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Donavan's Word Jar (Trophy Chapter Books (Paperback))

Donavan's Word Jar (Trophy Chapter Books (Paperback))
Author: Monalisa DeGross
ISBN 13: 9780064420891
ISBN 10: 64420892
Edition: 1st
Publisher: Harper Trophy Books
Publication Date: 1998-08-08
Format: Paperback
Pages: 80
List Price: $4.99

Donavan is fascinated by words. They seem to leap out at him from books, signs, even the back of cereal boxes. He savors each word as he learns to say it and discovers its meaning. He keeps the words he collects on slips of paper in a big glass jar. But one day the jar is almost full and Donavan has a dilemma. How can he make room for new words without giving up all the terrific words already in his jar? A visit to his grandmother provides the unexpected solution in this heartwarming story about how important words can be.

Children's Literature

Some kids collect coins, comic books, or baseball cards. Donavan Allen collects words. Whenever Donavan, an African American third-grader, finds a new word, he writes it down and puts it in his word jar. But Donavan has a problem - his word jar is full and he's still discovering new words. As his collection grows, he becomes careful and greedy of his words. Then, in a hurry one day, he leaves his collection unattended in the lobby of his grandmother's building. The senior-citizen residents have a grand old time enjoying his words and the laughter and conversation they bring. Donavan realizes that sharing his words can give as much joy and laughter to others as they do to him. This is a wonderful story of the power of words. Charming pencil illustrations express the warmth that words freely given freely bring. 1998, (orig.