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Beginning and Intermediate Algebra

Beginning and Intermediate Algebra
Author: Sherri Messersmith
ISBN 13: 9780073384375
ISBN 10: 73384372
Edition: 3
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Publication Date: 2011-01-06
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 1056
List Price: N/A

Beginning and Intermediate Algebra, 2e, by Messersmith is the first text in a series of future offerings in developmental mathematics. The author presents the content in bite-size pieces, focusing not only on learning mathematical concepts, but also explaining the why behind those concepts. For students, learning mathematics is not just about the memorization of concepts and formulas, but it is also about the journey of learning how to problem solve. By breaking the sections down into manageable chunks, the author has identified the core places where students traditionally struggle, and then assists them in understanding that material to be successful moving forward. Proven pedagogical features, such as You Try problems after each example, reinforce a student’s mastery of a concept. While teaching in the classroom, Messersmith has created worksheets for each section that fall into three categories: review worksheets/basic skills, worksheets to teach new content, and worksheets to reinforce/pull together different concepts. These worksheets are a great way to both enhance instruction and to give the students more tools to be successful in studying a given topic. The author is also an extremely popular lecturer, and finds it important to be in the video series that accompany her texts. Finally, the author finds it important to not only provide quality, but also an abundant quantity of exercises and applications. The book is accompanied by numerous useful supplements, including McGraw-Hill’s online homework management system, MathZone.

Messersmith – mapping the journey to mathematical success!

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