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Essentials of Educational Psychology

Essentials of Educational Psychology
Author: Jeanne Ellis Ormrod
ISBN 13: 9780130994233
ISBN 10: 130994235
Edition: N/A
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication Date: 2005-10-16
Format: Paperback
Pages: 480
List Price: $100.40

Breaking the Mold: A New Approach to Teaching and Writing about the Field of Educational Psychology

“Essentials presents a welcomed alternative to currently available formats, and represents a change that will help reshape how educational psychology is taught and more importantly perceived among teacher education candidates, from that of a disjointed set of theories to be learned for exit examinations and national certification to a coherent body of knowledge that informs teachers as they develop their teaching craft.”

Cecil Robinson, University of Alabama

“I think the coverage is about the same, if not somewhat better, as found in other texts. But what makes this text different is the depth in which the author explores some issues and offers very good examples and exercises to illustrate points. I found the text compelling.”

Robert B. Faux, University of Pittsburgh

“This text is unique in that it provides ample coverage of educational psychology topics in ten instead of the usual fifteen to sixteen chapters…This text provides the most readable yet comprehensive content of any text I have seen so far. It is the most appropriate text for undergraduate students that I have seen.”

Rhoda Cummings, University of Nevada, Reno


Helping Teachers and Pre-Service Teachers Understand the Value and Applicability of Educational Psychology to Classroom Teaching

“The presentation is more concise because content is organized more around big ideas and principles than around elaborating theoretical positions and describing studies. For instructors who are trying to move their educational psychology courses towardgreater application and appropriateness for teacher education, this will be welcome.”

Lynley H. Anderman, University of Kentucky

“Writing style is very readable and highly engaging…There is more emphasis on learning principles and recommendations for teaching strategies in this book compared to other texts…. students would find it very rich in terms of suggestions and recommendations.”

 Julita G. Lambating, California State University, Sacramento

“I’ll admit I’m a fan of this text. Having read it from start to finish, I certainly feel comfortable with the information presented, really enjoyed the authentic documents used to illustrate or capture the “student voice,” and found the author’s view of how to teach children and adolescents consistent with my own view and the view I try to foster in my students.”

Dr. Ty Binfet, Loyola Marymount University