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Mathematica Navigator: Mathematics, Statistics and Graphics, Third Edition

Mathematica Navigator: Mathematics, Statistics and Graphics, Third Edition
Author: Heikki Ruskeepaa
ISBN 13: 9780123741646
ISBN 10: 123741645
Edition: 3
Publisher: Academic Press
Publication Date: 2009-03-20
Format: Paperback
Pages: 1136
List Price: $81.95

Praised a both a tutorial and a handbook, this new edition of Mathematica Navigator emphasizes applied mathematical and statistical methods, graphics and programming. No previous experience with Mathematica is required, yet most chapters also integrate advanced material. The book and the included CD-ROOM are valuable resources for both beginners and and experienced Mathematica users.

  • Covers both Mathematica 6 and Mathematica 7
  • The book, fully revised and updated is based on Mathematica 6
  • The CD-ROM contains material about the new properties of Mathematica 7
  • With the CD-ROM, the entire book and the material about Mathematica 7 can be installed into the help system of Mathematica
  • Comprehensive coverage from basic, introductory information throught to more advanced topics
  • Studeies several real data sets (included in the CD-ROM) and many classical mathematical models

Praise for the 2nd Edition:

"Novices or beginners who may be students of engineering, science or mathematics....definitely needs Mathematica Navigator. ...Those who do not use Mathematica everyday, and may work with it for a period of time and then not again for several weeks or more...finds that Mathematica Navigator is totally indispensable. ...Finally, some users are constantly working with Mathematica, probably teaching courses or writing programs...should definitely have Mathematica Navigator. ...Run, do not walk, to get your copy."
-Robert M. Lurie, MIT for iJournals.net

"Each [chapter] is a gem of clarity and concise application, but space limits the praise. If the book has any failings, it is in leaving the reader begging for more."
-Scientific Computing and Instrumentation

"This is an excellent reference book that I would recommend to any one who is thinking about becoming (or already is) a serious user of Mathematica...I am particularly impressed by the organization which allows a mathematician to approach Mathematica by specific mathematical topics rather than using the organization of Wolfram's Mathematica Book. In addition, I find that the text is clearly written and the examples are well-chosen."
- Bill Emerson, Metropolitan State University