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Loosening the Grip: A Handbook of Alcohol Information

Loosening the Grip: A Handbook of Alcohol Information
Author: Jean Kinney
ISBN 13: 9780073404684
ISBN 10: 73404683
Edition: 10
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Publication Date: 2011-04-12
Format: Paperback
Pages: 688
List Price: $25.70


This text offers a through approach to understanding alcohol and its physical and psychological affects on an individual. It is the only comprehensive, self-contained book intended to cover the range of psychological factors, physical complications, treatment options, and family concerns. The text is easy to read and covers a broad range of situations making it suitable for academics, students, or families of alcoholics.

New to This Edition

  • Includes the range of treatment available from the variety of formal treatments, to self-help programs including those in addiction to AA (e.g. Rational Recovery and Women for Sobriety), and also some of the newer drug therapies that have been helpful for some patients, with the research to date and the indications and contraindications to their use
  • Addresses the issues surrounding treatment in the era of managed care/HMO's.
  • Includes information on other drugs than alcohol, supplying additional support on addiction and helping the reader understand that it is not just an alcohol problem.
  • Highlights the differences between the terms "illness" vs. "disease" by offering a new discussion on the definition of alcoholism and its causes, and providing the student a foundation for understanding the current debate over whether or not alcoholism is disease ("involuntary disability") or character defect (voluntary disability).
    • Features

      • Synthesizes relevant information from medicine, psychology, psychiatry, anthropology, sociology, and counseling that applies to alcohol use and alcoholism treatment
      • Offers a highly approachable and readable style, with broad coverage in terms of age groups, social institutions, and counseling options.
      • Discusses special concerns such as adolescents, suicide, psychiatric illnesses, and polysubstance abuse (Chapter 10).