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Education and the Legal System: A Guide to Understanding the Law

Education and the Legal System: A Guide to Understanding the Law
Author: Susan D. Looney
ISBN 13: 9780130915504
ISBN 10: 130915505
Edition: 1
Publisher: Pearson
Publication Date: 2003-12-01
Format: Paperback
Pages: 384
List Price: $138.60

Here is a complete yet accessible guide to the laws that most often affect policies and procedures in educational institutions. A conversational, reader-friendly tone pervades the book; its practical, case-study approach makes the discussion of key legal issues and examples of landmark cases easy for the reader to understand. Its focus is the practice of “preventive law,” allowing readers to recognize legal issues and challenges when they occur. Up-to-date cases involving subjects and situations that readers can easily relate to (school violence, inclusion, sexual harrassment, and other topical subjects) along with information about how to “brief” cases, help users quickly learn and disseminate often complex material. A full chapter on “ parents' rights” , unique to this book, ensures that readers understand the legal position of parents in the educational arena; a comprehensive appendix, Resources for Administrators, familiarizes them with legislation that is pertinent to education. Coverage includes: torts and school liability, religion in schools, students with disabilities, students' rights, discipline, teachers' rights, and equal coverage under the law. The comprehensive resource for teachers, administrators, parents, and guardians, this book serves as an excellent desk reference for anyone involved or interested in the legal aspects of effective education.