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Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Second Edition

Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Second Edition
Author: Carlos W. Pratt - Kenneth J. Gill - Nora M. Barret
ISBN 13: 9780125644310
ISBN 10: 125644310
Edition: 2
Publisher: Academic Press
Publication Date: 2006-10-06
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 458
List Price: $81.95

Community based services for people with severe mental illness promote community integration, improved quality of life, and recovery. Psychiatric Rehabilitation provides a comprehensive overview of this rapidly growing field. The book, written in an easy-to-read, engaging style, is suitable as a textbook for both undergraduate and graduate courses, as a training tool for mental health workers, and as a reference for academic researchers studying mental health. Each chapter contains highlighted and defined key terms, focus questions and key topics, a case study example, sections on controversial issues of treatment or ethics, and other special features. An overview of major psychiatric disorders, the philosophy and principles of psychiatric rehabilitation, community based service approaches, case management strategies, and vocational and educational rehabilitation are included.

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Reviewer:Marie A Dewitt, MD(Rush University Medical Center)
Description:This is a comprehensive textbook written for courses in psychiatric rehabilitation. The second edition includes not only updates but also many improvements from the original edition published in 1999.
Purpose:This edition was published to reflect the numerous advances in the field of psychiatric rehabilitation since the original edition, including evidence-based guidelines that are displayed in gray boxes throughout the book. It also includes a new chapter on dual diagnosis for mental illness and substance abuse and focuses on the more prominent role psychiatric rehabilitation currently plays in mental health services.
Audience:The targeted audience includes students in psychiatric rehabilitation courses or certification programs. It may also serve as a reference for other mental health professionals and those involved in mental health policy.
Features:The book introduces psychiatric rehabilitation including the symptoms, course, and treatment of mental illness. It covers key players in the field's evolution as well as governmental and societal changes that have had an impact. The current role and direction of psychiatric rehabilitation is discussed in detail. Chapters are arranged well for the learner and include a chapter outline, chapter objectives, case study, evidence-based practice, summary, class exercise, and references. Controversial topics and important related material is provided in boxes throughout the chapter. A glossary and thorough index end the book. One chapter is dedicated to dual diagnosis and another focuses on the role of the family in rehabilitation.
Assessment:This is a comprehensive textbook for students studying psychiatric rehabilitation either in a certification program or as part of allied health care training. Chapters are complete and well organized. Clinical examples and additional commentary are tied into the chapters, making the material easier to understand and apply.