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Play Better Tennis in Two Hours

Play Better Tennis in Two Hours
Author: Oscar Wegner - Steven Ferry
ISBN 13: 9780071437172
ISBN 10: 71437177
Edition: 1
Publisher: International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press
Publication Date: 2004-12-15
Format: Paperback
Pages: 224
List Price: $18.95

Can tennis really be this simple?

Just ask the dozens of world-class players who have made it to the top using Oscar Wegner’s groundbreaking approach. But if playing tennis isn’t so easy for you, if you never seem to play up to your potential, don’t blame yourself—blame the coach who taught you a lot of uselessly complex techniques. Play Better Tennis in 2 Hours is your guide to tennis as the pros play it—more intuitive, more fluid, and more fun. World-renowned tennis coach and ESPN commentator Oscar Wegner shows you how to focus your efforts on one thing—hitting the ball correctly. Your own natural athleticism will take care of everything else. Follow the simple drills in this power-packed handbook, and you’ll learn how to:

  • Move to the ball efficiently and fluidly
  • Stop worrying about foot position and stance
  • Hit every stroke harder and more accurately
  • Put a wicked topspin on your forehand
  • Master both one- and two-handed backhands
  • Combine control and power on your volleys
  • Put more speed and spin into your serve and more punch in your return

"Known and respected all around the world, Oscar has given us another great contribution to tennis with this book."—Gustavo Kuerten, three-time French Open champion

"Oscar has broken the mold, demystifying the modern tennis stroke. There's genius in his analysis of pro techniques—the dynamics of what the racquet does to the ball, how power and spin are added. He understands how top pros really stroke the ball, and always have, all the way back to Tilden."—Andy Rosenberg, Director for NBC Sports Wimbledon and the French Open

Oscar Wegner is an internationally known professional tennis coach, ESPN commentator, and former tour player. He was the first tennis coach to identify and document the staggering disparities between the simple, fluid game played by the pros and the rigid, overchoreographed techniques taught to new players. Oscar has dedicated himself for more than twenty years to sharing his proven techniques both with new players and with those whose natural abilities have been hobbled by poor instruction. He can be reached at www.tennisteacher.com.