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Mechanisms of Memory, Second Edition

Mechanisms of Memory, Second Edition
Author: J. David Sweatt
ISBN 13: 9780123749512
ISBN 10: 123749514
Edition: 2
Publisher: Academic Press
Publication Date: 2009-12-07
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 362
List Price: $116.00

Mechanisms of Memory, second edition, is the only available comprehensive overview of the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying higher-order learning and memory. Focusing on mechanisms relevant to hippocampus-dependent memory formation, the book progresses systematically from behavior to cellular physiology to the molecular and genetic levels. Moreover, it integrates modern discoveries concerning learning and memory disorders, such as mental retardation syndromes and Alzheimer’s Disease. Written in a readable and engaging style, the book emphasizes results from the cutting edge of contemporary methodologies, such as genetic engineering, molecular biology, complex behavioral characterization, cellular physiology, epigenetics, and molecular structure.

The book draws numerous examples from the recent experimental literature, and has as a unifying theme the modern hypothesis-testing approach to basic research. As such, the book provides a foundation of experimental design that should be useful to all students pursuing an interest in laboratory research. In addition, active researchers in the learning and memory field will benefit from its extensive review of recent publications in the area, cross-references to detailed recent reviews, and from the cross-disciplinary approach used in writing the book.

  • Five new chapters cover human learning and memory, the molecular and cellular basis of associative learning, Aplysia non-associative learning, the NMDA receptor, and experimental design

  • Extensively illustrated throughout with many new, full color figures and photographs to help explain key concepts

  • Each chapter includes suggested readings for journal clubs, more introductory material for students, extensive cross-referencing to detailed, current reviews in Learning and Memory: A Comprehensive Reference (Academic Press, 2008)

  • A companion website provides figures in PowerPoint format plus additional, detailed further reading references