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Author: Seymour Simon
ISBN 13: 9780060289430
ISBN 10: 60289430
Edition: N/A
Publisher: HarperColl
Publication Date: 2004-05-11
Format: Library Binding
Pages: 40
List Price: $16.89

Dogs are the most popular pet in the world and Seymour Simon provides useful tips and guidelines for any kid looking for a new pet. Lavishly illustrated with full-color, appealing photographs, Seymour Simon captures dogs as they work, and play.

Ages: 5 - 8

Susan Hepler, Ph.D. - Children's Literature

Joining the over 200 science books by Simon, this vibrantly illustrated informational book includes charming and unique photographs plus text, which informs and delights. Simon traces the history of dogs domesticated from wolves, highlights their unique characteristics, such as their ability to run, to their clamp teeth with incredible pressure, to hear and smell acutely, and communicate a range of intentions. Simon also includes information on birth (with a mention of mating), on the long relationship between working dogs and humans, and on dog breeds. One page suggests things to think about before acquiring a dog as a pet. The "awww" factor is high in this book, but the winsome pictures are backed by plenty of good information. There are no picture captions, index, or notes to assist report writers, but otherwise it is a thoroughly enjoyable look at dogs and puppies. 2004, HarperCollins, Ages 5 to 9.