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Clinical Sports Nutrition, 4th Edition

Clinical Sports Nutrition, 4th Edition
Author: Louise Burke - Vicki Deakin
ISBN 13: 9780070277205
ISBN 10: 70277206
Edition: 4
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education / Australia
Publication Date: 2009-11-19
Format: Paperback
Pages: 715
List Price: $149.00

Established as the leading international text on sports nutrition, Clinical Sports Nutrition is the definitive guide to the nutrition and physiological principles, practices and research of elite and serious athletes. The book covers a comprehensive range of topical issues on sports nutrition, presenting the theory and most up-to-date research findings in clear, readable terms and incorporating highly practical applications specifically for practitioners working in the sports arena. It also includes chapters on children, adolescents and veterans involved in sport, athletes with disabilities, catering guidelines and special considerations associated with training under varying environmental conditions, such as heat and altitude. This valuable reference book is essential reading for sports dietitians, practitioners, coaches and trainers and students of sports-related subjects.

Second Edition The second edition has been thoroughly updated to incorporate the latest research, drawing on the experience of leading-edge academics and sports dietitians from Australia, Canada, the United States, Scotland and Finland. This expanded edition has seven more chapters and a fully updated chapter on dietary supplements and ergogenic aids.

Review of the first edition 'Clinical sports Nutrition is a comprehensive, yet very well presented and most readable text for both sports dietitians and sports medicine practitioners.' - Dr. Gillian Rothwell, Australian Family Physician

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Reviewer:Li Li Ji, Ph.D.(University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Description:The book offers general, up-to-date knowledge about nutritional requirements and practices for athletes and physically active people, as well as coaches and clinical practitioners.
Purpose:The book has two worthy central objectives. These are to provide introductory information regarding the scientific basis underlying nutrient needs for physically active people and to provide practical tips for dietary choices with respect to nutrients for athletes.
Audience:According to the authors, the book is written for students interested in sports nutrition and clinical sports nutritionists. In reality, however, readers are required to have substantial prior knowledge and experience in nutritional science and clinical sports nutrition to understand the issues and maximize the value of the book. Most of the authors are knowledgeable practitioners in the field, but not all are active investigators in the field.
Features:The book describes the basic science of nutrition on a nutrient by nutrient basis, the effect of acute exercise and training on their metabolism and utilization, dietary requirements, potential modification of nutrient needs by exercise, and the merit of nutrient supplementation. The book includes many detailed aspects of clinical sports nutrition directly applicable to practitioners, and addresses different athletic populations (such as women, children, elderly, disabled, etc). References are thorough and useful. However, there are some shortcomings, including: an overly brief introduction to the scientific background of each nutrient and exercise metabolism; a lack of useful illustrations; a lack of uniformity of topics between chapters; and an unattractive physical appearance.
Assessment:The book fills a niche in clinical sports nutrition and provides a useful resource for practitioners. However, it will not serve as an ideal textbook for the average undergraduate student in this field because of the overly brief coverage of introductory material. The third edition includes some important new information since the second edition was published.