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Basic Biomechanics

Basic Biomechanics
Author: Susan Hall
ISBN 13: 9780073044811
ISBN 10: 73044814
Edition: 5
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages
Publication Date: 2006-05-22
Format: Paperback
Pages: 576
List Price: $45.95

Basic Biomechanics provides an introduction to biomechanics using the latest findings from the research literature to support and exemplify the concepts presented. Quantitative as well as qualitative examples of problems illustrate biomechanical principles. Quantitative aspects are presented in a manageable, progressive fashion to make biomechanical principles accessible to all students, regardless of their mathematical skills.

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Reviewer: Eadric Bressel, EdD (Utah State University College of Education & Human Services)
Description: This book presents the biomechanical principles of human movement. Its unique aspects include its pedagogical features, such as an online learning center, and the balanced presentation of biomechanical and anatomical principles. The previous edition was published in 1999.
Purpose: The objective is to provide an introduction to basic biomechanical principles of human movement. The book achieves this objective and provides essential information to those involved in the observation, evaluation, and prescription of human movement.
Audience: The book is intended for undergraduate students in human movement sciences. The author has designed the book in such a way that students with a weak background in mathematics will succeed in understanding the principles of biomechanics.
Features: Readers are introduced to kinematics, kinetics, laws of motion, and fluid mechanics as they are applied to human motion. They also are exposed to muscle mechanics and anatomical kinesiology considerations. The book is particularly effective at introducing and applying kinetic and kinematic concepts to human movement using sample problems that are sensitive to students with a limited background in mathematics. A bonus feature is the comprehensive online learning center that provides quizzes, flashcards, games, and other pedagogical strategies to enhance learning of the materials.
Assessment: The author has developed an excellent presentation scheme for introducing basic biomechanical principles of human movement. The fourth edition provides updated and revised text based on recent research findings that are relevant to a broad reading audience. The inclusion of anatomical kinesiology along with the biomechanical principles makes this book ideal for curricula in the human movement sciences that offer a single undergraduate course in biomechanics or kinesiology.