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The Mouse Rap

The Mouse Rap
Author: Walter Dean Myers
ISBN 13: 9780064403566
ISBN 10: 64403564
Edition: Reprint
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: 1992-06-19
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
List Price: $6.99

You can call me Mouse, 'cause that's my tag I'm into it all, everything's my bag my ace is Styx, he'll always do Add Bev and Sheri, and you got my crew

...and a crew it is! For fourteen-year-old Mouse, this summer is anything but boring. His father, who checked out from the family eight years ago, is now trying to make a comeback as a dad. Beverly, a new girl from California, seems to like locking lips with the Mouse—but she seems to like other guys, as well. Sheri is trying to persuade the gang to join a dance contest. And there's a rumor that a lot of money—the loot from a '30's bank heist, to be exact—is hidden somewhere in an abandoned Harlem building, and you know the Mouse is determined to get a piece of that action.

"It's summer in Harlem, and The Mouse (as he calls himself) and his friends look beyond dance contests and basketball for diversion.The rumor of a huge cash stash in an abandoned building left by [a 1930s] gangster offers possibilities. . . . Tightly integrated subplots strengthen an already well-crafted novel. Myers deftly paints a humor-laced picture of Harlem in sparkling prose, with characters that have universal appeal." —BL.

1991 Best Books for Young Adults (ALA)
Children's Choices for 1991 (IRA/CBC)
Children's Books of 1990 (Library of Congress)
1991 Books for the Teen Age (NY Public Library)
Parenting Honorable Mention, Reading Magic Award

Children's Literature

"My tag is Mouse, and it'll never fail/ And just like a mouse I got me a tale," begins this lively account told in distinctive rap language, of the adventures of a group of fourteen-year-olds during one summer in Harlem. Are Bev, Sheri, and Ceil going to trick the macho boys into performing a dance with them in a contest? Are the Bev person's kisses for real? Is Moms going to let "Mr. D (I'm not calling him Dad)" move back in? Are Gramps and his old friend Sam telling the truth about their long ago encounters with 1930s gangster Tiger Moran? And what's with Booster, whose grandma was a crook and taught him tricks, who carries a gun under the long coat he wears even on the hottest summer day? And the treasure rumored to have been stashed away by Moran-does it really exist, and can the kids find it with the help of Pops and Sam? There's lots going on that will keep readers guessing until the end of this lively tale, told as only The Mouse could tell it. 1992 (orig.