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Radiation Biophysics, Second Edition

Radiation Biophysics, Second Edition
Author: Edward L. Alpen
ISBN 13: 9780120530854
ISBN 10: 120530856
Edition: 2
Publisher: Academic Press
Publication Date: 1997-10-24
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 484
List Price: $165.00

Comprehensive and multidisciplinary, this thoroughly updated and expanded text covers topics ranging from fundamental concepts of radiation biophysics to the interaction and effects of radiation on living systems. Intended for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in radiological sciences and health physics, this useful reference will also be invaluable to researchers requiring up-to-date information in the radiation sciences. This Second Edition is a major revision and expansion of a widely acclaimed text first published in 1990. This book serves equally well as a shelf reference and as a classroom text.
Key Features:
* Thoroughly revised and updated
* Written by a highly respected member of the field of radiological sciences
* Provides comprehensive coverage of radiation biology and radiation biophysics
* Includes problem sets and suggested additional reading

William R. Hendee

This book, designed as a textbook for a senior undergraduate or first-year graduate course in radiation biophysics, assumes an acquaintance with elementary calculus and contains problems and suggested readings as well as annotated references at the end of each chapter. The first edition was published in 1990. Written for a one-semester course on the subject, the book progresses from a discussion of physical interactions of radiation to the radiochemical interactions and the biological sequelae. It finishes by considering the late effects of ionizing radiation on organized living systems, in particular humans. The author's intention is to cover these topics at a depth sufficient to yield a thorough understanding of each of the topics. The book meets the author's intent very well. I reviewed the first edition of the text for a journal in the discipline of radiation biophysics, and I have referred to the text many times over the past six years. It is intended primarily for students in disciplines such as radiation biology, health physics, medical physics, and radiation chemistry. The author also suggests that it will be useful as a desk reference for practitioners in those disciplines. As a teacher, I have found the latter purpose admirably served by the book. The author is an internationally-known expert in the field. The book is very nicely laid out. It is easy to read and contains extensive author and subject indexes. The illustrations, principally line drawings, are uniformly good. Annotated references at the end of each chapter are up-to-date and helpful. The material has been updated, discussions have been added on topics such as the acute radiation syndrome in humans,and expanded on topics such as neutron interactions in tissue, effects of high-LET radiation, and the induction of cancer in humans by radiation. SI units are used throughout the text. In my review of the first edition of this text, I pointed out the need for an up-to-date textbook on the topic of radiation biophysics and commented on how well the text satisfied this need. This second edition is improved over the first edition in both appearance and completeness. Courses in this subject are less popular today than they were a few years ago when ionizing radiation was of greater scientific concern. But for the courses in radiation biophysics that remain, and the students who are enrolled in them, this textbook is highly recommended.