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Wireless Internet and Mobile Business How to Program

Wireless Internet and Mobile Business How to Program
Author: Harvey M. Deitel - Paul J. Deitel - Tem R. Nieto -
ISBN 13: 9780130092885
ISBN 10: 130092886
Edition: 1st
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication Date: 2001-12
Format: Paperback
Pages: 1000
List Price: $95.00

The authoritative DEITEL LIVE-CODE introduction to wireless-Internet & mobile-business programming

By 2003, the number of people browsing the Web from wireless devices will exceed the number browsing from desktop computers. This new book by the world's leading programming language textbook authors carefully explains key wireless technologies, such as i-mode, WAP, J2ME, XML/XHTML Basic, Bluetooth and BREW, and their roles in developing multi-tier, Web-based, client-server applications for wireless devices.

Dr. Harvey M. Deitel and Paul J. Deitel are the founders of Deitel & Associates, Inc., the internationally recognized corporate training and content-creation organization specializing in Java, C++, C, Visual C#, Visual Basic®, Visual C++®, .NET, XML, Python, Perl, Internet, Web, wireless and object technologies. The Deitels are the authors of the world's #1 Java and C++ textbooks—Java How to Program, 4/e and C++ How to Program, 3/e—and many other best sellers. In Wireless Internet & Mobile Business How to Program, the Deitels, Tem Nieto and Kate Steinbuhler, discuss key topics, including:

  • WAP/WML/WMLScript/VBScript®
  • i-mode/cHTML
  • Palm OS®/Web Clipping
  • Windows® CE/.NET Wireless/ASP
  • Java Wireless/J2ME/BREW
  • Location-BasedTechnologies/GPS
  • Bluetooth/Unicode®/Accessibility
  • WTLS/SSL/Wireless Security
  • m-Business/e-Business/Marketing
  • Macromedia® Flash /Multimedia
  • Mobile CRM/Micropayments/m-Wallets
Wireless Internet & Mobile Business How to Program has extensive pedagogic features:

  • Numerous LIVE-CODE programs with screen captures that show exact outputs
  • Extensive World Wide Web and Internet resources to encourage further research
  • Hundreds of tips, recommended practices and cautions—all marked with icons
    — Good Programming Practices
    — Software Engineering Observations
    — Performance Tips
    — Look-and-Feel Observations
    — Testing and Debugging Tips
    — Common Programming Errors

Wireless Internet & Mobile Business How to Program is the centerpiece of a family of resources for teaching and learning wireless Internet and Web programming, including Web sites with the book's code examples and other information for faculty, students and professionals; an optional interactive CD (Wireless Internet & Mobile Business Programming Multimedia Cyber Classroom) containing hyperlinks, audio walkthroughs of the code examples, solutions to about half the book's exercises; and e-mail access to the authors at:
[email protected]

For information on worldwide corporate on-site seminars and Web-based training offered by Deitel & Associates, Inc.

For information on current and forthcoming Deitel/Prentice Hall publications including How to Program Series books, Multimedia Cyber Classrooms, Complete Training Courses (which include Deitel books and Cyber Classrooms) and Web-Based Training Courses please see the last few pages of this book.


This resource, written by leading programming language textbook authors, explains the key technologies and their roles in developing multi-tier, Web-based, client-server applications for wireless devices. Topics include WAP/WML/WMLScript/VBScript, i-mode/cHTML, XML/XSLT/XHTML Basic, Palm OS/web clipping, Windows CE/.NET wireless/ASP, Java wireless J2ME/BREW, location-based technologies/GPS, Bluetooth/unicode/accessibility, WTLS/SSL/wireless security, m-Business/e-business/marketing, macromedia, Flash/Multimedia, WWAN/WPAN, LMDS, MMDS, W-CDMA/GSM/PCS/GPRS/EPOC/SMS, and mobile CRM/micropayments/m-wallets. Includes live-code programs with screen captures, Web and Internet resources, and numerous tips, recommended practices, and cautions. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)