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The Immortal Realm (Faerie Path, Book 4)

The Immortal Realm (Faerie Path, Book 4)
Author: Frewin Jones
ISBN 13: 9780060871550
ISBN 10: 60871555
Edition: N/A
Publisher: HarperTeen
Publication Date: 2009-05-05
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 352
List Price: $16.99

In an instant, a time of joy and celebration turns to one of heartbreak and fear.

Tania has finally found a way to bring her two worlds together, and while enjoying a long-awaited meeting of her Mortal and Faerie families, with her beloved Edric by her side, all seems right for the princess.

But when a Faerie baby suddenly falls ill, followed by more and more Faeries including her own sister Cordelia Tania knows that something is terribly wrong.

With no time to lose, Tania joins forces with her sisters to find a cure before this dark plague kills everyone she loves. Yet as the illness spirals out of control, Tania realizes that what they really need is help from the Mortal World. But will bringing another stranger to Faerie only make things worse? With countless lives hanging in the balance and a fast-growing Faerie suspicion of all things Mortal including Tania herself Tania makes a desperate move that will either save the land and people she has come to hold dear . . . or destroy their only chance for survival.


Book four of the Faerie Path series continues in the darker vein of the third installment, The Sorcerer King (HarperTeen, 208/VOYA June 2008). Tania's parents are visiting from the Mortal World for Cordelia's wedding. The festivities are cut short when a baby in the nursery falls sick and dies. Sickness is unknown in Faerie—after all, it is the Immortal Realm—but suddenly it is struck by the plague. Tania's parents are blamed, and they are banished back to the Mortal World and the passageway is closed forever. Tania and her sisters are immediately in a race to find a cure. Unfortunately until ancient secrets of Faerie's past are revealed in the cliffhanger ending, the book is rather ineffective. Both the language of Faerie and Tania's contrasting modern-day speech sound forced, the plot feels contrived, and Tania's charming romance with Edric is on hold for most of the book. Young female readers who are the target audience for the series will still enjoy the colorful locations and the quick pace, and the ending promises an interesting direction for book five. This entry does not stand alone; new readers will want to start the series from the beginning. Reviewer: Angela Carstensen