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Practical Guide to Occupational Health and Safety

Practical Guide to Occupational Health and Safety
Author: Paul A. Erickson
ISBN 13: 9780122405709
ISBN 10: 122405706
Edition: 1
Publisher: Academic Press
Publication Date: 1996-08-01
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 282
List Price: $132.00

Written with corporate regulatory compliance officers, health and safety managers, loss control managers, and human resource specialists in mind, this book offers workplace-tested strategies for meeting the health and safety need of a modern corporation. Emphasizing the practical means of achieving compliance with OSHA regulations, this book also provides a unique assessment of the more extensive factors that influence the management of workplace health and safety. The integration of practical regulation strategies with corporate objectives is particularly relevant to graduate curricula in business management, public policy, and occupational medicine.
Key Features
* Provides practical guidelines for industrial compliance with major OSHA regulations
* Presents concise explanations of technical and scientific concepts underlying regulatory requirements
* Integrates specific examples of the global economy's influence on the design and implementation of workplace health and safety
* Elucidates the effects of health and safety programs on financial and legal risk management practices in industry
* Includes explanations of practical alternative compliance strategies for company health and safety officers

Salvatore Cali

This book summarizes the regulatory, managerial, and technical considerations of occupational health and safety. It provides overviews and discussions that are a starting point for additional study. The book is written to provide a conceptual and practical framework for occupational health and safety practitioners who do not have formal training. This material provides a context for a wide range of information relevant to the field. The book is more appropriate as a conceptual tool for managerial personnel than a source of technical information. The material is useful for health and safety practitioners from nontechnical fields who wish to strengthen their overall understanding of occupational issues. The book is also useful for graduate students if presented in conjunction with reference materials. The breadth and content of the book demonstrate the author's depth of experience. The book is strong on diagrams and flowcharts, but it has minimal illustrations or images. There are few references to sources of information other than the Code of Federal Regulations. Additional reference and support materials would enhance the material's accessibility. The book provides very good discussions of the larger issues regarding health and safety. These discussions made parts I and III interesting, but case studies or specific historical events would help make the issues more relevant and accessible. Similarly, part II would benefit from the inclusion of specific applications for the health and safety programs addressed. Overall, the book is concise, comprehensive, and accurate regarding the technical and managerial issues.