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New Manufacturing Challenge: Techniques for Continuous Improvement

New Manufacturing Challenge: Techniques for Continuous Improvement
Author: Kiyoshi Suzaki
ISBN 13: 9780029320402
ISBN 10: 29320402
Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Free Press
Publication Date: 1987-07-22
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 255
List Price: $40.00

As a consultant, Kiyoshi Suzaki has helped scores of Fortune 500 clients improve manufacturing operations and get the job done faster, cheaper, better, and safer. Now, in this detailed "operating manual" — full of more step-by-step applications than any other book available — Suzaki spells out new options in production and employee resources that can help American industry regain the cutting edge in price, quality, and delivery of products.

A well-known expert in the field, Suzaki begins with the premise that "if it doesn't add value, it's waste" — a concept devised by Henry Ford and later used by Toyota. He recaps what Toyota identifies as the seven most prominent forms of waste in factories. Most importantly, he meticulously details steps individuals can take to "simplify, combine, and eliminate operations" — thereby reducing waste, improving quality, and saving money.

Describing in detail the basic techniques culled from Japanese industrial philosophy and procedure, Suzaki shows how small, family-run businesses and billion-dollar American corporations from a wide range of industries — automotive, electronics, cosmetics, and even defense contractors — are meeting the manufacturing challenge today — demolishing the widely held belief that most American manufacturers have become distribution organizations for products manufactured overseas. In addition, he links his methodology with several successful production systems, from Just-In-Time Production, Total Quality Control, Total Productive Maintenance to Computer Integrated Manufacturing. Throughout this practical handbook, he places emphasis squarely on the shop floor and grounds his approachin easy, yet powerful techniques everybody can understand and implement today.

Illustrated with numerous charts and exhibits, The New Manufacturing Challenge shows how to integrate people and techniques to improve the workplace and, thus, strengthen any company's competitiveness in the global marketplace.

Library Journal

Maintaining world competitiveness has been the clarion call for many industries in the 1980s. For manufacturing companies, improving production efficiency has been the key. This work lays out specific suggestions for improving manufacturing techniques on the shop floor. The chapters, profusely illustrated, treat topics such as quick setup, job rotation, U-shaped production lines, and preventive maintenance. In each, the author uses his diverse experience as an efficiency expert for several leading consulting houses to good advantage. However, the volume lacks a strong philosophical framework and comes off rather like a dry list of helpful hints. Recommended only for production specialists. Gene R. Laczniak, Coll. of Business Administration, Marquette Univ., Milwaukee