition)
Georges Duplain  ISBN 2826500112 9782826500117

Fontaines des campagnes vaudoises (French Edition)
Paul Bonard  ISBN 2826500201 9782826500209

La Haute route du Jura: De Bale a Geneve a skis (Visages sans frontieres) (French Edition)
Maurice Chappaz  ISBN 282650021X 9782826500216

Le Jura republique: 23e canton suisse (Visages sans frontieres) (French Edition)
Vincent Philippe  ISBN 2826500252 9782826500254

La Romandie n'existe pas: Six portraits politiques : Fribourg, Geneve, Jura, Neuchatel, Valais, Vaud (Visages sans frontieres) (French Edition)
Alain Pichard  ISBN 2826500260 9782826500261

1930-1978 [i.e. Dix-neuf cent trente--dix-neuf cent soixante-dix-huit], il etait une fois la coupe du monde (Alta sport) (French Edition)
Raymond Pittet  ISBN 2826500287 9782826500285

Lacs alpins suisses (French Edition)
Maurice Chappaz - Hans Heierli  ISBN 2826500295 9782826500292

Le Pays-d'Enhaut: Les fromagers el l'avenir des Alpes (Visages sans frontieres) (French Edition)
Claude Quartier  ISBN 2826500376 9782826500377

La Grande mutation: L'economie vaudoise contemporaine (Encyclopedie illustree du pays de Vaud) (French Edition)
 ISBN 2826500384 9782826500384

Grasset: Pionnier de l'art nouveau (French Edition)
Anne Murray-Robertson  ISBN 2826500449 9782826500445

De Saint Etienne au general Guisan: Louis Polla raconte la vie de cent personnages qui ont donne leur nom aux rues de Lausanne (French Edition)
Louis Polla  ISBN 2826500503 9782826500506

Corinna Bille: Le vrai conte de sa vie (Collection "Visages sans frontieres") (French Edition)
Favre - Gilberte  ISBN 2826500538 9782826500537

Le petit elephant: 31 histoires sans paroles (Jeunesse) (French Edition)
Kito  ISBN 2826500546 9782826500544

Le Yemen que j'ai vu (Collection "Visages sans frontieres") (French Edition)
Laurence Deonna  ISBN 2826500554 9782826500551

La graine de carotte, et autres histoires pas comme les autres (Jeunesse) (French Edition)
Anne Wilsdorf  ISBN 2826500570 9782826500575

Voiles et carenes (Collection "Visages sans frontieres") (French Edition)
Andre Guex  ISBN 2826500597 9782826500599

Du pousse-cailloux au commandant de corps: Souvenirs et reflexions (Collection Temoignages) (French Edition)
Olivier Pittet  ISBN 2826500678 9782826500674

Paul et Clemence (French Edition)
Marcel Imsand  ISBN 2826500686 9782826500681

Les Etrangers en Suisse: Recueil de travaux (French Edition)
 ISBN 2826500708 9782826500704

Oasis interdites: De Pekin au Cachemire, une femme a travers l'Asie centrale en 1935 (Collection "Visages sans frontieres") (French Edition)
Ella Maillart  ISBN 2826500724 9782826500728

Chasses a l'ours, poissons enormes: 101 histoires d'animaux extraordinaires et authentiques en Suisse romande du Moyen Age a 1900 (French Edition)
 ISBN 2826500759 9782826500759

L'Aventure de Chandolin (Collection "Visages sans frontieres") (French Edition)
 ISBN 2826500767 9782826500766

Les Grisons: Mosaique d'une nation alpine (French Edition)
Alain Pichard  ISBN 2826500783 9782826500780

Automobile Year: Auto-Jahr L'Annee Automobile 31 1983 84 (Automobile Year/L'annee Automobile/Auto-Jahr)
Unnamed Unnamed  ISBN 2826500899 9782826500896

Le ranz des vaches: Du chant de bergers a l'hymne patriotique (Collection Arts et paysages suisses) (French Edition)
Guy S Metraux  ISBN 2826500996 9782826500995

The electrochemistry of oxygen
James Patrick Hoare  ISBN 0470401524 9780470401521

Recent analytical developments in the petroleum industry: [the proceedings of the Institute of Petroleum symposium ... held at the Zoological Society of London]
Institute of Petroleum (Great Britain)  ISBN 0470402083 9780470402085

Focus on Rugby: An International Coaching Book
Carwyn James  ISBN 0091502713 9780091502713

Effective Interviewing for Employment Selection
Clive T. Goodworth  ISBN 0091503302 9780091503307

Effective Interviewing for Employment Selection
Clive T. Goodworth  ISBN 0091503310 9780091503314

So You Want to Buy a Word Processor
Helen Harris  ISBN 0091503515 9780091503512

The Karate-Do Manual
P.M.V. Morris  ISBN 0091504112 9780091504113

Never Sing Louder Than Lovely
Isobel Baillie  ISBN 0091504600 9780091504601

Reflections of a Countryman
Fred J. Taylor  ISBN 0091502209 9780091502201

Lord Leverhulme's Unknown Venture
Myles Wright  ISBN 009150340X 9780091503406

Pour mourir en fevrier: Roman ; Zero positif : roman ; La fiancee d'hiver : nouvelles (Collection "Ecrivains") (French Edition)
Anne-Lise Grobety  ISBN 2826510002 9782826510000

