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The McGraw-Hill Big Book of Science Activities

The McGraw-Hill Big Book of Science Activities
Author: Robert Wood
ISBN 13: 9780070718739
ISBN 10: 70718733
Edition: 1
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Publication Date: 1999-03-31
Format: Paperback
Pages: 512
List Price: $25.00

Have you ever wanted to eat lunch in space? Or wished you could launch a rocket? Or tried to figure out where rust comes from? You'll find a lot of answers when you perform the simple, fun experiments in this book! With the McGraw-Hill Big Book of Science Activities, you'll be able to show the grownups in your life and your friends a thing or two about how the galaxy, the world, and nearly everything in it works! You'll learn real laws of chemistry and physics, principles of animal and plant biology, geology and geography, meteorology (the study of weather), and astronomy! A collection of the best activities from the popular "Science for Kids" series. Each experiment takes less than half an hour. Uses only easy-to-find materials like bottle caps and liquid detergent. Offers step-by-step instructions and simple explanations that illustrate the

science behind the projects. Includes a special section on science fair projects!

Robert W. Wood, author of the hugely successful series Science for Kids, delights in the wonders of nature and advances of science. With his keen observerÕs eye he injects his own special brand of fun and excitement into childrenÕs science.

WoodÕs professional background includes aviation science, experimental agriculture, electricity, electronics, and research. He has written more than a dozen physics and science books for adults, as well as several home-maintenance titles. WoodÕs innovative work has been translated into several languages. His writings have appeared in major newspapers and magazines, and he is a popular guest on radio talk shows around the United States.