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The Vampire and the Virgin (Love at Stake, Book 8)

The Vampire and the Virgin (Love at Stake, Book 8)
Author: Kerrelyn Sparks
ISBN 13: 9780061667862
ISBN 10: 61667862
Edition: N/A
Publisher: Avon
Publication Date: 2010-03-09
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 384
List Price: $7.99

Olivia's packing list:

1. Sunscreen
2. Bathing suit
3. Flip-flops

FBI psychologist Olivia Sotiris was looking for a cool ocean breeze, sand between her toes, and a break from her crazy, chaotic, and sometimes all-too-dangerous life. But when she escaped to the small Greek island of Patmos, all she got were meddling grandmothers trying to marry her off. Can't they see that none of the men around interests her—except Robby MacKay?

Robby's packing list:

1. Synthetic blood
2. More synthetic blood
3. Jogging clothes
(even vamps have to stay in shape!)

Robby needs to cool off, too, since all he can think about is revenge on the Malcontent bloodsuckers who once held him captive—but then he meets Olivia, the beauty with wild curls and a tempting smile. When a deadly criminal from a case back home tracks her down, Robby will have to save her life—along with giving her a first time she'll never forget . . .

The Barnes & Noble Review

Kerrelyn Sparks's The Vampire and the Virgin comes at Béla Lugosi by way of Buffy and Twilight, not to mention the thousand vampire novels published in the last five years. Yet the problem with revisiting the virgins encountering mysterious vampires plot (outside the bounds of black-and-white film, at least) is the current scarcity of virgins in their twenties. After all, Buffy and Bella were adolescents. Sparks dances around the problem by turning her heroine, Olivia Sotiris, into something of a human lie-detector, an unenviable trait when it comes to romance. Olivia can tell when her dates are fibbing -- and, apparently, men on the prowl are remarkably prone to dishonesty. Sparks serves up a hilarious concoction that brings Olivia -- who happens to be an FBI psychologist -- together with Robby MacKay, a vampire warrior with PTSD who has chosen an island vacation rather than an appointment with a Vamp therapist. Here's where Sparks starts toying with the vampire myth, for while the Béla Lugosi vampire, with his aura of dark, impenetrable mystery, comes across as a little creepy these days, it's different if the aura is the resut of Olivia's unexpected inability to read the "undead." Robby is literally the very first mysterious, impenetrable man she's ever met. Resisting the obvious joke on penetration, I shall conclude merely by saying that The Vampire and the Virgin offers a fresh, funny, downright romantic reinvention of the virgin-meets-vampire plot.

--From Eloisa James's "Reading Romance" column on Barnes & Noble Review