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A Home for Dixie: The True Story of a Rescued Puppy

A Home for Dixie: The True Story of a Rescued Puppy
Author: Emma Jackson
ISBN 13: 9780061449642
ISBN 10: 61449644
Edition: Reprint
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: 2010-09-14
Format: Paperback
Pages: 40
List Price: $6.99

This is the true story of a puppy that did not have a permanent home and a young girl named Emma who desperately wanted a puppy of her own to love. Happily for both, Emma adopts the little puppy, names her Dixie, and in each other they find the companionship they've been looking for. With bonus information on how to support your local animal shelter—and even adopt a rescued dog of your own—this uplifting story, with adorable photographs, is the perfect companion for any dog-loving family.

Children's Literature

Emma has always wanted a dog. She got a fish, hamster, and even a guinea pig but nothing has stopped her desire to get a dog. When her parents finally said yes, she expects to go to a pet store. Instead they do some research on a place called Aunt Mary's Doghouse. After some careful consideration, Emma brings home a puppy named Dixie. Dixie loves her new home. It is like a palace. She especially likes the three comfy laps to sit on. Jackson tells an important story about making careful choices when buying a pet and the benefits of adopting. The photographs tell the true story in a caring way by focusing on sad puppy dog eyes. The pictures tell what the text does not. The reader knows Emma takes Dixie on walks while the text simply states that Emma takes care of Dixie. There are additional details about how to choose a pet and information about Aunt Mary's Doghouse. Reviewer: Julie Lodermeier