Le gai combat des Cahiers vaudois (Collection Tel fut ce siecle) (French Edition)
Georges Duplain  ISBN 2826510096 9782826510093

Le Nord en hiver: Parcours du haut de l'Europe, de Reykjavik a Moscou (Visages sans frontieres) (French Edition)
Bertil Galland  ISBN 2826510118 9782826510116

Des monts celestes aux sables rouges: Turkestan solo (Collection Visages sans frontieres) (French Edition)
Ella Maillart  ISBN 2826510126 9782826510123

Bibliographie vaudoise. Index general (Encyclopedie illustree du pays de Vaud) (French Edition)
 ISBN 2826510266 9782826510260

Ecrivains d'aujourd'hui: La litterature romande en vingt entretiens (Collection Tel fut ce siecle) (French Edition)
David Bevan  ISBN 2826510290 9782826510291

Vie et histoire du Corps d'armee de campagne 1: 1892-1986 (French Edition)
 ISBN 2826510355 9782826510352

Direction Stalino: Un Polonais dans les camps sovietiques (French Edition)
Marcel Sztafrowski  ISBN 2826510428 9782826510420

Les cerises noires: Roman (Collection "Ecrivains") (French Edition)
Henri Deblue  ISBN 2826510533 9782826510536

L'homme aux mains d'or: Werner Reinhart, Rilke et les createurs de Suisse romande (Collection Visages sans frontieres) (French Edition)
Georges Duplain  ISBN 282651055X 9782826510550

Le dossier secret des accords d'Evian: Une mission suisse pour la paix en Algerie (French Edition)
Olivier Long  ISBN 2826510576 9782826510574

Capra, ou, Les memoires d'une impertinente (French Edition)
Madeline Chevallaz  ISBN 2826510584 9782826510581

L'effet Burki: 128 dessins (French Edition)
Raymond Burki  ISBN 2826510592 9782826510598

Les invites de Moscou: Roman (Collection "Ecrivains") (French Edition)
S. Corinna Bille  ISBN 2826510657 9782826510659

OEil-de-mer: Roman (Collection "Ecrivains") (French Edition)
S. Corinna Bille  ISBN 2826510665 9782826510666

Le garcon qui croyait au Paradis: Recit (Collection "Ecrivains") (French Edition)
Maurice Chappaz  ISBN 2826510673 9782826510673

Chronique japonaise: Recit (Collection "Ecrivains") (French Edition)
Nicolas Bouvier  ISBN 2826510746 9782826510741

Le poison-scorpion: Recit (Collection "Ecrivains") (French Edition)
Nicolas Bouvier  ISBN 2826510762 9782826510765

Lausanne, une jeunesse (French Edition)
Jean-Pascal Imsand  ISBN 2826510797 9782826510796

Voyage en Haiti: Sur la piste du zombi (Visages sans frontieres) (French Edition)
Roland Wingfield  ISBN 2826510800 9782826510802

Couleur Burki: 150 dessins de Raymond Burki (French Edition)
Raymond Burki  ISBN 2826510959 9782826510956

1798: A nous la liberte : chronique d'une revolution en pays de Vaud (French Edition)
Corinne Chuard  ISBN 2826511211 9782826511212

Encre bleue et quelques taches (French Edition)
Julie  ISBN 282651122X 9782826511229

Guide des vignerons: Suisse romande (French Edition)
 ISBN 2826511238 9782826511236

A La Recherche De La Cite Ideale
Jean-Pierre Girardier  ISBN 2826511327 9782826511328

Badge of Glory
Douglas Reeman  ISBN 0091504708 9780091504700

The History of I Zingari
R.L. Arrowsmith - Barrington Julian Warren Hill  ISBN 009150550X 9780091505509

Evelyn Anthony  ISBN 0091506107 9780091506100

Nostradamus: Countdown to Apocalypse
Jean-Charles De Fontbrune  ISBN 0091506204 9780091506209

War Plan U.K.
Duncan Campbell  ISBN 0091506700 9780091506704

War plan UK: The truth about civil defence in Britain
Duncan Campbell  ISBN 0091506719 9780091506711

The Lie of the Land
Patricia Beer  ISBN 0091507014 9780091507015

The End of the World News
Anthony Burgess  ISBN 0091505402 9780091505400

Cult movies: A hundred ways to find the reel thing
Danny Peary  ISBN 0091506018 9780091506018

The Delinquent: Directions for Social Control
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The Delinquent: Directions for Social Control
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Janner's Complete Letterwriter
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Roberto Cippa  ISBN 2827102501 9782827102501

Le Tiers monde entre la dependance et l'independance monetaire: Reflexion sur les paiements internationaux, le transfert de ressources et les ... (Documents economiques) (French Edition)
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Paradigmes de theologie philosophique (French Edition)
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New life for an old house
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