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Jurassic Shark

Jurassic Shark
Author: Deborah Diffily
ISBN 13: 9780060082499
ISBN 10: 60082496
Edition: 1
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: 2004-02-17
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 32
List Price: $17.99

The oceans of the Jurassic world were filled with nightmarish creatures. Plesiosaurs, long-necked reptiles measuring up to twenty-five feet long, ate fish — and each other. The 40-foot-long Kronosaurus and the 45-foot-long Liopleurodon were ferocious predators with razor-sharp teeth. They ate anything they could catch.

Alongside these megapredators swam Hybodus, whose descendants include the great white sharks of today. Hybodus was not the largest hunter in the Jurassic seas, but it was fearless. Hybodus would attack anything.

This is the story of a female Hybodus and her struggle to survive. She must find a way to keep from being eaten, even as she hunts for food herself. She must fight off a Liopleurodon that attempts to take over her hunting grounds. And she must find a way to keep herself, and her unborn baby, safe in a place where even the deadliest of hunters can become meals for other predators. Discover how she responds to the challenges — and survives.

Judy Crowder - Children's Literature

Put the two words Jurassic and shark together and no self-respecting young reader will be able to resist pulling this book off the shelf. But how does this book rate after it is opened? Very well! The text follows Hybodus, ancestor of the great white shark, as she navigates the dark and dangerous ocean waters of the Jurassic period. Hybodus is fearless, solitary, measures about seven feet, all muscle and relentless. She needs all these characteristics to survive, especially as she hunts for a safe place to bear her young. The remarkable illustrations and spare, well-written text will draw young readers into this ancient, watery world, painlessly teaching along the way. All of this without a hint of anthropomorphism. Well done! Though the very real narrative may be a bit grim for preschoolers, most young readers will be fascinated. And so they should be. 2004, HarperCollins, and Ages 6 to 10.