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Introduction to Programming with Java: A Problem Solving Approach

Introduction to Programming with Java: A Problem Solving Approach
Author: John Dean - Ray Dean
ISBN 13: 9780073047027
ISBN 10: 73047023
Edition: 1
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math
Publication Date: 2008-03-29
Format: Paperback
Pages: 848
List Price: N/A

This book teaches the reader how to write programs using Java. It does so with a unique approach that combines fundamentals first with objects early. The book transitions smoothly through a carefully selected set of procedural programming fundamentals to object-oriented fundamentals. During this early transition and beyond, the book emphasizes problem solving. For example, Chapter 2 is devoted to algorithm development, Chapter 8 is devoted to program design, and problem-solving sections appear throughout the book. Problem-solving skills are fostered with the help of an interactive, iterative presentation style: Here's the problem. How can we solve it? How can we improve the solution?

Some key features include:

• A conversational, easy-to-follow writing style.

• Many executable code examples that clearly and efficiently illustrate key concepts.

• Extensive use of UML class diagrams to specify problem organization.

• Simple GUI programming early, in an optional standalone graphics track.

• Well-identified alternatives for altering the book's sequence to fit individual needs.

• Well-developed projects in six different academic disciplines, with a handy summary.

• Detailed customizable PowerPointTM lecture slides, with icon-keyed hidden notes.

Student Resources:

  • Links to compiler software - for Sun's Java2 SDK toolkit, Helios's TextPad, Eclipse, NetBeans, and BlueJ.
  • TextPad tutorial.
  • Eclipse tutorials.
  • Textbook errata.
  • All textbook example programs and associated resource files.
  • Instructor Resources:

  • Customizable PowerPoint lecture slides with hidden notes. Hidden notes provide comments that supplement the displayed text in the lecture slides. For example, if the displayed text asks a question the hidden notes provide the answer.
  • Exercise solutions.
  • Project solutions.
  • Supplemental Chapters to Accommodate an Objects-Late Approach are available.

  • Click this link to reach the supplemental chapters.
  • "The authors have done a superb job of organizing the various chapters to allow the students to enjoy programming in Java from day one. I am deeply impressed with the entire textbook. I would have my students keep this text and use it throughout their academic career as an excellent Java programming source book". – Benjamin B. Nystuen, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

    "The authors have done a great job in describing the technical aspects of programming. The authors have an immensely readable writing style. I have an extremely favorable impression of Dean and Dean’s proposed text". – Shyamal Mitra, University of Texas at Austin

    "The overall impression of the book was that it was “friendly” to read. I think this is a great strength, simply because students reading it, and especially students who are prone to reading to understand, will appreciate this approach rather than the regular hardcore programming mentality". – Andree Jacobson, University of New Mexico