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My Butterfly Book (Smithsonian)

My Butterfly Book (Smithsonian)
Author: Melissa Stewart
ISBN 13: 9780060899806
ISBN 10: 60899808
Edition: N/A
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: 2008-04-08
Format: Board book
Pages: 16
List Price: $6.99

Fun and facts for children from one of the most trusted names in learning: the Smithsonian Institution.

Children's Literature

There are plenty of books about the metamorphosis of caterpillars into butterflies and about monarchs and their annual migrations. How about a book that provides fabulous close-up photographs of common butterflies and their proper names? This board book version of a field guide does just the trick. The blue morpho has bright blue wings and the eastern tailed blue butterfly has gray wings with black and orange dots, while the yellow sulphur has yellow wings with two white dots. The close-ups let you see the individual hairs, antenna and shape of each of these beautiful creatures. An informative and engaging book that even adults will learn from. Part of a series created with assistance from the Smithsonian Institution. Reviewer: Marilyn Courtot