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Prentice Hall Health's Outline Review of Medical Technology/Clinical Laboratory Science

Prentice Hall Health's Outline Review of Medical Technology/Clinical Laboratory Science
Author: Donna Leach Ed.D. MT (ASCP) - Denny Ryman Ed.D.
ISBN 13: 9780130184047
ISBN 10: 130184047
Edition: PAP/CDR
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication Date: 2003-07-05
Format: Paperback
Pages: 432
List Price: $66.40

Designed in an easy-to-follow outline format with numerous illustrations for added support, this comprehensive preparatory guide offers today's health professionals a balanced review of all clinical laboratory science subjects tested by today's certifying agencies including ASCP, AMT, and NCA.

Thoroughly reviews urinalysis, hematology, coagulation, clinical chemistry, immunology/serology, blood banking, bacteriology, microbiology, and educational/management/research. Structures material in an clear, outline format, offering detailed, systematic information on traditional primary as well as secondary CLS subject matter. Presents simple visuals that depict such topics as hematology, parasitology, mycology, and urinalysis and aid readers in identifying basic cell morphologies and organisms. Includes charts, graphs, and line drawings to further enrich understanding, and provides key objectives and review questions for each chapter.

For nurses, PTs, OTs, and physician assistants; also provides a thorough review for medical students in clinical pathology. Previously announced in the 6/02 catalog.

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Reviewer:Valerie L. Ng, PhD MD(Alameda County Medical Center/Highland Hospital)
Description:This one-inch thick paperback book is exactly what its title says -- a comprehensive outline review of medical technology/clinical laboratory science.
Purpose:The purpose is to provide a comprehensive book for all of medical technology. It is also intended to serve as a single review for those studying for clinical laboratory scientist (CLS) certification/licensure exams.
Audience:This book would be most useful for CLS students, especially as a study guide immediately before taking certification/licensure exams.
Features:The book starts with some very brief tips for studying and successfully taking exams. It then follows with 11 chapters that cover the various specialized disciplines of medical technology in considerable depth (e.g., urinalysis, hematology, coagulation, clinical chemistry, immunology and serology, etc.). Each chapter has key concepts highlighted in the margins, and ends with a set of review questions for the specialized area of focus. There is no question that this book is truly comprehensive. I decided to peruse the clinical chemistry chapter -- two hours and many yawns later, there was no question that this chapter would provide a good review. I did not like the outline style of the chapter, and would have appreciated more detailed explanation of some of the more complicated concepts. I was also surprised at some omissions -- e.g., the section on cardiac markers discusses CK-MB and LDH at length, has a brief mention of Troponin T, but does not even mention Troponin I. This made me worry about what other material might not be current with today's practice. There is an accompanying CD-ROM that contains an additional 100 questions. Finally, the book comes with link to a Web site that has an additional 50 questions.
Assessment:This is a reasonable book to use to study for CLS certification exams. I would not recommend it otherwise.