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Read To Write: An Interactive Course for Non-Native Speakers of English

Read To Write: An Interactive Course for Non-Native Speakers of English
Author: Jeri Wyn Gillie - Susan Ingle - Heidi Mumford
ISBN 13: 9780070237216
ISBN 10: 70237212
Edition: 1
Publisher: English as a Second Language
Publication Date: 1996-12-31
Format: Paperback
Pages: 240
List Price: N/A

An important goal of Read to Write is to make students aware that reading and writing are interconnected and that by developing their skills in one area, they will also develop their skills in the other. Read to Write offers a wide variety of academic and student-generated readings along with a generous list of writing suggestions in every chapter. In addition, each chapter of Read to Write focuses on one of the rhetorical modes and ends with a check list to help students evaluate their work.

Additional Highlights

Chapter One serves as a basic introduction to reading and writing. In addition to containing a number of introductory readings, Chapter One also reviews basic paragraph writing and introduces essay writing.

Chapters Two-Eight are organized around the core rhetorical modes: biography, description, narration, exposition, comparison and contrast, cause and effect, and persuasion.

Each chapter presents a patient three-part organization, which allows students to develop their writing skills in a highly systematic way, with ample opportunities for revisions.

Within each chapter part, the reading skills of skimming, scanning, inferring, guessing meaning from context, and understanding the main idea are presented in conjunction with the writing skills related to the various rhetorical forms.

A generous number of readings are found in each chapter, exposing students to several different essays for each rhetorical form and thus, better preparing them to write in each form.

A wide variety of subject matter and different writing styles are presented in each chapter, including authentic material by professional writers and essays written by teachers and international students. These writing styles are often used as models to help students perfect their own writing skills.