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Media and the American Child

Media and the American Child
Author: George Comstock - Erica Scharrer
ISBN 13: 9780123725424
ISBN 10: 123725429
Edition: 1
Publisher: Academic Press
Publication Date: 2007-03-30
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 392
List Price: $83.95

Children today spend ever increasing amounts of time exposed to media, be it the internet, television, videogames, movies, radio, and print. Media and the American Child summarizes recent research on the use and access to media and the impact that media has on their opinions, values, and behavior. Coverage includes media access, content, and influence. Discussion includes both positive and negative influences of media on learning and development, how children evaluate and respond to advertising, and the extent to which media influences opinion and buying behavior. Written in an engaging style, this book is intended for those interested in media and youth, child development, communication, and marketing and commercial culture.

Find answers to the following questions inside this book:
*How much time do children spend accessing media?
*What are the favorite media forms and how is this changing?
*What is the favorite content in media?
*How are gender, race, violence, and sex depicted in youth-popular media?
*How do such depictions influence socialization and learning?
*How does time spent with media influence school performance?
*How do children respond to media advertising?
*Does TV and videogame violence contribute to youth aggression?
*Does educational TV encourage cognitive and social development?
*Is media to blame for the childhood obesity epidemic?

About the authors: George Comstock and Erica Scharrer have written two previous books together: Television: What’s On, Who’s Watching, and What it Means and The Psychology of Media and Politics. George Comstock is S.I. Newhouse Professor at Syracuse University’s School of Public Communications. Erica Scharrer is Associate Professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.