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Woof: A Love Story

Woof: A Love Story
Author: Sarah Weeks
ISBN 13: 9780060250072
ISBN 10: 60250070
Edition: 5th Print
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: 2009-11-24
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 32
List Price: $16.99

A dog is a dog

and a cat is a cat

And most of the time

it's as simple as that. . . .

Or is it?

What's a dog to do when he falls in love with the cat next door? Bark? Chase his tail? Dig up a "brass bone" and hope that the universal language of music will help him to express his feelings?

This humorous and heartfelt story is about the power of love and the power of music, told through the eyes of a lovelorn dog and the cat he adores.

Children's Literature

Weeks and Berry, combining their talents for the third time, give us a tale that plays with the intriguing problems of communication and how what we are thinking we are saying may be heard quite differently by someone else. Here they play on the traditional enmity of dogs and cats—Weeks' rhythmic and rhyming couplets tell us about a dog who is strangely attracted to a cat. When he barks his "I love you" what she hears is the usual doggy "Woof, Woof." However, when he manages to turn his longings into music, Cat gets the message and all ends happily as Cat curls up with Dog, with a meow, which "He understands what she means somehow." Berry's vibrant and colorful illustrations keep the message from being too heavy handed. All in all, this book not only will appeal to dog and cat lovers, it is a wonderful way to trigger classroom discussions about how we manage to get our message across. Reviewer: Mary Hynes-Berry