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Principles of Field Crop Production (4th Edition)

Principles of Field Crop Production (4th Edition)
Author: John H. Martin - Warren H. Leonard Deceased - Davi
ISBN 13: 9780130259677
ISBN 10: 130259675
Edition: 4
Publisher: Pearson
Publication Date: 2005-07-02
Format: Paperback
Pages: 976
List Price: $203.80

Extensive progress has been made in the science and practice of field crop production since the Third Edition was published in 1976. Advances in the knowledge of how plants grow and respond to their environment, a better understanding of plant processes at the molecular level, and the ability to directly manipulate chromosomal material using biotechnology are but a few examples. Additionally, improvements in the equipment used in field crop production have allowed producers to more efficiently manage soil resources, provide accurate supplies of soil nutrients, and more efficiently harvest crops. Although the information in the book has been extensively updated, some of the older, more traditional information has been retained for historical purposes to show how crop production has progressed over the 50 plus years this book has been in print. "Principles of Field Crop Production" has long been one of the most comprehensive books on this topic in the world. The Fourth Edition is completely updated and discusses the advances in science and technology that are used today. It also reflects the changing emphasis of crop production in the US and the world.

Provides comprehensive information on the management and use of all economically important field crops.Provides general information on crop production practices.Provides a historical perspective of crop production as well as current technology.

An excellent resource for persons who are involved in providing support and services to crop producers, as well as producers themselves. Also valuable as a reference book for agronomists, soil scientists, farmers, and ranchers.