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Bioinorganic Chemistry: A Survey

Bioinorganic Chemistry: A Survey
Author: Ei-Ichiro Ochiai
ISBN 13: 9780120887569
ISBN 10: 120887568
Edition: 1
Publisher: Academic Press
Publication Date: 2008-07-21
Format: Paperback
Pages: 360
List Price: $93.95

The study of the chemistry of living processes-biochemistry-has traditionally centered on the behavior of organic chemical compounds in water, the principle solvent in all cells. Organic compounds and water account for 99 % of the matter in living systems. Some 20 inorganic elements are also essential for life, and they are found in similar amounts in most living systems. Bioinorganic Chemistry is essentially the border between inorganic chemistry and biology.

The overall purpose of bioinorganic research is to study the relationship between inorganic metal ions such as copper and iron, and biologically specific macromolecules, experimentally as well as theoretically. The importance of inorganic chemistry in biology, especially metal ion coordination, has gained considerable attention during the last decade. The discoveries of the roles of metal ions and metalloproteins in health and disease through genetic and biochemical studies have drawn the attention of both inorganic chemists and molecular and cell biologists.

Bioinorganic courses deal with the specific properties of metal ions as expressed in the functioning of biochemical systems, with the objective to deepen student insight into the chemical behaviour of metal ions in biological systems.
Ochiai is generally considered the father of the discipline. When first published in 1977, the very successful first edition provided a clear and concise introduction to the brand new field of bioinorganic chemistry.

• Provides the streamlined coverage appropriate for one-semester courses or independent study, with all of the necessary but none of the excessive information
• Prepares readers to move to the next level of study (whether they continue on in the field or transition to medicine/industry)
• Presents concepts through extensive four-color visuals, appealing to a range of learning styles
• Promotes critical thinking through open-ended questions throughout the narrative and at the end of each chapter