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A Mathematical Introduction to Logic, Second Edition

A Mathematical Introduction to Logic, Second Edition
Author: Enderton - Herbert; Enderton - Herbert B.
ISBN 13: 9780122384523
ISBN 10: 122384520
Edition: N/A
Publisher: Academic Press
Publication Date: N/A
Format: N/A
Pages: N/A
List Price: N/A

About this book
An accessible, flexible introduction to the subject of mathematical logic, the second edition of this popular and widely-adopted text has been revised to be appropriate for courses enrolling either advanced undergraduates or graduate students.
Like the First Edition, this book is an introduction to the concepts of proof, truth, and computability. This Second Edition has additional examples and explanations to help the reader. Footnotes indicate optional paths through the material that the user might wish to take. Topics relevant to computer science, such as finite models, are also now included.
Reasons for This Book's Success
"Rigor, integrity and coherence of overall purpose, introducing students to the practice of logic . . ."
—Douglas Cannon, University of Washington
"The book is clearly and carefully written. I adopted this text because of its detailed and rigorous treatment of the predicate calculus, detailed and optimal treatment of the incompleteness phenomena, standard notation as developed by the Berkeley school."
—Karel Prikry, University of Minnesota
"It is mathematically rigorous [and] it has more examples than other books . . . I definitely would use a new edition of this book."
—Sun-Joo Chin, University of Notre Dame