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Human Parasitology, Third Edition

Human Parasitology, Third Edition
Author: Burton J. Bogitsh - Thomas N. Oeltmann - Clint E.
ISBN 13: 9780120884681
ISBN 10: 120884682
Edition: 3
Publisher: Academic Press
Publication Date: 2005-03-11
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 488
List Price: $84.95

Human Parasitology emphasizes the medical aspects of the topic, while incorporating functional morphology, physiology, biochemistry, and immunology to enhance appreciation of the diverse implications of parasitism. Bridging the gap between classical clinical parasitology texts and traditional encyclopaedic treatises, Human Parasitology appeals to students interested not only in the medical aspects of Parasitology but also to those who require a solid foundation in the biology of parasites.

*Updated and expanded reference section
*New chapter on Immunology
*Additional SEM and TEM micrographs
*Professionally drawn life cycle illustrations
*Addition of "Host Immune Response" section for each organism

John S. Czachor

Liberally accented with photographs, diagrams, and clinical case pictures, this text is straightforward, adequately referenced, and logically organized. This book provides basic knowledge of parasites, ranging from biology and biochemistry, to immunology and pathophysiology, as well as therapy for the diseases that they cause. I found that this edition provides a bridge between the well-known exhaustive compendiums and brief treatises for the college level student considering a career in the biological sciences or healthcare fields. The first two chapters detail principles of parasitic diseases, while the last chapter includes a discussion of the vectors for these microorganisms. The second edition has been expanded to include current issues of re-emerging diseases such as Cryptosporidium and newly emerging illnesses like Cyclospora, as well as food-borne and water-borne pathogens. Clinical correlations and therapeutic options which enhance the biology presented are included. I particularly liked the easy to follow life cycle diagrams and the many electron micrographs which clearly delineate important characteristics of these microorganisms. My only complaint is the lack of color photography which would assist a budding microscopist to help identify these parasites or their ova, as well as supplement the clinical information detailed within. Its modest price, well-written style, and up-to-date information should make this text a course director's favorite.