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Reinventing Interactive and Direct Marketing: Leading Experts Show How to Maximize Digital ROI with iDirect and iBranding Imperatives

Reinventing Interactive and Direct Marketing: Leading Experts Show How to Maximize Digital ROI with iDirect and iBranding Imperatives
Author: Stan Rapp
ISBN 13: 9780071638029
ISBN 10: 71638024
Edition: 1
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Publication Date: 2009-10-29
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 256
List Price: $42.00

Attract New Customers and Exceed Revenue Goals

with iDirect Marketing!

“A simple concept ties this incredibly useful book together.

Every marketer now is an iDirect marketer. You ignore this

concept, and this book, at your own peril.”

Al Ries, author of War in the Boardroom

“How do you get your brand heard, trusted, and remembered? The answer

is in the confluence of digital and direct to form a torrent of minimal

cost/maximal result opportunities. Rapp’s vision of an iDirect future and the

insights of the book’s contributors put marketing supremacy in your grasp.”

Tim Suther, SVP, Acxiom Global Multichannel Marketing Services

“The internet brings about the reinvention of everything. Now it is marketing’s

turn. Rapp compiles the best thinking on a future with low-cost and no-cost

connections between products and consumers. Essential reading for marketers.”

Chris Anderson, author of The Long Tail

“Direct marketing is interactive, and interactive marketing is direct. With

an ‘iDirect’ mindset, digital platforms and innovative analytics impact the

data-driven, online, offline, lead-generating, customer-retaining, multichannel

direct marketing process. Rapp’s vision for reinventing marketing is a wake-up

call for CMOs to think and act differently in a profoundly changed world.”

John Greco, President and CEO, Direct Marketing Association

“It’s increasingly important to rely on an agency for accountable

iDirect solutions. The advertising agency of the future must be adept

at reinventing yesterday’s interactive, direct and branding. Rapp’s

cohort of experts show the way in this book.”
Michael McCathren, Chick-fil-A Conversation Catalyst

About the Book

Reinventing Interactive and Direct Marketing

focuses on how to benefit from a fundamental

truth about marketing in the digital era. Interactive

Marketing is direct. Direct Marketing is

interactive. What has been seen mistakenly as

separate disciplines actually are one and the

same. Every marketer now is an interactive

direct marketer.

To help you profit from this new reality, Stan

Rapp introduces a new paradigm—iDirect—

the 21st-century growth engine at the intersection

of digital technologies and direct

marketing practices. The gap between what

you once took for granted and the iDirect

Marketing future is so vast that a team of

thought leaders is needed to deal with it. No

one person has all the answers.

In this book, Rapp brings together marketing

luminaries with a variety of perspectives that

will open your eyes to astonishing, new opportunities.

It contains surprising insights from

the top minds in direct marketing, including:

• John Greco, President of the Direct Marketing

Association: How to Market Directly

or Be Left Behind

• Professor Don Shultz, PhD, Northwestern

University: Media Allocation for a Mass Networking


• Lucas Donat, President, Donat/Wald: ROIpositive

Advertising via TV and Print for the

iDirect Marketer

• Mike Caccavale, Founder and CEO, Pluris

Marketing: Instant Delivery of Thousands of

Individualized Messages

• Michael Becker, VP Mobile Strategies,

iLoop Mobile: Hold the Consumer in the

Palm of Your Hand with Mobile

• Melissa Read, PhD, Vice President of

Research and Innovation, Engauge: The

Psychology of Motivating Desired Behavior

On- and Offline

• Tim Suther, Acxiom SVP Global Multichannel

Marketing Services: Releasing the

Full Power of iDirect Fundamentals