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Shadows Still Remain (Darlene O'Hara Series)

Shadows Still Remain (Darlene O'Hara Series)
Author: Peter de Jonge
ISBN 13: 9780061882265
ISBN 10: 61882267
Edition: Reprint
Publisher: Harper
Publication Date: 2010-04-27
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 288
List Price: $7.99

Edgy, electrifying and dark—a riveting debut.

A Beautiful Woman, Missing

New York City, 2005. Thanksgiving weekend. A topless Kate Moss peers down from a billboard over rain-spattered Houston Street. Escaping a troubled past, Francesca Pena came to the city and reinvented herself. At New York University, her beauty and charisma are the envy of her privileged pals, yet none knows the real Francesca—who, after a night of drinking, is now missing.

A High-Stakes Gamble

Detective Darlene O'Hara of the Seventh Precinct and her partner, Serge "K." Krekorian, set out to find Pena. But when the case turns high-profile and Homicide is called in, O'Hara—who has an eighteen-year-old son she saddled with the name Axl Rose O'Hara, and whose binge drinking exacerbates the massive chip on her shoulder—refuses to let go. Risking both her and K.'s careers, she defies NYPD brass and Homicide legend Patrick Lowry to secretly pursue her own investigation.

A Desperate Chase—and a Chilling Twist

Following a deadly trail that leads from NYU's ivory towers to Brooklyn tattoo parlors, from a skanky strip club to a whitewashed boutique run by a Korean madam, O'Hara closes in on her prey. But she has to move fast, because Lowry and the NYPD are about to make a devastating mistake that will leave the real killer free.

The Washington Post - Patrick Anderson

At the end of the novel, as all the pieces begin to fall into place, you realize how cleverly—some might say slickly—it has been plotted. But slick can be good, and this remains tough, skillful, sophisticated entertainment. When the crime-fiction aficionados set out to pick their best first novel of the year, Shadows Still Remain will be a contender.