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Exploring Russia's Past: Narrative, Sources, Images: From Prehistory to 1856, Vol. 1

Exploring Russia's Past: Narrative, Sources, Images: From Prehistory to 1856, Vol. 1
Author: David G. Rowley
ISBN 13: 9780130653635
ISBN 10: 130653632
Edition: N/A
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication Date: 2005-05-01
Format: Paperback
Pages: 384
List Price: $91.20

This comprehensive but concise book provides an introductory survey of Russian history that is inclusive in regard to subject, content, and usefulness for learning. Its global perspective views Russia in all its dimensions—as a nation, a civilization, and an empire; looks at all aspects of Russian society—politics, law, foreign affairs, social status, gender relations, religion, culture, and economy; and examines Russia from the vantage point of world history—continually situating Russia in the context of trends and developments across the Eurasian content. A well-rounded learning experience features a narrative history as well as an integrated and coherent collection of primary text and visual documents.

A consistent chapter format introduces the key theme or an important development that sets the stage for the chapter; offers a concise summary of world trends and a thumbnail sketch of each of the major civilizations of Eurasia and of the countries on Russia's borders; assembles sections on government and foreign affairs, church and culture, the role and status of women, as well as society and economy; and concludes with a consideration of the non-Russian peoples of the empire (or Soviet Union,) and summarizes key developments or anticipates the next period in Russian history.

For individuals seeking a brief treatment but a complete understanding of Russian history.