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Vertebrate Endocrinology, Fourth Edition

Vertebrate Endocrinology, Fourth Edition
Author: David O. Norris
ISBN 13: 9780120887682
ISBN 10: 120887681
Edition: 4
Publisher: Academic Press
Publication Date: 2006-12-11
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 560
List Price: $115.00

Chemical bioregulation is the basis for regulation of all development, physiology, and behavior in animals. Vertebrate Endocrinology represents more than just a treatment of the endocrine system—it integrates hormones with other chemical bioregulatory agents not classically included with the endocrine system. It provides a complete overview of the endocrine system of vertebrates by first emphasizing the mammalian system as the basis of most terminology and understanding of endocrine mechanisms and then applies that to non-mammals. The serious reader will gain both an understanding of the intricate relationships among all of the body systems and their regulation by hormones and other bioregulators, but also a sense of their development through evolutionary time as well as the roles of hormones at different stages of an animal’s life cycle. The Fourth Edition has been reorganized and completely updated including the addition of many new bioregulators, new and revised figures and tables, and a new emphasis on endocrine disruption caused by environmental chemicals of human origin.

About the Author Dr. Norris has done research in environmental endocrinology and neuroendocrinology for more than 40 years, investigating the role of natural (e.g., photoperiod, temperature) and anthropogenic environmental factors (metals, pesticides, estrogens, industrial pollutants) on thyroid, adrenal, and reproductive endocrinology in regards to development, sexual maturation, seasonal reproduction, and aging. Most of his research has involved fishes and amphibians. Dr. Norris has recently been honored with the Robert L. Stearns Award for outstanding teaching at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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