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SPIN Selling

SPIN Selling
Author: Neil Rackham
ISBN 13: 9780070511132
ISBN 10: 70511136
Edition: 1st
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Publication Date: 1988-05-01
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 216
List Price: $34.00

"This book should be essential reading for everyone involved in selling or managing the sales function — a welcome, well-researched treatise on selling"

—Journal of Marketing Management

"The first book to specifically examine the major sale — the high value product or service — by researching the successful sales calls as they happen in the field."

—Industry & Commerce

"This book is the result of over $1 million of extensive and painstaking research. It breaks new ground and cannot be ignored by anyone who is committed to selling as a profession."

—Sales Techniques

"The revolutionary findings, published here for the first time, will overturn a whole collection of hitherto accepted assumptions. The book also provides a set of simple and practical techniques (known as SPIN) which have already been tried in many leading companies, resulting in a dramatic increase in sales."

—Business Executive

"This is an interesting, lively, and readable treatment of the process by which major sales are closed. Like In Search of Excellence, the material has a curiously inspirational quality which is particularly compelling."

—Business Graduate

"Almost anyone could learn something from this book. Essentially,it is about success, and without this, no sales organization can survive. Buy a copy. We are sure you will find it invaluable."

—Sales and Marketing Management

NEIL RACKHAM is founder and former president of Huthwaite, Inc. Huthwaite researches, consults, and provides seminars for over 200 leading sales organizations around the world, including Xerox, IBM, and Citicorp. His academic background is in research psychology. It was at the University of Sheffield, England, that he began his research into sales effectiveness that resulted in SPIN. Mr. Rackham is the author of more than 50 articles and several books.