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Environmental Microbiology, Second Edition

Environmental Microbiology, Second Edition
Author: N/A
ISBN 13: 9780123705198
ISBN 10: 123705193
Edition: 2
Publisher: Academic Press
Publication Date: 2008-10-03
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 624
List Price: $79.95

The field of environmental microbiology encompasses aspects of several areas of study, including microbial ecology, molecular genetics, and environmental science. Environmental Microbiology is the first book to offer a comprehensive discussion of this field as a discipline, which the authors define as the study of microbial fate and activity in air, water, and soil and the resulting impact on human health and welfare. While the roots of environmental microbiology can be traced to sanitary engineering (water and wastewater treatment), the field has grown to include other practical issues such as bioremediation, the control of known and emerging waterborne pathogens, microbial risk assessment, and environmental biotechnology. Five general areas are emphasized in this text: (i) foundation chapters, (ii) microbial environments, (iii) detection of microbial activity, (iv) the impact of microbial activity on the environment in terms of nutrient cycling and pollutant fate, and (v) detection and control of pathogens in the environment. Designed for courses at senior undergraduate and graduate levels, Environmental Microbiology will also serve as an essential reference for environmental microbiologists, microbial ecologists, and environmental engineers, as well as those interested in epidemiology, water and wastewater treatment, and biotechnology.
Among the Highlights of this State-of-the-Art Textbook:
• Includes foundation chapters for background in biological and earth sciences
• Covers emerging areas such as transport of microbes and DNA, microbial risk assessment, and use of molecular detection in environmental applications
• References key or landmark works without interrupting the flow of text
• Describes the newest analytical and molecular methodologies
• Contains many detailed, full-color graphics to make the text visually stimulating
• Presents numerous "case studies" to emphasize relevance to real-life situations
• Provides study questions at the end of each chapter

J.J. Germida

This is a good, thorough textbook for environmental microbiologists and students. ...the scope covered by this book is very impressive...the case studies are recent and relevent to each chapter...its contents cover a wide range of topics that can be understood easily by someone who is not an expert on the subject.