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The Berenstain Bears' Big Bedtime Book

The Berenstain Bears' Big Bedtime Book
Author: Jan Berenstain - Stan Berenstain - Mike Berenstain
ISBN 13: 9780060574345
ISBN 10: 60574348
Edition: N/A
Publisher: HarperFestival
Publication Date: 2008-05-27
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 48
List Price: $12.99

When Mama and Papa Bear go out for the night, Brother, Sister, and Honey aren't too sad that their parents will be gone. Why? Because they have Mrs. Grizzle—the best babysitter and storyteller ever!

In The Berenstain Bears' Big Bedtime Book, the cubs and Mrs. Grizzle share six of their favorite stories, including "The Three Little Cubs and the Big Bad Pig," "Goldibear and the Three People," and "Little Red Grizzly Hood."

Written and illustrated through the collaborative efforts of Stan, Jan, and Mike in the signature Berenstain style, this book of original folktales will have kids begging for bedtime.

Children's Literature

Six classic folk tales are retold here for Brother and Sister Bear by their beloved babysitter, Mrs. Grizzle. In three of the stories, bears are substituted as the featured characters rather than the animals of the original. Thus, there are "The Three Little Cubs and the Big Bad Pig," "The Gingerbread Bear," and "Little Red Grizzly Hood." In the case of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the story is reversed and becomes "Goldibear and the Three People." These inversions and substitutions are amusing and should appeal to children. All of the stories except two follow the classic story lines with minor changes. The two that do diverge from the originals—"The Three Little Cubs and the Big Bad Pig," and "Little Red Hen"—have interesting twists at the end that will surprise. These two retellings are the most satisfying and provide the most humor. Commentary from the two young Bears throughout the book is funny but disrupts the narrative flow. The dialog between Mrs. Grizzle and Brother and Sister Bear about tangential subjects that is also peppered throughout the book is frustrating and distancing to the reader. Artistically, this book is a mixed bag, but it is also familiar Berenstain fare and will be popular with fans of the Berenstain's and their eponymous bears. Reviewer: Margaret Orto