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A Family Affair: A Novel

A Family Affair: A Novel
Author: Caro Peacock
ISBN 13: 9780061447495
ISBN 10: 61447498
Edition: 1
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Publication Date: 2010-06-22
Format: Paperback
Pages: 464
List Price: $13.99

At the request of Queen Victoria's prime minister, Benjamin Disraeli, Liberty Lane is dispatched to Brinkburn Hall in search of answers. The deranged aristocrat Lord Brinkburn is nearing death, with his elder son, Stephen, eagerly waiting to inherit his title—until Lady Brinkburn's startling announcement that the heir is illegitimate. Chaos ensues.

The rivalry between Stephen and his younger brother, Miles, heats up dangerously. Liberty's arrival only stirs an already volatile mix, and she is greeted soon after by the odd disappearance of one brother . . . and by a shocking murder within the family's circle. Secrets and scandal run rampant throughout the cold and loveless Buckinghamshire estate far from the polish of London's aristocracy—as the plucky young investigator races to separate truth from falsehood, villains from victims, before death takes up a more permanent residence.

Publishers Weekly

In Peacock’s spirited third early Victorian historical (after A Dangerous Affair), Benjamin Disraeli asks Liberty Lane, a young gentlewoman who supplements her meager means with some discreet private sleuthing, to investigate Lady Sophia Brinkburn, who is spreading word that her elder son is illegitimate as her mad husband nears death. With the succession of the family title in question and a major scandal brewing, Lane rents a cottage near the Brinkburn estate to do some undercover snooping. She finds Lady Brinkburn both likable and sane, making her ladyship’s motives for ruining her own good name even more puzzling. The murder of an unsavory family retainer and, later, Lady Brinkburn’s own death darken the mystery further. The novel’s amiable voice, crisp pace, and deft plotting are enriched by well-chosen glimpses of 1830s Britain, from the gentry’s sudden craze for jousting to the new railway system beginning to change the landscape forever. (July)