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Case Studies in Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Case Studies in Child and Adolescent Psychopathology
Author: Robin Morgan
ISBN 13: 9780130796042
ISBN 10: 130796042
Edition: 1
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication Date: 1998-12-20
Format: Paperback
Pages: 123
List Price: $63.80

Although there are many case study books that focus on adults diagnosed with various psychological disorders, this is the first casebook/workbook devoted exclusively to major child and adolescent disorders and their common treatments. It organizes disorders according to the DSM-IV, and allows readers to "diagnose" and consider treatment options before seeing how a case was actually diagnosed and treated. It provides detailed descriptions of a range of clinical problems affecting children and adolescents -- recognizing that symptoms and associated features of a disorder may be quite different, at times even seemingly opposite, of symptoms presented by adults -- and illustrates some of the ways these problems can be examined and treated. Section I presents case scenarios along with space for readers to write their ideas about diagnosis and treatment. Section II includes the diagnosis made by the therapist in the case, the rationale behind the diagnosis, and treatment considerations. Presents cases that focus on "classic" symptoms and problematic issues. Stresses the social context in which symptoms occur -- even when these social factors are not directly related to diagnosis. For psychiatric social workers, nurses, and counselors.

Renee Mehlinger

This is an interesting, easy to read book that provides a series of 21 case studies in child and adolescent psychopathology organized into two sections. Clinical cases are presented, followed by a formulation of the case and a discussion of diagnosis and treatment. "The purpose is to present case studies of a variety of child and adolescent psychiatric disorders and to illustrate how these disorders can be examined and treated. The objectives are met in this essential resource, which is particularly useful for teaching purposes. "This book is intended for upper level graduates, beginning graduate students in a child and adolescent psychopathology course, and other professionals in psychiatric social work, nursing, counseling, psychology, and psychiatry. It is also useful for medical students and residents in pediatrics and psychiatry. "A wide variety of case studies of childhood and adolescent psychopathology are covered. Diagnostic and treatment issues are addressed. The unique presentation format divides the case presentation from the discussion of the case. This format allows readers to problem-solve and test their knowledge prior to reading the author's discussion. This unique feature adds to the value of the book as a teaching tool. "This is a very useful book that presents a wide variety of cases that are demonstrative of child and adolescent psychopathology. The cases are clearly presented and reflect a wide variety of symptom presentation that often make diagnosis of child and adolescent psychopathology difficult and confusing. The case discussions are well organized, concise, and integrative. The material is presented in a cogent fashion complete with DSM-IV diagnosticcriteria, development of a treatment plan, discussion of prognosis, and contributing psychosocial factors.