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Portafolio, Vol. 2

Portafolio, Vol. 2
Author: Alicia Ramos - Robert Davis
ISBN 13: 9780077236199
ISBN 10: 7723619
Edition: N/A
Publisher: William R. Glass/McGraw-Hill
Publication Date: 2009
Format: Paperback
Pages: 210
List Price: N/A

Today’s students have sensibilities and needs that are very different from those of even ten years ago. Visual and auditory media have changed dramatically in recent years; most text programs have not kept pace with these changes.

Portafolio addresses these changes by offering students a visually and aurally innovative and exciting introductory Spanish program. The design of Portafolio is colorful, lively and easy-to-navigate; the program includes an array of video, audio and print components, integrated into the text in a variety of ways to address individual learning styles; and the program is available in an innovative two-volume soft-cover format, which allows students to purchase only the portion they are using in the current semester.

Portafolio-to-Go is a special link on the Portafolio Online Learning Center www.mhhe.com/portafolio that houses downloadable digital assets. Students are able to easily access and download to their mp3 player key resources that support the Portafolio program. Learn more at the Online Learning Center or at CENTRO – www.mhcentro.com