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Fourth-Grade Fuss

Fourth-Grade Fuss
Author: Johanna Hurwitz
ISBN 13: 9780060523435
ISBN 10: 60523433
Edition: 1
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: 2004-08-10
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 144
List Price: $16.99

Yard sales, ice-skating, and surprise parties are just a few of the things that make fourth grade fun. But Julio and his friends know it’s time to get serious when the class begins preparing for the big statewide test at the end of the year. Just thinking about it is enough to give anybody a stomachache!

Julio and his best friend, Lucas, are going to try every superstition in the book to make sure they pass. They’ll wear their underwear inside out, use brand-new pencils, and even—gulp—study. But when test day comes, Julio finds out there are some surprises no one can prepare for!

Whether one has read about Julio and Lucas and their other classmates before in class clown and class president or this is the first meeting, here is a story that will strike a familiar chord. With the warmth and realism she is known for, beloved author Johanna Hurwitz brings us the hardships and humor of Julio Sanchez’s fourth-grade year.

Publishers Weekly

The kids from Class Clown, Fourth-Grade Fuss by Johanna Hurwitz, illus. by Andy Hammond, finds Julio, Cricket and Lucas navigating typical school events, including a statewide standardized test, an ice-skating party and school picture day. Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.