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Human Osteology, Second Edition

Human Osteology, Second Edition
Author: Tim D. White - Pieter A. Folkens
ISBN 13: 9780127466125
ISBN 10: 127466126
Edition: 2
Publisher: Academic Press
Publication Date: 1999-10-07
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 563
List Price: $99.95

Revised from a classic in the field, the second edition of Human Osteology, is designed for students and professionals who need to accurately identify human skeletal remains, however isolated and fragmentary. The book includes hundreds of photographs and drawings specifically designed to show a maximum amount of anatomical information. With the addition of four new case studies, a guide to electronic resources, and a chapter on molecular osteology, Human Osteology, Second Edition is even more valuable for courses on the human skeleton and as a basic reference and field manual for professional osteologists and anatomists, forensic scientists, paleontologists, and archaeologists.
Key Features
* Revised and updated from the classic text in the field of human osteology
* Based on nearly 25 years of teaching experience
* Illustrated with hundreds of exceptional photographs and drawings
* Shows skeletal parts life-size for ease of study and use
* Includes four new case studies emphasize the correct identification of human bones and teeth

Edgar F. Allin

This is a large, attractively printed textbook and photographic atlas of the human skeleton. The author presents this subject in broad context, emphasizing biological, archeological, forensic, and technical considerations. He has long been a major contributor to this field. "The author designed this book to facilitate the study of human bones and the identification and interpretation of osteological remains, whether intact or fragmentary, ancient or recent. He also provides guidance on field collecting methods as well as the proper labeling and handling of laboratory and museum specimens. "This is a superb textbook for any substantial course in human osteology, and would be valuable to anyone concerned with teaching or applying such information, including anatomists, physical anthropologists, and forensic pathologists. "The largest component of the book is a series of actual-size photographs of all bones in several views, and enlarged photographs of all teeth, with a description of their main features and identification clues. For coherence, the individual skull elements are all from one 16-year-old child, and the postcranial bones are all from one man. Other chapters include coverage of bone as a living tissue, skeletal variation (age, sex, race, pathology, etc.), and also curatorial, bioarcheological, paleoanthropological, forensic, and technical matters. The sadly misguided Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act is discussed, along with other ethical issues. There is a listing of 51 relevant web sites, and an extensive bibliography which includes publications as recent as 1999. "For its purposes, this is the best publication to date. While more osteologicaldetail is given in some large textbooks and atlases of anatomy, their figures vary greatly in scale. The photographs by Arend Folkers are esthetically composed and informative, showing the bones against a black background. Sometimes shadows obscure details that could have been made visible by adjusting the illumination or by using Photoshop, but discoloration and obscuring reflections have been innovatively suppressed. The only serious factual error I detected is the statement that cranial fontanelles are cartilaginous membranes. I recommend this book highly.